On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, No 3, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

Dear George,

Many things have been said and I thank you and everyone of the PAT with all my love.

In my conversation with my HS, I got three times the date August 2, 2012 for our ascension day. This is the first time I have received a date, whereas I received the message “end of July, first weeks of August” in the past.

Also our revolt against our HS was planned, which you already stated. One other aspect that came up is that anyone near me (this counts for every PAT member) is another fragment of my soul.

HS: “Try to see them ascend the same way you do. They are part of the complex timing issue for your ascension” 

In other words, you have covered this in the last decree from the 30th of July:

“I decree that all my family members and beloved ones with a soul contract of ascension should indeed ascend with me and my geographical region, which I have cleansed from all dark dross, to the highest level of the 4th dimension, even if they now reject or are unaware of the ongoing process of ascension.”

See them ascend as you see yourself ascend, as they are a part of you in many aspects.

In Love and Light,

Holger Braun, Holland

Dear Holger,

thank you for this latest confirmation of our ascension date, which coincides with the date I received on July 20. This is another powerful proof for our imminent ascension. After all the exact date is of less importance. The only important thing now is to prepare mentally for this event and to relax as much as possible, as to help the flow of energies enter freely our fields before we can detonate the PAT supernova and heave humanity and Gaia to the 4th dimension.

With love and light

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