On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, July 29, 2012


Today I start a new series of urgent reports from members of the PAT, confirming our imminent ascension and probable time schedule. The first confirmation comes today from Jerry. I have just asked him if he made this confirmation before or after reading the article containing April’s dialogue with her HS and my personal assessment of the state-of-ascension of the PAT. In case Jerry was unaware of our assessments, his confirmation is of even greater importance, as it has not been influenced by other people’s opinion. At the same time it proves the incredible synchronicities that now guide and carry the PAT to its glorious ascension.

Jerry has just informed me that he has read this article, but this does not diminish the importance of his personal information. I hope that other members of the PAT will also contribute to this on-line information, which will boost the morale of the PAT in the remaining few moments before our final ascension.



Latest Battle Won

by Jerry R. James

Georgi,  I woke up this morning July 29th with my HS screaming in my ear:

” The latest Three-Day-Battle with the dark is won.”

The higher realms are very elated. The surge of light which started on the 23rd and with the ascension council meeting on the 25th for the final battle plans and the battle on the 26-28 really zapped our energy. But this time per our request there were no ascension test runs.

Now that the battle is won, we are continuing small mop up operations.The most important thing now is to cleanse our bodies of these dark energies that we encountered the last three nights and this will be done with deep rest and many trips to the bathroom. Our tasks is almost done. We will finally be released to ascend.

Projected time between now and the 9th of August. We are essentially on the same calendar, as we were in 2009, when we all decided to extend our mission. This time there will be no more extension, since time has run out and we have ourselves demanded that it ends. I can feel the excitement in the higher realms.


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