Announcement: To All Italian Readers!

by Georgi Stankov, June 12, 2012

Herewith, I am happy to announce that my faithful Italian reader Dolores F. has just prepared an Italian version of this website through Google translate, with the aim to propagate the ideas of the PAT and the new scientific theory of the Universal Law in her beautiful country and my old spiritual homeland. I am very grateful to Dolores for her effort and this present, with which she so kindly surprised me this morning and made me very happy:

I am confident that this new Italian version will help my other faithful readers as Eva, Alberto, Paolo, Davide, etc., just to mention some of them, to propagate more easily and successfully the ideas of the PAT among their awakening countrymen.

After all, one of our first obligations after ascension will be to eliminate the Vatican and Christianity and substitute them with a new individual spirituality based on the clear consciousness that each human being is an immortal creator god and  “an inexorable spark of All-That-Is”, We, the members of the PAT will  very soon appear as ascended masters and embody the “Second Coming of Christ”  on the earth. Thus we will demonstrate to humanity that it no longer needs any organized religions and institutions to establish contact with the Source.



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