On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension-No 2, July 30, 2012

Why the New PAT Decree Will Accelerate Your Ascension. Comments From My Higher Self
April Bender, July 30, 2012


“All in all within 2 day’s at most (high probability) – at max the Lion’s Gate will propel all that is unfinished forward. That is the final-final conversion point/date. We expect our goals and your goals of ascension to be met well before then, but should any delays arise, the Lion’s Gate is it. I can confirm that.” 

My Higher Self


July 29, 2012 mid-morning

Me: I had an interesting encounter earlier. First, I went to Georgi’s site to read the latest posts. There were 3 new ones, one of which was the dialogue with you. I was able to open the other 2 and read them, but when I clicked on ours, I kept getting a “file not found” message. That gave me a sense of uneasiness in my tummy. You see in the past when I’ve received this message from Georgi’s site, it was later confirmed as a “dark attack.” I tried to just shake the feeling off, instead thinking that maybe Georgi was editing that page for some reason and that I’d just try again later.

I took my coffee outside to enjoy nature and the coolness of mid-morning and as I was lounging peacefully, I felt 2 dark entities approach me. They didn’t come in too close and I felt that they were intentionally keeping their distance. They felt to me like they were probably humans, simply projecting a visit to “check me out.” I immediately laughed, mainly because of the way they were peeking at me, and trying to be all stealth-like. (Or perhaps they were simply remnants, shadows of something that once was more powerful.) Anyhow I immediately felt the presence of you HS, fully indwell within me. As I stood to my full energetic height (my giant form) light exploded out from all directions of my being, sending shock waves of light through the earth and into the sky…though I sensed these shock waves to be completely harmless to Gaia and the masses.

In a voice filled with the vibration of my creator god self I said, “I KNOW who I am now, you deceivers! Your time is at an end! We will no longer tolerate your yoke and dark intent. Be gone from here!” And really I think the light had dispersed of them before I even finished saying what I needed to say. All I could do afterwards was to let out a rich, deep chuckle. I then decided to take matters a step forward, as I continued to stand in my fullness as a self-actualized creator being, I further extended my light rays out into the world, to further protect and insure against any “collateral damage” that might result from this final tug of war. I have to admit it felt great! The best! It was the most energized I’ve felt in a long, long time. I also felt Gaia with me, standing behind me, adding to my strength and fortitude. I still feel a little shaky/restless from the lingering energy surge.

After I came inside, I had the distinct thought that this experience might somehow be tied into the explanation of another decree by the PAT. Is there a connection here?

HS: Yes! But before getting into this, I want to make something perfectly clear. An additional decree is NOT necessary. You and the PAT have already met all Divine requirements with your initial decree. However you had asked if there was more you could do to assist, if you so chose. And quite frankly, even we would get a good chuckle from knocking them on their arses in further surprise. This gets us back to the idea of another decree.

Ascension is already assured and therefore victory, however, what could be an interesting factor is the full “unveiling” of you and the PAT (energetically speaking) on all four corners of the Earth. If you were able to take up your “giant” forms, and stand up to the remaining “bullies on the playground” as one united mind, think of the reaction you could elicit. A “mini-nova” if you will.

You, yourself, April saw what you were capable of on your own today, imagine the collective effort of the PAT. You’ve heard Georgi testify to his own unique experiences during dream time doing similar work on an individual basis or in a small PAT group. You see over this incarnation, we’ve kept you relatively hidden/cloaked for several reasons. The obvious one being until you were strong enough and far enough in the LBP to fend for yourself and not come to any harm. Many of you still continue to fly beneath the radar, and there is nothing wrong with that, as that was the plan for your growth and protection. But by now, there should no longer be any fear remaining in the thought of exposure, especially when I speak of it now, just on an energetic level. As much as you are able to accomplish individually, think of what you can do as one entity, one united mind, putting all that remains of the negative, “on-notice.”

Now again, this is not a necessary chore, as you’ve already made this same declaration, in a similar sense, to the Higher Realms with your initial decree. No, this time it would be for the exclusive use in aiding the coming resolution of energies on earth into their appropriate timelines. The “shock” of the vibration that you as a collective will let loose, guarantees a rude awakening with the light against the forces of dark, their concepts, structures, etc.. .that cannot be denied. Again, this will happen anyway, but you can obviously help influence the timing, if we have not yet reached that threshold by the time this is coordinated. And again I assure you that you’ll know when the threshold has been reached, as you will no longer reside on earth, trapped in this limited experience.

Me: Overall it does feel lighter today, are you certain this exercise would still be helpful by the time we organized it?

HS: That’s always hard to say with any certainty, but anything that you and the PAT decide to do collectively will always yield fruit. It is never a wasted endeavor or discussion, as all the while energy is being moved, you’re being inspired, and the Plan is unfolding. Most of the dross has been cleared (at least 80%), but understand that even though we’ve clearly won, there are still some loose ends to tie up. Mainly the last of the tightly embedded energy fragments that will attempt to hang on until the very last minute.

You have to remember that this was highly charged/potent energy, embedded very deeply into the foundations of your physical and etheric world and even so in humanity’s DNA structure (though temporarily). Needless to say, all the energetics involved here are extremely complicated. In simplest terms, the resonance or vibration created by one last decree would serve to assist the final dislodging/breaking up of this deeply embedded, tentacle like energy.

This energy has been severely weakened, but as of now, it is still there and needs cleansing. However, it will still be cleansed/transmuted even without the decree. I want you to understand this as it is a free will choice, and not something that is being asked of you or is required and quite frankly, depending upon the timing may or may not have time to be implemented. Yet even thinking about this activity can stimulate a great deal of movement for the PAT and therefore, for the world, as you begin to acknowledge collectively that you are ready to formally acknowledge your new roles, and in doing so will not tolerate anything/anyone that is working against the Divine Plan.

Think, if you all stood up as a collective, in an explosion of light and divine authority and said,

“Enough is enough! We are the rightful Earth Keepers, heirs to the New Earth. We have been fully bestowed with all the Divine Authority needed to execute the duties of this post and as such we decree that you’ve been shown the exit door, leave now as there is no place/home for you on earth A/B. You cannot exist here. And don’t even think about causing any collateral damage on your way out, as that will NOT be tolerated.”

That to which you address in this decree, in this respect/context, are all the lingering thought forms, concepts, belief systems, energetics in general, and yes some physical beings who continue to try and perpetuate the illusion, the separation, the slavery, the yoke that humanity has been under for so very long. Really you have already broken free of it, but this last bit must also ago, or they could flare up once more and cause trouble. It cannot reside on Earth A/B, not in its current form.

You could also say that you (the PAT) are the beginning wave of Divine Judgment and atonement. The rest of the hierarchy comes a bit later.

Me: Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. It has been a lot at times for me to get my conscious head around. I do want to ask one last thing. In the time that we’ve been in session together, I’ve noticed the energy wave increasing in intensity again. My solar plexus is feeling constricted, pretty tight actually, and there is a heaviness in my body from that point all the way down to my feet. I’m feeling quite exhausted as well. Has something shifted?

HS: Yes, you are now getting the dense material, the “ick.” We are beginning to process this gooey, sludgy layer now. This is it! You’ve reached the tail end of the process. Once this, the densest level is exposed to the light and to itself, and transmutation happens to a sufficient level, the light threshold will be reached and you will hear that final “click.” Also keep in mind that what you are sensing with the solar plexus and the lower chakras may intensify, as your final clearing process (going to this deeper layer to cleanse/transmute) is related to your final release and dedication of your lower chakras to Gaia. It is the other side of the same coin. The densest material to transmute lives within the lower chakras of the earth and humanity. But understanding the mechanics of this is not crucial as you’ll all understand this soon enough.

All in all within 2 day’s at most (high probability) – at max the Lion’s Gate will propel all that is unfinished forward. That is the final-final conversion point/date. We expect our goals and your goals of ascension to be met well before then, but should any delays arise, the Lion’s Gate is it. I can confirm that.

So rest well, you’ll need it, for the final sprint to the finish line (that we’ve just entered). We of course hope that the remaining transmutation/harmonizing process is relatively smooth for you, but we also know that realistically some of the denser parts will hang on tightly. Just remember how good you felt after your own individual decree today, how energized. Perhaps this is just what the doctor ordered for the PAT, even if it only makes it to the individual conceptual level before your ascension.

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