The PAT as Sublime Creator Beings

by Rob Behr, August 9, 2012

It’s important for all members of the PAT to indeed set the bar to at least where we originated from. We are mostly short coming in what we perceive to be or try to visualize. We are so much more. Let me explain.

When this lower dimensional experiment began and a quarantine was issued on many a place or planet, the dynamics in the fields of duality/polarity began in earnest. The issue of maintaining at least some balance on the scale between dark influences and those of the Light became a long term strategy of intelligence maneuvering through all kinds of means to keep the Light on the ground. Diverse incarnations of diverse levels of consciousness were needed among other means like pulses of ‘cosmic fire’ to sometimes just force events on the ground into a desired direction or at the least influence or break some long term resistance.

One can argue if this has been done enough, but within the dynamics of duality/polarity so many more segments on the ‘playground’ needed to be merged in each other’s expansion or loosening up processes.

The scales were constantly measured and corrected, influenced or adjusted, but among all steps or milestones to be conquered, there was always this one part of the Plan that was a necessary fact needed to tip the scales of the progression to the highest possible outcome; Ascension for planet Earth and for as many Beings as possible.

It could only be done when enough participants of a already existing group of Beings, existing on a Cosmic level of consciousness, would participate in this grand endeavor. It is known that these Cosmic Beings have a history of old. They have always made the difference because of their enormous experience in so many fields. As we need to understand, this ‘endeavor Earth’ started with many of these Beings in many a different role, even when the creation of this beautiful planet was set into motion.

Most of these very ancient Beings are from one of the first Creations and some from the very first. Sparkling Beings with the purest connection to their heritage. Their success is hidden in this feat. They never falter or give up when they are from one of the first Rings of Creation. They exist on the highest believes of Truth and Love and only conscious life itself is what they embrace. For these Beings a normal exploring Earth life does not give satisfaction. There is only one assignment and that is the assignment of doing the job and getting done with it.

These Cosmic Beings come from the Oceans of a White-golden energetic substance. They are formless and still they exist in the most beautiful diversity of form. Many of the PAT members, or better said, the real PAT-members are of this origin. They have been asked to participate in this endeavor and if you are here you said ‘yes’. I was told 18 years ago by the Great White Brotherhood that I was asked because of my expertise with the whole subject of freedom and peace, where all other subjects on this Earth are eventually interrelated with.

They told me that I have never had a name in the Oceans of white-golden Light because formlessness and Cosmic consciousness do not need a name. Names are only needed in lower intelligent worlds for labeling the unknown factors in live.

I was told that we sharpen our experiences between the many incarnations when we’re back in these places of formlessness and in conclave with the highest Masters of the Light, always to prepare for a further set of information and knowledge of the ongoing contingency Plan. I know that my focus has always been on these higher realms and that nothing on this Earth could ever interest me. Well, except this one thing, the eyes of a person and most often in kids. That is when you can see into the Universe and discern on real Truth and Love.

I know that when we ascend we will continue with a next round of whatever we have been doing in Creation for so very long. When you are created on a level of the purest substance, then the remembrance is of a kind that you don’t need to experience things for a reason other than that you just are All-That-Is in incarnated form. Believe me when I say that it is all perfect and that the Plan is of our own making. Sitting at the levels (of our creation) where we came from, we are ‘All-That-Is’ embodied for creating expansion and retraction. We play the Creator’ game, we are capable of doing that as long as we don’t give in on lower dimensional influences. Only those that can withstand the pull of lower dimensional frequencies are suitable for this job and so is the PAT.

Simply said, because you are all incredible divine Beings form the highest order.

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