Great Sensation!!! The Orion Mass Media have begun with their Revelations. BBC Shows its First Documentary On Nibiru and Admits the Pole Shift

By Georgi Stankov, June 26, 2012, copyright 2012

The BBC (UK) has inadvertently recorded Nibiru in a documentary for the first time in the modern history of this official Orion state television. The documentary was hidden in the harmless feature  “Ukraine’s Forgotten Children” broad-casted on June 18, 2012 and appears  at 1 hour 11 minutes 55 seconds. It can be viewed or downloaded in SD or HD on the BBC i Player on line, until 17 July 2012. Below you can watch this sensational documentary on Nibiru under this link (9 minutes) that has been just published on the Internet:,_2012_Video_Picture.html


I personally watched the “Ukraine’s Forgotten Children” on June the 18th, but found the feature to be rather dull and therefore I switched off the TV set  after a quarter of an hour. Besides, the whole program was tainted with Western propaganda and displayed the classical prejudices of the West against the former Soviet republics.

Of course I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that the surreptitious BBC journalists  would  change the original topic and report on such an issue of paramount importance for humanity as the existence and approaching of Nibiru and its huge magnetic effect on the earth that has already caused a significant pole shift and a tilt of the physical axis of our planet. However, I have the strong premonition for some time, given by my Higher Self, to watch carefully for the first significant revelations in the mass media that will herald the beginning of the big events. Now we have them black on white.

All the items broadcasted in this unique and sensational documentary on NIbiru are without precedent in the history of the Western Orion dominated mass media, but have been extensively discussed on this website. One may get the impression that the BBC journalists are regularly reading our website and get their information predominantly from us.

Let me summarize in a concise manner the major items that appear in the BBC documentary and have been extensively covered by myself on this website:

1) The deliberate cover-up of Nibiru by the Western (USA) mass media in the last 20 years after the initial announcement of its existence in the early 90s, e.g. the closure of many websites on the Internet that have published astronomic data on Nibiru as recently discussed by myself.

2) The pictures from the Neymauer Station of Nibiru in the Antarctic, which are identical with the ones I have published in previous ascension reports.

3) The observation of the people as a proof for the magnetic and physical pole shift and the wobbling of the earth’s axis due to the impact of Nibiru on the earth’s magnetic field. In particular, there is an ample confirmation that the sites of the sunrise and sunset have significantly shifted in the last months as confirmed by Eskimos and other indigenous people.

BBC could have as well broadcasted the observations of the PAT members published on this website and also presented the excellent graphic prepared by Monica on the altered sun’s orbit based on my personal observations of the sunrise and sunset this year. This huge state television that also broadcasts in the USA, financed by the British tax payers, could have also made the effort to present some more valid and reliable information from the official astronomic stations the world over and not only resort to the habitual observations of indigenous people. How much poorer the quality of BBC could still become?

This documentary is an embarrassment to BBC and all official mass media. It proves that a single Internet journalist as myself, though a former editor in Radio Free Europe, is more competent and far-sighted than a billion budgeted state television that has the reputation to be “the best and most objective” Orion channel worldwide. What a disgrace!

However do not expect to find any further references in this documentary on Nibiru to ID split, three-earth scenario, human ascension and LBP that are the basic cosmic energetic processes of change, while the astronomic observations, no matter how spectacular,  merely assess secondary, accompanying phenomena of the incredible Ascension of earth and humanity this summer and throughout this auspicious year to the higher dimensions.

Dear PAT members, fasten your seat bells – the big events we have so eagerly expected for so long time have now irreversibly commenced.

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