How I Envision my Personal Ascension and Official Appearance as Ascended Master

By Eugene du Plessis, Septemebr 11, 2012

Hi Georgi,

So here I am just over a year since I joined my family of old – the PAT) -, last year in August, the great group of light from long past Atlantis, where we formed and agreed to a pact as it were, an agreement was forged by us to be here and to do what has been done against great odds and disbelief.

So let me imagine the reappearance in front of humanity. I am hence post ascension and have multi-dimensional capabilities. The task at hand is to have maximal effect to awaken masses with the most effective time and energy spent before the shit hits the fan. So I need to be seen with my Garment of Light. Pays to advertise yes! This is seriously not a mere Calvin Klein or Carducci outfit. This is no outfit. It is beingness on an unimaginable level that is visible in no uncertain terms. But let’s try !!

Wherever I am, move, walk, the following is so great that instant media is there and I find helpers to pre-arrange venues throughout my country. It’s well synchronised to last around 2 hours an appearance if not less. I can move through my Merkabah light body where I need to be at any moment. So no logistics other than crowds gathering at many venues to see and experience to them what is a miracle and allow them time to get there. All I do is pitch in my merkabah vehicle. What an entrance. Lol. Can you imagine !!

At each meeting place I can speak through telepathy and forms of communication beyond my present understanding, with all there in their present in their own mother tongue. This I do as part of my many multi-dimensional capabilities. What I communicate is felt irrevocably by all as it speaks to their hearts. The ultimate truth, ultimate love, compassion and a knowing of what lies ahead. They know this truth as I communicate to them, because its heard by the soul on a level never felt before. They are in awe because many who knew me validate that they knew me in my simple diluted 3D cloak. They see, they believe and through their amazement of the message I bring, they feel some anxiety, but the overwhelming belief of the experience brings a hope they have not yet felt. The dawning of the new earth.

Their consciousness immediately starts to quicken and this reverberates through the news simultaneously as the same news from my fellow PAT crew, keeps flooding in around the world on the Net and other media outlets. The news is the same all round!!! Glowing walking Ascended Masters who have just ascended and are bringing a wonderful message to all mankind.

At the meetings there is love and calm as I have the ability to sense and bring that to all who are there. The gathering areas are safe as we are assisted by our higher up friends who assist in those tasks. Everything I  am busy with and need to do, is old hat to me. It’s like brushing teeth except its most enjoyable and fulfilling in every possible way. I do this 24 hours as fatigue and earthly needs are no longer relevant. I see how wonderful these people receive the messages and think back how I pondered these thoughts writing this letter to the PAT to share this dream and realise then how easy it is and capable I am.

I  feel the oneness of All-That-Is, the intimate connected-ness of creation. While busy with the first meeting I realise I  can be at various meetings simultaneously and instantly this happens. The task is easy to accomplish and I  have instant knowing of all that is unfolding. I have no words for it. Words like bliss, magnificence and the like have no depth to describe even remotely what I am feeling. The task at hand with the help of higher ups in the back line coordinating everything is simply a walk in the park and  no…. not  Jurassic Park !!

I look and meet regularly with fellow PAT as we can appear in multi-places simultaneously whilst our meetings with the masses continue unabated. It flows effortlessly from the start. In between I meet with family, friends and my daughters who live far away. They accompany me here and there. After a short period the world has experienced the PAT in all their glory and they too are now highly motivated at the prospect of their becoming!! I look back after this task has been completed and realise it was far more successful than we all thought possible.

Love and light to all the PAT


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