Technical Advise for a Better Access to This Website

Apart from the cyber attacks on this website that have interrupted the free access to it in the last days, Chris is making some technical recommendations that will improve your computer program and the navigation in Internet.

According to him difficulties may arise when the PC-configuration of the personal computer is outdated.

In particular, the combination of Internet Explorer (the Browser in usage) with an old, not actualized Java-version by the user (the program language which this website uses) may cause some of the problems, which you have recently reported.

In this case, the user/reader should install the new Java-Client or update it if possible. In addition, the Internet Explorer should be updated to the latest version or preferably use different browsers, which to the opinion of Chris are much better than the Internet Explorer.

To solve the “A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab” – problem use this website:

Chris and George


Edit 05/03/2012:

You can download and install the latest version of the Java here: 

We recommend using a more secure and faster browsers instead of the Internet Explorer like

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