How I Envision Our Personal PAT Ascension and Official Appearance as Ascended Masters

by Marek Prochyra, September 11, 2012

Dear Georgi,

after reading your answer to Henry my thoughts started to run wildly. Here are few of my thoughts regarding the possible advancement of events and my thinking process as it progressed through the time.


1)      We can hold PEAK energies in our bodies at max. for 2 weeks ( i.e. until Sep, 23rd )
2)      The whole process should be finished in 2 weeks ( i.e. until Sep, 23rd ) or – at max – until end of Sep.
3)      If anything changes, which is improbable now, the dates in points 1) and 2) can also change. This point is important for me, so that I can stay a little bit realistic, if needed.

Based on the above assumptions, it would be waste of energy if from the two available weeks nothing happened in a first week when all energies are at maximum, and then everything would happen in a second week. So, I also incline to George’s suggestion that we will ascend in the first week (I personally think that from 12th to 16th).


I.      How to ascend with a max. effect:

1)      Those PAT-ers, who are socially active, should/could ascend in front of all participants of their “event”
2)      The rest of PAT-ers will ascend alone or in front of family members / friends

In my opinion, from the point of view of a WAKE-UP call, the PAT ascension process is not so important as our re-appearing. I don’t see how our ascension could visually or mentally have major influence on the human minds, globally. Most of us don’t speak or appear officially in front of thousands and thousands of people (with exceptions, of course). We could have only secondary effect, in the form of ID split and/or MPR (magnetic pole reversal) triggered by our detonation. Later I will write why I think that only our ascension is not enough for a wake-up call.

II.   How to officially re-appear with a max. effect:

I think I’m flexible enough to do any kind of job that is required after my return here and therefore I don’t have any preferred job. However, if I look at my whole life, then my expertise is definitely in IT and in the optimization of processes. The above leads me to the following scenarios of our re-appearance, as I see them:

1)   All PAT team could appear together in one place and take-over the most important system. Since the most important thing is to explain to the masses that human being has a SOUL and that this soul creates all other bodies, it make sense to take-over the religious organizations first, or

2)   PAT members could create specialized sub-groups and take-over all major systems that are relevant to their expertise, for example. financial, communicational, transport, political, health care, educational, sport, religious systems,… or

3)   Combination of both 1) and 2) – i.e. to officially make our presence known and to introduce all PAT members as new leaders, and then to take-over all major systems at once.

This could be further twisted and taken into another level, something like this:

a) Since we are multi-dimensional beings, a PAT sub-group responsible for example for a communication system could appear at different places simultaneously (one/few PAT-ers could cover few countries) and coordinate activities related to this system. The same applies here for all major systems.

b) After few geo-physical events (after MPR or Nibiru) the “miraculous” healing abilities of health-care PAT sub-group will further convince even “hard” non-believers that something really weird is unfolding.

I don’t know what could shock me more (in case I were unaware) than:

1) to get to know that I have a soul that directs my whole life, and
2) a few days later to see one person operating at the same time in multiple locations and doing miraculous things – and to see this happening all over the world in all major systems.

My further analysis (these are only speculations that probably don’t have any real importance):

Option II.1) If this option happens before ID split, then this could be presented like the PAT is dedicated to over-throw religion and thus this initiative could be abused by PTW as “driven-by-another-religious-fanatics” because, until ID split PTW are still here and active.

Option II.2) can be executed only after we’re officially known, so this option misses the “introductory meeting of PAT-ers”.

The option II.3) makes sense to me the most.

Wake-up call and visual effects:

I don’t think that cosmic visual effects alone are enough for a wake-up call. I tried to imagine (if I were in a place of a Higher Council ) how would I ensure that all the world will see at one moment our official appearance.

Last year I saw multiple times in our national most watched TV news / programs that were broadcasted in prime times and that displayed unusual things in the sky – for ex. a huge heavenly cross above a ordinary farmer’s dwelling, … and plenty of other similar occurrences. These visual appearances were taken by masses only as a form of excitement, which were held only for a few days/weeks and then the life went on.

I know that the energies now are much more powerful then year ago, but still – with all these Copperfields, Criss Angels and other illusionists, I think that people nowadays don’t believe in what they see in TV.

It should have to be something sudden, big and not a local phenomenon – for. example multiple new objects in the sky, sun and moon dancing together, … – so that all people see at the same time the same thing (or same kind of things) in order to make the REAL impact on them and their minds.

I can imagine the following situation:

Sudden, unexpected solar flare outburst will knock down all communication systems all over the world. Then, globally, in the sky a notice/writing will appear: “TURN ON YOUR TVs and radios again at 10:30 for more information”. This could repeat few times, so that it’d be obvious that’s not man-made.

Finally a message will come through:

 “Await and welcome new ascended masters {names of PAT-ers} that will officially appear in front of you at { some place }… in { some time }. They will tell you everything you need to know to overcome the coming ID split and MPR as easily as possible”.

In the times when TVs and radios would be turned on, common people could inform each other that THE THING is global – and then next outburst could again knock down all communication. So again, a combination of a few factors and events makes most sense for me regarding our official appearance.

These were just a few of my thoughts. Nearly each of the above options have a multiple probable alternatives available to them and therefore if I would write my ideas few hours later I think that the order and number of options would be different as well as the reasoning and the whole thinking process. Everything is so fluid now and any combination of events is probable.

But as an imagination exercise this essay has served nice for me.

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