Open Letter to Bill Gates

The Season of Big Changes is Opened

by Georgi Stankov, May 1, 2012

I was not able to send this letter to Bill Gates Foundation as its server declined its receipt for whatever reasons. I am asking all my readers to copy this email and send it to his foundation The more emails he will receive with this content, the greater the chance that he will read it.

I have started a frontal attack on the old matrix and its institutions on May 1, the day when the Illuminati introduced the Labour day as a deliberate affront on humanity, which they have enslaved for eons of time. I will continue with this effort till our ascension. We have no time to waste anymore.

I will also ask you to send me email addresses of important institutions and universities which I will also address with an email of a similar content. You can do the same thing if you wish. My HS urged me last night that we must now actively create the  reality we want to live in. Any effort on our part to promote the changes we desire, will be multiplied and magnified in the higher realms and send back upon earth and humanity. The point in time of our ascension is not fixed but will depend to a larger extent on what we do here on the ground. Just sitting and waiting will not help. Active actions are needed, notwithstanding what immediate reactions they will elicit.



Munich, Germany, April 30, 2012

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

It is a public “secret” that the elite is fully aware of the sweeping events that will soon transform earth and humanity. Only the masses are still sleeping and unaware of their destiny. But not for very long. The elite are now feverishly seeking all possible ways to survive, after their underground bunkers were recently destroyed. Planet X (Nibiru) is rapidly approaching earth and will soon trigger the magnetic pole reversal and the inter-dimensional split of the two timelines.

Two third of humanity will ascend in the course of this summer to the higher levels of the 4th dimension, beyond the level of the former off-world Powers That Be of this planet from the Orion/Reptilian empire. When these events will occur, all the fortunes collected by individuals in the past as well as the whole Orion monetary system will be wiped out for ever from this planet.

It is well known that there are many rich “fence straddlers” who have hugely profited from their connection with the dark human elite in the past. If they decide to make a swift U-turn in the next few days and start working for the light, they will not necessarily share the dire destiny of the Elite on a catastrophic earth B. This positive outcome is anchored as an astral probability alternative in their soul contracts for the End Times.

The Elite will either not survive the inter-dimensional shift or will remain on the dense 3d-earth and will suffer the devastating effects of the rapidly approaching Nibiru. The current camouflage of many rich fence straddlers as “philanthropists” will not save their lives, as their deeds are fully transparent in the higher realms, where human destiny is determined. All plans of the Elite to evade their terrible fate have already been canceled by the Divine plan for humanity.

I represent a powerful group, which constitutes of the most evolved souls in this universe, coming directly from the Source (12th dimension). They have incarnated in the current End Time to enable the Ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension in the course of this year. This group is called “The Planetary Ascension Team, PAT” and is gathered around the website:

We opened collectively the stargate 11.11.11 last year and thus made it possible for the powerful cosmic energies from the central sun of this galaxy to flood earth and change the rules of the game on this small planet. All those human beings who are ready to ascend are now connected to the new crystalline grid of Gaia and will very soon become the new Earth Keepers and powerful multidimensional creator beings as Ascended Masters. The rest of mankind that will follow the dark Elite will either die in the course of this year or will stay on the catastrophic earth B and will experience real hell. I must be absolutely open and frank with you, as there is no time for you to waste.

Those fence straddlers, who have worked so far for the dark Elite, have been given their last chance to alter their dire destiny now and save their lives by starting to cooperate with the forces of light. There is no other possibility to survive the coming turmoil. In both cases they will, however, lose their fortunes after the shift. Needless to say that after Ascension to the higher 4th dimension the digital computer will be replaced by new advanced technologies of communication and such companies as Microsoft will immediately cease to exist.

Upon this cosmic background I am making you now an auspicious proposal. Your destiny will depend on your answer:

I have discovered the Universal Law of Nature from which all other known physical laws can be derived. This is the universal field equation Einstein and other prominent physicists have been searching in vain in the past. I have integrated the whole physics with the help of the Universal Law. I have achieved this also for all natural and social sciences. The General Theory of Science of the Universal Law is summarized in 15 books on 5000 pages, published as free pdf on the website

and are accessible for every scientist and layman to read and study.

The new science of the Universal Law is the Science of Ascension and will be the theoretical foundation of the enlightened human society in the new 5d-Earth after mass ascension in Dec 2012. But the Divine Plan for this planet foresees that this theory must be accepted by humanity and broadly established in the course of this year – at the latest after our pending ascension as a group and our official appearance in front of humanity in the next several months. This will be the long awaited Second Coming of Christ by all Christians.

I now stretch my hand over to you and invite you to participate in our endeavour to convince the scientific community to scrutinize the New Theory of the Universal Law and accept it as a theoretical basis for their future activities. With your influence and connections in the scientific world you can decisively contribute to the rapid introduction and global dissemination of this new theory prior to Ascension.

Thus you will deserve the historical merit to be the first philanthropist who has grasped the scope of the new theory of the Universal law and has decisively contributed to the awakening of mankind. This awakening is inevitable, but you can help accelerate this global process and qualify for personal ascension. Any endeavour to promote the light on this planet in these last days will be immensely rewarded by Heaven.

You should simply address the best scientists and physicians worldwide and urge them to study my theory. If they will be able to reject it to established scientific standards, then I am obviously an impostor. However, I can assure you that this is impossible. The Theory of Ascension of the Universal Law has been gifted to humanity by the highest realms of Cosmic Awareness in this universe and I am only their human conduit.

Start with volume II (full version) on the “General Theory of Physics and Cosmology” on my website. According to my professional estimation, a competent physicist would need only a weekend to check the validity of my theory. I have proved for instance that all mathematical results obtained in physics so far are valid, while almost all verbal, non-mathematical interpretations of these results are fundamentally wrong. This has precluded the unification of physics in the past.

Please, ponder very carefully on this generous proposal. This is the best one you have ever received in your life and it is done in full transparency and with the sincere desire to be of service to humanity. Show that you are a true philanthropist in the proper connotation of this word.

Sincerely Yours
Dr. Georgi Stankov
Munich, Germany

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