Ascension “Test Runs” of the Masses Near Completion. Entire Portal System of the PAT Close to Being “FULLY Open” and “Operational.” Congratulations!

by April Bender, August 20, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I woke today feeling so much better! Late this afternoon I took some time to check-in with HS. Below is our conversation though it is somewhat short again. She seems to indicate that we are in fact in the early/beginning stages of ascension. Or better put, the beginning manifestation of our actual cosmic ascensions! I did not ask her about dates or time-frames as I am still a bit skeptical about channeling that info correctly with my own biases about dates, but for the last few days I have been feeling very strongly that this upcoming week is going to be pivotal and taking that with the information below, well, it does seam as if it has officially begun! I know you already mentioned or eluded to this fact in your recent writings, but wanted to share this important additional confirmation.

We should have an even better sense as the next couple of days unfold, if it’s that long, hard to tell.

As always, I hope this resonates with you and the PAT and I look forward to your initial feedback. I also can’t wait to compare this with what the others are receiving. Keep plugging away at the move, hope it’s still going smoothly,

Much love and light,


The Message from My HS:  You are Experiencing the Sensations of Your Imminent Ascension

8-19-12 Late Afternoon

Me: I feel so much better today! There is still a lingering tightness in my head, as well as fatigue in general, but overall I feel REALLY GOOD! I feel so much more expansive than even 2-3 days ago. My portal feels to be so big, as to go on and on for miles and miles around. It really is even difficult to make out the furthest edges anymore, haha, so far off into the distance they seem. And within, calm blue skies, fluffy white clouds, so much light and love, safety and calm, I could literally float/dissipate away right into it. Up, and up, and up, in this magical blue sky, ahhhhh…..

HS: Ah, I see you’re experiencing the sensations of your imminent ascension. Or I should say, the natural “pull” of your ascension. The feeling of being drawn “up, and up, and up,” the sensation of peace, fulfillment, and upliftment will only continue to grow and deepen within and around you, as the “celestial waters” continue to be poured out abundantly in and through your portals, and upon your world. Being so very full of light, you are “buoyant,” and will continue to rise and be drawn up through these “celestial waters,” drawn up through your portals and purified through the “fires of ascension” that burn brightly in your light bodies/portals. And as you are drawn up/lifted, so are the masses who have so chosen it.

Remember it is quite possible and logical for you to hold the door open for them, from the “other side.”And this you shall do very soon indeed, as the ascension “test runs” of the masses are nearing completion. Final calibrations are also beginning to wind down as well as the ENTIRE portal system/complex is now extremely close to being “FULLY open” and “operational.” Congratulations! 

You may still experience lingering high-frequency doses as your light body continues to acclimate and rise, but know that this is temporary and all is as it should be. Don’t be surprised if you begin to feel/sense your lower chakras less and less, since as you continue to rise/lift and/or be drawn up you will begin to release and/or let go of the lower energy centers. And in contrast, your upper chakras will only continue to open/bloom into infinity, as it will seem to you. You are coming Home!

Me: What about this ominous feeling that others have mentioned? I actually felt it a little myself this morning, seemed to just be a lingering sense, and then it was gone by lunch time.

HS: This feeling/sense may come and go for the remaining days here. First you have the PTW still attempting to block the ascension process, which is actually kind of comical to us and would be more so if it wasn’t such an annoyance, and you also have the masses intuiting the impending “wake up call.” You can sense both of these related energy streams, especially since they are so contrary to you and your portal energies as they are predominately FEAR based. However, many of the masses chose to experience their awakening through a geophysical/celestial event, and in fact, have been waiting for it, even expecting it, on some level or another.

This is part of the reason why it was so difficult for you to achieve the additional push/additional souls (fence-straddlers) you had hoped to lift. They are still waiting for this type of an experience/wake-up call to manifest for them to believe that this time, this Great Awakening/Transformation, the prophecies ARE REAL. And so they shall receive the confirmation in the form they’ve been waiting for! Hang tight, the appointed time draws near, the “wake up call” quickly approaches, and “staging” for the ID split now commences. In the meantime, just allow yourself to RISE!

Please remember what I spoke of also in my last message. You are safe, you are loved, and remember to trust the information you receive inwardly and stay centered within your portals. We love you all very much and are anticipating your imminent arrivals!


Dear April,

thank you for your latest message which now confirms the test runs for the masses as has been anticipated by some of us in the dream state.

Could you please ask next time (in case there is next time) about the essence of these “celestial waters”. Are they to be understood more in the sense of cleansing energies that wash out all the dross on the earth, or are they also the primary ethereal “substance” from which more water will be created on the planet and that this additional water will actually cause the expected geophysical/ cosmic catastrophe of the wake up call which to the information of your HS will be caused mainly by flooding?

This is an interesting technical aspect about which we should gain some more information respectively confirmation the way I have presented it above and sense it for some time.

I can confirm that the energies are better in the last two days, although yesterday, while carrying heavy luggage in the heat (we have a blue sky without a single cloud in Bavaria and very high temperatures) I had circulation problems and got dizzy. But this could happen even to a younger person under these circumstances. All the chemtrails are now gone and this can be attributed to these celestial waters that keep the atmosphere of the earth clean, I guess.

With love and light


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