From a PhiloPATh to a PAThophil*

by Trevis Brown, September 8, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I originally wrote the following to fellow PAT-er Tim in California, but I am sending it to you just for resonance and solidarity around our whole endeavor. I was hoping to somewhat lift his and my spirits, but at least I succeeded in being honest. haha.

Oh and as for the night of Sept 3-4: Yes, a fantastic nighttime experience yet again, wherein I was post-ID-split as lightbody frequency and having ‘dreams’. Thanks for ‘calling the shots’.

Much love,

PS:  And Georgi, again, thank you. Your writings are the coup de grace for so many energetic artifacts of 3D. I just love to imagine you galumphing around with your vorpal sword, decapitating the Jabbering-Wacko’s. (Haha, couldn’t resist.)

Please oh please let this finally be IT. My 5D inbox is full.

Dear Tim,

I hear you on all accounts, and feel for your situation. Yes, I’ve experienced parallels, and all of us deep in the LBP and PAT mission have too. It goes without saying, although sometimes hearing it is the only thing that gets me through another day. We’re creating a new archetype, and there are so many earmarks/signatures of this path- to which I feel we can all relate- no matter how much at times I feel extremely isolated on this journey.

In re-examining the portion of the PAT story as told through the site, I find the only thing we’ve been wrong on has been the timing. And I’ve been skeptical and scrutinizing every-which-way about some of the hindsight explanations…. but when I process my indignation et al., I invariably come to some very simple conclusions:

1. I know my Ascension to be Real, in the sense that it will manifest in physicality, and better than I have understood it. This knowledge is not stupidity-based, like all these righteous morons out there… let’s not get into it… But my Ascension (and all the energetic workings that explain it, and this whole cosmic operation going on here) is the only thread that makes any of this make sense. It was that ultimate triumphant AHA!, realized in many trippy/sci-fi experiences of consciousness, through a rigorous investigation of 3D, and my fantastic inner compass, (Thank you, HS and guides).

2. The PAT (meaning those who’ve been deep in the LBP and going through all these synchronized hurdles, and all their ecstatic and excruciating ramifications) are to my knowledge, the highest-frequency humans on 3D earth at this time. If there are exceptions, they are not in contradiction to our understanding; the others would have a more cohesive/harmonious view- but again, what do we lack except the timing?. That is to say: we’re not a bunch of wackos…  I say this in humor now, but I’ve seriously examined parallels to this many times, and from many angles, just to make sure I could still rescue myself from the deep end, if you know what I mean.

3. And: when it comes down to brass tacks, I honestly feel that this life-journey chose me. I remember when I was initially opening, and with such awe and magnetism, I kept choosing expansion as if it were ‘divinely ordained’ and it was absolutely non-sensical to choose against this incredible resonance/light/God-essence I was beginning to feel with increasing strength. So where did that land me? In this curious, drawn-out situation where my HS is not moving me to much action in the world at all. I had no idea that my patience, faith, and trust would be tried to this extent. I did not even know it was possible to be so energetically strung-out and inter-dimensionally warped…. and save but for a few postings on a website, to go most of it extremely psychologically isolated, all while knowing the true wackos are the overwhelming majority. Gadzooks! (Where did that word come from?? Oh surprise: ‘God’s hooks’ (nails on the cross)) But, in truth, I simply know it could not have been otherwise. And I don’t have to think about it to say that.

Despite these conclusions, I still have those moments in which, knowing I’ve forsaken 3D and it’s a totally dead game at this point, I just am petrified at imagining an even higher level of ‘soul sarcasm’ wherein we have so far only barely grasped our nature as pawns… Or that I’ll be treading water until 12/21. Or that 2013 rolls around, and the PAT and the LWs are backpedaling like crazy, like it has looked to me before when we’ve ‘misinterpreted’ our HS’s. It’s just too awful. Oh please God, No.

But again, here I am. What seriously can I do? My soul/Destiny/HS/Whatever got me into this mess and it damn well is going to finish it. lol. I don’t know how I can say all these things and still find humor. I hope this didn’t get you down.

Just know that we the PAT understand the cosmic gaming better than any other incarnates right now, and even WE are not fully informed. Go figure. 

We/I must be honing some incredible sovereign skills amidst this isolation and ‘psychosis’ relative to the zombified masses. Because when I’ve thrown my hands up, I’ve just been referred back inside over and over and over again. It has taken enormous evolution to take this all in stride. If “I” were doing it myself, I would not be taking this in stride. But something keeps me going. And that sure as hell is not the ‘human spirit’. There are plenty of incarnated ‘human spirits’ who’ve off’ed themselves long before the trials of the LBP/PAT archetype… Yeah, this is something different.

In good faith, my friend,
* “Pathophil and Philopath” was a very popular TV comic series in Eastern Europe in the late 50s and early 60s. I thought that this would be a good pan in this case.
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