The Quest for Immortality

by Georgi Stankov, July 13, 2012, copyright 2012

When you ask yourselves why you are so different from the rest of the world, please consider the simple fact that you have already achieved immortality at the level of your body and at the level of your conscious mind. The rest of humanity is still trapped in numerous false ideas that negate this notion. Although the quest for immortality is the single driving motor of the cosmic spirit in any sentient being in All-That-Is, the level of separation from the Source can create numerous distortions. They can produce an infinite number of flawed concepts about the transience of human existence that shape very effectively in an invisible and highly insidious manner all human behaviour.

Immortality is like a black cat in a dark room, which everyone tries to find with blind eyes. I owe this metaphor Marco from Germany who sent it today to me. There are different approaches in humanity as to how to find the black cat of immortality, and they all relate to basic collective human patterns and approaches in the search for the ultimate truth about human immortality:

1. If you are a scientist, you are searching for a black cat in a dark room with closed eyes. This is what current physics is all about.

2. If you are a philosopher, you are searching in a dark room with closed eyes for a black cat that is not in the room. This is what philosophy has been doing in the last several centuries since the beginning of the era of Enlightenment, after she left the empirical foundation of science and neglected the concept of the primary term, which is Energy = All-That-Is,

3. If you are a theologian, you are searching in a dark room with closed eyes for a black cat that is not in the room and then you cry all of a sudden. “I have found her!” This is the preposterous behaviour of all believers.

It is the same with immortality. The scientists are searching for the “god particle” of immortality in a huge super collider; the physicians and pharmacologists are looking for it in the development of toxic chemical substances they incessantly synthesize and administer to the people, in the hope to find the elixir of life, thereby committing the greatest genocide on humanity; the politicians and the Orion banksters try to capture in vain the elusive nature of immortality in the monetary securitization of human lives; the most vain representatives of humanity grasp with greed at societal fame and prostitute themselves only to become celebrities, no matter in which area of senseless activities, such as film-starlets, models, and the like. Humankind has resorted to infinite tricks and magic charlatanism to find out the key to immortality in the outer world, but only very few have really looked carefully in the inner space of their souls, where immortality has always dwelled.

When the PAT members feel so different with respect not only to the slumbering masses, but also to the few half-awakened light workers that should be aware of their immortality, the reason for this is that you have already achieved your immortality at the level of your physical body by transforming it to an immortal, crystalline light body. This is the only metaphysical procedure to achieve immortality in an incarnated state.

You have not fallen prey to the illusion to seek immortality in your exterior world, but in the depth of your soul. You have had the courage to go through the most severe pains and debilitating conditions any incarnated entity could possibly endure, even on this toxic planet which displays a rich repertoire of human sufferings. This has enabled you to transcend in the first place the idea of death – to “eliminate this sting of death”, as Jesus says in the Bible – and thus to surmount any fear based notion on this planet that stems from human angst in front of the finality of physical death, and not knowing what comes next. Human agnosticism as the ultimate source of all human evil, which is exclusively based on the flawed notion of mortality.

Please do not underestimate this fundamental difference between you and the rest of humanity, but pay attention to the new dynamics, which you have already created in the human society by becoming immortal human beings and the new creator gods. Although the rest of humanity may not yet understand to the full extent the tribulations of the LBP, you have already gone through in the last most strenuous part of your life, your painful segregation from this 3d-society, the animosities you had to endure, the endless chain of personal tragedies and social collapses, you have gone through, they, the rest of humanity, nonetheless, subconsciously comprehend that you are not normal humble human beings anymore, who are willing to play to the flawed human rules of mortality. And this intimate knowledge makes them crazy.

While they still use to drag you down in their illusory life in “mortal coil”, demanding from you a quasi religious humbleness in your deeds and actions, they begin to realize peu a peu that you have surpassed this self-created human prison and no longer abide to their mortal norms of behaviour. Then you are already creator gods, even when you are still in a physical vessel, shortly before your ascension, which has already taken place in the higher realms, as many sources confirm these days. And do not forget that all true gods on this planet have been crucified at the end of their life. Only the false gods of the Anunnaki have allegedly ascended – in inflated form to the 4th astral level of total darkness.

Thus you have established a new collective mental awareness with regard to the best, and at the same time, the worst notion, which any sentient human being can ever experience – the notion of what is potentially possible, and at the same time, the acute perception to be left behind human evolution, so to say, to have to “gasp behind the curve” in order to achieve the divine dispensation from his mortal coil and acquire immortality.

Wait for another week or two and you will understand what I trying to explain you. The new situation on the earth will be determined by the uneven relationship between a few immortal human creator gods, who were not long ago the detested outcasts of society, an object of ridicule, suitable scapegoats of human aggressions, and now, all of sudden, have climbed up the ladder of eternal immortality, which all peers have searched in vain in the past, and the big majority of human beings who are amidst their karmic dramas and must still crawl on the surface of this planet.

How shall the masses live with this profound knowledge, how will they cope with their new Minderwertigkeits-komplexes (complexes of inferiority)? Of course, they will feel deep in their hearts that they also carry the energetic potential of immortality at the soul level, and even at the level of their physical body, as long as they are willing to follow our path – the path of the PAT-H – the Planetary Ascension Team of Humanity. But you all know how difficult it is to follow this PATH.

It is this perception of the insatiable human quest for immortality that drives the motivation of any sentient human being. It builds a strong emotional and mental pressure (gradient) with the intimate knowledge how difficult it is to achieve this goal in a physical vessel that will trigger the greatest human crises and tragedies – first and foremost among the small light worker community, which is a little bit more advanced in this respect than the rest of humankind, and tightly followed by the unaware masses, which will be also mesmerized by the distant, miraculous possibility to achieve personal immortality some day in the distant future.

This will be the driving spiritual motor of humanity during the rest of this year, which will lead to mass ascension on Dec 21, 2012. All other revelations, information and social transformations are merely a decor for the changing holographic reality, behind which the quest for eternity and immortally resides and pulls the strings of all earthly dramas.

The current Orion interpretation of the quest for immortality on this earth has been to seek security and eternal life in the collection of material goods. All darkness on this planet can be attributed to this vicious materialistic interpretation of something that is immaterial in its essence. Now there is a profound change of this basic paradigm – immortality can only be achieved when one detaches from all material assets and even rejects the physical vessel as a symbol of human identity, by recognizing that the body is only an instrument to gather human experiences in the 3d-duality. This is what the LBP and Ascension are all about.

Below you can find the last missive of the “manuscript for survival” which also addresses the issue of immortality:

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