A Conversation with Rob on the Acquisition of True Knowledge During Ascension

By Rob Behr and Georgi Stankov, September 6, 2012

Dear George,

I was nudged to further elaborate on this subject of our role, but more on the possibilities for humanity in the actual coming Ascension of Earth. As I pointed out in my previous writing and which you also did before, boldly speaking – it is of no concern whether or not (the whole of) humanity ascends in this lifetime, for it is just one pinch on the Jacob´s Ladder of an individual´s ongoing process towards enlightenment. One that could be a milestone, but which is not necessarily the case for the many.

Looking deeper into the phrase ´individuality´ gives a lot to ponder about. Your elaboration on the current state of those in the New Age movement in your article `The Fall from Grace of the New Age Movement´ says so much about the individual and the current affairs of this world, but also needs to make one think more about the relation between the soul, the earthborn incarnate individual and the coming Ascension of Earth with possibilities for individual Ascension.

Individuality is literally ´the state of being of an individual or separate being; separateness, distinctness, uniqueness.  We know now that it is impossible to qualify for a next level of higher amplitudes without opening up to and going through the necessary steps of processing the higher frequency light energies and resulting changes in the physical and bearing the LBP under influence of and while downloading Soul´s energy as the bridge to the Interdimensional truth and  wisdom of Spirit, in which all intelligence is endorsed.

Intelligence only developed by lower mind expansion, but without the connection, or better said, the integration of the higher mind of soul and of the cosmic spirit, has a ´shelf life´ and reach of the narrowness of the lower mind, and the restricted knowledge of the books that one tried to learn by heart. Intelligence and wisdom is based on integration of cosmic proportions. For those that already bridge those higher frequency light energies it is clear to see the differences between those that pretend to be intelligent and wise and those that actually just are this cosmic wealth embodied.

So how then when the individual is not working towards an integration with soul and stays leveled out to the confines of what the energetic restriction of this reality permits within such limited believes? On a 3D level the most prevailing energetic body is that of the personality that in fact is constantly trying to find direction within these confines, like the driver in the car. But as the personality is so to say very earthbound, it also directly limits the individual and surely does not help the process of seeing through the illusion. So what makes up the individual who is dumped down and only centered around its own personality? With all due respect to life itself and to the kind of being, we ought to be, such individual is an empty container in regards to what life and evolution is all about. Such individual is no more than an earthly body filled with the energies of duality and of conflict, in everyday’s life tuned to ´problem inducing´ instead of ´solution thinking´.

Taking this further and looking at the fact that incarnate beings may have a connection to their soul but without or with very limited actual integration of the soul´s energy brings one to wonder how much importance there rests for spiritual  hierarchies and the souls to really want those individuals to ascend. Within the wholeness of the cosmic fabric and in particular of the souls as higher entities being part of All-That-Is, it is of no consequence for All-That-Is whether this category of souls ascend or not: meaning in this or any other lifetime before they are ready for it.

The Cosmic body of All-That-Is, is constantly expanding and retracting, and we are just like everything else only a small part of it, and until we reach the confines of becoming creator gods, we still are willingly playing the game of the divine by ´divine will´ and are subject to the game as just ´one particle´. Those not even willing to play the divine game and are mostly still in the preliminary steps of free choice, don´t even have any other significance then trying to climb the ladder and endure all that it brings along the way. Until then they are just a ball in the pond drifting on the ripples and not conscious of anything else than the direct surroundings.

With Love and Light,
Rob Behr

Dear Rob,

thank you very much for this additional elaboration on the eternal topic concerning the intimate interrelationship between the incarnated personality of the middle self and the higher self or soul, and how the exchange of ideas, inspirations and transcendental knowledge moulds the limited human personality to become a sovereign, integer part of the bigger soul structure in the process of ascension.

My impression is that your observations are concerning the masses, which are not that much evolved as to have reached a full acknowledgement of the primordial role and power of the soul. From this perspective your comments and conclusions are comprehensive and complete this topic.

I would like to address in my answer more the small community of light workers who are defined as such because they have already established a relationship with their soul in one or another way that dominates their life on earth, so that the first, most important hurdle towards expansion of human awareness has already been overcome.

The  problems I would like to highlight begin actually after that. Let us assume that we have to deal with New Agers who have sufficiently opened themselves for the whispers of the soul and consider her presence a fixed authority in their earthly lives. However, few, or none of them, have developed so far their personal weltanschauung to such an extent as to be able to surf safely and securely through all the topics and existential situations, with which they are now confronted when the old compartmentalisation of the Orion matrix is wrapped up and the new global universal way of life is emerging behind the crumbling facade of the old order.

To comprehend all these important changes, one has to be able to surf easily through all areas of human knowledge and social life because all past information is now rapidly losing its value and relevance and to navigate its way with sovereignty out of the morass and up on the Jacob’s ladder of ascension. And precisely here most of the light workers fail these days as they still cling to their old, unanalysed views.

If one regards the human mind as a kind of a muscle who needs to be trained before one begins to climb the steep mountains of transcendental knowledge, which is the actual ascension (the transformation of the carbon-based body to crystalline light body is more of cosmetic character), one may indeed lose himself in the old way of learning and knowing, which is part of the insidious Orion system of deliberate confusion.

However, this case is very rare among most  esoteric thinking people as their souls have already made sure that they have sufficiently distanced themselves from this kind of futile learning and obsolete knowledge as this can be seen very well with our crystalline children in the current End Times. However their souls do not give them, and cannot give them, any prefabricated advises what they should do to compensate for their lack of basic human knowledge. How should one acquire new, better and more advanced knowledge that will substitute the old, inefficient and deliberately suffocating human mind, outdated Orion  education and how it should be explored by the incarnated personality on her own. She must find her way of self-education by herself. This is the main objective of her incarnation contract.

And here comes the mental laziness of most New Agers in play as I observe it for a long time. And with this vice I explain why they cannot evolve further as sentient beings in the first place and as enlightened personalities in the second – why they stay at the same low levels of intellectuality, which is also shared by the non-spiritual masses, but only tarnished in esoteric rose colours.

When one scrutinizes their writings and channelings, they still follow subconsciously the old gestalt ideas of the Orion system. The reason why they do not realize this obvious fact is that they have never bothered to question their deep-seated core-beliefs in the first place and then to begin to analyze them in a more abstract, intellectual manner.

The present-day light workers never bother to establish a methodological approach at an appropriate level of mental abstraction and to summarize their basic esoteric facts and knowledge within a solid categorical system of hierarchical order. In other words, they  do not see the necessity to assess carefully which are  the important facts of life, which have the propensity to survive the coming changes, and which facts and realities are doomed to disappear with the collapse of the old matrix. Thus they constantly mix the data and cannot fully liberate themselves from the cancerogenic metastases of the old system.

I can delve into infinite examples to underscore my thesis, and the Internet is full of such examples that speak for themselves. The most auspicious example is the fact that more than 90% of all New Agers still cling to the current monetary system (which they only try to reform) and cannot develop a new vision of society, where money no longer will be needed, because they are unable to explain why money will not be needed. This intellectual achievement of creative imagination presupposes an intimate knowledge of the current functions of money and how the PTW have used this diabolic invention surreptitiously to dumb down humanity. It is superfluous to mention that a proper disquisition of the monetary system must also include the psychology of human fears, which is essentially an energology of the human fear-based structure.

Most New Agers still cannot see clearly through the current 3d-camouflage and perceive the only true multi-dimensional reality, which is very simple in its Nature. Instead they get lost again again in trifles, which they still attribute great importance. This seduction of the human esoteric mind is very pronounced these last days as the incoming energies are for the first time influencing the abstract human thinking and not only the heart chakra, as was the case after we opened the stargate 11.11.11. The new adamantine energetic particles of the pure Cosmic Spirit reveal mercilessly the incredible maze of all human ideas and beliefs.

My personal conviction is that humans have only one possibility to stimulate their brain/mind muscle and this is first to go diligently through all the accumulated human knowledge in the past in a methodological manner and separate the wheat from the chaff by analysing it in detail. In this way one will be able to learn how to operate with some established categorical systems of human knowledge and intelligence, which are not entirely infected by the false Orion thinking. The incarnated souls on the earth have always taken precautions to also incorporate in the collective human thinking some very valuable approaches and elements of the Cosmic Logos, such as formal human logic.

This logic, which I have further developed to a full axiomatic system of all current scientific human knowledge, will not only be valid more than ever on the balanced earth A/B and the ascended earth A, but will be in fact indispensable for any proper evolution of the individual soul in the higher dimensions.

Only after one has furnished this necessary mental prerequisite, can one start to incorporate additional gnostic knowledge coming from the soul, which still has to be translated in the linear human language as long as humans are not fully telepathic.

However, If you have no knowledge, say, about biology or psychology and you channel like Suzanne Lie about survival instincts and fear based patterns as well as about DNA recalibration, these messages will remain empty shells as long as you as a channeller do not have any personal knowledge and opinion on these topics. One should discuss these topics in the first place with his HS before publishing them as channeling messages.

It is precisely at this juncture, where all light workers completely fail, as none of them has any deep scientific knowledge or personal opinion and are thus only passive converters of external esoteric trash. In most cases they do not even channel their HS, but other dark sources from the lower astral planes.

In this case there is indeed no difference if you were mired by the PTW in the Orion economic system, as is the case with most humans, or by channeling dark astral sources in the esoteric circus. The final effect is the same.

Let us assume that you are a scientist, who has carefully studied science and the methodology of science, including most of Western philosophy and has developed sophisticated theoretical instruments to analyze all kinds of abstract systems of human thought. At the age of 45 your soul opens you for the first time fully for esoteric topics. You then turn to the current esoteric literature as one can find on the Internet or in any bookshop and library and begin to read the incredible trash that is published there. You will be immediately disgusted by the very low quality of the presentation and the incredible stupidity of the writers who do not bother to verify any of their statements. You will be inclined to discard immediately the whole esoteric shebang, thus maybe overlooking some positive aspects, which must be however thoroughly elaborated in a completely new and stringent scientific manner.

This is not an abstract example – this is precisely what happened with me after I discovered the Universal law at the age of 42 (1993-1994) and then, after three years of thorough research under the guidance of my HS, came to the conclusion that I must transcend the current positivistic knowledge of empiric science, to which I had dedicated myself until that moment, if I wanted to progress with the expansion of my consciousness.

This example also explains why the esoteric literature of the New Age movement has no appeal to really intelligent scientists, who would have been its greatest asset. This could only happen, if the New Agers would possess the intellectual rigor and quality of abstract thinking that is still existent among the best representatives of science today and are able to present their esoteric knowledge in a more adequate manner.

This is in my opinion the greatest deficiency of the present-day esotericism and this deficiency must be first eliminated on the balanced earth A/B when gnostic knowledge will build the foundation of all human science, which will be a science of mental creation. The current esoteric crap cannot bridge this gap between the sterile Orion science of total confusion and the new mental science of creation. The new mankind  will need completely new gnostic contents that can only be introduced by logically thinking, medially gifted personalities as our crystalline children are showing for the first time in the history of this mankind in the current End Times in preparation for their tutorial activities on behalf of the masses after ascension.

And here we come to the paramount question of current human life in the End Times. How to detach from the current Orion System of faulty beliefs and ideas in the most effective way?

1) By artificially rejecting it in the esoteric niche, while still clinging at the subconscious level to most of its dark manifestations, which are now less evident as they are camouflaged in esoteric colours, or

2) By exploring in depth and with scientific rigor the fallacies of this crumbling system and thus illuminating and decomposing all its faulty elements in a rigorous intellectual manner.

Ultimately, one cannot become a master by avoiding any contact with darkness as most LW now firmly believe and recommend in their writings, but by confronting and mastering all false ideas of this darkness.

If you pretend to be a good rider you simply jump on the wild horse and tame him, or you are not a good rider and only give advises how to ride a wild horse. This is not a far-fetched example by the way, but a common reality in all German stables, where one can very well study the fallacies of human character.

This is also the difference between the PAT and  those who believe to be light workers, where the stress is on “workers”, as they must work indeed very hard before they can see any light at the end of their esoteric tunnel.

With love and light


Dear George,

Yes, my observations indeed concern the masses and are based on the question, if the PAT should be responsible for the Ascension of the masses.

In my elaboration I did not mention the light workers. So your very extensive writing about the light workers (LW) is a welcome topic that indeed needs to be addressed. I thoroughly read what you say and must say that I see it in the same way. During the first years I expected many of the LW would educate and grow in time, but as we all know that didn´t happen and after some years I even made sure not to be associated with this name and group. My enthusiasm of the early years became obsolete. You are addressing the LW correctly in my opinion.

I couldn´t agree more that there is more to it than just clinging to eg. past information and old spiritual structures, which often are made in the head of the one who claims to channel. My 20+ years experience with new age people has been very disappointing. I worked very closely with so many, hundreds if not thousands. I recognized returning patterns that are typical for the LW, let alone those that make the exception. But those exceptions I don´t call LW any longer.

I worked with less aware or less educated people that were deeply honest and truthful in their doings. Those were always trying to understand higher knowledge and accompanying information, but many had difficulties to understand the information clearly. Most were steadfast apprentices trying to learn and understand. Sometimes when I met one after years it showed that the person was still doing the same old practicing of information and no real adaptation was made towards the ever changing process. So yes, you are right.

I also worked with educated people like neuro-physicists, psychologists, doctors, therapists etc. Many came to my ascension classes as they also felt the difficulties of the physical changes due to the incoming higher frequencies. Some of them use the knowledge in their practices and look at practicing medicine in whole other ways. I must admit that the experiences by then were still small. You however went all the way with the facts about LBP, but what I had in those days helped to give some understanding to others.

The 3rd group I worked with are those ´already made´ new age teachers from around the world. Many of the known names came to my seminars as guest speakers in the early days.

My overall expression during those years was that there was an honest interest and many started to be involved but the average knowledge was low. People also needed to be part of something and wanted to call themselves a light worker. Belonging to a group where one can hide when there is lack of knowledge. I saw this taking a course of its own when more and more people wanted to be called that. Then Ego started to build and it got worse. The next thing was that many of the LW started to use everything they could get their hands on from others like composed information, complete seminars, courses etc. Those they copied and gave other names. I got  calls and emails from unsatisfied scholars from those frauds, to ask me to explain the lessons. The frauds were not able to answer the deeper questions and often got angry at their scholars.

Before teaching my own developed seminars I prepared for about 4 to 6 months by studying scientific books and specific medical books on subjects that were of interest for my classes. Subjects like the mitosis and the working of the microtubules and mitochondria were important and I always tried to bring spirituality and science together to explain what happens in the human body and how changes can be of effect. I also came to the conclusion that in the so called funnels of the microtubules in the cells, where the water is stored, consciousness is also stored and how much the importance of this is in drinking clean fluids and cleaning the cells from heavy metals and trash and the importance of nutrition for a healthy change in the cells.

Anyhow, this whole ego thing in new age land got even worse when groups of less educated people seeking for guidance were attending the seminars from the ´names´ among the teachers. I experienced many times the fraud that was being mixed in the information and what people got taught. I stopped working with those names´, one after the other. All the same scam to bind people to them for as long as possible.

During all these years I also experienced how easily people want to also channel and get part of the attention in new age land. It was so obvious how everyone was copying everyone. And the easy believers swallow everything. This was so then and this is so now. Some of the ways of the charlatans is when they talk with someone and want to impress, they say: ´wait a minute I hear something, saying´.., and then some angel name or master is the bobbin and the person is duped.

It is easy to discern when someone ´hears´. I myself don´t hear voices, I have this inner knowing that sometimes can be very clear and presenting, but always in balance with myself. You are one with your HS or you´re not. I mean, when you are one with your HS, then you Know and then it is not necessary to use names to make it more acceptable. I find this one of the greatest deceptions ever. Most of the people that say they channel, are hearing something because of the disconnect between their lower and higher Soul´ mind, when everything can pop in. That is not what you want to use as advice, that is purely for that one soul to grow or to learn from. Or it comes from the shadow side.

I say that many light workers are not aware of the dangers of their lower behavior or they are just naïve. Every time someone lies about something or uses others for their own benefit, it opens portals to the forces of the shadow world. When that kind of behavior continues, it influences and changes the ego into the wrong direction and the higher values and ethics are then dissolving.

Another short coming in new age land is when people misunderstand the meaning of unity. I always hear people talk about unity among themselves, because they love everyone and forgive everyone and don´t see wrong in anything. But unity should first be accomplished between the individual and the soul or the divine spirit and then people will attract alike people that are also in cosmic unity. Truthfulness is constantly asked from every individual before unity consciousness can manifest. I use to call this ´a unity process in which an individual needs to go vertical first and then attracts horizontal´ when speaking of the reality on the ground.

People that are already merging with their soul´s higher frequency and are becoming the living example of the divine will, are also starting to absorb the higher knowledge and start experiencing a slow growth of knowledge and wisdom. They still have to educate themselves, but the process gets easier and they start remember knowledge they had difficulty with before, since cosmic knowledge from the soul becomes part of the person’s comprehension.

With Love and Light,


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