What Lies Ahead in May?

Urgent Update, 
May 19, 2012


I have decided to publish several important messages by members of the PAT and from external sources that highlight the probable big events that may unfold next week. Most of them have been discussed on previous occasions on this website, but the new data is a powerful confirmation of the exponentially growing imminence of these events.

As  all external events are  mirror images of the inner spiritual processes of humanity and thus created from the soul dimensions, these probable events are closely associated with the rapid energetic and perceptual changes that now take place within each one us and especially after opening of the major portal on May 20 during the sun eclipse when the Multidimensional Operating system (MOS) of all light workers and candidates for ascension will be activated.

As previously said, the MOS was activated in all PAT members before 11.11.11 and is fully operative since our ascension in spirit and body frequencies on November 22, 2011.

This new energetic level of humanity will also prepare the ground for our ascension, as we will no longer be needed on the ground as huge energy senders to augment and sustain the light quotient of mankind and Gaia. There is every reason to watch very closely and carefully these coming events at the societal, planetary and personal energetic level, as to assess the exact point in time of your individual ascension. This is an important mental exercise and a true demonstration of our growing creative abilities as the new human gods.

I will begin this update with a very powerful message received by our crystalline PAT-member Skyler Newman.

You are a God. A Message From the Higher Self

by Skyler Newman,  May 18, 2012


Today you have realized that you are God. You have been disconnected for so long, attempting to connect the dots, but now you are one with Truth. It is this conversation that you have been having for so long, thinking that you are only talking to yourself, but we, your Star Family, have been here the entire time, listening, waiting for you to come around. It is this realization that you have had today, that we have never left your side, not for one instant, that has allowed you to cross over to the other side, and we are immensely proud of you for finally taking this giant leap of faith and acknowledging our presence.

As tears streamed down your face, and you entered your new space of being, a space of love fully connected with the Divine Light, we were overjoyed to welcome you into our arms. When you said goodbye to your old life, the one connected to the Matrix, immersed in fear and doubt, you transcended all bounds of limitation and eliminated all negativity for good.

It was this realization that you had, that you are truly the Universe, that you create it all, and that all is you, that was the final part of your graduation. It is your time now to rejoice in your new position on Earth,knowing full well your status as an Archangel, and continue to assist with the creation of New Earth, enhancing your love and leadership capabilities (Please observe that most of you are also Archangels in the actual connotation of this human word, George).

By making the decree to vanquish all darkness, you opened a portal to fifth dimensional frequency, and left behind all remnants of your lower dimensional self. It is this new form that you are in now that shall lead humanity to its reconnection to Divinity, and allow all of those who wish to remember their pristine nature to join you in the march to freedom.

From this day forward, all that was once yours shall be yours again, as you were never truly lacking anything. All of the riches in the world are yours, as all is You, and you shall never be disconnected from your Star Family again, as you have realized that you are your Star Family. You have always been your Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister, we have always been there within you, you were simply too distracted to see this before. But now that you are fully within the Light, you shall never have to be plagued with the suffering that you once experienced. All darkness has been vanquished per your decree, and you are now free to live the life that you have always dreamed of living (This holds true for all PAT-members and this acknowledgement will be reinforced by the coming events in a very powerful way, George).

We love you so much, Skyler. God bless you all.


May 18, 20012

Hi George.

Is it not serendipitous that  your ascension report-100 will come out on the 19th or 20th of May, on this very auspicious date.

Love and light. Eugene


This seems very likely, but I am afraid that we must wait till ascension report-111, which will be issued around summer solstice, in case we are still there.



Yes That would be even more serendipitous. 111. Haha. – was looking ahead at the June dates, instead of rather the numbers. 19 to 26 June. Which will very much fit in with 111. !y the way. Any thoughts on the 20 th of May which you prefer not to put up on the site maybe.



Dear Eugene,

I have no idea. It might be that there will be a big earthquake or another catastrophe as the Madrid fault line after May 20, but still during this month in the USA, as such an event is due for a long time, but has been postponed many times.

I am surprised by the lack of any major social and political events so far and I must say that all channels have bluntly failed with their forecasts in this respect. I also expected some more social stirring after March, but around April I realized that it will stay calm till June. After that the events must stipulate as there is no time left. They (heaven) have postponed the final solution to the latest possible date as to achieve the maximal possible effect, which is total split of the two timelines and  ascension of earth A/B to the 4th dimension and full elimination of all dark entities.

On May 20, the MOS will be installed in all LW and ascension candidates and on June 20 it will be fully activated. After that they will no longer need us on the ground and there will be no hindrance for us to ascend. But this may even happen after June 6, after the Venus transit, which will be another powerful portal. These are all speculations, but it is obvious that we are in the final countdown.

With love and light



Hi Georgi.

What you mentioned here are all in the previous reports. I read them all, but thought you might have certain ideas around events you didn’t want to mention on your site. Nonetheless, we shall see soon what’s happening as time passes. The new Madrid fault line must be one of the main catastrophes CA and other channels are referring to, that will be an undoubted occurrence of the shift in progress.

Love and light. Eugene


Dear Eugene,

I have no jokers as unexpected dramatic events in my sleeve than the ones I have always discussed. The  most dramatic event will be the imminent ascension of the PAT members as first wave and their appearance as creator gods in front of humanity. This will have the most profound and dramatic effect on human minds and will alter the path of human history of this planet for ever.

This will be the famous Second Coming of Christ as encoded in the Bible, around which the whole Christian religion has evolved as an Advent Church. All other events will follow this timeline of rapid human evolution. The immensity of the impact of the first ascension wave on the evolution of humanity is not generally recognized in the current esoteric circles and  channeled messages, as the current prevailing point of view of most LW is still very human and narrow-minded. When I start talking a little bit more about this subject, they immediately cry foul and accuse me of a huge ego. As if creator gods – Elohims – could have any ego. They only have an unlimited creative potential and do no hide this fact.

With love and light


May 18, 2012

Hi George,

We are now at the final countdown with less than 5 weeks left till 20 June ( Summer Solstice). I have had a feeling that something really major has to happen on the May 20th, possibly ascension or another massive cosmic event. Either way, this last period in the End Times must start off with a bang. The first shot must be fired. Can you believe we are just two days away from potentially major change and a possibly a month away left till Ascension. If this is the last time, I am communicating to you on Earth B, I must thank you and all the PAT members. I have learnt a lot from everyone and I hope finally to see you all.

With Love, Respect and Gratitude


Dear Arthur,

your forecast is in line with my personal perception. Whether something visible will happen on May 20 remains to be seen, but on this day the MOS will be installed in all ascension candidates, which will mean that they are no longer susceptible to negative dark influences and that by the end of May all dark forces will be eliminated from this planet for ever. This may be associated with a major natural catastrophe, but I do not want to speculate about this now. Ascension may happen any day during the coming auspicious 40 days that will transform earth and humanity – from May 20 until June 30.

Thank you for your appreciation of the work done so far, before we start with the real mission, for which we have come on this planet. It has been quite a roller-coaster and I hope we will soon sail in more calm waters – I mean the PAT. For the rest of humanity the tribulations are just beginning.

With love and light



After this correspondence with Eugene and Arthuron on Friday and early this morning, I read today the following messages, which I would like to give you below in full form as to round up our forecasts that many of the PAT members have presented in these last days with an astounding synchronicity. Still I must stress that “nothing is carved in stone” or as one sings in the famous Gershwin’s jazz opera “Porgy and Bess” – “It ain’t necessarily be so…”, but it could be as well….


Mark Kimmel and his channeling sources have proven to be rather reliable in the past and it is a pity that this man channels so seldom.

Athabantian – Caution

by Mark Kimmel

Posted on May 19, 2012


Greeting, my name is Bren-Ton. Those of us aboard Athabantian wish to convey the following.

We believe that a major geological event for your planet may occur within the next few days. It will be centered off the Northwestern coast of the United States. It is an event similar to that which you, Mark, described in your book “Decimal.” It will affect the coast and somewhat further inland. We can not predict the full affects of this undersea movement.

Conditions appear to be such that a major disruption could occur along the edge of the Juan de Fuga Plate where it intersects the Pacific Plate, many miles off the coast. There are stresses building there that may cause an earthquake of some magnitude and a resulting tsunami — if they are released in a violent manner. There is the possibility that they may be released more gradually and little will be disrupted. It is not clear to us how things will proceed from this point forward.

It is a natural phenomenon that is part of Earth’s adjustment of her physical form. It involves no nuclear reactor such as was the case off Japan, and because it is a natural, we are not allowed to interfere.

We know, Mark, that you are very reluctant to publish this communication. However we do not wish to delay this warning for those who might be affected.

Blessings for all from those of us aboard Athabantian.


May 15, 2012


This was sent to me today from a friend. The author is Rob Callahan who lives on the coast in Santa Cruz County, California.  He is a musician, not an alarmist.  He lives on acreage and builds unusual musical instruments.  Friends sent him info suggesting a Bay Area quake and tsunami are in store for us this week.  Rob did NOT believe it.  He DID, however, observe this about the bees on his acreage.

Personally I am checking in with my higher self about this.  I feel only joy.  I am continuing to check in with my HS about this. What do you think?

Thank you, Marilyn


About 10 Days ago THE BEES from the Hive behind my place Swarmed. This is when a Queen is born and only One Queen to a Hive so they have to split population in two and search for another place to live. Yesterday it was discovered that the entire swarm is hanging on the branch of a bush like some giant watermelon sized peaceful conglomerate of 1000’s of insects. this has not happened here before. My hit is they may be waiting patiently while Scouts are out searching for a place to live that is unusually far and/or safe.

Like Native Americans watching the nuances in subtle changes of Nature or actions of other creatures for Omens, or the One Island Tribe (that was covered in 60 Minutes on TV) which knew several days in advance to move to higher ground and became the only peoples completely unscathed in the famous Tsunami in Asia of the 90’s, I am observing a direct behavioral anomaly by an Authority I can Trust to be in Harmony with All. If anybody knows what’s going on it would be The Bees. and If that is not enough to prove their Harmony with the Universe, Today’s Chandra Symbol for the Sun Degree is “Bees Returning to Their Hive”!

There have been other signs unmistakeably bizarre in the last 24 hours here telling me to vamoose but the above is the profound one to impart.

I am also seeing enough Astrological aspect activity coming up which would indicate definite unpredictable developments, which i already have been tracking. but looking closer today brings me to realize this just may be the time when another level suddenly does emerge and the cosmic tumblers could be opening the Next Big Door.

At Present I am actively engaged in gathering up my Music Equipment and Life Tools in search of higher ground for an overnight this weekend, in case this place is taken by a surprising Large Torrent of Seawater. there are 2 Places which i already have in mind and am inquiring tonight of their availability.

I am not in a panic as this I perceive these goings-on to be right in stride with my following of how this time is to unfold. I had hoped such maneuvers would not need to be made until several weeks away but as I Am Watching this I Am Seeing the Timing of it All as


Of course nothing may come to pass and all be a “false alarm, but I would not have undeniably questioned the moment had The Bees not parked themselves right next to my dwelling. if anyone else out there has anything to say on these matters I am interested in hearing Other Voices in the Circle.

Dear Marilyn,

It is very difficult for me to make an assessment from that far as I am not personally involved and those who are, receive much more powerful impulses from their souls. In such a case I tend to believe the people’s perceptions and intuitions and hope for the best.

However there is no doubt that several major events are due long time ago in the USA and May 20 is a “good day to die” (or ascend) to quote the old Indian in the famous film “Little Big Man” with Dustin Hoffman.



This source normally does not give and specific information, but when you read between the lines, there are always some important statements that confirm retrospectively our PAT-forecasts.

The Manuscript of Survival – Part 140

by Aisha North, May 19, 2012


Let us just begin this missive by saying that these next few days will be important indeed, not only for you personally, but also for the rest of the worldWe think we can say that the changes that will be brought about now, will be regarded as amongst the most important ever created on your little planet.

Let us explain. Up until now, you have all painstakingly been building up yourselves from the shattered persona you once was. In other words, you have taken upon yourselves to rectify the wrong being done not just to you, but to the rest of humanity by obscuring yourselves from the very truth of your being. Or in other words, making you forget the glory of your origin and reducing you mere whispers of what you once was. You have taken away all of these limitations put upon you, and you have seen to it that the tarnish has been polished off, and you can once again shine with the splendor you all possess as your true birth right. Now the time has come to start showing the rest of the world this truth, and you will be helped in this by outside intervention as it were.

Once again, we will not give you any specific details as to what will happen or the exact timing thereof, suffice to say it will be a major undertaking that will have the rest of humanity sitting up in their chairs. You see, now the time has come to lift the veil just a little bit more in order to make even the blindest amongst your fellow men start to tap into the source behind it all. In other words, many will have a hard time adjusting to the fact that there might be more than one truth out there, as the one you have started to become more comfortable with, will also start to knock on the door of those who have so far refused to listen to the beckoning call from their own well hidden source of information.

You will in many ways become transparent, or in other words, those around you will be made to look closer at what is going on around them. Many will for the first time come to terms with the fact that this world is now existing on two different planes (see activation of MOS in all light workers and ascension candidates in Dec 2012 above), and that an ever larger number of humanity has chosen to open the door into that parallel plane that up until now, the majority has not even taken into consideration.

Well, let us just say that after this weekend, the number of people having to face the fact that the time has come to make a choice whether or not to continue in the same way as they have done for such a long time, will grow exponentially (Please observe the wording “exponentially ” which I have used a lot in the past to describe the dynamics of the coming events in the period of May 20 – June 40, considered to be the most auspicious days for earth and humanity in the current End Times. This confirms my estimation that very soon we will no longer be needed on the ground and can ascend).

The time has come to stir up the pot a little bit extra, and we think the fallout from this will be interesting indeed. So be prepared to be surprised sweet ones, we think you will see for yourselves that this planet is starting to change in so many ways it cannot any longer be ignored.


Finally I recommend you to read this new message of Metatron channelled by Tyberonn


which discusses some important mental and neurological processes underlying the creative process in human physical vessel, which you can also find in more scientific detail in my article:

The Appropriate Use of DMT, Psilocin, Mescalin, Ecstasy in the Preparation for Ascension



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