How I Envision My Personal Ascension and Official Appearance of the PAT as Ascended Masters

by Marilyn Cohen, September 14, 2012

This ended up feeling like a science fiction thriller. My husband’s education was journalism, so we ended up with a prop house where films were produced. I do not know if you want to publish this. But pieces of this 3-D post-ascension scenario are familiar. Do you recognize it?

My portal (as well as those of my family members) is alive, energetic, a rotating cylinder constructed of glittering colored geometries. The auditory rotation of the living energy cylinders create a shimmering sound much like rain. White light resides at all times within to protect and cleanse the area. The portal has an expanding/contracting capability as I travel through my county. When I am at home it often simply embraces my home and surrounding area.

My perfect ascension scenario involves being within my portal with loving family in a situation that could be observed without risk to others. That could be in or out of doors, day or night time, awake or asleep. My ascension experience would create a harmonious tonal sound and visually last long enough that anyone would awaken or stop what they are doing to look outdoors in order to witness the phenomenon. My body would begin to experience bliss immediately and become enveloped in vapors of colored light. Any witnesses would feel the curiosity and be aroused to look outside and witness this event. They witness my form beginning to reveal its light body essence as it accelerates into a flame like essence of joy carried up in the white light. Once my particles disappear the white light and my portal remain momentarily before disappearing. The sound, color and movement must last long enough to redirect the attention of others towards the display. My family members within different locations will have the ability to clearly dream this event in progress.

The inner experience would be beyond words, orgasmic and blissful. My ENTIRE MD being has deep inner knowing of the love, safety, and unity of this event with the All-That-Is. Loving trust is built into this ascension experience with Higher Self and the Forces of Light (FOL) present throughout the entire NOW experience. As this transformation restores complete awareness of my MD being and powers, it also awakens earthly memories throughout eons. The indestructible awareness of this realized transformation allows me to be, without question, this energetic awe and all-knowing that must now be transmitted to humanity. We maintain our individuality and appear collectively.

I now become aware of other PAT members present in their transformation. We briefly celebrate and experience the loving FOL in the higher levels of the 5th dimension. It would be my greatest wish to experience celebration and briefing in our Great Central Sun. Because we are time restricted, however, the higher 5th dimension is a blessed place to briefly come together.

We learn our ascension experience took perhaps 1 3D day. Whether our post-ascension mission will be a return appearance and leadership before humanity or serving humanity post-ascension on Planet A 5D, we communicate and strategize effortlessly and telepathically as a collective consciousness. Now that we have FINALLY ascended we radiate the assured support of the FOL.

In our briefing we learn that since we ascended humanity has lost its power grid and greater catastrophes are imminent unless we return. PAT post-ascension return will insure the next domino of least resistance – a successful timeline split. But our ascension was followed by humanities power outage and no timeline split as yet.

The primary concern for returning PAT members and FOL will be to take measures so that no nuclear incidents can occur before the timeline split.

We will also need the FOL to help us deliver a global telepathic message that they must turn on their televisions (any station) with the ability of free energy at a certain hour. This will be our worldwide spectacle broadcast. Without the power grid, there is no longer fear of Photo shop foolery and media dastardliness. During this one hour telecast, occurring simultaneously in different languages, PAT’s transmission of love and peace that will accompany our announcement will be so powerful it will relax mankind. They will feel our difference and see our humanity.

We will then unfold for one hour humanities current state of affairs in our universe and a brief one paragraph of our enslaved history in the Orion system. Our awesome love and peace will overshadow every man, woman, and young adult. Even if they do not watch the telecast they will telepathically receive the overshadow transmission of love and peaceful knowledge. They must ALSO know during this broadcast that the priests and politicians have created a long standing fraud that rendered them powerless due to the Christian fraud. This will prepare humanity mentally and emotionally for the need for the timeline split and the better life to come thereafter.

PAT’s AWE-FILLED presence amongst 4D and 5D candidates and listeners will create a global transmission of peace and unconditional love that is able to release fear. Those that are fear based and intend harm to others (along with their weaponry) will be disabled until the timeline split. This is the first disclosure and the first spectacle.

The ID split will now occur as a result of mankind’s shift in awareness due to our announcement. The ID split could occur within a moments flash. To summarize, after the cosmic ascension the following have now been accomplished with the least bit of energy: power grid down, halting nuclear power issues, free energy for our disclosure, PAT’s disclosure itself, people’s release from fear, and the ID split.

At this point things become exponentially easier. We had our show in front of mankind after ascension. Catastrophes are now confined to Planet B. Goodhearted mankind has a remarkable elementary disclosure. Mankind now awakens in ascended circumstances. Mankind makes better chooses (Planet A/B and Planet A). Education of these ascended groups is now the path of least resistance for PAT, the FOL, and All-That-Is. Teaching and preparing the masses now contains the elements of harmony and cooperation and sharing.

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