PAT Ascension Schedule Explained From an Obstetric Point of View

by Guessas, Medical Student, August 8, 2012


Dear captain – what a marvelous journey we are taking so far. After your last post on ” Humanity in the MAZE”  I knew I have to send this to you cause it explains everything so far.

After Friday, August the 3rd passed and nothing happened, I was sure that we are missing something, as that date was without any doubt  a very important date, like the 11.11.11 was and all the other anticipated dates before. But after your post “Humanity in the MAZE” everything we have talked about just fits exactly in a beautiful picture which show our ascension time.

Now here is the picture that will magically explain all those dates together and much more: the date Oct 28, 2011 (the end of Maya calender, the beginning of the new cycle ), 11.11.11 THE MOST important day in this process,  August 3, 2012 and also the three days of darkness, and many other things related to this process of ascension.

The process is a PREGNANCY and here are the dates put all together:

–  October 28, 2011 was the date of the new cycle (periodic cycle that will give birth);

–  11 11 11 ( week 2.) the date of CONCEPTION.  You were right, it was the date of ascension, but not as we thought it will be. It was the date of ovulation, where the ovule leaves the ovary ascends through the portal (the Fallopian tromp).

Each important date corresponds to important development in the calender:

– August 3, 2012 : the DUE DATE  – the date of rupture supposedly, so we were right. This is not a coincidence and the message of the PAT member that mention the “three days of darkness” is also right, but not as we think it will happen. We will go through the 3 days of darkness, just as the child does in the childbirth process. You told me that you are not an expert in Koran. The three days of darkness is a common knowledge in Muslim religion and fully explained in Koran. It is the three layers or envelopes that hide the baby in the darkness:

1. the amniotic membrane very thin 
2. the uterus 
3. the abdomen of the mother

Three walls that envelop the baby, so that he will need to pass through them to get outside. Now we know what the 3 days means, and how this will happen in our reality, I am not sure, maybe you can give us insight in the light of this new explanation. NOW TO THE REAL DEAL:

Here is a quote from the website:

“- Determining your due date can seem like a MAZE these days. WE ARE IN WEEK 40.

Week Forty – Pregnancy Week by Week


Your body has been getting ready over the last few weeks. We have talked before of the labor and what it entails. We have discussed pain relief and other aspects as well. This is very normal, only about 4% of women will actually give birth on their due date. While 98% of women will give birth 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after”


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