PAT Comments on the Latest Post

On “Say No to Heaven and Ascend”  and “Take Your Destiny in Your Hands and Ascend”

July 23, 2012

Dear George,

I have enjoyed reading the recent updates and resonate with much of what was shared. I was struck by your post stating we should no longer co-operate with the ascension test runs.  

Last week was very difficult with inhuman energies that made being in the body so uncomfortable I struggled to get through my work day. But I had concluded that I no longer need to allow and feel these energies/discomforts and that I can reprogramme my mind to no longer engage with it – much like you are saying to no longer co-operate with the energies being poured through us!

I have for so long been concerned I still have emotions or traumas to release that I do my best to feel and release what comes up, yet recently I have found not reacting to these feelings/energies has meant they have receded considerably the last 2 days since I chose to ignore them.

In reading your latest post it clicked for me that I have been a willing vessel for the transformation of many other’s dross and Heaven happily uses us to do this which at times drives you insane and makes me wonder if I am cleaning for 100’s or if I have lifetimes of unresolved ‘stuff’ to release (I doubt the latter can be true as I know I have hardly had any 3D incarnations). But I also know that if there is a difficult or dirty job in life I will wade in and get on with it and thoroughly resolve it where others will run away or just do the bare minimum.

I guess that is what PAT members CV looks like ‘will sort out the toughest and dirtiest job and can be relied on to complete it no matter what!’ Well I agree “enough is enough” and I can well understand Jerry’s post stating there are fewer left to ascend now put off by endless delays and discouraged beyond believing. I think we are the hard core who are left and we’ve earned our rest and our ascension many times over. We will be so much more useful in our ascended state – how could this not be obvious to our Higher Selves? I pray we do ascend in the days ahead, but at times I do wonder what will happen if we don’t…

Love & Blessings


Dear Ishvar,

It is exactly so as you see it and I am happy that you also confirm our strategy to stop cooperating anymore in this respect with our souls and demand immediate ascension. I think that the time is ripe for such decision and action.

July 23, 2012

Dear George,

Perhaps you have already received a telepathic update from me since I haven’t written in a while. If not, here is a minor update. I have been reading everything on your website and think of you and your readers always, and I am still with you 100%. The entire PAT has a permanent place in my heart.

Since June 22nd, I have been fatigued nearly all day every day (except for June 30th which was unusually high energy).  Sleep is long but broken up and I wake up tired, sometimes totally exhausted. This low energy, plus usual stress and the increasing difficulty to formulate meaningful paragraphs, have all contributed to my recent silence, despite composing long wordy emails to you but never finishing and sending them.

I am so pleased to read about all the recent major developments, especially since much of what has been written confirms my own developing insights and recent feelings/experiences. All recent posts deserve a re-read and extra thought. My recent dreams have been cloudy as ever except that I vaguely recall you and the PAT having something to do with a couple of them. Your July 21st article “My Latest Dream: How the Linear Time will be Abolished by the ID Split” was especially appreciated. This theme – that space-time is really no longer of concern post-ID split (at least not in the limiting manner of 3D), certainly not in 5D+, and the implications this has for humanity and for our multidimensional work post-ascension – is exactly what has been culminating in my mind this past week. It was so refreshing to read your duly elaborate perspective on this.

My thanks goes out to everyone for their beautifully insightful and gorgeous articles and posts recently, all of which I have been enjoying immensely, especially the recent contributions of Jerry, Daniel, Aegil, Dorie, and Martina… and so many others, all of your contributors really deserve thanks. Also thanks to you and Diane for presenting the Great Central Sun material, and thanks to Marcel for creating the PDF. Thanks also to Daemon, Jorge, and others like them who have the courage both to speak their minds completely and further to advance after self-analysis. Also, to Amy I especially send my loving encouragement… I can so feel Amy’s words, and although my own relationship is in the younger stages, just a few years, I can very much relate on some level.

I am doing your Christed Meditation daily now, more often when called for, among other things: the higher realms are receiving more intensity from me these days.  As always George, thank you for everything.

With Love and Light,
Dear Michelle,

thank you very much for your latest energy update and for the confirmation of our common experiences since June 22. I also  thank you for your appreciation of the latest publications on this website, which have further pushed the limits of human cognition and apprehension of the present  rather complex situation on the earth.

We can now only hope that all we come as expected and that a new era will be ushered very soon, where we will finally take full responsibility as ascended masters for the evolution of humanity.

With love and light
July 23, 2012

Hello George,

I have worded and shall announce this recommended decree aloud.  I must go to a private place in order to achieve this. Last week, my daughter dreamt I ascended. Today, of all days, I found a piece of art I have loved since 1986.  It is called, Descending Angel. Prior to reading your last two reports this evening, I framed it, hanging it on the wall next to my desk.

In Light & Love,
July 23, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the recent posts that describe more fully what I wrote to you about two days ago. Before that screaming session, I had always been interested in ‘listening’ to my HS. That night as I described to you was one sided, very fed up, believing the lines are already drawn and getting heavier, demanding power (being a returning ascended master) to be able to work with humanity. If that was not the outcome, then I was done.

The following day I felt good, did not feel any remorse for my behavior. I instead felt empowered. I did wonder who this person was that was now in my body. I was certain that I was going to ascend by June’s end. When July came I did my usual forgiveness and understanding that I do not have all the pieces of the plan. That is until the events of the 20th. It was like the NDE I had in 1990 when I still had my old personality, but it was overlapped by another personality as well. Took a while to work with them both.

I have a beautiful lake home that was my late husband’s dream, not mine. A couple of months ago I had a calling to go say good-bye which I did. My oldest son is doing his best to care for it. He called and asked me to come help with understanding some of the maintenance issues. I agreed. I walked about the property looking dispassionately at it all. I have not been one who can walk by a weed and not pull it or see a wilting plant and not water. I love my gardens. Instead I looked at it all and said good-bye. I gave my son the needed information and that was all. Again, who is this person?

Last night I had many dreams and woke to my dog on my bed needing to get down. He is 20years young, blind, deaf, but in no pain as I can tell. He often wakes during the night and wants down to get a drink and then right back up. Last night he woke, I let him down, and he circled all around the bedroom and the bathroom. I led him to his water, but he would not drink. Finally he lay down so I went back to bed. I immediately had a wave of body heat so intense and my heart was pounding out of control. I am a nurse and took my pulse. Very slow and steady, not indicating any real problems.

This was so different than any LBP I have had for the past 20years. I realized my first response was fear. I did the mental check list for stroke or heart attack. Nothing fit. I talked to myself and said no matter what I would never seek doctor’s advise so just let it flow through me. I eventually fell asleep and had many more dreams. Upon waking, I had an awful headache but that was all. I asked my HS what that was all about. The answer, ‘that is what ascension will feel like so now you will know not to go to fear’.

Not sure what my dog was searching for. Perhaps other entities in the room as he can only smell. Not sure what I was experiencing as it was not what has ever happened before with opening chakras and body burning more intense. My knowing is that it was a response to my tirade with the Angelic realms. Again, thank you for sharing your experience and others as well for ‘shouting’ our demands.

Namaste, Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

thank you for your latest energetic update and for your confirmation of the changed tactics of the PAT against the practice of our HS to burden us as stupid donkeys up to the very last moment. Now we have every right to demand the end of this interminable torture and to ascend peacefully.

With love and light
July 23, 2012

Hello George!

I have been thinking a while how come I was not resonating with stop taking energies and ascension, but instead I feel more than ever to just go, go, go! I really feel this is great what you did, it made me smile and it’s so right I believe it’s time for us crystals to take over and do our thing, I feel like I have enough energy and insight to blow up a planet! You are amazing for all your hard work you have done and a great, great teacher and now it’s your time to sit back and enjoy the show.

All love to you and everyone in PAT, the strongest and bravest souls in the universe!

Dear Kim,

I am very grateful for your proposal to retire and give the torch to the young crystalline generation to finish our job. This is the greatest present I have ever received.

With love and light
July 23, 2012

Dear George,

since yesterday I feel like  a fly smashed onto a wall, with headaches, and lung pressure, shoulder pains from too much weight to carry and fortunately I have an official cold, so that I can stay for myself and my mom does not bother me to take any 3d action. I feel I am a bit late with my email, but only now I find time and energy after two weeks with my children and two more days with my partner at his place, where I could only keep up with the reports and hoped not to fall off and decompensate!

I experienced the ascension test runs, panic sensation while disconnecting from physical body, had a first experience like you in the dream state after only reading the first two sentences of your “Imminent Message”. I had to take care of my younger daughter who was having a severe nightmare. While watching her in the other bedroom, I saw a huge light building up around me, fast golden lights swirl around my feet and started to disintegrate. “But I’d like to read the report!” I stated. Strangely I was not concerned to leave my child behind, although I stood beside her.

Now  I want to mention the “Olympic theme” and the date of “at latest on July 27” that I was given. When you first mentioned your gathering with the GF in dream state inside a kind of Olympic stadium and how they did not do well, I was reminded of my lucid dream: being a lucid dreamer from early childhood, I can say that from early 20 on I started to have “training dreams”, where I met with the same group of people on numerous occasions in large buildings. Then, about 2006-2008 I had a most remarkable dream that is still so clear as if it has been yesterday: for the first time I could actually see each of “my people” and I knew that I have not met one of them in flesh this life.

About 1000 people had gathered in a huge, until then empty Olympic Stadium! My awareness was everywhere and I could for the first time simultaneously “zoom in” to each of them and talk. still, there was the question, what we are doing there, because it was like gathering to wait. Many seemed to know that we will hang around some time and had brought some food and drinks with them. I hadn’t, but a young man who was sitting with his brother at a table invited me to sit down and gave me half of his delicious sandwich. Thank you! The amazing thing all time was that the arena was totally empty and there where no visible preparations for any games to take place ( your third alternative of the Olympic scenario, George).

The second thing is: on my right palm I have a sign at the bottom left/ inner side that is a perfectly round Hill of 1/one centimeter in diameter and about three millimeters in height that reminds me of Glastonbury Hill. I was once in my life there in body and I can confirm  the special energy there. Around that hill on my right palm now, an also perfectly circular spiral goes up to the  top of the hill. In one book I found an explanation: this is the so called “magic eye” that is quite seldom and that indicated the person has direct access to his inner/ higher realms, and that this would  be especially good for artists, musicians, architects or engineers who could download directly complex plans. How nice, I thought and looked on the left palm, which is part of my “active hand” . The active hand is said to show what the personality has made of the potential that shows on the “passive hand”. So I was disappointed to see how the perfect round hill had transformed on that active hand into an elongated hill, with the spiral winding up to the top-plateau actually shaping an Olympic stadium! That was around 2008 when I read that book at it reminded me of my dream.

The third element of late is, that before Summer solstice I also asked my HS when we will ascend and I was given a visual image, like a writing on a little paper, saying July 17, 2012. But I could not see it clearly and because I hoped to receive a more recent date I asked loudly again If I could be shown this more clearly this time. The image appeared a gain, with the numbers bigger, blinking black on white plus highlighted in yellow/gold, as if my HS was communicating with an old, almost deaf lady and to repeat louder. What I saw was 27.07.2012 (German way to write dates). Again I thought, what? That’s even later, are you making jokes on my cost? Old, deaf ladies can also get really angry, you know?  Somehow, I put it away and did not communicate it to you and PAT. I believed my HS this might be an important date, but hopefully for a special task after our ascension.

Now, what I read in the latest reports from all the contributors makes perfect sense! I agree with you that we are the ones to declare “enough on our cost” and that it would make no sense if the good PAT donkeys fall apart or brake down while in physical vessel. It is liberating to read that the light quotient has been reached and if all state now, that we will no longer serve as conduits of the light on behalf of humanity we will finally push the detonation button.

I demanded loudly from my HS and the realms of light that they finally push the mysterious trigger to bring our ascension and the ID split about four days ago and the answer we have elaborated in these last few, very tense days is astonishing and simple. You said long before that we would ascend when the energies are no longer bearable, but now it also obvious that we have to declare this “Enough is enough”.

So again my gratitude and admiration goes out to all PAT contributors and for your courageous avalanche, George, to state the ” Say no to heaven and ascend”!

I am also very calm now about how the work will be organized after ascension knowing that I can really have “1000 years of vacation” in Celestria,  if my soul fragment will need it, while all other would step in for the needed work.

I hope that all PAT members who felt too weary or smashed to hold on or contribute will take this news as very good news and collect all their firmness and conviction to state the “No” to Heaven and ascend this week. So be it!

With infinite Love and Gratitude to all PAT and our beloved Captain George,

Joanna from Berlin
Dear Joanna,

thank you for your confirmation of our strategy and the possible ascension date in conjunction with the Olympic Games.

As far as our appearance in front of the Olympic games as ascended masters is concerned, it may not happen this way, if we ascend before that and trigger the ID split and ascension of the balanced earth A/B to the higher 4th dimension. In this case there will be no Olympic games at all on the earth A/B and what will happen on the catastrophic earth B will no longer bother us. This explains the fact, why you experienced an empty stadium in your dream.

I discussed indeed the alternative that some of us may ascend and appear at the Olympic games in order to awaken humanity and prepare it for the ID split at a later date. This probable alternative was prompted by my observation that there is no real chance that humanity will revolt on its own against the system and bring it to a fall.

But considering the latest information from Jerry and Dorie, the ID split will be actually the completion of the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 when we will ascend as Planetary Ascension Team, that is why we have this name, and take Gaia and half of humanity with us. There is no other feasible possibility.

In this way we still labour on our failed ascension at 11.11.11. This time however with a much greater chance of success, as we have introduced so many powerful energies in the last 10 months on the earth that now the energetic situation is infinitely more favourable and will guarantee our success.

With love and light
July 23, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Today @6:30am EDT Sunday/July 22nd, I was awakened with such chest pain, I immediately thought,”OK, this is it … I’m dying. Right away I began to cry out,” I didn’t go thru all this to die NOW!” I began repeating … I am ascending and taking this body with me, this month of July 2012!!!  I sat up in bed to try to ease the sharp pain in my chest and arms. My mind started going into a “life review” session. Now, even more so … I am thinking I am dying. This is all flying by in moments. Finally in my head I heard, “And what is your biggest regret of this life?” I did not speak; however the thought came …”My biggest regret is … Accepting the Unacceptable, again and again, throughout my whole lifetime.”

Trying to sleep through a night with the constant “electrocutions” and high-energy blasts have increasingly become unbearable; however, waking up like I did this morning is UNACCEPTABLE.  So, reading the info on your site today is very timely. I am exhausted with this whole process … and disgusted.

I was so elated receiving my “calendar confirmation/information”, early July 20th. To me (AnnMarie) it looked liked the “beginning of something” on July 21st, a “splitting” of some kind July 22nd/23rd and July 25th felt like “DONE” … resolution … “resplendere” – SHINE ” … clearly, things are ready to “pop”!

For me, July 21st WAS  the “beginning” … with feelings of sadness and deep sorrow I could not explain. In this last year, my three daughters have one-by-one abandoned me and have kept their children from visiting me … saying “they can no longer relate to me, they don’t “get” me, they don’t know who I am anymore”. The last one, my oldest, detached herself from me this day, July 21st. With great remorse, I know now, it is time to prepare for leaving.  Dorie’s post nailed it. It is understood that you have concerns for leaving your loved ones behind during this transformational process. How will people react to your “sudden” disappearance? To best explain, you have already ascended in frequency many times within the last eight months  so much so, that you have “disappeared” to many of your friends and family …that no longer allows you to interact with them, thus you have already become “invisible”.

July 22nd/23rd  – I sensed a “splitting” here, a coming apart … a separating …From Dorie’s 3rd HS message:

“There is nothing to fear, however, you MAY feel a very brief moment of fear as you experience separation from the ego mind. This is similar to what people move through when they experience the “death” process but know that if you should experience it you will move through it quickly,”  

For me, this explains my “dying” experience this morning, the 22nd. Again, I am ready to leave 3D.

Finally, July 25th – I was happy to see Jerry got that date as well. (Also, when I got the new info, I told myself I would keep it for me and see what happens; however, when I read your “dream post” w/Italian HS message ending with … As usually I will appreciate any input on your part, I was nudged to share it with you, George.) The very large “calendar circle” on July 25th feels like Big “Shining” Sun, Central Sun energy to me, “Huge” light, “illumination”, along with feeling “a completion”, Done …  Confirmation from Jerry: I was actually given a date for new proposed ascension test run or real date and that is July 25th, but I am reluctant to share that as it can mean so many different things considering how it has turned out in the past. Whether or not we ascend on this date the Earth will be hit with tremendous energy from the central sun.

My clear intention at this point for HS, Soul, angels, Eloheim or “whoever” is listening is … no more test runs or delays! I am no longer accepting the unacceptable! So once again …  you, George, and the PAT are all “on the same page”. And that large circle on the July 25th date? I am now seeing it as the “Button of Detonation” … and my finger is more than willing to push it!

With love and Light,

Ann Marie
Dear Ann Marie,

thank you for this comprehensive confirmation of my strategy to revolt against our souls and demand immediate ascension. I tried to publish your graphics of the calender, but they somehow did not appear on my website. WordPress was unable to reproduce them. Anyway. I am glad that most PAT members see the situation as I do and have gone through the same debilitating conditions and have decided that enough is enough.

With love and light
July 22, 2012


I read your latest post and the one with Dorie. I am going to do as you suggest and refuse to cooperate with my silly HS in continuing this charade. I think we will be much more helpful as ascended masters and besides I am just tired. But from all indications we won’t need to even do this. I am still seeing a huge green light for July 25th as the wave to hit the earth is building and in my minds eye it is just tremendous. I think our ascension will backflow into this wave and create a supernova as Dorie wrote. But let’s leave nothing to chance and still demand our right to ascend now.

July 23, 2012

Hallo George,

I can only say BRAVO George, I thought in that direction, but did not figure out how to go about “protesting” our “abuse” by our HS’s and the ascension  teams. I was just ranting away like everyone else.

in love and light,

P.S. Looking forward to meeting you in the higher realms.
July 23, 2012

Caro Giorgio,

I was impressed by your last post “Say No to Heaven and Ascend”. July 18 at night I was hit by a wave that lasted until July 19 all day long. The 18th of July at night I felt a very strong pain in the center of my chest. I thought “this time is too much, I’m gonna physically die with a heart attack!”. I asked my girl to bring me to the emergency. Please note that I’m very healthy and I practice regularly sport, body building (soft body building). Then she told me to walk a little bit in the garage as to see if the pain calm a little bit. I could calm the pain, then I took an aspirin as a precaution, I know this is the first thing they give you when there is a suspicion of a heart attack. The pain calmed down, but I was knocked out all the day after.

You are right, too much is too much, and we may enter in a “danger zone” physically talking! I have maybe transmuted in my heart some dark energy, but this time I felt a physical limit! Indeed, why we have to suffer and risk all this, while all the other LW just speak flowery words and enjoy the beech?

Un grande abbraccio, Alberto
July 23, 2012

Dear George,

Days ago I did the exact thing you wrote about saying NO MORE! I was so angry I shouted out I will no longer be a vessel for these inhumane energies, I will now longer transmute negatives energies, I am no longer willing to live on this earth in this body any longer, and I COMMAND that I ascend, because I have EARNED it and MORE!

Since I have done this, the heavy depression that I have been in, weeping for what I have been through, weeping for myself, has been continuous. I am so exhausted, and I just will no longer be used as a lightening rod any longer. This depression is very similar to the times I lost loved ones, and I just couldn’t stop weeping in grief. That is what I experiencing, for our goodbyes are imminent.

I went to an art show today, and not once did I get tugged on spiritually, not once did I feel an exchange of energy, not once, because I have told my HS I QUIT I AM DONE and I meant it! I felt as though I was walking through a sea of bodies, not touching, not connecting, distant and just so tired.

It is over, George. We are done. At this point, some of us have severe health issues due to the LBP we have all endured, plus all the transmuting, plus all the anchoring of these energies. These bodies just aren’t able to go on.

I am actively setting my “life” up for future dreams in all readiness for my soul family to step in in order for me to leave. I also am very determined that I shall bring these animals, some who are just hanging on by mere threads because they too have been doing much transmuting of darkness, to the Fields of Gold, fully healed, fully well, where a holograph of this house and myself is waiting. All has been taken care of, all has been done.

Yes, I have COMMANDED HS that I ascend no later then the end of July. Today the 22nd, something is splitting, being torn, in all readiness for the ascension of Gaia Herself. So be prepared because we will be ascending. There just is no other way.

Light and Love,
Master Amy
July 23, 2012

Dear Georgi,

ho letto con molta attenzione tutti gli interventi del Pat e i saggi illuminanti di quanti hanno ricevuto informazioni. Grazie a tutti! Ti confermo che il 21 notte ho avuto una picco di emozioni interminabile e, mentre ero nel mio letto piangendo e singhiozzando, parlavo con la mia HS e dicevo “Basta! Non ne posso più!” oltre i dolori e la prostrazione  ci sono le continue delusioni per il fatto che parlare, anche con chi sembra avere una minima apertura, è ora inutile e frustrante.

In questo momento ho appena finito di leggere il tuo “Urlo al Cielo” e, mentre piango ancora, sono d’accordo con te; in Italia si dice “siamo come muli da soma” che lavorano senza mai fermarsi e con grande tenacia e forza vanno avanti per l’impervia montagna senza cedere.

E’ tutta la vita che mi sento diversa che ho sempre avuto difficoltà a farmi capire ed accettare dalla mia famiglia biologica dagli amici e infine da quello che, ormai da 7 anni, è l’Ex-marito. Certo il nostro rapporto è buono, ci rispettiamo e ci vogliamo bene, ma decisi di separarmi da lui perchè non venivo accettata per quello che sono.

Quando parlavo dl mio essere, del mio risveglio ( 12 anni fa), delle esperienze interiori che mi aprivano al mondo dell’anima e dell’invisibile, degli studi che facevo per ricordare la sapienza perduta, lui mi prendeva in giro e mi chiamava  la mia piccola strega, mi diceva “tu che puoi parlare con gli angeli vedi se mi dicono qualcosa su….” e citava un argomento a caso per fare la battuta del giorno.

Pensavo che in questi anni anche il mio ex-marito fosse cresciuto abbastanza per condividere con lui le informazioni che ho e per parlare di Ascensione, e ieri sera ho avuto la conferma che è stata fatica sprecata, io capisco che si può aver paura dell’ignoto e di ciò che non è visibile, ma ora basta! non voglio più giustificare nessuno della propria mancanza di responsabilità.  Sono tornata a casa delusa e triste, triste per non aver un compagno (in forma fisica) con cui condividere questo stupendo momento e delusa per la mancanza di sensibilità dell’ex-marito che mi ha detto quanto non gli interessi quello che succede nell’Universo e tutti questi avvenimenti: le Olimpiadi, ciò che c’è dietro la politica  la falsa finanza ecc. ecc. a lui non interessano e anche se prima di ieri mi ha chiesto qualcosa adesso non vuole sapere più niente.

Per me questo è stato come un risvegliarmi da quello che era il sogno di coinvolgere sempre più persone nel processo di Ascensione di Gaia e di tutta l’Umanità. Infatti a casa nella crisi di pianto dicevo al mio HS “e noi per chi lavoriamo?”, siamo qui per ancorare il più possibile di Luce, siamo qui per far scorrere attraverso i nostri corpi ondate di energia mostruose, disumane che se non fossimo così forti ci avrebbero già bruciati completamente, mentre questi “ciechi e sordi” stanno lì a guardare senza vedere.

Quindi ho deciso, visto che tu confermi che ci sono abbastanza semi stella sulla terra in grado di portare e ancorare la Luce, ho deciso di passare il testimone ed esigere l’Ascensione. Non sono più disposta a fare il mulo, io chiudo l’ingresso alle energie e sciopero.  Lavorare sulla terra dopo l’Ascensione come Maestri Ascesi dalle dimensione superiori ci darà la possibilità di fare tutto ciò che attualmente non riusciamo più a fare. E’ ora che la responsabilità passi ad altri, noi abbiamo fatto il nostro meglio e più del nostro meglio. Qualche mese fa segnai sul calendario nel mese di luglio il giorno 26 con un cerchio e una freccia che va dal 26 al 31, non ci avevo più pensato fino a che ho letto il messaggio di  un membro del Pat che parlava di calendario lunare, quindi la nostra Ascensione va dal 25/26 fino a fine mese, la sento come una cosa irrevocabile e ineluttabile.

Daniela, Italy



I read very carefully all the writings of the PAT and illuminating essays of those who have received information. Thanks to all! I confirm that on July 21 in the night I had a peak of endless emotions and, while I was in my bed crying and sobbing, I spoke with my HS and say “Enough! I’m sick!” beyond the pain and exhaustion are the repeated disappointments  about the fact that to talk even with those, who seem to have a minimum opening, is now useless and frustrating.

Right now I just finished reading your “Shout to Heaven” and while I still cry, I agree with you, in Italy we say “we are like pack mules” working without stopping and with great tenacity and strength to go in the rugged mountains without falling. And all that life that I have been a different person, I always had difficulty to be understood and accepted from my biological family, friends and then from what is now 7 years my ex-husband. Of course our relationship is good, and we respect each other, we love each other, but I decided to separate myself from him because I was not accepted for who I am.

When I spoke of my being, my awakening (12 years ago), the inner experiences that I opened up the world of the soul and the unseen, the studies that I did to remember the wisdom lost, he teased me and he called me my little witch, he told me “you who can talk to the angels, see if they say something about me….” and cited a topic at random to make a joke of the day.

I thought that in these years, my ex-husband had grown enough to share with him the information I have and to talk of Ascension, and last night I learned that it was wasted effort, I understand that one may be afraid of the unknown and what is not visible, but that’s enough! I do not want to justify anybody for his own lack of responsibility. I went home disappointed and sad, sad for not having a partner (in physical form) to share this wonderful moment and disappointed at the lack of sensitivity of the ex-husband who told me that he is not interested in what happens in the Universe and all these events: the Olympics, what’s behind the policy, the false finance etc.. etc.. he did not want and even though before yesterday asked me something, now he does not want to know anything. For me this was like a wake from the dream to involve more people in the process of Ascension of Gaia and all Humanity.

At home I cried and said to my HS “And we work for whom?”, we are here to anchor the most beautiful light, we are here the most inhuman waves of energy scroll down throughout  our bodies, if we were not so strong, we would have burned out completely, while these “blind and deaf” are there to watch without seeing.

So I decided, since you confirm that there are enough seeds star on earth that can bring and anchor the light, I decided to press the button and to demand the Ascension. I am no longer willing to do the mule, I close the entrance for the energies and I strike. Working on earth after the Ascension  as the Ascended Masters from higher dimensions will give us the chance to do all that now we can no longer do. It ‘s time that other step up and take responsibility, we have done our best, and even more than our best.

A few months ago I marked on the calendar for the month of July, the 26th with a circle and an arrow going from 26 to 31, I had not thought much about it until I read the message a member of the PAT, who spoke of the lunar calendar, so our Ascension ranges from 25/26 until later this month, I feel like something irrevocable and inescapable will happen soon.

With Love and Light

Daniela, Italy

Cara Daniela.

I am sorry that you have had such a disappointment with your ex-husband, whom you still want to help, and I can very well understand your frustration leading such obsolete discussions with people who are deaf and blind.

I have it daily with my wife (and children), however I take the advantage of being indignant and scolding her for being stupid and blind. She is however very patient with me, but only because deep in her old soul she knows that I am rignt and that she has only decided to play the game of illusion a little bit longer than myself.

If you have read my latest article, I have recommended now the stop any cooperation with the higher realms for further test runs on ascension and simply to ascend. I think that this will work this time.

Therefore hold on some more days – we are already there.


On the Elimination of Linear Time by the ID Split

July 23, 2012

Hi George

It’s good to see in these last days a streamlining of our collective thoughts in recent discussions. Personally I resonate quite highly with Dorie and Jerry’s messages as well as your dream and I don’t see any inconsistencies in any of the information. Reading the Great Central Sun Transmissions has also added a whole new dimension to my perspective and I can now interpret better new information which includes these recent messages.

Your dream regarding the abolishing of linear time after the ID split now provides more context of how the last days could logically unfold. The answer was always there in front of us. Of course easier to see now with less probability alternatives available.

“Ultimately, the abolition of linear time will automatically make the knowledge of all past incarnation consciously available to most human beings. After the split, these past incarnation memories will flood the individual and collective human consciousness and will trigger a mental revolution beyond any current imagination.

All revelations about the insidious role of the Orion/Reptilian empire in the enslavement of humanity will come to the fore and will be easily and readily accepted and understood. This is the reason why we will not need that much time after the ID split to awaken and enlighten the masses, as this process will be accomplished in a very natural and effective manner by expanding the human mind, who will be now liberated from the narrow concept of linear time.”

I remember a while back you also set us a task to write a vision of our mission on the new Earths after our ascension. I did give this a try, but I was always limited by being able to express what I was thinking in words and how to visualise a multi-dimensional existence. I basically gave up in frustration as I didn’t really know. I got as far as visualising social gatherings in the higher realms catching up with family and friends and at the same time overseeing Earth A, A/B and B, doing some exploring, teaching, learning, creating. All at the same time with no limits applied. I just couldn’t visualise it from an Elohim perspective. How does one feel for example with a million times your current energy levels with a million times more consciousness. A million times the choices with the ability to experience all of them. Bloody awesome I suspect but it is difficult to imagine without experiencing it. I was glad to read your similar thoughts below.

“Start regarding yourselves as energetic functions that can exist in many places and realities at the same time. This would say that you may be present in a crystalline light body on the balanced earth A/B and perform some important duties, such as coordination of big social projects or educational programs, and at the same time happily enjoy the bliss of the higher dimensions, for instance, visiting new galaxies or other exotic civilisations that may need your expertise in their ongoing ascension process.”

This has certainly been a strange journey. I am looking forward to a break as well as seeing how our efforts unfold on the ground. We’ve come this far and I don’t want to miss a thing.

Warm regards
Alex, Australia
Dear Alex,

thank you for your latest comments. It is indeed difficult for everyone of us to imagine our lives as multi-dimensional beings, but the very effort to do so helps a lot to prepare for this new / old way of life.

By the way, read my latest publication with Dorie, where the final answers can be found. The events are now stipulating indeed. It is like being a pilot, as you know better than me. Most of the time you are on auto-pilot and the last minutes prior to landing are the most stressful.

With love and light


July 22, 2012


Have you seen the above?  Very much in line with what you are saying

Dear Maria,

I have observed in particular with this source that as soon as address a new topic (as was the case now with the abolition of linear time), this source comes one or two days later with the same topic, however presented in a much more naive and popular manner as the medium Aisha North does no display the intellectual propensity to grasp a more complex, scientific presentation of such physical topics as the abolition of linear time.

I even recommended this lady some time ago to start reading our website as to expand her knowledge and improve her channeling quality, but she declined to do this, as I expected, as most of these people who channel have no interest in personal spiritual evolution, but rather prefer to stay under the ceiling of their channeling source. They never show any ability for intellectual abstraction and never reach beyond the narrow minded-spectrum of information they get dictated, mostly by obscure 4d-astral sources. This one is better than most others, but still operates on a very low intellectual level, whereas the actual limitation is the lack of any intelligence of this medium.

In fact, since 2011 all the topics, which I first discussed on the Internet, were then taken and copied by most other sources, after there was the usual initial outcry at the alleged preposterous nature of my statements. It began with the mass ascension scenario on Dec 21, 2012, when I was the first writer to openly propagate and explain this  outcome. Then we had the repetition of the same situation with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and individual portals, when I was again the first one to comprehend the importance of this cosmic event for the future evolution and ascension of humanity, as we have witnessed since then and extensively discussed on this website.

The same holds true for other pivotal events and information, such as the ID split, the magnetic pole reversal, the three-earth scenario, the importance of which very few have really comprehended until now, as most LW are too stupid and unti-intellectual and have no ability for abstract thinking to follow the argumentation and discussions on these topics on our website. Hence most of them still do not know what ID split is and how it will influence the destiny of mankind very soon.

Now comes the topic of the abolition of linear time, which I already addressed before 11.11.11 in several articles and which is in the core of the new theory of the Universal Law as developed by myself in the early 90s. There is virtually no New Ager who really comprehends the scope of this physical event for the expansion of the human mind after the ID split in the higher dimensions and how this fact will transform the way of human existence after ascension in the higher dimensions.

I can go on and on and lament on the intellectual deficits of the light workers community and why most of these people always stay below the intellectual bar, set by myself on this website and do not grasp the complexity of our discussions, but instead only project their prejudices and criticize us from their narrow point of view.

Fortunately, even this trend has stopped now, as they no longer read our website because they are absolutely overwhelmed by the higher vibrations of our information and have given up their ambition to participate in the first ascension wave.

For this reason they have also stopped publishing my articles on their stupid websites (which I appreciate by the way), as they want to stay among them, poor idiots, just as the rest of humanity prefers to stay blind these days and does not make any effort to learn something new.

It  is a sad story, and I am really fed up with this humanity, Only  today I said to my soul that I no longer intend to sacrifice myself for this dumbed down species and want to leave this toxic planet as soon as possible. I am done with it.

This kind of rant is very effective nowadays as our higher selves have already descended in our bodies and what we decree, must be considered by the higher realms as we are now already sovereign creator gods. And they do this – I can assure you, as I am already creating actively my new reality. I can only recommend every PAT member to follow my example and I know that many are already doing this.

With love and light

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