The Historical Mission of the PAT and the End of Christianity

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, April 7, 2012, Copyright 2012

Apollonius of Tyana, from Tyana in Cappadocia,
Asia Minor–  Tyana  still  exists today  in Turkey-
-East of the Taurus Mountains & North of Syria
Nazarenes,  Sect of Essenes

We are approaching Easter Time – the most auspicious Easter in the history of mankind – when Christianity, this most fraudulent religion on earth, will celebrate for the last time Christ’s death and resurrection, before it will be abolished for ever. Yes, this religion, based on the most colossal and prolonged lie mankind has ever experienced, will be terminated by you –  the members of the PAT – when you ascend as first Ascended Human Masters this year and show up in front of humanity as the embodiment of Christ Second Coming.

This event has been eagerly expected by most Christians and deeply feared by all clergy, knowing that this will be the end of their reign on this planet over numerous human minds. It is no coincidence that the pope has announced the possibility to resign next month (May 2012) to a German journalist during his visit in Germany last year.

We live in the End Times of serendipities and miracles, as you regularly report in your emails that are published in our ascension reports. One of the greatest miracles that will happen this year will be the abolition of the Christian religion, where you will play the role of the Magician. And please do not reject this bold idea, while resorting to some subliminal, residual fears that may still lurk from your mental and emotional bodies; they must be almost completely free by now from any fear based patterns whatsoever.

You have always played this role whenever you have incarnated on this toxic planet. You are not simple, individual souls, but representatives of All-That-Is  – of the Oneness of the highest dimensions of this universe. You are Materialisation of huge powerful creator beings that are defined in human tongues as “Elohim”, “Angels” or simply “Divine Providence”. And you are Ascended Masters since November 22, 2011, while still dwelling in your clay vessels. You come from the highest monads rooted in the 12th dimension of the Source, even if you may doubt from time to time your divine origin.

These divine Christed powers have incarnated on numerous occasions in the past to heave the light quotient on this toxic, dark planet and be beacons of light for all souls to learn. We decided about 2000 years ago to incarnate on the earth in huge numbers and to probe the first mass ascension since the Fall of Atlantis. Many of you were the Essenes or the sect of the Nazarenes in the vicinity of Gaza. This order was created by Apollonius of Tyana, the physical personality who was later usurped by the state religion of Constantine, the Great to become the “anointed Christ of the East”.

I have written about this fraud in my English book ” The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.” There has never been any entity with the name  of Jesus Christ, as Christianity is now preaching. There has been no crucifixion and no resurrection the way it has been presented in the New Testament.

The Jesus myth is based on the life of the famous spiritual teacher Apollonius of Tyana, who was born 2 years A.C. and lived almost 98 years. He preached a new gnostic teaching based on the Buddhist tradition of Krishna and amalgamated it with Pythagorean mysticism. He based his transcendental philosophy on the works of Plato and Aristotle. His followers, known as Gnostics and Neo-Platonists, continued this spiritual tradition and further developed it to the most congruent gnostic teaching Western civilisation has ever had.

I have discussed the theory of Neoplatonism in depth in my German gnostic book “Neoplatonism and Christianity” written in 2007, which is based on my scientific research between 2005 and 2007 at the seminary library of Freising, where the current pope Ratzinger studied theology and became a priest. It is one of the biggest theological libraries in Europe and the world with more than 250 000 books since the 9th-10th centuries. This is another remarkable synchronicity. The last pope will be ousted by a person, who will beat him with his own theological weapons, among many other gifts he will acquire after his cosmic Ascension. To this much more will be said below.

The appearance of Apollonius of Tyana and his followers 2000 years ago was part of the divine plan of Ascension of humanity and Gaia in the current End Times. It was intended to organize a mass ascension of many old souls at that time in preparation for the current planetary ascension. Ultimately, the plan was derailed by the PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire and the Western civilisation entered the most dark period in its history for almost 1500 years – the so called “Dark Ages“, where the Christian religion of the Greys and the Reptilians, helped by the obnoxious Deros as the feared “Black Men” (e.g. during the pest times) showed its most brutal nature.

Most of you as souls coming from the highest dimensions of this universe incarnated with my soul monad known as Apollonius of Tyana 2000 years ago in order to complete this mission, but had to return back to the source fully disappointed. Why? This last great effort to awaken humanity was hijacked by the PTB in the gestalt of Constantine the Great, a ruthless Roman soldier emperor coming from Thrace (Illyria) on the territory of current Bulgaria, who was in fact a Reptilian shape-shifter. He wanted to establish a new centralized religion that will guarantee his absolute power as divine emperor.

Thus he ordered his subordinate personal scribes to take the basic ideas from all previous and existing religions that flourished at that time in the Roman empire and amalgamate them to a new cult of the sun, which his father a Roman consul already worshipped. As Apollonius of Tyana had already accomplished this intellectual achievement by developing a new synthesis of the ancient Indian religions around the worshipping of the sun with the basic ideas of human reincarnation of the souls, as also taught by Pythagoras, these paid scribes simply stole the teaching of this great Hellenistic thinker and forged it to serve the needs of their absolute emperor.

To make a long story short. The scribes, known as the Piso brothers, plagiarised Apollonius’ four books on the year’s seasons, which he had brought from his India’s journeys and produced the three synoptic gospels. Their sister wrote the fourth gospel under the name of John. His epistles were attributed to the fictitious person St. Paul, alias Saul, who was said to have been born in the Roman province of Cilicia (Tarsus), near Cappadocia (today’s Eastern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast), from where Apollonius of Tyana also came and where he was a renounced teacher for many years.

His biography has been depicted by Philostratus in the early 3rd century A.C. upon request of an enlightened Roman empress and has been preserved to these days. This is the only reliable source that gives us information on the light gestalt Apollonius of Tyana.

When Constantine, the Great Deceiver, summoned the Nicene synod to establish the new Christ religion and its dogmas, such as the Trinity dogma, it was decided to eliminate any written source that pointed to the existence of Apollonius of Tyana. This man travelled for most of his life throughout the whole Roman empire and was very famous and hugely beloved for his knowledge and divine nature, even centuries later. He performed numerous miracles and, after he ascended, he appeared to many of his followers.

I will not delve into detail now about this personality and his life. You can read the book written byJonathan Roberts in the 19th century (see link below). And here comes the next great serendipity which cogently demonstrates the precise divine coordination of our lives from the higher realms.

One week ago I received a link from our PAT member Jon Roberts to the book of his grand grand father, the above mentioned Jonathan Roberts, who was also one of the most prominent Americans in the 19th century history of this nation and a man to admire. He was a scholar, lawman, politician, but first and foremost he was a spiritual light gestalt and an adamant editor of a famous spiritual journal “Mind and Matter”, where he discussed all the gnostic topics, we also discuss on this website in a very profound and scientific manner. You can read more about his biography in his book.

When I started reading J. Roberts’ book, I immediately established connection to his soul (and to my soul) and realized that the time has come to announce the details around the divine plan behind the mission of the PAT in the current End Times.

The  story must appear rather convoluted to all of you, who have no clear idea of the history of Christianity and Western human civilisation. But I can assure you as somebody who has dealt in depth with this matter that all the topics that Roberts discusses in his excellent and scientifically extremely precise book have always been in the core of Western philosophy and social sciences and have thus shaped profoundly the destiny of humanity. It is a great pity that the current light workers have absolutely no idea about this huge and all-pervading area of Western human knowledge and tend to develop a wild jungle of weird esoteric ideas that suffocate their human minds in the current End Times. This critics is a leitmotif of all my gnostic writings.

Now what is the actual divine plan for the current End Times and why it is so closely related to Apollonius of Tyana? When our soul monads incarnated 2000 years ago, we decided to establish a spiritual movement that will eventually lead to ascension of many old souls and will pave the way for humanity to ascend collectively in the current  End Times. This was the most optimistic scenario at that time. It ultimately did not succeed because the dark forces massively intervened by establishing the fraudulent Christian religion.

For this reason Apollonius had to move to Judea, where he arrived from Cappadocia at the age of 33 with his followers. He had already become very famous for his teachings and healing miracles, which he had performed throughout the whole Roman empire during his numerous journeys. He was hailed by the inhabitants of Jerusalem when he arrived there and this event is depicted in the current forged Christian fairy tales about the Easter Time.

Being a man, who was devoted to the ultimate truth, he soon entered in conflict with the bigot and greedy Pharisees, but they could not prove that he has done anything wrong to the Roman authorities that occupied this land. In addition, he was protected by the Roman law as a Roman citizen. He founded soon thereafter the order of the Essenes near Gaza which was a kind of a communist community, where all people shared their property and lived in peace with all their neighbours.

Later on, he left the Essenes and journeyed to India and other countries, but also throughout the Roman Empire. In his last years he retired on the island of Patmos, where he wrote his Revelations for the current End Times in a state of trance. This book was later partially rewritten and ascribed to John, alias the Piso sister.

He ascended at the age of 98 years and after that he regularly appeared on the earth for the next four centuries when the Christian religion was firmly established. The attempt to organize a mass ascension of his followers and  old souls was not successful due to the massive intervention of the dark forces and there was a great disappointment among his followers as his two epistles to the Thessalonians perspire, where his best friend and companion Damis (Damas), renamed in the New Testament to “Timotheus“, lived in his last days. This geographic set also explains why I had to incarnate in a Macedonian family coming from Thessaloniki.

The mission of Apollonius of Tyana and his followers, the Essenes, which means the worshippers of the Sun, is  the historic prototype of the PAT-group in our modern End Times of Ascension.

The mission of our souls 2000 years ago was hijacked by the PTB and perverted to the present-day Christian society of the West. The Church became from the very beginning the most fraudulent  and corrupt religion on earth, as the author Roberts proves extensively in his brilliant book.

The Essenes were persecuted by the Jews, who were genetic slaves of the pervaded entity Jehovah, and many of them had to flee. One group of the Essenes around the entity with the name of Jeshua or Joshua emigrated to Southern France and established the new religion of the Kathars (the Purified) there. This spiritual movement and the southern region of France flourished for many centuries as the cradle of European civilisation, such as bards (troubadours) and the knights of gallantry, until the Vatican started a devastating and brutal crusade against them and killed most of the Kathars. Many of your souls have incarnated as Kathars in this region and have suffered infinite evil persecutions by the Catholic church.

The Christ myth of the entity Jesus was established around the life of Apollonius of Tyana and one of his followers known as Jeshua, who, as said above, later emigrated to France. All the other stories around his alleged Crucifixion and resurrection are forged and only serve to promote the tendency of sacrifice that all old souls who incarnate on this toxic planet exhibit in their effort to help humanity. This spiritual tendency has been maliciously exploited by the PTB to eliminate any potentially dangerous adversary and being of light by killing him, burning him, crucifying him or using any other perceivable means of physical elimination.

In this sense, the PAT group embodies in the current times the Essenes in Gaza, the Kathars in France, the Pathars in Italy, the Bogomils (Godbeloved) in medieval Bulgaria and Byzantine, the Huguenots in France, the Hussites in Prague etc. –  in other words, all dissidents against the Church throughout its long and very dark history.

Just as you have gathered around this website the world over, so did the old souls of the Essenes gathered around Apollonius of Tyana 2000 years ago. When I discovered the Universal Law in 1994, hugely supported by heavenly inspiration, I made a holiday in Cappadocia and Cilicia on the Turkish Mediterranean coast and visited all the ruins of the famous Hellenistic cities that were once the homeland of Apollonius of Tyana. I entered in a very intensive contact with the soul monad of this entity from the highest spiritual realms, which is also my level, and received my first comprehensive visions about my future mission on the earth, but also about the new 5d-earth. It was an extraordinary, exalted time when I barely touched with my feet upon the ground.

Back to Germany, I wrote the first volume of the new theory of the Universal Law, knowing that next there will be a huge battle to eliminate Christianity in addition to the eradication of the current flawed empirical science. Between 1999 and 2008, I wrote five books on human Gnosis, which are essentially a continuation and a further development of the teachings of Apollonius of Tyana, as they were further elaborated by his follower and Neo-Platonist Plotinus in the 3rd century.

Plotinus and his friend Origenes were educated by Ammonius Sacca in Alexandria in the teachings of Apollonius of Tyana. I have discussed these thinkers and their teachings extensively in my German book “Neoplatonism and Christianity“. I also gained deep insights into the greatest conspiracy of the PTB from the Orion Empire and how this religious fraud will be terminated in the End Times.

We have talked on numerous occasions that there were many delays in the original plan for the current End Times and that the anticipated abolition of Christianity was also postponed many times. Now there is no linear time left any more for further delays as all heavenly deadlines have been trespassed by the dark powers to make a disclosure. The collapse of this oldest absolute  monarchy, the Church, is imminent and will definitely come this year. And we all together will be the executors of Christianity with our ascension.

I will publish in a separate form to this introduction the channeling of Apollonius of Tyana, documented by the brilliant Jonathan Roberts who also introduces you in the ongoing camouflage of the established clergy and their scribes, renouncing the role of Apollonius of Tyana and thus perpetuating the fraud with their crucified Christ throughout human history. I have checked all his arguments and they are all of impeccable scientific accuracy and profound logic. I have not come upon a single argument that could have been considered flawed, which is so rare in my studies that it has happened only twice – when I read the Enneads of Plotinus and the present Roberts’ book.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to study this precious book, as there is a lot you can learn from it, even in these last days, about the overarching historical background of your current incarnation. We must now rectify all that has gone wrong in the last 2000 years – first and foremost eliminate the Church and the Vatican, but also all other centres of religious sectarian power by rejuvenating the old gnostic teachings of Apollonius of Tyana and the Neo-Platonists.

These true gnostic teachings were lost in the numerous deliberate fires set on the Alexandrian and other ancient libraries by the Christian arsonists as to eradicate any written source that pointed to the existence and life of Apollonius of Tyana, who was the true “anointed Christ of the East”, but also St. Paul, the alleged founder of the current organized Christian religion as Church, John the Evangelist, and most probably also the fictive John the Baptist.  

It is mandatory that you be acquainted with the historical dimension of the current  divine play script for the End Times, which is essentially a repetition of the old drama, but with a happy end this time. Just as you are now playing the role of the, this time, glorious Essenes who win over the dark PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire, it has been my duty to provide humanity with a new congruent theory of science that also considers the transcendental dimension and opens the minds of the people for the divine Logos of All-That-Is – the Universal Law of Energy.

Thus the circle is ultimately closed and the Heroes can enter the stage.


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