The Birth of the New Transgalactic Human Mind

By Georgi Stankov, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

Hello George and the PAT nation,

This is the second time I have contacted you and I wish you all well. I will keep things simple and just say I too am experiencing the effects of our Earth’s new position within the photon belt. What a ride this is turning into. The agony of disabling LBP symptoms and watching this 3D world we live in absolutely disintegrate to the horror of those who remain unaware of the immensity of our situation is heartbreaking. But the ecstasy of the pure energy we are being inundated with and our truly heightened relationship with our HS and coming ascension is beyond words.

The level of discourse on this site has reached greatly elevated levels just in the past few months. George, I know you are a scientist and doctor, but lately some of your discourses have read like Proust or Wittgenstein. And the level of intelligence expressed by so many is such a pleasure to read. Our common bond is certainly our dogged pursuit of the Infinite. I do believe we will be raised up in the twinkling of an eye and soon. It will have to be soon in my case.

My lovely wife,Ann, has made our large backyard into a beautiful garden of all sorts of flowers. We have always had a huge contingent of bees of all types make our back yard their summer home. I am talking about hundreds of bees working daily in the flowers. It has been my great pleasure these last years to go out and sit among them and meditate. I felt a very close bond with them . They would swirl about me like a tornado at times but never once was I stung. The drone of their combined wings beating the air ( in a perfect A major chord I might add) worked like a mantra to propel me into  incredibly deep meditations with my HS on many of these beautiful summer days.

To my profound sadness this summer they have vanished. There is not one bee to be found in my backyard. I am telling you I experience the VOID in all its soul sucking emptiness when I go there now. Meditation has become hard knowing they have left. However, I know that they are the foreshadowers of our own ascension and have moved up and on into the higher dimensions and for that I am happy.

I hope to see my friends the bees as well as all of the PAT nation soon in our new reality.

Dear Kevin,

thank you very much for your very kindly email and your appreciation of the quality of our discourses on this website. The only common thing I have with Wittgenstein is that we both are philosophers who have understood the importance of language and semantics in human thinking. However he was a Neopositivist and thus a full agnostic.

Like Proust, myself and the PAT are indeed “after the search of the lost time” – A la Recherche du Temps Perdu – in this incarnation and thus involuntary followers of Proust. He suffered under terrible sun allergy, asthma and neurodermatitis and spent most of his life in his bed behind closed curtains, where he wrote his famous books. Together with James Joyce (Ulysses) and the Austrian writer Robert Musil (Mann Ohne Eigenschaften) he laid the foundation of modern literature in the 20th century. If you read my final remarks in volume II (see below), I refer there to these three writers as harbingers of the new way of transgalactic thinking, which is an unusually literary excursion in a scientific book on physics.

In this sense Proust was a prototype of the PAT member in LBP with his sicknesses. So much about your literary comparison.

The levels of incoming energy have reached almost inhuman heights for us, the PAT, and now for the first time effectively transform also the majority of mankind, even if most people don’t realize it at the conscious level. But they notice it deeply in one way or another. This is a clear sign that we will soon reach a peak and then ascend as I was told one more time this night by my HS.

The disappearance of the bees, which have already moved to the 5th dimension as announced by some sources is another sign of the void in which we now live prior to the ID split. But, after all, we all have expected this and should welcome any aspect that heralds the end of this toxic world and the birth of something new that will be immeasurably better.

Many greetings also to your “lovely wife”.

With love and light

The Birth of the New Transgalactic Human Mind
(Volume II – Conclusions, 1998)

Western civilization  has straddled a long and weary way from antiquity to present days, before it was catapulted back to its origin. Since Heraclitus, the first man who defied nature with an intellectual contempt for superstition, and, like a mortal Prometheus, stole the primordial fire from the Olympic gods to give it to humans as Logos, more than 2500 years have gone, before a modern heir of this herald could develop anew a deep insight into the existence of One Single Law of Energy behind the visible plurality of natural phenomena. He discovered the Universal Law of space-time and set it equivalent to his consciousness. After Tantalus‟ efforts, he derived from the depth of his tormented mind all scientific terms and ideas from one term by a pure artistic intuition which he cherished during his whole life:

Is nothing else, but an incessant session
Of abstract signs we fear to enter.
Of still lives and of blank obsessions,
Which sprout from deliberate depressions
That twist the world and shake the centre.

The temper
Of a cursed inventor
Is horrid mentor
Trying to render
A false commotion
And the excuse we used then to imply
Was changing truth into a soothing LIE.

With intellectual prescriptions and forced decisions
Is cut by a deeply rooted premonition
In the existence of an innate strong collision
That leads us to the Orphic Greek tradition
And proves how true the voice is of an

Two thousand and five  hundred years of written European history and intellectual endeavour – an eternity in terms of a single human life, an instant in cosmological dimensions. As all events of space-time are action potentials  and, therefore, recurrent events, we inevitably come back to the original source, from which the current of historical events has emerged. But while the current is still the same, the running water has changed – pantarei. Evolution is an incessant process of continuous space-time that shapes the appearance of events, but not their essence – that of the Law. It is eternal.

During its passage in space and time, western civilization has evolved according to the Law, even when it acted against the Law. The consequences of such breaches with the Law are repeated dissipations of society and civilization. Written and oral history of mankind is a chronology of such events – wars, rise and fall of empires and states, revolutions and plagues. Each time  human civilization reaches the verge of annihilation it becomes aware of the  intrinsic power of the Law and unconsciously abides by its logic

Thus the history of mankind, as embodied by the toil of individual destinies, appears to be a long and dangerous Odyssey back to its origin, only to discover that  peace and happiness are not constant quantities of human mind, but variables of motion, that is, of space-time. Man is destined to  labour like Sisyphus before he finally realizes that peace and happiness are elusive ideas of man‟s  striving for eternal harmony with the cosmos. In this process of trial and error, humans finally learn that the Logos rejects any statics, and that human civilization is subjected to a forward spiral motion leading to unknown destiny. Ultimately, man realizes that he is a demiurge of his own destiny – the destiny to shape his own present and future in accordance with the Law.

The last white specks on the earth’s globe were erased at the beginning of this century. Since then mankind “cerca un paese innocente“ (229), not knowing that this “search for an innocent land“ can only proceed in the infinite space-time of human consciousness. Like a modern Ulysses of James Joyce, our restless consciousness sets off for a voyage full of adventures and sails to an unknown end. But the end of human existence is predetermined from its very beginning – it begins with an unrestricted identification of consciousness with the exuberance of space-time and ends up with the re-discovery of this mental state.

In this spiritual evolution of human mind, the principle of last equivalence is accomplished step by step. Finally, the individual traits of any daring character dissolve in the infinite plurality of being and human character evolves to Musil’s “Mann ohne Eigenschaften“ (230). This voluntary dissolution of the individual personality into the infinity  of space-time engenders a new, metaphysical dream, only comparable to Gatsby’s innocent dream, “to the last  and greatest of all human dreams“, born in the light-footed Jazz Age that has been abruptly terminated by the turmoil of two world wars, the consequences of which are still tormenting the collective soul of mankind:

For a transitory enchanted moment man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he  neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with  something commensurable to his capacity for wonder.“ (231)

A fragile mankind, indeed, perplexed by the incommensurability of space-time, it nurtures the vague hope of survival in an eternal and infinite world.


227.  A fragment from the poem „The Birth of the Dissident Mind“, written between 1972 and 1975 during my dissident activities in Bulgaria.

228.  “Gli uomini non intendono il Logos, né prima di averlo udito, né dopo averlo ascoltato. E malgrado ogni cosa intorno a loro si manifesti in funzione del Logos, si comportano come quelli, che, pur non avendo esperienza, intendono operare ugualmente.“ (People do not care about the Logos, neither before they have heard of it, nor thereafter. And although all things that surround us manifest themselves as functions of the Law, they comport themselves, as if they had no experience with the Logos.) Fragments of Heraclitus in Sesto Empirico, Against the scientists.

229.  From Girovago, Ungaretti, 1919.

230.  “A man without characteristics“, a novel written by R. Musil.

231.   S. Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. These quotations from the most influential novels of the twentieth century intend to illustrate the new introspective thinking that emerges at the end of this Millennium and will dominate the next one.

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