How to Accelerate Our Ascension: A New PAT Decree!

By Georgi Stankov and April Bender, July 30, 2012

April’s HS has just made an important suggestion how to accelerate the date of our ascension: We should decide together to issue a new decree. This collective decision will raise as a coherent cosmic wave of great power the light quotient of humanity and Gaia and will boost the ascension process, which now unfolds stepwise from one energetic threshold to the next higher one, until the pinnacle of ascension is reached very soon. 

You can read below the latest message of April from her HS. I am willing to support this incentive, as I strongly resonate with this idea. In fact, we have received confirmation from different sources, including from my HS, that our decree to decline any further participation in ascension test runs and to finally ascend has boosted significantly our ascension process.

All members of the PAT should therefore consider this possibility to accelerate our date of ascension and make a personal proposal as to what our decree should be about. I would like to make my suggestion first and ask you to critically evaluate it and make your own contributions. We must prove one last time, while still in a physical vessel, that we are conscious and responsible ascended masters and the new Earth Keepers.


My Suggestion for a New PAT Decree to Accelerate Our Ascension and the ID Split

My proposition departs from the main objective of the PAT in the past. All our efforts have always been guided by the desire to achieve the most optimal ascension result for humanity. As already discussed on numerous occasions, we have postponed our ascension since the summer of 2009 many times as to raise higher and higher the light quotient of this planet and to improve the harvesting of human souls for the 5th dimension.

This has been a huge sacrifice on our part, which we have all done in love and dedication to humankind. For this reason we decided not to ascend at the stargate 11.11.11. On February 26, we decided one more time to establish a new timeline – the balanced earth A/B – and thus to introduce the three-earth-scenario of ascension in the final phase of the current End Times. This decision was entirely the incentive and achievement of the PAT.

Until now no other group or individual light worker has fully grasped the cosmic proportions of this latest contribution of the PAT to the welfare of humanity. Let me just mention that with this decision we have practically saved the lives of roughly 1.5 billion human beings, who, according to the old two-earth-scenario, would have left this planet by a death experience this year, in most cases, as victims of natural catastrophes.

Now they will smoothly ascend to the higher 4th dimension and will not experience any major catastrophes. This is the reason why this year has been so peaceful and calm so far, contrary to all doomsday prophecies. The people, whom the PAT has now saved, will continue their life on a new energetic level on the balanced earth A/B under much more favourable conditions that will be considered as a human paradise beyond the current  imagination of the still sleeping masses. This is all our PAT’s achievement.

The negative side of this decision to create a third timeline of earth A/B was that we one more time postponed our ascension date, which was initially scheduled to take place in  March, around spring equinox.

Given all these perennial sacrifices of the PAT, it is absolutely logical, even imperative, to go along this line of argumentation and now decree that our ascension and the ID split will be a full success. In particular, we should decree the following:

“As a PAT member and a responsible sovereign creator being, I decree herewith that  Gaia and most of humanity should ascend without any major catastrophes to the highest possible level of the 4th dimension during the ID split and our ascension.

The region, where I as a PAT member live, should entirely ascend to the 5th dimension and merge with the cities of light. This region around my personal portal of ascension should be the new gateway to the 5th dimension, which will facilitate the ascension of many human beings during their mass ascension on Dec 21, 2012.

In particular, I decree that all my family members and beloved ones with a soul contract of ascension should indeed ascend with me and my geographical region, which I have cleansed from all dark dross, to the highest level of the 4th dimension, even if they now reject or are unaware of the ongoing process of ascension.

We declare solemnly that we are the new Earth Keepers and take full stewardship of this planet. We will not tolerate any more any  “negative based” fallout or collateral damage to the earth or any of her inhabitants during this last time of the dark energies most ferocious and futile resistance. We are the new protectors of earth and humanity by divine order and from now on no major event will be allowed to occur against our will.” 

Every one of you can add some more personal wishes to this decree, which is nothing else, but another manifestation of the inherent strive of the PAT for perfection. As we are bound to ascend very soon, let us make the best of it. Our previous decree considered our health and the desire to be of much greater help to humanity as ascended masters in the remaining few months of this year.

This last decree should be a completion of our long-term effort to achieve the most spectacular and effective ascension in the whole universe of such a dark, dense and  toxic 3d-planet as the earth directly to the 5th dimension within the blink of an eye. I think that this will be the final accord of the grand symphony written by all members of the  PAT in our last human incarnation.

Other suggestions or supplementary amendments to my proposal for a PAT decree  are welcome.


Update From Higher Self
April Bender, July 29, 2012

Personal Background

Dear Georgi, Hallelujah!! I’m laughing and crying at the same time from reading your wonderful words of confirmation (I imagine this is how Dorie felt the other day). What beautiful resonance and synchronicity the PAT find themselves in these days. For me, this has been one of the most awesome things to behold. We are of one mind, one heart! And I’m not going completely off the deep end, haha. Tangible victory! There is nothing sweeter. So many poignant signs and synchronicities being shared among all of us.

I would go into your comments, line by line Georgi, but to be truthful, that feels too cumbersome at this point, my mind doesn’t want to function that way anymore. But in reading your words in your reply to me, I resonated so very deeply with each impression, insight, connection that you were making. And I’m glad that you still appear to be able to function in this way so as to still help synthesize all of this (our journey) in written form. Thank God for you Georgi and for so many reasons!

I also forgot to mention on the 27th I did a tarot card draw, the card, Judgment. Obvious undertones of what we’re all feeling/picking up on, and it’s for real, it’s time and it came upon us quickly in many respects.

I slept wonderfully, deeply, last night and I remember dream fragments of this beautiful crystal city of light, descending from the heavens (Kingdom of God), and the brightest, blinding light pulse burst forth across the earth as this city made contact with our atmosphere. It was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

I did check in quickly with my Higher Self this morning, just for more of a temperature read. She seemed “busy” this morning so she might come across as more matter-of-fact. She did offer the PAT one interesting option to consider:

The Suggestion of my HS

Me: I woke up this morning feeling wonderful and light, but again as time goes by, like yesterday, I’m feeling that the wave is still ongoing. There is still some constriction/agitation in the air, though it is settled somewhat for now.

HS: Yes, the process is still ongoing. We again, have made tremendous strides in the last 24 hours, but the forces of dark are being extremely stubborn. Nothing to be concerned about though, as all is as it should be. A lot of dense energy has now been transmuted/lifted/neutralized, but there is still more to come. And the last of this energy, when it is finally shaken free, will be dark and sludgy (not unlike the last of your own dark energy pockets that you had to lift and transmute) as it was the most resistant to exposure of the light.

This is why I gently cautioned you and the PAT to rest, that it could get even more intense and most likely will, when the bottom of the sludge barrel, so to speak, is stirred and dumped for transmutation/neutralization/dissolution. We have not quite yet gotten to this point, but it is on the horizon. Know that it could get very uncomfortable for some of you (the PAT), but know that this is the last of it. The last wave, the last heave, the last push to the finish line. Once the darkest energies are transmuted/lifted, your sweet release will ensue. You will hear the “clicking” of the final gear.

Me: Is there anything else we the PAT can do to assist aside from what we’ve been doing?

HS: I will give you a hint. Our success is insured regardless, but if you want to add a boost to this whole process and to its momentum, and you feel like you have it in you physically, you could issue forth another collective decree.

I cannot tell you what to decree, as that must be decided among the PAT collective, and its intentions. But I will tell you that the first time you did this, it was so powerful, a tone/sound was released and reverberated across the heavens. At that moment we all knew your “collective mind” had arisen in its awareness of self and creative potential. This is your most powerful tool, use it when you can.

But also be aware that as some of you already noticed, it can be taxing on you. But that can be alleviated somewhat by the way intention is used to fuel the decree. That is all the hint I can give you. But do know, even this is not required, as the PAT really need to do nothing more than to stay the course. This is just an additional option at your disposal to always be aware of.

Aside from the information I’ve just given you, we are still in the same process I’ve already described to you over the last 2 days. But as we all proceed with clearing large amounts of dross, remember that the most difficult is yet to come, and when it does, know that it is a sign of your imminent release. Unfortunately birthing can be rather uncomfortable, especially that last push. You are so very close now, it is all within your grasp, we have the highest advantage, God’s will to see this done, and endless openings/potentials, in which to see it through. Our resources are endless.

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