The PAT Decree as Pace Maker of Ascension. Further Admissions of my HS

by Dorie Bowlin, August 15, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Here is my latest conversation with HS. I’m still a little bit leery of what I’ve received, having been taken for a bit of a ride, but I think I’ve sufficiently put the screws to her enough to get a clear channel today, and perhaps boost my own morale a little bit!

Much love and light,

The Message

Me: Well, HS, I guess it’s time to pull myself up by the boot straps and check in with you. I think I can take the spotlight off of you and untie you now, but the truth serum is still in affect!

There’s plenty of talk afoot since our last conversation. I don’t have to tell you, but morale is a little turbulent at best! Being that the PAT are one, we can’t help but be affected by the emotions of others on our team – they feel disappointed, let down, confused, BETRAYED. We are losing trust. So, with that being said, honesty IS the best policy correct?

HS: That is correct. The cards are indeed all out on the table. No more tricks. It would truly serve no purpose now to keep things from you, for your ascension is assured, and the lines have been drawn. We understand that morale is wavering. It is not and never was our intention to put anyone in jeopardy, it was merely our objective to fulfill our mission by awakening as many slumbering souls as possible.

Me: Are you continuing to use our emotions to serve your purpose, and if so what emotions are you using now? Certainly you can see that our energy level has dropped. What’s the purpose of revealing the truth now under these circumstances?

HS: Our intention WAS to use the emotion of ‘compassion’. Compassion for those of humanity who are the fence straddlers. This is a strategy that has been used time and time again, however with the last ultimate decree, you have released yourselves once and for all from humanity, and have put their fate into their own hands. A new plan was derived as a result of the last decree…to allow the fence straddlers to make their own choice–Planet B, A/B, or moving into the higher dimensions through the death process.

Understand that we are pushing you to the limits of 3D reality to achieve our goal. This was not meant to bring you harm dear child, quite the contrary, it was meant to bring you the realization of the uniqueness and powers of an Ascended Master that you have within you. We realize now, that we have pushed you too hard under the restraints that 3D reality has created upon the human vessel, and indeed we ARE perfectionist and we now understand, that for YOU perfectionism, like unconditional love, is something that does not and cannot exist in a third dimensional dualistic reality.

We were asking you to execute orders for us that put you in harms way both physically and mentally within the constraints of 3D timeWe pushed too hard with our perfectionism and in the process almost pushed you over the edge.  We are not “unfeeling” we were merely too focused on our objection, without regard to feeling. We had to realize that we were putting our own “selves” in jeopardy by continuing to ask so much.

To be able to wrap your brain around all of the concepts that come into play, especially in regards to time and space, and all the other questions that also come to mind in the form of what is known before it is shown, is inconsequential at this point, for you have already succeeded in your mission. THAT we cannot stress enough. What is left up to you now is purely a matter of faith on your part that you derive from the EXPERIENCES that you have personally shared – there can be no denying those, or the TRUTH that you have discovered upon each of your journeys. As hard as it may seem to do, what we ask of you now, what EMOTIONS, we ask that you ALLOW us to use are those emotions of peace that you derive from the knowing that you ARE INDEED going home! And dear child, one of the best gifts YOU have to offer is your sense of humor. We ask that you allow us to use that energy now to boost your own morale.

Me: Well, HS, even though I am still quite upset with you I think I can muster up some of those emotions. After all, I do take after you in the sense that I can be quite the sarcastic smart ass–only difference is, I have an awesome sense of humor – something I had to develop living on this god forsaken planet! And, I also must say, I’m learning to how to perceive a line a bullshit when I hear it…just so you know! So one more question…and BE HONEST, when are we going HOME?

HS: We can no longer withhold information, nor need to. Things are moving at a more rapid pace now as the dominoes have been ‘put into motion‘. The PAT will no longer be put into any kind of jeopardy…we have to remove you from the ground before the ‘shit hits the fan‘.

Dear Dorie,

I read your last message, but I did not understand what does it mean exactly “before the shit hits the fan” Does your HS alludes to a possible catastrophe caused by Nibiru as predicted for August 17 when FEMA has announced massive survival trainings? Can you clear this question one more time with your HS. This is the most important question of all. Thank you.

With love and light

I knew you we’re going to ask me that Georgi and I still pressed the send button anyway! What I saw in my minds eye, with that phrase, was indeed the scheduled FEMA event, but what I also saw was President Obama on the news ‘prepaing the country for truth.’ What that truth is, I don’t know, but I’m thinking that the two events are connected somehow. However, the latter event, where the President speaks publicly, seems to be at a later date around the last week in August – I kept hearing two weeks, two weeks, but I, like you, do not wish to wait another couple of weeks to ascend, so I felt that I may be purposely blocking this information and would wait to see if you would ask me about the FEMA event to validate it…which you did.

I do believe that the cards are all on the table now, but my level of trust is still not quite there. I hope that this information is more helpful and understand if it is not quite up to par to use at this time.

Of course, our ascension can still occur BEFORE that, as was stated, because the shit will be hitting the fan on Planet B.



I just received confirmation from HS: The truth that is coming out in the open IS about Nibiru. She says I can quote her on that. That is the ‘SHIT THAT HITS THE FAN‘. Hope I can TRUST her on that!


The Most Dramatic Three Days in Human History, August 11-13, 2012

Dear Dorie,

it is perfect this way. We do not need an,y longer any fixed dates as we know that this time there will be no delay. It could be this week, it could be next week, but no longer to my estimation. This message has confirmed again the reasons for the delays – the perfectionist policy of our higher selves at the expense of their ground crewthe PAT,  which they led on the brink of total physical and psychological collapse. This is the reason why I had to use the brake with the last decree.

In the meantime I read your additional information/confirmation that Nibiru is the proverbial “shit hitting the fan”. In this case your vision of Obama making an announcement on the existence of this planet, most probably after it has already caused havoc on the earth, will be done on earth B, where all politicians will stay as none of them has converted so far. In this case our ascension must happen before that. This is how I see  our ascension schedule in the last days since August 8.

Dear Dorie, now you can relax as you have done a great job, and our swift decision to make our final decree has indeed turned the tanker around. Now our ascension is on the acceleration path. I knew on August the 11th that some quick decisions are needed for the PAT to secure its ascension and was under great pressure to act as quickly as possible.

You and April, but also Daniel, Marco and Mano have significantly contributed with your messages to this decision with the explanations about the energetic background, which, had they come only from myself, might not have had this convincing impact on the PAT.

I am fully aware that in this way we might have sealed the destiny of about one billion people, but as Mano’s HS told us, they did not want and could not move forward and actually decided their own faith. We were only disappointed because we wanted to save them to the very last moment at the expense of our physical annihilation, but it became obvious after the lion’s gate that we were thrown as fodder to the lions one more time (what a pan!) and that this goal was utopian and could no longer be sustained.

Then we reacted with an incredible speed and changed the scenario within 24 hours. For this achievement we were praised by the higher realms, as this was expressed in Marco’s message:

“Dear Marco, your plans change from day to day. You have managed to make one record after another. And of this we are amazed. We had never seen such immediate reactions from mankind…”

I knew after the opening of the lion’s gate that we must make some swift decisions with determination and a clear mind as I received some pivotal information in the dream state that our ascension is postponed one more time, but I did not know exactly all the details. However I knew that we were cheated by our HS one more time as was the case at the stargate 11.11.11.

I had some very angry conversations with our soul families and told them that I will no longer accept this policy of deliberate manipulation of the PAT and that this time I want them to lay down their cards open on the table. They did this with the messages from your HS and this sealed the announcement of our last decree to cut the umbilical cord with that portion of humanity that has decided not to ascend.

This is my short retrospective presentation of the three most dramatic days in the history, not only of the PAT, but also of the whole humanity as this will perspire very soon after our imminent ascension.

With love and light

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