The Fifth and Last Message from the Elohim

By Carla Thompson, August 5, 2012


Dear Georgi, I have received some information this morning, however it was fragmented as I too am experiencing heavy cleansing of dross, so dark that it has incapacitated me all week. Late this afternoon marks 24 hours straight of intensecommotio cerebri symptoms. I sat down tonight to share this information with you, only to fall asleep immediately. I will do my best to put together the message, as it was presented. 

Message from the Elohim to PAT members 
August 4, 2012

“Greetings PAT members!  We are the Elohim!

You, the PAT, are most courageous of all Spirits in this cleansing form. In part we say this because you are steadfast in upholding pure beliefs; you believe in the sanctity of the Human Spirit; you believe in the purity of all Souls; you believe in the role of the incarnation cycle for the growth of the Human Soul.

You are deeply respected and honoured for recently drawing the line in the sand, demarcating the limits of how much you can and will withstand in your current roles as Ascenders.

The delineation of your role has further energized your responsibilities and your goals on Planet Earth/Gaia and has thrust you forward at lightening speed on your way to your desired final objective, the Ascension of Humanity.

The Ascension process is a complex affair and is achieved through the resolution of several phases.  Do not mark each phase by calendar time, but by succession. Each objective achieved triggers the succession of a following objective. The events are synchronized and interconnected and one “set” of requirements completed then triggers the next “set” of requirements, and so on.

The one key element that must be kept in mind is the inter-dimensional split. The inter-dimensional split must be achieved first, before Ascension.

The inter-dimensional split begins with the First Stage of Separation and represents a sifting and settling of energies, where those of decidedly lower vibration are pulled out/back from the fold/field.

The Second Stage creates what you have termed  “The Void“. This phase represents a settling of energies and an integration of space-time, or a “melting” of time.

The Third stage, the Injection phase, is notable, energetically, to those of you who are sensitive, whereby you may physically sense dramatic waves of energy flowing into your auric field and physical vessel resulting in pain, fatigue, loss of balance, headache. We note that:

you are presently in what we describe as the third phase where not only physical symptoms manifest, but unexpected auditory sounds are noted as well.

When these sounds arise have no fear. The sound represents the adjustment in space-time as it folds in on itself. [I had a detailed dream where this phase was called the “Correction Phase“, where there is massive re-alignment through release]

[At this point I was getting exhausted and I heard  “This adjustment in Space-Time is a mental construct” to which I thought “What does that mean?” and  I immediately heard “Mental aberration deletes adequate communication“. At this point they told me: “You are tired – take a break Dear One” ]

[After a short 5 minute break]

The Fourth stage, the Completion phase, can be best described as a SuperNova, on which you have requested clarity in your question to us. It shall be a Supernova in the energetic sense, whereby those PAT members who are indeed ready to move on, either through completion of your contract or by the on-going revision of responsibilities requiring ascension, shall move on, instantly, from this dimension, into the higher realms from which you came.  It is also to be expected that some of you shall ascend higher than previously anticipated. It must be noted that the Supernova experience, while inferring a great release of light energy, shall be an experience of magnificent peace and beauty.

We must reiterate that the “Sets” of requirements are completed in their own order, in their own “time”. You must now relax and even Release any thoughts on “timing”, so as to ultimately move forward your Ascension.

You are loved.

We are the Elohim.”


My Interpretation of the Elohim Message

My interpretation of this information, including information I got from a detailed dream I had a few nights ago:

We are currently in Phase Three, based on everyone’s reports through July 27 and since then. I believe that the cleansing energies/ Injection phase shall continue up until August 8th, at which point the purification shall be complete. It seems to me that there is a Stasis at that point, and perhaps this is where the Division is complete, where the ID split is completed. At this point, and given that all the “Sets” are aligned, I believe that this could well be our Ascension portal.

Georgi, if you have any questions please let me know. I am really wiped right now and so some of it may not make sense. Thanks for your patience.

With Love and Light,

Dear Carla,

thank you very much for this message which I read very carefully twice before writing to you. It is perfectly clear to my mind and confirms essentially what we know. The description of the four phases of the ID split is very helpful as it brings clarity into the different energy stages we have gone through in the last days and weeks.

It is crystal-clear that we are in the last phase, which the Elohim call the “injection phase”. This would say that we now receive huge downloads of energy that augment the energetic level of our body fields before the supernova of the PAT (fourth stage) can be detonated. This supernova is nothing else, but a sudden flow of energies from the Great Central sun through our bodies, which will be one million times higher than the current energetic level of our fields. This combined and sudden thrust of extremely powerful high-frequency energies into the field of Gaia will heave her to the 4th dimension and thus will bring the inter-dimensional split to completion.

We will delegate our three lower chakras to the energetic field of Gaia and will pop up with the other four higher chakras in the higher dimensions within the blink of an eye. As discussed on numerous occasions, the Elohim confirm one more time that most of the PAT members will ascend higher than initially planned as they have done a formidable job and have achieved much more than considered possible during the initial planning of the current Ascension time.

In this sense, we must now finish with the last injection phase, which is essentially a massive cleansing/release similar to the one in “formula one” when the pilots force the motors of their cars one last time at the startline to clear the hub before they can start with a full speed. The PAT is now definitely in the pole position and is only waiting for the start signal. Nobody will be allowed to leave the car or to delay the beginning of the race from now on. It is a foregone conclusion that we have already ascended and we must now only wait for the time-lag to pass, so that ascension can enter our reality.


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