How The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization Determines the Time of Our Ascension?

by Georgi Stankov, September 7, 2012

Originally published: November 29, 2011,


I decided to recycle this theoretical article only to demonstrate how prophetic and consistent our whole discussion has been during this whole last year since we, the PAT,  opened the stargate 11.11.11 and thus flooded earth and humanity with the necessary higher-frequency energies from the Great Central Sun and the higher dimensions in preparation for the inter-dimensional split this month.

Please read this article one more time carefully in the light of the latest messages given to us by the HSs of our PAT members Dorie and April, which brilliantly confirmed all the considerations of the forces of light for the optimal  time of the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the ID split  by applying the Law of Energy Optimization as explained in this theoretical article.  Observe also that this article was written shortly after our opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and under the heavy impression of our subsequent disappointment that we could not ascend at that point in time.

But the clear prophetic, because scientific, character of this elaboration almost an year ago clearly proves how straight forward our way to ascension has always been and that no doubts or weird ideas have been able to dissuade us from the pre-determined path of our mission. Now that we are on the cusp of completing our mission and leaving this planet in our current physical vessels, this insight should booster one more time our deep conviction that we have done everything in a perfect way and have every right to receive our accolades in front of the whole universe that is watching our final efforts with growing admiration.



The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization is not a distinct law but an application of the Universal Law of All-That-Is. It is an integral part of the laws of constructive and destructive interference which are at the same time the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. This law has been intuitively recognized by the current failed empirical science and has been known under various names. One very common name is the “mini-max-theorem”.

Simply stated, the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization says that everything in All-That-Is follows a simple energetic principle: To achieve a maximal positive effect with a minimal energy input or effort. In other words, All-That-Is does not waste energy. This sounds rather simple, but has huge and vast repercussions for all Creation.

Let us take a simple example as an illustration for this statement. In his letter to me Shinzhi Rumi wrote: “As a friend aptly put it, “Don’t force the truth upon beings who do not wish to receive the truth. That’s a great waste of energy.” (see report-34). This acknowledgement is a leitmotif in most of your correspondence with respect to your personal experience with other people. You, as star seeds, have augmented the frequencies of your minds, emotional bodies, chakras and physical vessels, and you have steadily cleansed your low frequency, fear based patterns and blockages. Thus you have acquired an expanded consciousness that allows you to see beyond the illusion of the current 3d-reality.

There is a pronounced gradient in knowledge and awareness between your energetically much more powerful perceptions of this reality and that of the sleeping masses, which still dwell in the very narrow and limited spectrum of fear based habitual beliefs and past prejudices that shape their daily life. This gradient between higher frequency consciousness and that of the masses creates a huge energetic tension that you as awakened beings bear all the time in your mind and heart. It leads to the compelling necessity to “discharge” your knowledge by educating the sleeping masses about their true reality. This tension has reached a peak after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, and this has been a very tense time for all of us in addition to our disappointment due to the postponement of our full ascension.

This inner urge – this inner psycho-mental pressure due to the storage of huge energies in our personal fields as felt by all of us, especially after 11.11.11 – may be manifested individually as a moral obligation to save and enlighten humanity in a messianic manner or it may be simply released in an emotional revolt against the higher self. Then it is an inviolable rule that energy must flow. As soon as it is blocked, it creates pains and discomfort.

And here comes the high school of all human adepts on earth. When should I start letting my energy flow towards other entities and collective social processes and merge it with that of the others. In other words, when should I decide that the right moment has arrived to enter the process of active creation by exchanging energies with other entities and contribute to the shaping of collective events on the historic stage?

What you in fact experience at this threshold of decision-making is how to apply the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization. You may, for instance, begin to convert any slumbering human being with the aim of making an adept out of him. But as Rumi’s friend says above: “It is a huge waste of energy.”

After such a futile effort to enlighten your partner, your family members, friends or casual acquaintances, you are totally depleted – emotionally, intellectually and  physically – and you begin to doubt your own energetic abilities to create your reality in a meaningful manner, for instance, by modulating it in a direction you feel to be good. Everyone of us has gone through numerous such experiences in the past and you all know how debilitating and frustrating they can be in everyday life. But in fact, these negative events are only the result of an inappropriate application of the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization.

Let us take another example from the healing practice. You are a healer and you can heal with your hands very effectively all kinds of diseases (see also report-33 on this issue). I am now talking explicitly from my own experience and clinical experiments with this kind of therapy in the 90s. You know that before you heal your patient you have to eliminate his mental and emotional blockages that are stored not only in the corresponding ethereal fields of the psyche and mind, but also in the biological cells and in the DNA, which is a huge problem to overcome.

If you are an honest healer, you begin to unwind these problems, while healing your patient with your hands and checking the location of his blockages with the hands and the inner third eye. In this case the patient is under the beneficial influence of your higher frequency energies, streaming from your hands and is much more inclined to open to your suggestions. But at a certain point in time during your therapeutic procedure you realize that your patient is not yet ready for this kind of therapy because he is not that much evolved at the soul level to address his emotional and mental deficiencies in this novel manner.

You now find yourself as a healer at a crossroad. Should you continue healing this patient as to save your reputation as a healer in front of him and society or should you be honest enough and come to the conclusion that he is not evolved enough to profit from your fine-tuned healing therapy? If you are as transparent as your soul and as clear in your healing intention as a crystal, you must tell your patient honestly that you cannot heal him because he is not yet ready for this kind of therapy. In that case you delegate the responsibility for his health and body back to him and he can now do whatever he considers appropriate – go to another physician or a charlatan.

If you are an experienced healer, you must discern from the very beginning whether your patient is ready for your therapy, that is to say, you must evaluate in an unambiguous manner whether his soul has given her consent to be treated by you or not. This is true discernment that any incarnated evolved entity should display all day long in his relations with other people.

In reality, this kind of discernment is nothing else, but a concrete application of the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization in the field of human interactions. As a healer you must simply decide in apriori manner whether you should let your energy flow in the direction of the patient or not. If you find out that he is willing and prepared for your therapy, then your energy will render the desired results, which is the healing of your patient. However you cannot work against the will of his soul and expect any positive outcome.

If you discern that he is not ready for your therapy, you simply decide to keep your healing faculty unused as it will be only waste of time, effort, and energy to heal a person who subconsciously resents this kind of treatment.

2, The Path of Least Resistance

We can now extrapolate from these two examples and apply this knowledge to any kind of human relationships and we will discover the same inherent pattern. There is always an energy gradient and the energy always tends to flow from a higher level to a lower one. In this context I recommend you to read my article The Universal Role of Energetic Gradients where I discuss this ubiquitous behaviour of energy gradients at all levels of All-That-Is and explain their role in Universal Creation.

There is another universal pattern in the behaviour of cosmic energy: It always goes the path of least resistance. This feature of energy is known even in the current failed physics and is part of a number of laws, such as in electrics, but also in quantum mechanics. I will not discuss them at this place, but only want to point out that this property of energy is well known. The observation that energy follows the path of least resistance is another manifestation of the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization.

In other words, all energetic processes and interactions in All-That-Is follow the Cosmic Law of Optimization of Energy.

Some of my readers ask me for instance what should they do to accelerate their LBP. My answer is invariant – let the coordination of your LBP to your soul and simply surrender your ego to her management of your body, as she operates as a very fine-tuned distributor of high frequency energies into your physical vessel according to the Law of Energy Optimization. Your soul will never enter more energy into your body than it is able to accommodate with a minimum of serious symptoms and impairment of your physical performance.

To have faith in your soul means in the first place to have confidence in her ability to coordinate your life according to the Law of Energy Optimization to the best of your evolution and well-being.

Recently, during my discussion with Ute, she told me that she now feels more affiliated to the energies of the Elohims from the highest realms than to that of the GF. I responded that for me the Elohims are nothing else, but incredibly precise transducers and distributors of God’s energy into all forms of Creation, similar to a pedantic book-keeper who takes care that income and expenditure are in an immaculate balance in his books in accordance with the law of conservation of energy. Of course, I did not have in mind the book-keepers of the Orion Monetary System which is based on fraud and defies the law of conservation of energy. This is by the way the basic principle which the dark ones use to enslave humanity. I have elaborated this aspect in my three essays on the Orion Monetary System.

Ute was a little bit consternated by this comparison and preferred to think about the Elohims in more elegiac terms. But from a physical point of view, the Elohims are precisely that – incredibly pedantic book-keepers of cosmic energy. And this is not a disparaging comparison, but the opposite of it. Without this precise distribution of energy, there will be no Creation at all in All-That-Is. The Elohims perform this invisible job with the precision of a Swiss watch only by observing the Cosmic Law of Optimization of Energy. They simply do not allow any waste of energy.

Now let us deepen our discussion a little bit for the sake of further clarity. All systems and levels of All-That-Is such as souls, incarnated human entities, civilisations, and other systems are superimposed wave systems that follow the laws of constructive and destructive interference which are in fact the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Each time two wave systems superimpose and create a new system, they follow the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization.

In this respect this law is an intrinsic part of the above mentioned laws of constructive and destructive interference. They cannot be really separated, but only in an artificial manner in our human mind by using linear human language, which is discrete and quantized. Our words and terms for external events automatically include an artificial distinction, a boundary between the systems, objects and phenomena which we observe in the real world. This semantic distinction is supported by the illusion of our vision which is limited to the narrow spectrum of the visible light, Such boundaries do not exist in reality as all energy behind these three-dimensional holographic images constantly flows between them and is not a fixed entity, pertaining exclusively to one distinct material object.

Some of you may have commenced to see these fluctuations of higher frequency energies around your body when you have evolved sufficiently with your LBP. I see these fluctuating energies flowing to and fro from all surrounding objects all the time for the last ten years. At the beginning this was rather irritating, as I had the sensation as if am losing the firm ground under my feet and felt like a drunken sailor.

The creation of distinct systems within All-That-Is is accomplished by establishing membranes around such systems, which are nothing else, but energetic pathways of greater resistance. In this case the energy flows more easily within the system and leaves the system only through specially created portals (pathways). They can be stargates, chakras, wires or simple lightning discharges in the atmosphere.

All-That.-Is is one infinite, closed energy exchange between its parts, being systems and levels of it. The energy that constantly flows through all these parts follows the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization – it takes the paths of least resistance. You may now ask, how this law actually plays out in our personal experience.

3. The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization in the LBP

Let us take first the processes of energetic transformation in our bodies during the LBP. Our human templates harbour numerous blockages at all levels – at the DNA and cell level – and in the mental, emotional and ethereal bodies. All these blockages represent membranes and pathways of greater resistance that hinder the energy to flow freely throughout our bodies. This is the reason for the compartmentalisation of our restricted human minds, emotions and the limitation of our pristine creative powers.

The blockages in our emotional body lead for instance to the development of antagonistic feelings, which we now define as “good” or “bad”, “positive” or “negative”. In reality, this kind of discrimination through human semantics and sequential language is a simple manifestation of the existence of energetic blockades that hinder the flow of energy.

Please observe that the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization is still valid in the presence of  energetic blockades: The energy flows in this case through the few selected pathways as to guarantee the biological survival of the incarnated human entity, but nothing more. This was the primary objective of our genetic engineers, the Anunnaki –  to use us as labour force in their gold mines and to prevent any mental and emotional evolution during the incarnation cycle. It was only due to the genetic improvement of Homo Sapiens by the Galactics that this stalemate in human evolution was removed.

We can regard the human body and the incarnated entity as very limited energetic systems, where the high frequency cosmic energy from the Source can flow only through a restricted set of pathways of least resistance according to the Law of Energy Optimization. During the LBP, these restrictions are eliminated step by step and the number of new pathways of least resistance is steadily growing, and so does the amount of energy that can now freely flow through our body fields.

The chakras are opened and all the existing debris of past karma in them are eliminated. The angular velocity of their rotations is highly augmented. As the rate of rotation is identical to the frequency rate of the transmitted waves, we have a steady increase in the frequency rate of the cosmic energies that flood our bodies. All these energy interactions at numerous levels and systems within the physical vessel follow without any exception the Law of Energy Optimization.


Now, there is a very important aspect that I should present at this place for the sake of theoretical clarity. I said initially that energy flows along an energetic gradient from a higher to a lower level, just as thermal energy does in a material object – it flows from a higher to a lower temperature. However this does not mean that there is a “law of entropy” that postulates that there is a universal depletion of thermal energy gradients, defined in present-day physics as “thermal death of the universe”. This is the greatest fallacy of current empirical science.

I have proved irrevocably that the second law of thermodynamics, known as the “law of entropy”, builds a fundamental paradox (antinomy) with the first law of conservation of energy, which is an aspect of the Universal Law of All-That-Is. The law of entropy is thus the greatest blunder of modern science, greater than the geocentric Ptolemaic system, favoured by the Church and the Inquisition during the Dark Ages.

In reality, energetic gradients cannot dissipate, as energy, being identical with All-That-Is in conceptual terms, is an elastic, closed entity and cannot lose energy. Whenever an energy gradient is dissolved by the flow of energy from a higher level to a lower one, as is the case in electric circuits, there is an equivalent build-up of an identical gradient at another energetic level.

When a thermal gradient is equalized in a material object, for instance, in a metal rod heated at the one end at 100° Celsius and at the other end having a room temperature of 20° Celsius, an equivalent thermodynamic gradient is built up at the photon level. This has been proven for the first time in science by myself and is called “Stankov’s Law of Photon Thermodynamics”. This distinct law is a concrete application of the Universal Law in the field of thermodynamics (for further information see volume I and volume II on physics on this website).

With the derivation of this law, I have refuted for ever the so called “law of entropy” as a deliberate faulty idea of the Orion Controllers’ system of faked science that has been established on this planet with the purpose of confusing human scientists and prevent humanity from grasping the true nature of All-That-Is = Energy. In this way the Powers That Be wanted to prevent us from re-membering our unlimited creative potential as powerful multidimensional beings of All-That-Is. This topic has been discussed at some length in my book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“.

How does this knowledge applies to the energetic regulation of the incarnated human entity and the current LBP?

The LBP is exactly the negation of the Orion concept of entropy – of the concept of dissipating energy.

I hope that you now begin to understand why the dark ones have introduced this concept in science in the first place. During the LBP, the vibrations (frequencies) of our physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal bodies are gradually augmented and, where ever necessary, the blockages embedded by the Anunnaki are eliminated. How is this continuous augmentation of the human frequencies actually achieved? This is a fundamental question that has not been discussed in the New Age esoteric literature and in any channelled messages so far. Therefore, be attentive.

I will elaborate this pivotal energetic mechanism for the emotional body as feelings are more easily perceived by humans than any other energy form in our physical vessels. Each emotional pattern is a superimposed wave system and exhibits a positive and a negative pole. The positive pole has a higher frequency than the negative pole. They built thus an energetic gradient within each specific emotional pattern.

Let us now take the emotional pattern of compassion. The positive pole will manifest itself as a human endeavour to empower other beings, so that they can care for themselves. In this way one helps the people to become sovereign master creator beings of their destiny. This positive pole is hence the more loving one and displays subsequently a lower level of fear, then without fear there is no life on this planet. Therefore, it vibrates with a higher frequency than the negative pole.

In this context it is important to observe that all loving human feelings on earth have a fear component as long as they dwell in this 3d-reality. If we would have fully ascended at 11.11.11, we would have delegated all our fear based human patterns to Gaia, while going through our portals as discussed by myself in previous publications concerning the process of ascension.

From a pure energetic point of view, human evolution depends only on how low the degree of fear is, which the entity has achieved throughout his incarnation: The less the level of fear, the higher the frequencies of his emotional  body, and the more loving and evolved the individual will be. In this case, his emotions will dwell most of the time in the positive, loving pole of his numerous emotional patterns.

When the entity is manipulative and fear driven, as all dark entities are, his emotional pattern of compassion will dwell predominantly in the negative pole and the entity will strive to dominate all the time the people around himself. He may do this under the pretext of taking care for other “weaker” people and will present this tendency as a loving attitude, as many young-soul parents stubbornly do with respect to their children.

This manipulative pattern can be observed at all levels in the current society –  from family life to the ever-growing tendency of the omnipotent national state to control the lives of its citizens under the pretext of taking care for them and protecting them from all kinds of alleged crimes and terror attacks. But first and foremost the fear driven Orion national state tries to protect its citizens from their “unpredictable animalistic nature”. If you don’t believe me, read the psychological grounds that are forwarded as legal foundation for most criminal laws in all Western countries. The reason for this is that the Orion/Reptilian controllers know very well the creative potential of this unpredictable human nature and they are now beginning to experience its full force to their own predicament,


Let us now proceed with this disquisition a step further. Each human emotional pattern is a highly dynamic system and it fluctuates between the negative and the positive pole, while staying most of the time in the middle of its spectrum. This is the famous “comfort zone“, in which most of the human beings live on earth.

For instance, they are driven by their fear based patterns in an unconscious manner and exhibit certain stereotypes of social behaviour, In this case they almost never realize that their motives are fear based or even angst-driven, as they still dwell and act within their comfort zone, in the middle of the spectrum of their emotional patterns. Their fear driven beliefs and prejudices have actually become their self-preservation instincts, which they never dare to question, as this would mean that they will also question the very foundations of their existence as biological species.

Please observe that most human beings are nowadays agnostic and do not believe in the immortality of the soul and in life after death. They live in the firm conviction that they have only one life to live and hence it is very precious.

The life energy of most human beings flows most of the time within the boundaries of their comfort zone, which can be regarded as invisible membranes of greater resistance. Within the comfort zone, there are easily accessible paths of least resistance, where the energy of these entities flows and manifests itself as fixed patterns of social behaviour. This observation  is another proof for the ubiquitous validity of the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization.

This is also the reason why such unconscious human beings reject any positive influence from outside, which may alter this fragile equilibrium state of restricted emotions. At the social level, this kind of emotional resistance to any kind of changes is manifested as human intransigence of mind, spirit and psyche, I have discussed this central aspect of human behaviour extensively in my five German books on Human Gnosis, especially in the “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. In the worst case, this leads to a total dumbing down of the masses,as we can observe in the current End Times.

Let us now summarize the aforementioned facts: Each emotional pattern has a negative, low frequency dark pole and a positive, high frequency, more loving pole. The emotion, itself, is highly dynamic and alternates between the two poles, while dwelling most of the time in the middle frequency range defined as “comfort zone” at the social level.

The dark entities from the Orion/Reptilian Empire use this basic mechanism of emotional regulation for their heinous goals. They beam the incarnated human entities with low frequency, fear based emotional patterns from the 4th dimension, known as Luciferian, Satanic, Ahriman or Rhyee energies and lower thus the frequencies of the emotional patterns of the incarnated human beings towards more fear and separation from the Source.

During the LBP, our souls and the forces of light use this same mechanism to augment the frequencies of our emotional patterns to more loving higher frequency energies. They do exactly the opposite of what the Controllers on this planet have been dong systematically with us, humans, for the last 13 000 years. How do our higher self and the forces of light achieve this from a physical point of view?

Very simply! The higher self begins in the course of the LBP to enter higher frequency energies into the human body from the higher chakras. through the left brain portal which is now made free for these energies. In this way the emotional pattern begins to alternate more quickly and with a greater amplitude between the negative and the positive pole of its frequency spectrum.

This accelerated alternation of the emotional pattern between the two poles results from the application of the laws of constructive and destructive interference between the higher frequency soul energies and the lower frequency energies of the emotional human pattern. At the level of human psyche, this frequency augmentation is perceived asantagonistic feelings that fluctuate very rapidly between the two opposite emotional poles –  for example as quick uncontrollable outbursts of love and hatred, acceptance and rejection, compassion and aggression, depending on which emotional pattern our higher self is elaborating on during the LBP.

While the emotion alternates between the positive and negative pole, its overall frequency is rapidly augmented. Superficially, the entity cannot distinguish this new feeling from the old emotional pattern, but its frequency footprint is now completely altered. The quicker the emotion fluctuates between the two poles, and the quicker the emotional ups and downs follow at the psychical level, as experienced by the entity, the quicker the frequency of this emotional pattern is augmented.

This is the reason why the LBP is so debilitating and challenging for the incarnated human being in terms of controlling these rapidly changing emotions and conflicting ideas, which are always emotionally tainted. You have all gone through these episodes of emotional helter-skelter and know very well, what I am here talking about, I am only describing these existential experience during the LBP from a neutral physical point of view.

During this process, the frequencies of the two poles increase rapidly, while they still preserve their polarity and duality in the human condition. For instance, the negative pole of your anger as a star seed is much more loving and of higher frequency than, say, the positive, loving pole of your partner, who has not yet entered the LBP. In this case, he dwells with his feelings most of the time in the middle of the spectrum range of his low-frequency emotional patterns. This gives him the illusion to live in his comfort zone and to have his feelings under control. This is nowadays considered to be a desired “spiritual” end in the current debased society. Hence the complete and persistent misinterpretation of human emotions in the current society, and especially among light workers, who have never bothered to explore the energetic nature of their confused feelings in a more scientific and objective manner as is done in this publication.

Your unenlightened partner (or friend) will never leave his comfort zone on his own or through your intervention. This can only happen when his soul begins to augment his frequencies and catapult him out of his comfort zone, as she has done with you on numerous occasions in the past. This is exactly what is now occurring with the vast human population after 11.11.11 when earth and humanity were flooded with these powerful energies, which we made possible by opening our individual portals and thus enabling the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 for the energies coming from the Arcturus sun.

We have this exhausting experience with the profound transformation of our emotional bodies during the LBP already behind us. While we are now entering our future comfort zone of blissful multidimensional existence in the 5th dimension, the rest of mankind is just beginning to lose its comfort 3d-zone. It is now entering the spectrum of emotional imbalance and tribulations, which will have huge repercussions on the collective human behaviour in the society, as any discernible human being can already begin to observe.

What does all this has to do with the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization? A lot! We have seen that energy flows in both directions – from a higher level to a lower level and vice verse, according to the Law of Conservation of Energy, which is a manifestation of the primary property of All-That-Is – its closed character. In this case, the Law of Energy Optimization also holds true when the energy (frequency) levels are increased. It still flows along the least resistance path, even when it spirals upwards as is the case during the LBP.

Figuratively speaking, the energy frequency moves along the spiral upwards, but it cannot make huge jumps all of a sudden. This will infringe upon the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization. In All-That-Is there are preconceived paths of least resistance, which the energy flow must follow. Even miracles need some rules.

In other words, any dramatic change on earth for the better must wait until the optimal moment in time has come, that is to say, the optimal state of energy has been reached, before a new significant change can be induced. At this point in time the paths of least resistance are fully opened and the energy of change flows easily into the system. Any effort to bring about this change earlier will be tantamount to huge energy waste  We have however learned that All-That-Is does not waste any energy because it observes the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization.

4. The Time of Ascension in the Light of the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization

How does this translate into the optimal choice of time (energetic state) for our ascension? This is indeed a very complex optimization exercise that has to take into consideration infinite energetic levels and systems of mankind, Gaia, and the global constellation in this galaxy, as the ascension of this planet is closely associated with many other planets, sun systems, and civilisations in this galaxy and takes place in conjunction with the huge cosmic cycles of this universe as described in my article on the magnetic pole shift. In order to streamline our ideas on Ascension let us now discuss some basic components and variables that affect significantly the point in linear time of our actual ascension.

The most important variable is the level of awakening of humanity, its light quotient. We are still in the period of incubation, where these energies work in a covert manner, while rapidly transforming the emotional and mental bodies of the human population beyond their comfort zone. These changes will manifest very soon in the outer world, as the newly created human templates and behaviour patterns will be in apparent contradiction to the current social conditions of human enslavement.

These rebellious energies will soon flow outwards and sweep away the old world order. They are now gaining momentum and can exacerbate any time soon on the surface of this debased human society, as we can watch in these last days in Egypt, Cairo, Syria, and in all “occupied” cities in the Western world. The inner collective impulse will be the driving force that will destroy the old system from within.

All external social structures on the historical stage are product of inner psychological dramas of cosmic proportions that acquire only in a secondary manner a holographic space-time gestalt. As soon as the collective inner impulse changes its direction and content, these space-time gestalts must disappear. We are now amidst this process of rapid mental and emotional alteration of Homo Sapiens and its projected gestalt patterns in the outer space.

The old world order has been established by the 1% dark human elite, which are minions of the off-world aliens from the Orion/Reptilian empire. The 99% of the human beings on this planet are considered by them to be useful slaves, whose lives have no value at all. These human masses are now on the cusp of erupting emotionally and tearing down the shackles of their perennial enslavement. Currently, there is a huge energetic build up underneath like a volcano that can erupt any moment. The tipping point of mass upheaval and irreversible change will be reached very soon – most probably after Christmas.

The major catalyst for this surge will be the crash of the Orion Monetary System, which is imminent and has already commenced. This and next week we will see more of it, To quote Rumi “when the butterfly claps its fragile wings, a storm breaks loose in Heaven”. The current financial system is based exclusively on fraud, debt and printing money out of thin air and has reached its ultimate point of instability when indeed a clap of the fragile wings of a butterfly will be sufficient to induce an immediate default of all banks, so that they will have to be closed overnight.

This will cause a sudden infarct of the world economy, and for a short period of time nothing will function. All political, medial, judicial, medical and transport systems will be completely paralysed. This stalemate (stasis) will mark the end of linear time and the entrance of humanity in the new multidimensional reality of the higher realms.

When we apply the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization for this short moment of total paralysis, it is self-evident that it represents the optimal energetic condition for us to ascend.

Thereafter, some of us will appear officially as multidimensional, powerful creator beings, as Ascended Human Masters with unlimited power in front of humanity. We will promptly take over the leadership of humanity and carry out the necessary reforms of society and economy. Anyone of you can be this new spiritual leader of humanity.

As we, the first Ascended Human Masters, will live simultaneously in many realities and will have contact with all evolved galactic civilisations that help humanity to ascend, it will be very easy for us to prepare all humans for their official appearance in front of them, Together with our Agarthan cousins from the Inner Earth and the Galactics, we will introduce all kinds of new highly evolved technologies from the 5th dimension and swiftly relieve the dire economic conditions caused by the collapse of the old Orion economic order.

This can however only happen, if the energetic conditions on earth are such as to allow for the implementation of these new technologies. They can only operate from the 4th and 5th dimensions. This means that the earth must go through the magnetic pole shift (pole reversal) first as to shed away its magnetic duality, so that the new Gaia can ascend fully to the 4th dimension and partially enter the  5th dimension, where there is no magnetism at all.

From this succinct analysis of the necessary energetic events, through which humanity and earth must go in the coming days, it is more than evident that the magnetic pole shift (reversal) must occur as soon as the financial crash has paralysed the world economy. From a psychological point of view, it will not be a good idea to unleash a huge catastrophic event before the man-made financial and economic catastrophe has fully unfolded, as the people will miss its pedagogical effect.

Only after humanity is confronted with the rubble of their disastrous and irresponsible behaviour in the past, will there be a further escalation of calamities caused by the rejuvenation of mother Earth. She will release its deep wounds and scars which humanity has inflicted upon its body during the magnetic pole shift and its propulsion to the higher dimensions.

These events are an indispensable prerequisite, not only for the implementation of new technologies, but also for the rapid cleansing of the ascended earth from all pollution with the help of these new technologies. It will take one revolution of the earth around the sun, before earth will be completely cleansed and ready to ascend to the 5th dimension and merge with its already existing blueprint in Dec 2012. No polluted earth will be allowed to ascend to a higher dimension.

From this elaboration of the necessary evolution stages that mankind and earth must go through in the course of one year, it must be obvious even to an unenlightened person that there is very little linear time left. When these anticipated events begin to unfold in the present 3d-space-time, they will occur with a mind-boggling velocity and will be introduced in a very narrow time frame, when all humans will still reside in a collective emotional and mental coma after the economic crash and the magnetic pole shift/reversal have knocked them down.

They will barely comprehend what is happening with them and their planet. This collective catharsis must be extremely radical and profound, as the way to final awakening, enlightenment and empowerment of all humans is rather long, given their current low level of spiritual evolution, and it must be walked with giant steps.

The total helplessness of mankind will allow for the unconditional acceptance of us as Ascended Human Masters, including  the Galactics and the Agarthans as our “brothers in need”. The people will accept without any reservation our technological gifts and will adopt smoothly our proposals how to organize the new human society according to new spiritual principles, based on unconditional love and protection of the unique creative power of each and every incarnated human being.


Let us now summarize in chronological order the upcoming events, as they will enter human reality in the coming days and weeks:

1. A total financial crash and the end of all banks, stock exchanges and financial transactions, which will lead to a financial infarct and an economic stand still.

2. The occurrence of the magnetic and physical pole shifts (reversal of the magnetic poles and rectification of the tilted physical axis) and Ascension of Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

3. First wave of individual Ascensions can begin with the financial crash and will end up with the magnetic pole shift and ascension of Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions,

4, Appearance of the first Ascended Human Masters as multidimensional personalities in front of humanity shortly after the shift. They will immediately substitute the present corrupt politicians and will lead mankind out of its state of total emotional and mental paralysis by proving to their human fellows the immortality of the human soul and her infinite creative power. They will demonstrate in a concrete manner the bliss of the New Earth, which many of them will begin to enjoy after mass ascension at the end of 2012.

5. Introduction of the GF and the Agarthans from the Inner Earth to humanity by the Ascended Human Masters.

6. Swift and quick introduction and implementation of numerous new technologies which will relieve immediately the situation of the remaining human beings after the huge material destruction, which will be triggered by the magnetic and physical pole shifts. This will also include the rapid cleansing of earth’s pollution. The new high frequency technologies will include free energy for all people, mini-portals for individual travel around the globe in minutes-time as a substitute for the current transport, based on the combustion of organic fuels. There will be new holographic means of communication based on the Akasha chronics for earth, new agricultural methods to produce effectively clean food and eliminate the worldwide hunger and poverty, etc.

This all must be accomplished within one year from now on.

When we apply the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization in a logical and rational manner, we must conclude that all these events must occur in the blink of an eye as any protraction will only lead to waste of energy. Just as the higher self eliminates the ego of the incarnated entity to carry out undisturbed the LBP of his body, so does Heaven with respect to earth and humanity: It must act very swiftly and eliminate the collective fear based ego of humanity within a very short period of time and restructure it fundamentally before the necessary sweeping social, economic, and technological changes can be swiftly implemented.

For this reason the Higher Providence for this planet will wait as long as all conditions for this sudden intervention are in place. Then the cosmic A-Day (Ascension Day) will come unexpectedly for the masses as a thief in the night.

In the meantime, Heaven depends fully on our mission as members of the PAT. We are the most evolved human beings on earth. Our bodies, chakras and fields are huge antennae which transmit this powerful 11.11.11 energies to all humans and open them for the coming revelations and tribulations. As soon as our function as huge transducers of loving energy and as very effective transmuters of negative energies is finished, there will be no need for us to stay on this planet.

This most likely scenario follows succinctly from the consequent application of the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization to the actual situation on earth.

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