Further Messages on the Imminent PAT Ascension, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012, one hour ago

Dear George,

I just got message from my HS, that the forces of light will use the energy harvested from the spectators on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games to trigger the ID split.

Former PTB planned this event long time ago. They intended to harvest energy that is released by the ignorant human masses during the opening ceremony of this last Olympic games. Such energy can be collected thru fourth astral level and then redirected and used by the PTB for to achieve their goals.

What they didn’t imagine in their wildest dreams was that at this point in time, part of the fourth dimensional level, they occupy, will be totally cleared and wrapped up. Now the Heaven is using the same strategy to perform the ID split and ascension! I have no idea if this energy will be used immediately or will be stored in a cosmic capacitor and used later on.

Three days ago I got a very long and vivid dream with the message: “At the Olympic games, there are plenty of dirty bombs, but NONE of them will explode”.

With love and light,
Dear Boyd,

there is a recent message with a similar information:


It is obvious that this event can be exploited for two opposite purposes – for the darkness or for the light. I cannot imagine that the forces of light will allow the dark ones to misuse the Olympic games for their heinous purposes, after they have hindered them throughout the whole Cold war to trigger a new atomic WW3. This will be very easy for them to prevent.

However, whether they will also effectively use the enthusiasm of the masses for our ascension and the ID split remains to be seen. I do not exclude this possibility, but I also do not relate our ascension to this event, as there are other cosmic factors in play that are more important than this earthly event.

In fact, my guess is that ascension has already commenced incrementally and now is progressing step by step on its own. It may take the enthusiasm of the masses for its purpose, but this enthusiasm may be also of such a low vibration that it may actually be a blockage for the ID split. In this case they may even allow a small bomb to explode as to scare the masses and help them release their collective fears. This is all part of the dialectical process of All-That Is in the current End Times of ascension.

It is difficult to perceive how correlated the two events – Olympic games and PAT Ascension – are. My personal guess is that they are only timely related, but not energetically.

With love and light
July 27, 2012, 50 minutes ago

Dear George,

“today is the day” – this is the fragment of information I woke up with this morning… whatever that means. At this time I had no expectation that it would be any different than the numerous other days. I usually don’t keep track of time or dates, so at some point I found out that it’s the 27th and the opening of the Olympic Games. Aha. Later on, as I read a PAT comment publication, which managed to stay unread until now, coincidentally you might think, I came across Joanna’s date given by her HS – the 27th.

I simply do not know what it means. It could be the day… I move from the car into the backpacker. The day I run out of miso. The day, something happens, is that I make it happen because I think it’s a special occasion. Then again, I was very fatigued and went for a nap, which happened all by itself, while the experience on the other hand was somewhat uncommon with different energetic sensations, at least from the parts I can recall.

Of course I could get my mind to work now and make a theory, proclaim it to be the truth, and feel secure – as I “know” what’s happening. Doesn’t seem to be the day for that though, as I still go with the “whatever”-attitude right now, at 7.42 in the evening. I was about to write 19.42, for those interested in numerology, but changed it right away out of consideration for everyone on a 12h time format.

So how did the said information, I woke up with, influence my behaviour? I’d say I was more awake, conscious. I had the feeling, there would be a new entry in a channeling-blog that only had sporadic updates, and so it was. Some advice given there kinda fit the occasion, so I gave some thought to whether or not there’s something I still have to wrap up, or say any goodbyes. After going through everything, there were just two short emails I feel had to be written, of general nature, with small hints, to the only persons that might notice I’m gone, my parents.

Andre, from Australia
Dear Andre,

thank you very much for your comprehensive email and for your interesting prediction/ foreboding with respect to the opening of the Olympic games today.

From what you write, I gather that you are still on the road in Australia. This is surely a very good way to end this reality.

I have no feeling about what will happen today, but I know that we are shortly before the ID split and the explosion of the PAT “supernova” of ascension. We cannot do anything now, but just sit and wait.

With love and light
July 27, 2012, two hours ago

Dear Henry,

thank you for this revised copy. I have entered it. I hope to have more time today and work again on your translation, so that we can publish the next serial before our ascension. If not, in case we will ascend soon, it does not matter much.

I can assure you that the energies have changed their quality significantly since July 25-26 and I have the feeling that there is a kind of ID split running in installments, before the final supernova is detonated. Last night I dreamt a lot about our ascension preparations, but it was very chaotic altogether. My guess is that we will wait a couple of more days before it makes “Bummm”!…

By the way it is surprising how rapidly my wife is now changing her view. She is a very old soul, but has decided for some reasons to keep the illusion to the very last minute. Now she is so angry and discontent with her colleagues at the Waldorf School, whom she liked until now, for their narrow-minded and egoistic behaviour. This is a clear sign for me that she is on the verge of switching onto her soul side.

She is extremely clairvoyant and can read the future and character of anybody with an astounding precision, better than anybody else I have seen. She uses the sediment of Turk coffee for this purpose as a kind of Rorschach test, but she can do it with any other object and she now considers the possibility to use a crystal ball, as it is easier to handle. She can enter any personality and walk through it, but as most of them harbour lot of dark sides, this darkness clings to her memory and depresses her. Therefore she does not do it very often and then only for persons who need it.

Last week I drunk my Turk coffee and prepared it for a forecast, but as my wife was out of the house, she did not know that this cup of coffee was mine. When she came back she looked at this coffee and saw a huge alien at the bottom of my coffee. Then she asked me if it was my coffee. I had to laugh.

I think we now swim with the back wind of the huge energies that sweep the old thought patterns of the people and change them over night. We need not do much to convince them anymore. They will soon come to us on their own. This is a very comfortable new situation, which I have expected for a long time, but it was postponed many times. Now there is no time left and hence I think that the ID split is also imminent any day from now on.

With love and light
July 27, 2012, 10 minutes ago

Dear Georgi,

I had such an interesting day yesterday. At 7:30 am I had just finished walking my dog and was standing at the end of my driveway when another neighbor came by with her two dogs and we were talking. Then a neighbor from across the street joined us with his dog. They were telling me of the strange dreams, poor night sleep, and neck and chest pains they were having lately. I was only half listening because there was a huge hawk flying close but yet still in the distance. I was just watching and calling to him. I do this often when walking along the fields where I live. They just seem to appear and follow me. I have always taken this as a protective sign and it indeed brings me great joy.

I was so happy to read of Amy’s vision this morning as I had a similar one at the same time, same day. The other two people I was with eventually noticed that I was looking up at something. I told them to look up. How beautiful was this hawk and how blessed we were with this visit. The hawk then came closer and flew close over our heads, round and round, slowly and so very close. They both commented that they hoped it would not dive down at us. Odd response don’t you think. Anyway I was just lost in my own world of communication with this great being. This lasted for about five minutes. Then as I looked into his eyes in his last close passing, I got the message, “It’s Time”. I just smiled a huge smile in my heart and off he flew. It was a great start to my day. I also loved Amy’s vision of all of us leaving with a “loud noise”. That will be wonderful to experience.

The rest of the day was filled with a number of encounters with neighbors all of whom expressed similar “physical”complaints as the other two in the morning, mainly difficulty sleeping, up to the bathroom more at night, neck and chest pains, intense dreams, and feeling that they had been hit by a big wave and were exhausted. As each one during the day told their story to me, I would just smile inside. They are feeling the energy and do not know what it is. I do not even consider anymore explaining it to them I am just filled with joy that they are receiving the energy and allowing it to change them.

I was so grateful to Amy for her story and grateful for my experience. In the waiting, it is so wonderful to feel close to other PAT and receive messages from nature of comfort. I was also very grateful for hearing from my neighbors who I have hoped would be more open to who I am. I now have seen and heard proof that they are being made ready to receive more.

Blessings to all,


Dear Jennifer,

thank you for your confirmation of the coming Ascension and the ID split from your personal experience. Other members of the PAT also report about similar signs and prophecies that we are shortly before the PAT supernova explodes. Let us hope that these messages of our souls are also properly interpreted by ourselves.

With love and light


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