On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, July 31, 2012

The last Heavenly Joke: 

My sceptical wife, who rejects ascension, predicts twice our ascension at the Lion in the Zodiac 2012 in my Turkish coffee and I, The Captain of the PAT, failed to believe her.

July 31, 2012

Dear George,

….A few days back, I dreamed that the PAT and I were standing around in some house or large room, ready and waiting for our next signal/move.

Yesterday morning, in my mind (not via ears), I heard a short beep. This morning in the same manner (mentally), I heard a soft “pop”.  I have heard both of these before, many months ago, and it seems to be a frequency calibration, turning-on, or download of some kind.  Could the “beep” and the “pop” be the signals that the previous days’ “ick” (to use April’s HS’s term) has been cleared? It seems so!

The idea of a sound carrying or triggering ascension is very familiar to me, in a way, embedded in my memory. Also I am reminded that on 11.11.11 while meditating in the yard, I heard the strangest sound lasting only a fraction of a second. The best way to describe what I heard is that it was a loud noise seemingly coming from inside the mind, that is not externally but from within, and sounded like a non-human choir holding one distinct key in vibration.  However, the sound that I have intuited as associated with ascension is far more complex and amazing than this, both voice-like and trumpet-like, really indescribable. It will be a great surprise, no matter how prepared we are for it.

Other than that, the higher realms have been pretty quiet with me both in my dreams and waking hours.  When I asked why they are not offering me more insight or guidance, the answer I received is because they are saving their entire focus – and using a lot of my energy along with it, that is, all of ours, as one “unit” with theirs – for what is happening now, the major event, quickening the pace of ascension as we have willed it to be. That is, all energies involved are being saved for this, no energy is left to spare, not until ascension is complete.

Update:  This morning (July 30th) as I was waking up, something I already knew was emphasized to me as an important foundation of thought for our current decision to ascend:  Because we are merged with our higher selves and essentially one with them, and although they have a higher perspective or more insights than us in our 3D bodies, it is important to consider that we, as the experiential learners and masters of 3D, have more decree-power than they do to create and ascend our reality.  It came to me months ago that if we wish for a common goal (ascension etc.), then we – every one of us – should decide upon a specific collective intention and energize that intention in unison.  So now that we have merged with our higher selves, and also mastered the method of successful decrees, we have the total go-ahead, the unrestricted ability, to set a collective intention, energize it, and see it manifest. The more who participate, the more effective it will be, as its creative power will be increased exponentially. Of course this has already been done with our decree to to reject further ascension test runs and demand the real thing… our ascension is already guaranteed and the universe is aligning itself to make this happen… but further collective decrees will only help to power the final acts.  There is more to this but it need not be said:  I just finished reading April’s HS message, and the timing is in perfect alignment with the insight that I woke up with this morning – her message is all that and much more. Creating a new decree of this magnitude makes perfect sense.

You mentioned the “Lion’s Gate” on August 8th (8-08) in a recent post.  A while back in SOAR 35 you mentioned that your wife saw a lion in your coffee grounds:


Two days ago (November 28, 2011) I asked my wife to look in my Turkish coffee and tell me the future. She is very good at that. This technique has tradition in the former Ottoman countries (Balkan countries, especially among the gypsies and my wife must have been a gypsy in her previous life).

My wife saw immediately all the members of the PAT ascended and having a huge party. She even described it as an orgiastic party like a group sex. Then she saw a lion sitting apart from this party and her first interpretation was that we will ascend in the summer next year lion in the Zodiac.” (letter to Callista)

Could the lion in your cup represent the upcoming Lion’s Gate?  And/or, at least her original interpretation, “the lion in the zodiac” pertaining to the PAT’s ascension, could certainly still be true.

George, I said aloud your “Decree to Accelerate Our Ascension and the ID Split” and am very happy with it.  I will use it as a template and add more to it shortly.

You mention our symphony. I feel this is literally (metaphysically) true: as I have been reading I pick up on a type of musical resonance in the written language. Once the energy starts flowing in a harmonious direction, it becomes musical. The posts, especially the most recent ones, and everyone’s thoughts and contributions, really are creating a musical symphony.

Everyone, do you realize the fundamental truth going on at this work’s roots?  This is exactly what the laws of creation are all about!  We are already acting as our “future” Ascended Master selves, and by so doing, we create our ascension, we create our future as Ascended Masters, in the Now, by living it!

In summary: Yes, we are go for launch! All for One and One for All! Great job to all the PAT. I hope to see everyone soon!

With Love and Light to All,


Dear Michelle,

I am amazed by your vigilance. I had fully forgotten that my wife saw a “lion in the zodiac” in my coffee and that I wrote about it. I write so much on a daily basis that I must inevitably forget what I have written in order to continue writing and thus I lose track of some of my previous information. Now I remember perfectly that she saw the lion in my coffee  and that I did not want to believe it as I expected an earlier date of ascension at that time. But this is an intriguing curiosity, as she also saw last time a big alien in my coffee, which obviously symbolizes our growth as “giants” – as the new creator gods.

Thank you very much for this inkling. Indeed we are on the cusp of ascending – no doubt about it. Enjoy now your last days on this earth and wait patiently the inevitable.

With love and light



Dear Michelle,

I am indeed confused and  I will tell you why I am a real donkey. My wife has seen the date of our ascension in my coffee twice in a perfect way. The first time was on November 28, 2011 as you have referred to in your letter. At that time I interpreted her prophecy wrongly as can be read in report 35.

The second time she saw again a lion in the zodiac in my Turkish coffee about two months ago. However I have not written about this coffee reading as I did not find it important. This is the reason why I did not remember to have written about this on the website. This time my wife saw again the lion in the zodiac. But I again was too stupid to believe  her as I expected that we will ascend at summer solstice. That is to say, I have intervened both times with my interpretation based on impatience and have thus twisted the prophecy of my wife and changed its true meaning.

The second time, however, I did  not wholly exclude the possibility that our ascension might happen around the lion’s gate in August. Now I have solved the riddle, which you have posed to me and my memory is back again.

The greatest conundrum is that my wife, who vehemently rejects the idea of ascension, knew better than myself and all of us. the date of our ascension. What a great cosmic humour! This may be our last day on this earth and it is saved one more time, as I had to laugh a lot about my intransigence and stupidity not to take the prophecies of my wife “prima facie”.

With love and light



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