by Gail, August 10, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

While resting peacefully this afternoon (Friday) I was given an unbidden vision of the PAT’s final preparation for the detonation of the Ascension Supernova.

I felt a wave of very bright, white-golden energy coming in and going down and through me. It went out through my base chakra and shot out down to the centre of the Earth. The centre of the Earth was a huge ball of golden glowing energy that pulsated gently. At this same moment I saw all of the other PAT passing the same energy through them to the centre of the Earth. Then, the ends of the energy lines coming from our base chakras all entered the golden ball and locked-in to an individual connector point for each one of us. We all connected by pushing in to the ‘socket’ then turning half a turn clockwise and then releasing. We were all then fully locked in.

Then I was shown a moment, in the simultaneity of no time, how the supernova ascension will happen. First a huge blast of very fine white energy came from the outer dimensions and entered all the PAT. It surged down through us all and down our energy lines, and entered the centre of the Earth, causing a huge energetic explosion. This blasted all the PAT off the surface of the Earth at which point they all separated from their lowest three chakras. Then the PAT began to float gently into the air, rising slowly, in a state of the highest possible human ecstasy. The joy emanating from the PATsters was overwhelming. Then, with no warning, all the PAT shot at high speed upwards. They ‘travelled’ through several dimensions, at least past 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions and burst into the vastness beyond like fabulous fireworks, lighting it all up with shimmering un-nameable colours.

Now I have seen this, I am so excited. Dear PAT, we are so close now, it is tangible. I love you all….UNIVERSE, here we COME!!!


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