Breaking News!!! Obama’s Genocide on the American Nation in the End Times. FDA bans in April 2012 in a Secret Coup All Effective Drugs From the Market as to Cull the American Citizens

by Dr. med. Georgi Stankov, April 27, 2012, Copyright 2012

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When I first introduced in April 2012 my new nystatin project to treat humanity effectively with this drug from the many Orion-induced diseases that are currently killing many human beings, I wrote:

“The current human genocide is the chief weapon of the dark ones from the Orion Empire to combat the forces of light that are preparing Gaia and humanity for ascension and to establish the New World Order as advocated officially by Henry Kissinger, G. Bush senior and many other dark representatives, sitting in the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Affairs (the hidden US-government).

This highlights the background upon which I will now present my nystatin project. In my volume III “The General Theory of Biological Regulation ” I have proved that the killing potential of most current drugs is well known to the scientific community since the early 80s. There are many excellent, large, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, published in the best international medical journals that prove this crime irrevocably. I have quoted the results of more than 50 such trials in volume III that show that the medical Mafia kills in the average 2 – 3 people prematurely in 100 chronically treated patients with antibiotics, most cardiovascular drugs, cytostatics and other chemotherapeutics, including all currently used drugs against AIDS and other viral diseases,”

Only two days ago I learnt that Nystatin has been officially set on the American Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) list of ‘watched’ drugs, but this latest criminal act of the US-government is not yet officially published by the insidious Orion Federal Poisonous Drug Federal Administration, F(P)DA. so that the American citizens still know nothing about this capital crime of the Obama government to enforce its genocide program on his own people (In fact they are not his compatriots as he is not an American citizen, see below).

This means in plain text that no man, not even a physician, is allowed to get his hands on oral nystatin legally in greater quantities. Obtaining any larger amount of this drug on a regular basis would be thus almost impossible even for a regular American Dur M.D. in the U.S.A. Any regular doctor dealing with nystatin may get a phone call or visit from the Orion Pharmaceutical Gestapo (D.E.A.) asking many questions and possible criminal fines or arrest him if he continues giving ‘off – label’ scripts for this in any form, but Nystatin cream for Candida.

When I learnt about this latest crime of the dark Obama-Government against the American population  I checked the following USA F.D.A. list of approved nystatin drugs and noticed that  all formulations that are now available require a medical doctor’s prescription, but also noted that even more medications that have been extensively used for decades as OTC-drugs have been “discontinued” which means removed from the market:

I also learnt later from a whistle blower and an FDA-agent that the Nystatin Hydrate powder “Nilstat” was scheduled to be removed entirely from sale and production in 2011, but the FDA allegedly argued in court that it could be still produced and sold, but the pure powder Nystatin Hydrate would be officially listed as discontinued and unavailable for scripting. Since then there is no American manufacturer of powder oral Nystatin anymore, and this drug must now be imported from abroad to the USA:

The actual truth is, however, that the resistance against this decision came not from the FDA, whose intention has always been to ban nystatin from the US-market after I showed its incredible therapeutic potential for all kinds of diseases and patented it in the USA and Canada in the 90s. There was a citizen petition in 2010 to the FDA and the US-government not to withdraw oral nystatin from the market for being a very valuable drug for many diseases, including its effectiveness in peri- and post operative prophylaxis. Now this oral drug is practically unavailable in the USA as pure powder and many patients will soon begin to die due to p.o. complications and  severe infections caused by hospitalized antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA), cultured by the same doctors with their uncritical, criminal use of antibiotics for all kinds of diseases for unduly long periods of time, only to increase the sales of the pharmaceutical industry and thus cull humanity to the orders of their Orion masters.

Obama and his present government are, in fact, puppets of the secret US-government operating behind the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Affair which have always favoured euthanasia programs for the growing world and American population and are now actively and overtly trying to trigger a new Third World War against Iran and the rest of humanity in the End Times as to take as many human beings as possible to the catastrophic earth B or kill them in the course of this year. They are actively supported by the most evil group on this planet, the Zionist clones of Jehovah in Israel and throughout the world, who conduct the most killings and terrorist acts against innocent people and critics of their heinous deeds.

An important tool of the current  Genocide Program of Obama and his criminal government is to kill as many American citizens as possible by banning all effective drugs from the market and deny them a decent treatment. This began with the introduction of the Obama care which provides for euthanasia of terminally ill patients and now has extended to the pharmaceutical sector by secretly retrieving from the market the most effective drugs that could have helped millions of American patients with compromised immune system and save their lives before mass ascension in December 2012.

And make no mistake, this a deliberate, planned massacre of innocent American citizens by their elected dark president with a dark soul and his minions on power. How could it be possible that oral nystatin was put on the watch list of DEA exactly at the same time when I started with my nystatin project to introduce oral nystatin in the USA and help millions of American patients and trying to save their lives according to my Hippocratic oath as physician, fully dedicated to his ethical profession and as a light being, knowing what the dark off-world Orion powers plan for these End Times.

Please observe that nystatin is on the US-market since 1951 and for the most time it has been a free OTC-drug. Where does this incredible synchronicity comes from, precisely in this month of April 2012 when all of a sudden the F(P)DA bans in a clandestine coup d’etat against the American people the most effective drug on this planet for most frequent diseases that torment the American population, poisoned by this same mischievous US-government of Obama with chemtrails, food poisons, fertilizers, hormones in meat, gen manipulated plants by Monsanto and other Orion corporations etc., etc? I do not believe in  coincidences as I have proven that we live in a predictable, perfectly organized world by the Source, from where most of the PAT-members come.

Please observe also that the USA and GB are the only two countries in the world  that have made oral nystatin a prescription drug in the last years. Typically, they are also the two major citadels of the dark Orion empire on this planet. When I last dealt with this problem in the 90s, oral nystatin was still an OTC-product in the USA as it was considered only able for topical use and not being absorbed by the human gut mucosa. This explains why it is the only drug worldwide without a serious adverse effect reported so far in the last 60 years, since it is on the market.

In Germany for instance the drug information list of nystatin about serious adverse effects does not contain a single listing as it is known worldwide to be the safest drug of all. This was only yesterday confirmed by Heiner, a German reader of this website in a conversation with his local pharmacist as he told me and can be also checked in the relevant literature. I have checked myself more than 3000 publications on nystatin published since1951 until 2000 and have not found a single report of a serious adverse effect, as I write in my scientific book on the General Theory of Biological Regulation and in my  US-patent.

I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that the Orion Federal Poisonous Drug Administration F(P)DA should be so bluntly insidious to change the status of oral nystatin without the outrage of the American specialists and doctors who should have known perfectly well how effective and safe this drug is. In fact this agency does not even pretend to have banned nystatin for safety reasons as one can read it its official argumentation. It simply does not give any reason at all for its withdrawal from the market. This is the arrogance of the Orion masters, to which they are accustomed in their demean treatment of the dumbed down American population and their even more dumbed down doctors and scientists, knowing that they will always succumb to their heinous deeds.

I have conducted myself the world largest trial on postoperative sepsis in trauma patients, where it was clearly shown that the use of high dosage nystatin of 3 g per day for many weeks significantly lowers the mortality of these highly vulnerable patient population, whose death rates are normally higher than 50%. Nystatin can save millions of lives, especially in terminally ill patients. This all must be known to the specialists. And yet!

When  the last secret coup of the FDA this April to put nystatin on its watch list happened, I, being a foreigner, was the first and the only one to stand up against this genocide of the American people and to raise my voice against the perennial crimes of this Obama administration, forging the euthanasia of its citizens, while being elected to serve them. Where are the morally indignant American citizens and specialists to raise also their voice and condemn this latest crime of the American state. Why must a foreigner, who is not personally affected by this crime, open the eyes of the Americans for what is ongoing in their country?

Could it be true that the US population is like a cattle that is voluntarily marching to the slaughter house under the legal supervision of their dark Orion masters and are not even able to show a modest civil courage as to oppose these insidious laws and preserve their lives and health by simply starting to prepare nystatin for their personal medical usage as to improve their derailed immune systems compromised by this same criminal Orion state. Instead, I receive emails from some scared US-readers telling how they would love to use nystatin, but are so much afraid of the Orion laws of their debunked and ruined country. What are you afraid of? Of being arrested? This is humbug! Is it better to die from the diseases that these government has infested in your bodies than oppose the current ills and eradicate them by yourselves.

I am really disappointed by all those readers that wrote me about their reservations on the nystatin project, while succumbing to their fear based patterns instigated by this very Orion system, which you allegedly want to overcome through ascension. You will never ascend if you still have angst to show civil courage in your personal lives by simply rejecting all current  laws that hamper you to create your reality and abundance.  And let me tell you something – better in a prison and ascended with courage than dead and not really ascended because of lack of courage. But I can assure you – nobody will be arrested for preparing nystatin capsules for personal medication and that of his relatives and friends.

I am ready to take the whole responsibility for the nystatin project and its supply to the USA on my shoulders. Let the dark criminal US-services prosecute me as they are now doing with Julian Assange. Let they try to arrest me and organize an international show trial against me. I would love it. I will turn this process to the greatest Nuernberg trial against this criminal monster of Obama and his Nazi-government, who are now exterminating their citizens with such decisions as banning the most effective drugs from the US-market and letting their citizens die like flies. I will be the new Emil Zola with his “J’accuse” in the Dreyfus Affair in the 19th century when this bold writer single handed toppled down the old corrupt judicial French system inherited by the Ancien Regime and created new France (unfortunately only to be reigned now by an abominable shape-shifter with the Reptilian name of “Sar-Ko-Zi”)

I remember very well when the citizens of Eastern Europa died under the communist dictatorship, as they had no access to vital drugs and what human tragedies this caused to many innocent people, while the red Nomenclatura was importing all possible drugs from the West and was treated in special hospitals to the best possible medical standards. Not that advocate this kind of Orion medicine. I am only showing you that the Obama government is as worse as the former red satraps you Americans have so wholeheartedly despised during the Cold war. You have now in the USA the same devastating social and medical situation you could find in the poor Third world or in the former Communist empire.

It is my duty as an ethical physician and a light being to oppose this latest Obama crime and present a remedy: When the state becomes a mass killer it is the duty of all citizens to stand up and show disobedience and topple down this rogue government. It was me who first declared that America no longer needs debunked New Age gurus but a sound revolution.

Start now your personal revolution in your daily life by opposing the current medical laws. They are there only to kill you by preventing you from employing sound therapies. Buy nystatin from abroad and prepare your own medications as I have recommended in my latest articles and safe your lives and those of your beloved ones and friends. You do not want to die like catlle in the slaughter houses of the Obama Government, do you? What do you expect actually from such a  dark personality as Obama who consented that his father be killed in a deliberately instigated car crash shortly before he was nominated for a president  candidate as to not reveal the truth that he is not an American citizen. He has sold his dark soul to the dark Orion forces long before he stepped up on the political scene.

Why should you follow the laws of this dark one, who is not even an American citizen and thus a criminal to your constitution. You could have as well elected me as your president and you would have been thousand times better off, But the American are known  for their affinity to always make the worst possible choices in their lives. To have angst to trespass the current rogue medical US-laws and refuse to help yourselves and your beloved ones by declining to prepare nystatin when needed (and it is needed everywhere in the current End Times), is the worst choice you can make. Thus  you will continue to live in poverty as outcasts of this debased society, the laws of which you still obey. And let me tell you something: You will not be even able to ascend if you are not able to show this minimal courage. What kind of masters are you, if you are still not ready to revolt against your state? Isn’t it depressing enough to watch how the Occupy movement has so disgracefully failed.

The nystatin project is in the first place a catalyst of how much more fear all human beings must still release in front  the inhuman lawless Orion state, under which they have been subjugated for so long time. The people should realize that the bell rings 12 and they should finally begin to revolt against their masters as to become free individuals.

This is the actual moral and ethical dimension of my project and a mirror-image for my readers to test their civil courage. It is not about selling a few pills. If you are not able to grasp the transcendental dimension of my proposal on the verge of the biggest cosmic events for this planet in the End Times, you are not the ascended masters I have seen in you in the past.

The situation is now dramatic in the USA and it will become even more dramatic in the coming days when the people will begin to die like flies. The current FDA list below shows for instance  the unavailability of almost all products that contain Nystatin and the ones that remain are prohibitively expensive. And there will be much more drugs that will disappear all of a sudden from the market very soon. This is just the beginning of the culling of the American Nation as this link shows:

The emergency laws are already in power and FEMA-prisons are ready for the American cattle. What are you waiting for? Make a true American Revolution! Be the Masters of your lives, unconditionally!

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