How To Achieve Personal Abundance and Establish the PAT-Foundation. A Special Proposal to All PAT-Members

PART 1: The Incredible Healing Effects of Nystatin

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, April 21, 2012, Copyright 2012

Nystatin US-patent



I have been elaborating in the last days on a business model that will help the members of the PAT to achieve personal abundance and also help establish the new PAT-Foundation. This will be an act of pure creation and I hope that all of you will participate in it in one or another way. As some of you may guess, it is about nystatin which I have patented in the USA, Canada and Europe in the 90s. I want to share now with you my ideas and trigger a general discussion before we proceed with the plan and enjoy abundance.

I have cherished this project since the early 90s and have never given up since then. I know all too well how many millions severely ill patients could have be saved with nystatin. I must admit that I am still angry with my soul for rigorously blocking me in the past to pursue this goal, But this was a protective measure by my soul as otherwise the dark ones who control the current Orion health care system, established only to commit human genocide, would have killed me long time ago,

This has to do with the way I wanted to promote nystatin, while at the same time exposing this organized crime of the national Western states against humanity by allowing the pharmaceutical industry to develop and launch on the market since WW2 only cell-inhibiting drugs that increase mortality and morbidity in all patents at an average rate of about 2-3 % compared to placebo (no treatment). This would say that since the end of WW2 many hundred million human beings were deliberated exterminated by the current pharmaceutical industry and health care system as to cull the growing human population in the End Times that is thinning out the small number of the Orion PTB (less than 1%) and their human minions and thus jeopardizes their total control over humanity.

The current human genocide was the chief weapon of the dark ones from the Orion Empire to combat the forces of light that are preparing Gaia and humanity for ascension and to establish the New World Order as advocated officially by Henry Kissinger, G. Bush senior and many other dark representatives sitting in the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Affairs (the hidden US-government).

This highlights the background upon which I will now present my nystatin project. In my volume III “The General Theory of Biological Regulation ” I have proved that the killing potential of most current drugs is well known to the scientific community since the early 80s. There are many excellent, large, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, published in the best international medical journals that prove this crime irrevocably. I have quoted the results of more than 50 such trials in volume III that show that the medical Mafia kills in the average 2 – 3 people prematurely in 100 chronically treated patients with antibiotics, most cardiovascular drugs, cytostatics and other chemotherapeutics, including all currently used drugs against AIDS and other viral diseases,

I do not want to indulge here in medical details as you can read my book, where I prove this global genocide beyond any doubt and furnish in addition the theoretical theory that explains how these drugs harm the human organism. This is the most comprehensive and coherent theory of biological regulation that has been developed in the history of mankind, and I am ready to discuss it with the best specialists in the world, if they dare enter such a discussion with me. At the latest after our ascension they will hide in a mouse hole – this is my definite forecast about the future behaviour of these people. So much about the validity of my scientific proofs on behalf of the incredible healing potential of nystatin.

This website contains all the information, which all these lackeys of the dark Orion empire could read as to stop culling humanity anymore. In this sense the current collapse of the health care system in the USA as discussed in our last ascension report-88 is the best thing that can happen to mankind, as the less the people are treated with old therapies and drugs, the less they will be harmed and will thus have a greater chance to survive in the End Times and eventually ascend.

This is the ongoing social dynamics which will help us realize the new nystatin project leading to PAT’s abundance.

The Incredible Healing Properties of Nystatin

Nystatin is the best immuno-stimulating and cell-stimulating drug worldwide.

There is nothing comparable to the healing potential of this chemical moiety on this planet. This comparison is done with respect to all other chemical drugs and does not include new forms or energetic therapy that will be introduced after the inter-dimensional split.

I have treated several hundred patients with nystatin in different indications in the course of my clinical research activities in the 90s, after I discovered coincidentally the incredible healing potential of this forgotten drug. I have achieved many spectacular healings in different diseases and indications that are not known in this scope in the medical community. I tell you this as somebody who has done clinical research at the highest level for more than 25 years and has conducted, respectively managed as clinical head of trials some of the largest international clinical studies worldwide.

I have cured cancer patients, all kinds of allergies, neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, most dermatological diseases. Any chronic disease I have treated so far, such as chronic leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, other immunological diseases as CAD (cold agglutinine disease), even heart failures, all gastrointestinal diseases such as morbus Crohn and colitis ulcerosa, but also many neurological disorders and even diabetes mellitus have shown a remarkable improvement or were completely healed.

The reason for this universal healing potential of Nystatin lies in its unique pharmacological mode of action, which is based on how human cells and the organism are regulated by the ethereal program of the soul. I will say at this place that much:

Nystatin is a universal cell-stimulating chemical moiety and improves the performance of all human cells

But first and foremost it stimulates all immune cells, which are responsible for the effectiveness and regeneration of all human tissues. Most human diseases are the result of an impaired immune system. This is a well-known fact.

Nystatin’s mode of action is closely linked to the function of the cell mitochondria, which are the energetic power units in the cells. These organelles transform the higher frequency energies of the soul into electromagnetic energy of the cells and the body. If we assume that there are one trillion cells in the human body and each cell has between 100 and 200 mitochondria as its power engines, then these organelles are the actual converters of the vital Ka-energy of the soul into biological matter and electromagnetic energy of all human and other organic cells.

At this place I must tell you that all cells are first and foremost electromagnetic power units, which build huge electric gradients across their cell membranes. The whole regulation of the cells and the organism is accomplished by modulating the cell membrane potentials and releasing stored electromagnetic energy that is converted into biochemical energy in the cell and vice versa. This energy exchange follows the first thermodynamic law of conservation of energy, which is an application of the Universal Law that I have discovered.

The best known electromagnetic effects in the human body are in heart muscle cells, which are registered as ECG, and in neurons in the brain as EEG. But also all other cells exhibit an electromagnetic membrane potential, through which they are regulated by the ethereal program of the soul, mainly through the seven body chakras.

Only few bio-scientists on this planet know and appreciate the fundamental fact that the whole energy released through human cell metabolism in the process of infinite biological redox reactions and bio-cycles in the cell ultimately produces electrons and protons that are expelled across mitochondrial membranes in order to create an electromagnetic gradient. The mitochondrion is the most awesome organelle that has ever been created in the whole universe. The mechanism that creates this mitochondrial electromagnetic gradient is the same as the pharmacological mode of action of nystatin and is known as “oxidative phosphorilation” (OP). I have discussed this process extensively in volume III.

Nobody on this planet is currently fully aware of the fact what immense role the mitochondria play in the LBP. These organelles function like powerful, tiny black and white holes in the human cells that convert the high frequency energy from the ethereal program of the soul into organic matter and vice versa. The whole creation of the human biological vessel and its ongoing regulation and rejuvenation is carried out through the mitochondrial network in the human body and cells.

By administering Nystatin, the performance of the mitochondria and thus of all cells in the body is hugely augmented. That is why I also define this drug as cell-stimulating drug and the most powerful immuno-stimulating drug on this planet. This is the reason why nystatin can mitigate LBP-related symptoms and diseases in the early phase of the LBP. Later on, when the star seed has already created his crystalline light body, this drug is still very effective, but the level of regulation has already shifted beyond the chemical level.

While the huge transformation of the biological body during the LBP leads to a decrease in the physical performance of the organism, the application of nystatin counterbalances these effects and mitigates the effects of the LBP, while supporting it. This is a highly dynamic energetic interaction that can only be fully understood from the new General Theory of Biological Regulation, which I have developed from the Universal Law. It is the only coherent and true bio-theory on this planet, while the current bio-sciences are the greatest Orion fraud that has been established on the earth.

Now you may argue why this drug has not been appreciated much earlier, as you will be confronted with many critical opinions when you start to advocate nystatin for its unprecedented therapeutic potential. I can only quote at this place my email exchange with the PAT member Marco from New York who is also a physician and is doing clinical research for the pharmaceutical industry, just as I have done in the past. Only several days ago while discussing the nystatin project he wrote to me the following:

“Shortly after you started trials and publishing about Nystatin in the 90s, it was all the rage in the USA for a huge variety of immunological disorders and given to almost every AIDS patient prophylactically. But somehow shortly after that, starting with the year 2000, the drug was totally demonized and deemed ‘toxic’ and not recommended at all for anything but topical candida. If you ask an American doctor about using this for anything else, they would immediately caution you to never take this drug for anything as you might die! I am not joking! So of course I did some of my own research which only confirmed that it does in fact work as you discovered, in fact it worked so well and so cheaply that it immediately was labeled deadly! Well you know the rest of the story and why …. but just a little look at the amazing American medical system..oh and I asked several colleagues HOW they now suddenly knew that Nystatin was deadly, the answer was unanimously: they read it in an article published in the pharmaceutical journal… I mean this would be a hysterically funny comedy if it wasn’t really happening.”

Why Nystatin is the Safest Drug in the World

Let me now explain why nystatin is the safest drug currently available on the market, and where this whole confusion has been deliberately started from. Currently nystatin is considered to have only topical effects in the gastro-intenstinal tract (gut) and that it is not at all absorbed from the gut and cannot enter the human body. The reason for this is that nystatin is not found in blood plasma or serum.

There is a very simple explanation of this pharmacokinetic behaviour of the drug. Nystatin is highly lipophilic and avidly associates with the cell membranes which are known to be lipid bi-layers of fatty acids and cholesterol. When nystatin is absorbed through the mucosa of the gut, it enters the so called deep compartments of the body. Precisely, it is transported by the lymph, that carries all fatty substances to the liver, pancreas and all other secondary immunologically competent organs.

In particular, nystatin affects the leukocyte network in the gut mucosa which is the most important defence wall of the human immune system against all foreign organic bodies such as food. Most immune diseases occur when this immunological defence in the gastrointestinal tract is impaired. This medical aspect is not at all appreciated in current medicine, although the clinical and experimental evidence is overwhelming and generally acknowledged. Thus by taking nystatin chronically, you automatically and very effectively repair this first and most important defence wall of the human immune system and heal a variety of immunological and other chronic disorders.

There are studies that show that when nystatin is traced in the feces, it cannot be found at all. What happens then with the drug in the gut if it should not be absorbed as current pharmacology makes us believe? Obviously it has been absorbed through the lymph system and distributed through the lymph in all inner organs and lymph nodes that actually need its huge therapeutic effect.

Of course if you give nystatin in low dosage and only for a few days as is the case now in its limited application against candida, you will not see much clinical effects as to challenge the idea that nystatin is not absorbed in the human body. You will continue to reiterate the fraudulent idea that it has only a topical effect, as all Orion-manipulated doctors erroneously believe now and Marco has convincingly shown.

Although nystatin has been orally administered to millions of patients since it was first discovered in 1951 and is thus as old as I am, there is not a single severe adverse drug effect that has been reported in the literature. I have checked the whole literature and all original publications (about 3000) dedicated to this drug between 1951 and 2000 and could not find a single report of a serious adverse effect. How could one say that this drug is toxic when there is absolutely no evidence for this obviously false statement?

The reason why the doctors perpetuate such a scientific fraud lies in the experience with another drug, amphotericin which has a very similar chemical structure as nystatin and is only approved for systemic i.v. application. When this drug is administered in the veins it does indeed cause some severe adverse effects in heart, kidneys and liver. The reason for this is that it enters directly the blood system, where it is normally not found after oral application. You can now see the primary source of all deliberate confusion around nystatin without being specialists. This experience with amphotericin has been projected onto nystatin and the dark Orion-tainted puppets in the health care sector will tell you that this drug could be rather toxic. Nothing can be further from the truth.

And here you have the whole irony of these infamous statements finally exposed. The toxic effects of amphotericin, which has a similar therapeutic potential as that of nystatin but is much more expensive as it is only produced in small quantities for i.v. application, are the best proof for the healing potential of nystatin. Why? Because both drugs known in pharmacology as polyenes are powerful cell-depolarising drugs. They do exactly the same job as some highly specialised protein- pumps do in all cell membranes – they expel ions, protons and electrons across the cell membrane and thus create and maintain the cell membrane potentials of all cells.

When these effects are maximal, they may lead to cell lysis. High dosage of free, unbound nystatin may also cause cell lysis and trigger adverse events as seen with i.v. amphotericin. But never in a lipid-bound state. When taken orally, nystatin is always and fully lipid-bound and thus absolutely safe, while it still exerts its cell-depolarizing and cell-stimulating effects on the cell membranes.

The building of electromagnetic gradient in mitochondria is the end result of the whole cell metabolism. This membrane gradient is based on the same mode of action as that of nystatin and is called “oxydative phosporilation” as mentioned above. If you have understood these energetic interrelationships in the cell, you have grasped for the first time how the human organism operates better than all bio-scientists put together and thus you can also understand the mechanism of building the crystalline light body in the LBP – a rather complicated matter which I have so far spared you for good reasons. But now I will say a few words on it.

Positive Effects of Nystatin in the LBP

During the current LBP, the mitochondria in the cells are the actual power engines that transmute the high frequency energies flowing though your left brain portal in the body. In the first place, huge amounts of ATP are built. This energy-rich molecule is central in the active expulsion of protons and electrons across all biological membranes. ATP is considered to be the universal energetic molecule in the cell that participates in most bio-reactions and this is in principle correct. But the current explanation in bio-science of the role of ATP is utterly wrong as it stays at the chemical level and does not consider the astral energies of the human ethereal body.

When the ATP-level is hugely increased in the cell and the organism (as ATP/ADP ratio), this automatically leads to an increase in the whole cell metabolism. The future consumption of prana by our crystalline light bodies will be essentially accomplished by the higher concentration of ATP which can be directly activated by the sun photons (energy) and elicit energy packages in the cell to promote its metabolism. Now you begin to discern how intricately intertwined all these processes really are that prepare us for our ascension.

The mode of action of Nystatin is essentially the same as ATP in the cell and much more as ATP alone has no effect. ATP is the central molecule in all ion-pumps in the cell membrane as ATP-ases, Na-K-pumps etc. These pumps are trans-membrane proteins.

Nystatin functions as a universal trans-membrane protein that accomplishes the same function as all these specialized trans-membrane proteins and receptors with the help of ATP.

This is the most sophisticated explanation on the mode of action of nystatin that you will not find in any textbook, but that is how nystatin operates. And if anybody tells you something else, he is only ignorant. You can find the details in volume III.

What is then the role of nystatin in the LBP? First you must know that our crystalline bodies are already completed and that they are only kept in the current carbon-based state as long as we must stay on this planet and help humanity augment its light quotient. In order to maintain the current carbon-based form and function of our biological bodies, our cells have developed under the auspices and regulation of our souls a special protective mechanism that keeps our body cells still functioning with the old carbon-based metabolism, while they are actually already of crystalline nature.

For this purpose our souls produce great quantities of electrons in our body with the help of the fully opened unified chakra, which can now be called an electron chakra. Normally the number of electrons in the human body must be equal to the number of protons, so that there is a balanced state of electroneutrality that is constantly preserved in biological matter. This is an invariant physical principle in all 3d-matter, be it organic and inorganic. Only when you have a separation of the two particles – electron and proton – you have an electromagnetic gradient as is the case in mitochondrial and cell membranes, but also in batteries and condensers,

At present our unified chakra produces huge amounts of extra electrons during the LBP that are transported on the outer side of all cell membranes and harboured there in the so called “sialic acid shield“. The sialic acids are negatively charged moieties that are attached to all trans-membrane proteins and built the outer electron coat of all cell membranes. In this way the outer membrane of our cells is hugely negatively charged. You may not grasp at first glance the reason for this negative charge of our body cells, but I will give you now a clue. Normally all cells are negatively charged inside and thus harbour more electrons inside that outside, while the positively charged protons are expelled by the ATP-.ionic pumps (ATP-ases) across the cell membranes outside the cell, in the so called interstitial space.

This protective electron layer around all our crystalline cells during the LBP eliminates de facto the electromagnetic polarity that exists in all organic matter as membrane potentials, but also in inorganic matter as magnetism. The new crystalline cells we have already built thus display already the non-polarity of the higher 5th-dimension, observed from the higher vantage point of view of our souls. But as long as our body cells still function in the 3d-reality, they continue operating in the old way, still using the membrane potential and its incessant de- and repolarization in the course of their regulation. They produce specific action potentials that can be seen at best in heart muscle cells .

ions responsible for non-pacemaker cardiac action potentials

Effects on action potentials

When we ascend, there will be an immediate phase transition of our carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies, as this transformation is already accomplished during our LBP and now only waits for this change to happen.

Nystatin helps the LBP exactly because it operates as a universal trans-membrane ion-channel that helps the protons and electrons to cross the cell membranes more freely, as this is also done with the help of ATP in the trans-membrane ion-pumps (ATP-ases). In this way nystatin actually facilitates the transformation process in the human cells which must still follow the normal cell metabolism, but at a much higher energetic level. Nystatin stimulates all human cells and makes them more adaptive and effective to the frequency increase coming from the soul and the higher dimensions, In this way the crystalline structures within the cells are much more easily built as nystatin also helps the establishment of the negatively charged electron shield on the outer side of the cell membranes.

Is this too complicated for you?. Maybe. But I must give you this information at this place, so that you can have a glimpse into the intricate processes during your LBP. You must also consider that most human beings are now entering the LBP when they will hugely profit from the chronic administration of nystatin, both to improve their physical performance during this debilitating process and to foster the LBP in their bodies.

Please bear also mind that the sun energy mainly comes to us as a proton stream, from which all matter and all chemical elements in the Mendeleev periodic table are built. That is why it is essential what happens with our sun, as these same changes also happen in our bodies. In fact it is a joint venture between our higher selves and the sun – the energy from the sun is used by our souls to modulate it and to regulate it as KA-energy for our bodies, but also to trigger our LBP.

In the next Part 2 on this topic I will discuss how and why nystatin will replace most current drugs that will be soon withdrawn from the market as they only kill the patients.

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