State-of-Ascension-Report-77: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-77, March 19, 2012

Birthday Galaxy 1979
acrylic painting 250 x 160 cm and art print

The Scientific Background of all Cosmic Processes leading to Ascension

March 19, 2012

Here is a video  (3 min)  you may find interesting. Remember NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer!!!

It’s easy to get into the self doubt regarding what we sense intuitively about what is going on in the Universe. This is why a video such as this one, produced by NASA, excites me. As one scientist says at the end “It’s  pretty exciting.” Now there’s a cosmic understatement! Watch it and be amazed along with me.
Dear Callista,

this video prompted the necessity of some general observations on my part that are in the core of my theory of the Universal Law. The theoretical background of this video is thus extensively discussed in my scientific books.

First, this video addresses the great limitations of human vision as an exclusive source of external information and why we need other sources of information beyond the narrow spectrum of the visible light, preferably in the high frequency range such as gamma-rays. But even this spectrum is too low as to grasp the immense energies of the higher frequency realms beyond the third dimension of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the only spectrum accessible with material devices. This is a leitmotif in all my writings.

For instance, if NASA would have used a gamma-telescope to observe the current huge sun portal in the form of a triangle as shown with ultraviolet spectral cameras, which are only slightly higher in frequency than the visible light, we would have seen a much larger picture of this huge portal of the Central sun of our galaxy Alcyone as shown on this video and discussed in the last ascension-report-76:

By the way, this video also confirms the existence of the central sun of our galaxy, which the NASA-scientists describe ambiguously as “Fermi bubbles” of incredible energies. That is how they filter tiny drops of information for the general public, while this information is actually in the core of the current ascension processes of Gaia and humanity.

The NASA scientists are talking of immense energy sources invisible for the human eye in the order of 300 billion electronvolt. This should have been a common knowledge for any astrophysicist since I have published my physical theory of the Universal Law in 1997 that also includes a complete new theory of Unified Cosmology.

Essentially, I discovered for the first time in the history of science in 1995 that the whole 3d-space-time which comprises the visible universe with its infinite galaxies is actually permeated, and thus created, by a huge universal, world photon gradient in the order of 10 high 16 electronvolts. This gradient is the primary source of all particular celestial objects such as suns, neutron stars, pulsars and black holes. This is the actual energy source that creates space-time and the electromagnetic spectrum of the cosmic three-dimensional reality. This knowledge takes some time to be really comprehended as it has to be evaluated upon the background of known physical facts given by conventional physics and cosmology which are, as categorical systems of explanation, totally failed sciences and can only confuse any person or scientist.

I have also made a second pivotal discovery, namely that the universal or world  photon (electromagnetic) gradient  of 10 high 16 electronvolts also determines  the two basic electromagnetic constants – the magnetic and the electric field constants – that are part of all known laws of  magnetism, electricity and also determine the famous four Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism which combine these partial laws to a unified theory of electromagnetism.

And now comes my third great scientific discovery in the field of physics and cosmology (there are many more in other fields of science) which is currently not appreciated at all, but is indirectly confirmed by this video: The magnitude of these fundamental constants of electromagnetism are, on their part, determined by the average space-time characteristics such as diameter and rotational velocity (frequency) of the most powerful celestial bodies in the universe, such as suns, neutron stars, pulsars and black holes, the latter being space-time singularities that go beyond the limits of the electromagnetic spectrum. I try to stay in this explanation rather general and popular as to make myself comprehensible.

What does these paramount scientific discoveries, which can be found explained in more detail in volume II on this website, tell us actually? They tell us that All-That-Is is a closed entity, as it has been postulated in the new axiomatics of the Universal Law and that all parameters we observe in the universe – in the macroscopic universe as cosmos as well is in the microscopic quantum world  – are closely interrelated and mutually interdependent. The Whole is an aggregate of superimposed wave systems and levels that exist in perfect harmony due to the laws of constructive interference. which are the laws of creation.

For instance, the magnetic and electric field constants of electromagnetism also determine all fundamental quantum constants, as this have been proven on Table 1 on my homepage, where I integrate all fundamental natural constants of physics with the help of the Universal Law.

This may sound rather complicated at first glance, but it is in the core of all our discussions and also the source of all confusion of all light workers who have no idea of physics and cosmology, but deal inevitably with such processes that can only be truly comprehended when they approach these processes from a theoretical point of view.

For instance, the 5d-and higher dimensional energy frequencies that now flood earth from the central sun Alcyone through our sun (see the new portal in my last report-76 and above) after we opened the stargate 11.11.11 are closely linked with the microscopic quantum transformation of our carbon-based bodies. They also transform the quantum structure of Gaia and prepare it for ascension, just as they prepare our bodies for their phase transition into crystalline light bodies at the quantum level of the DNA and the cells. All these processes are closely intertwined.

You will not find any feasible explanation in the esoteric literature so far about these close interrelationships and I have been reluctant most of the time to discuss these issues in a more scientific manner in the  past, as I know that I will overwhelm most  of my readers. But at some point in time, I must make them aware of these interdependencies, so that they be warned to be more cautious with their naive interpretations of these processes at the spiritual level that are inevitably completely wrong  and rather weird.

Many channels use words as “quantum physics”, “DNA-codes”, etc. without having the faintest idea what these terms really mean, and thus create a much greater confusion than even conventional, failed science has already triggered in the collective human mind-set, That is why I am most of the time so exasperated, reading all this bullshit in Internet that is sold as enlightened stuff and I have given up on educating humanity on a large scale and even in private. It will take much more time and huge cosmic endeavour to eradicate all the crap that has amassed in the minds of the people – be they scientists or light workers.

Spirituality does not preclude the repetition of the same mistakes, which all scientists have made in the past and are currently committing, and I do not see any “beacon of scientific truth” on this planet except myself. And this is the most frustrating fact indeed, with which I have to live to the very end of this last incarnation. This has become a certainty now as we approach the end of this toxic planet with giant steps.

With love and light
March 18, 2012


Greetings and salutations once again, my friend. Yet another story I relate of the beauty inherent in the All.  We begin with a solitary potted plant in the window over my kitchen sink. This plant had lived for many years in the same state, just going along day by day. All this time it was of, say, medium health as it always looked healthy, yes, but always seemed it could be more vigorous. Recently, though, this plant went through a very interesting and currently relevant transformation.

Shortly after my birthday last year (Nov. 6) the leaves began to rapidly yellow. Soon thereafter a new shoot broke the surface just to the side of the old and exhausted stalk. It wasn’t long before my old acquaintance was but a shadow of it’s former self, now clinging to what little was left, and this new shoot became a vigorous upwardly mobile force.. This is all within the time-frame from early November to early February or so.

As we continue, the beauty of this incessant and massive energetic feedback mechanism, that is the All, will become apparent. Towards the end of February another shoot appeared next to the dying and discolored stump roughly 90° counter-clockwise to the previous.  As we follow this timeline we are well aware of key dates passed. This is important because, shortly after that end of February conclusion, my old acquaintance finally bid adieu and departed this dense portrayal of information. What I am left with now is poetry in manifestation. (A) A vigorous and thriving new plant (symbolizing planet A) .  (B) A decrepit stump that first spawned the new shoots (catastrophic planet B. (A/B) A fresh young plant that is growing less vigorously yet thriving in it’s own respect (for the new third timeline of the planet A/B).

I am confident you understand the metaphor.  I have included a link to a photo I took and posted as any attempt to attach the photo (in various formats) through email was denied.

with love and light,
March 18, 2012

Hi George

I had an interesting experience yesterday afternoon. I believe I was privy to a progress test of sorts of things to come.

In the last few days I finished reading the riveting Hidden Hand interview that a few mentioned and I must say that the information mostly rang true. It has increased my awareness and given me more perspective yet again. The strange feeling I wrote to you about recently was my HS guiding me to read this. I remember HH mentioned how our souls tests us after gaining new insight – to see if we were paying attention. Well this was one hell of a test.

I did expect some sort of test and predicted that it might be an upcoming flight to return passengers to their place of work. Yesterday a category 4 cyclone (hurricane) crossed the northern coast of Western Australia and many mine workers were evacuated recently. The weather surrounding a cyclone is marginal, even after it’s passing so I knew this flight potentially had it’s challenges. This did not turn out to be the test.

The afternoon before the flight – yesterday – we arrived home from a wedding ceremony to relax before the reception. Soon after making ourselves comfortable we heard some sirens out the front of our house. We got up to investigate and saw that the National Park that is literally across the road from us was on fire. This was a big fire. There were countless fire engines big and small, fixed wing and helicopter water bombers.

What makes the timing of this fire so interesting is that almost a year ago we were late to the engagement party of the same couple that got married a few hours earlier due to a bushfire in the same spot though not as large. This was the red flag from my HS waving to pay attention to this event – or more accurately to this test.

Have a look at the photos and imagine at the same time the house shaking from water bombers diving just feet overhead repeatedly, sirens wailing and people screaming, upset or just captivated lining the streets.

My drama started when my successful brother-in-law who lives a few blocks away came over early on in the piece and told my wife in a reserved panic to grab her valuables, get in the car and leave before our house burns down. Soon after his wife comes over with their three children to have a closer look and the young souls let loose (the parents). I was seeing before my very eyes how mass hysteria takes hold. From my detached perspective the whole event was interesting yet quite disturbing. Unfortunately the in-laws managed to frighten and upset my pregnant wife who had now bought into the whole drama. In the end the excellent fire and emergency services crews brought the fire under control. As I said this was one hell of a test and this don’t believe that this would even come close to what is potentially ahead.

Now I have to admit that I did not feel that I aced this test from my perspective. Far from. I will spare you the details however despite feeling mostly detached I did succumb to some anger – with my employer, lack of patience and lack of compassion. It is not that easy being a stable beacon as I found out. This however was a good learning experience for both me and my wife. I have a lot to reflect on. This could almost be seen as PAT training.

Warm regards
Alex (Perth, Western Australia)

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Dear Alex,

From what  I saw on the pictures this fire must have been a very dramatic event indeed and a great test for all of you. I would not pay too much attention on the immediate reaction of the people as all of them have their personal way of expressing anxiety. But it is a good training for anybody as you have mentioned it to reflect on this event afterwards and to try to analyse one’s own feelings as a kind of a test. The coincidence with the previous bushfire is also very striking.

I remember when I had entered my LBP in 1999 at Silvester 2000 and in a period of two weeks afterwards to have  had seven fires  in a row in my kitchen that not only ravaged the furniture, but also spoiled our feast at the New Year when we had invited guests. These are the tests we receive when we enter the “danger zone”.

With love and light
Hi George

I’m not sure what you mean by “Danger Zone”. I can’t help chuckle and think of the movie Top Gun. The higher realms seem to like trial by fire though.
Dear Alex,

By “Danger Zone” I mean the increase in intensity of personal tribulations one has to go through during the LBP as to release in an accelerated fashion negative aspects of his personality. In my case this begun before 1995 and then peaked one more time after 2000. Of course this danger zone can be absolutely harmless if one perceives its illusory character, but at the beginning one can be overwhelmed by the firework of negative experiences.

With love and light


Disbelief and Hope in the End Times

March 19, 2012

Hello Georgi,

You may remember me from last year. Although I do not share your thoughts on ascension I still read the updates from time to time. The reason of my disbelief is simple, it used to be last November, then it was March we are still here! Nothing good ever happens on this piece of rock. And nothing will, simply because there can be no miracles on this planet. No miracles can happen on this rock! It will continue to be the shit hole that it has been as usual. Probably even worse!

Lately I am feeling small, powerless, like the world is a bigger more hostile (although it is already a very hostile environment) place. Although it is probably my internal problem I still wanted to ask you if you are aware of an outside reason for that? Sorry for my English!

Best regards,
Devrim Ogun, Turkey
Dear Devrim,

Of course I remember you very well and I am sorry that you cannot physically and psycho-emotionally feel the tremendous energetic changes that happen on earth behind the veil at present and that this lack of personal experience hinders you to believe in the anticipated dramatic events.

This does not matter much, as they will come independently of what you think of believe, but the more sceptical you are, the more you cling to the old matrix and must feel small and insignificant within this crumbling matrix of the old world order. I can only recommend you to change your attitude and start believing in miracles that happen on a daily basis as many readers of this website confirm (see also the crystalline children above), but I know that there are also many people that cannot really appreciate them.

Ultimately, it is the decision of each individual to decide which path of evolution he will take in these End Times. But it is always sad if he chooses the path leading to the old vibrations of fear and denial of the unlimited potential of the individual soul. In your case I do no see any need why you should do it. Start believing in miracles for at least several months and see how your life will change dramatically for the better. As long as you display sceptics and disbelief, nothing miraculous will happen to you, as you do not attract but repel miracles with your negative mind-set.

With love and light
March 19, 2012

After several years of study into this God Forsaken Hell which I find myself now living. I have come to the conclusion that I know less now than I ever have. My truth has lead me to the conclusion that I can not trust my government, I certainly don’t trust the conventional medical practices of which I come from, there is clearly a malicious attempt to keep us sick, tired and depressed. I don’t know whether to believe in the light workers as you say you are? I want to, I really want to, but I have been lied to, too many times. Here is my dilemma: The Bible tells me of fallen Angels and in the End Times deception will be  everywhere. This is true.The Bible does not mention ascension per se. How do I know you are not deceivers. How do I know this message is correct? I can no longer accept without some truth, my very soul is at stake.

A wanta be believer
Dear Mary,

The way you ask this question, it inevitably points at your inability to establish a personal dialogue with your higher self or soul and to believe your inner voice. As long as this inner dialogue does not exist, you will doubt anybody. Besides, I am not there to convince anybody, but to inform the people that are already convinced in their truth, which happens to be, by and large, also my truth. I am not a proselyte and your expectation to convince you is a complete misunderstanding of my function with this website.

I assume that you have to go a long way away from your Christian religious education as your email perspires, before you will be fully awakened and this can only be a personal achievement. You cannot make other people responsible for your disbelief. There is indeed a lot of confusion and wrong statements in the new age, but there are also enough facts, which one has to find out for himself. I have done this job of separating the wheat from the chaff completely on my own and there was nobody to help me. This is the best way to achieve certainty. As long as you seek help from outside, but reject everything other people say, you have a deep personal problem that has to be solved by yourself –  and only by yourself.

With love and light


The Crystalline Children in Our Lives

March 19, 2012

Hello dear George!

Ever since you posted my messages, I have felt a sense of warmth in my heart. I am so glad I can be a sort of example to others who only look to the bad, and question why, when they should be thankful of all the adversity because it is what makes you the light that you are today! Or at least that is how I view my past now-a-days.

But I wish to tell you of something that has happened to me in the past few days. I was reading your article on LSD  and MDMA and how these chemicals have the power to enhance (when used properly) your spirituality and allow you to see beyond the 3rd realities. So I took a trip with my boyfriend in search of these hallucinogens (I’ve never done either substance) and I encountered some of my past school mates at the dealers house. Now let me address that these class mates of mine were also misfits and were picked on by others who thought they were weird and didn’t fit in. They both have ADHD and have different ways of thinking (like me) and were treated as outcasts.

Well one of the guys in particular, his name is Michel (or MJ for short) and I began talking of the proprieties in LSD and how I was in search of breaking down all barriers that would stop me from seeing clearly in this world. We talked of Chakras, Chi, Ascension, the laws of physics. And it astounded me when he said to me that he was a crystalline child. I felt this warm sensation over me and I decided without thinking, to forward him your website. (I’ve been practicing what I call “seeding” which to me is implanting or showing the light to others around me. I do not go over board and into details of my new found beliefs but I do try to shed some light upon this darkness we call society. But if others reject my statements, I let it be and do not judge, for all will see the light, in their own time)

And what has transpired since has been even more proof to me, that I was meant to be a light bearer and guide others to you!!! MJ said he also ingested the MDMA the same night as I, and awoke feeling as if he had something to do, and remembered your website and has been glued to it since! He told me he has written to you, and you will I believe connect with him on the same level as you have with me! I feel that our paths were meant to be crossed again. I haven’t seen or heard of him since high school, and how wonderful is it that I decided to go in search of 3D breaking drugs and find him! Another brother of mine, that I’ve known my whole life, now becoming in synch with the wonderful All-that-is.

And the same night I dreamt of Sanita and Kevin aboard a space ship, MJ has a dream that tells him to go and seek your site!! I am so happy to have been able to show him the direction. Thank you a million times over!

Forever with love and light!
March 19, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I have received responses from Melany and I am joyous to say that it seems that we will be able to relate very well with each other. At this point we are trying to further understand each other before we can arrange a meeting in person. I have asked her if we can have a phone conversation so that we can more lucidly assess each others’ energy through our voices. I send more gratitude to you Georgi for helping to make this connection possible.

ALL IN PEACE Great Friend.
Kevin Gonzales
March 19, 2012

Dear George

Your words:

‘We have all failed. And it does not matter how much the old members of the PAT have suffered and cleansed human darkness in the past. And why have we failed so badly? I do not  know. Probably because there  was too much darkness, that we absorbed in our hearts and minds. But one must be blind not to see the ample facts.’

This is the latest discussion/development that needs to be addressed on your site. Thank you for opening up this debate. It is a valid fact of now that we must open up for discussion, if we are to move forward without repeating past mistakes. I do believe that these words you have written will cause an initial upset to some ‘older’ star seeds, but it will be a needed one for many.

I  hate myself for many years over the fact that my children, who are so obviously gifted with knowledge and incarnated to assist us/ humanity in understanding their potential, wisdom but have been programmed out of it, in school, school masters, and the system, by media, tv, so called ‘peer pressure’, another invented ‘ism’ designed to steer them away from their mission. Taking away their sovereignty. It’s obvious they came here to open us, not the other way around.

While all this was going on, where was I? Wasn’t I supposed to protect them from all of this. So why didn’t I? Am I an idiot? A failure? Why did it take me this long to wake up and why am I standing by now and still allowing it to flourish?

These are what we should be addressing/discussing here and now. I think it is about time we stood up and take responsibility too. I am ready. I knew it in my gut.

Love and light
March 19, 2012

Hi George!

Thank you very much for focusing our attentions to the Crystalline children, this indeed in an enormous and virtually unreported situation. You’ve probably been inundated with emails regarding this subject and I can see a small representation of that that in your last SOAR #76  (the acronym S.O.A.R., how appropriate!).

I’m just offering you an extremely abbreviated personal story as a ray of hope and as not to burden you with some long drama since I’m not a particularly good novelist.

I am 45 now and have no children of my own. Starting about 15 years ago children started coming into my life from all ages, for which I was fortunate to have a pivotal roll in their positive development. All are Crystalline starting with a small boy Richard when he was 2 year old and then his younger sisters Joey and Katie. Then later Michal starting when he was 13 and at the same time Erich, Chris, Matt, Kyle and Jamie.

All of these children have families and situations that are extremely negative and highly detrimental to the expression and development of their true selves along with physical abuse in some cases.

Each time one of these children came into my life, actually I should say they all came to me, I somehow was able to have instant mutual trust which also lead to their families, after a short period knowing me, to trust and respect me, even seeking my advise repeatedly with their most challenging life issues.

I didn’t really think about all these connections until you posted. The relationships I maintain with these children is beyond bizarre for the current social norms, since in only one case I knew the parents prior to meeting the children. One of my adult friends just asked me if I ever thought about this situation, that I was 45 years old and essentially friends, albeit mostly parental, with these children and how ‘strange’ that looked. I simply responded to that friend that I never thought about it, and why would I think about it. The fact that 9 different children were drawn to me and me to them is extraordinary proof of some Divine plan in and of itself, for which I could spend hours explaining each and everyone of theirs stories. But the point is that I have been able and continue to be able to radically, positively influence and guide these children (2 of which have quite startling telepathic and telekinetic gifts).

So there is hope… I have personally been able to help teach and keep these 9 Crystalline entities awake, aware, safe, informed and self sufficient, where they otherwise would not have been. I don’t even have words to express the gratitude I have for these continuing relationships in which they reciprocate the energy and information exchange and many times amplify it. They also have in turn become my teachers and protectors in a different way.

I’m sure that since the PAT has similar ideologies, values, feelings (we are all on the same page) that my story amongst other PAT’ers is not unique to me in that regard. The plight of many of the Crystalline children is heinous and unforgivable and your focusing on this subject will be definitely help offset this and begin to counterbalance the situation, so as always, Thank you Georgi! But please be aware there are also many untold success stories and soon all this bullshit will be behind us…

My best to you always Georgi,


The Countdown Has Begun

March 19, 2012

Dear Giorgio,

that society is still deeply debased, still today, I can imagine 20-30 years ago…

I´m now in Brazil for work and now enjoying a little holiday. Today I saw from the window of my hotel an old man eating pieces of biscuits from the street. I felt so disgusted that this could happen in the sixth economy of the planet, in the middle of luxury buildings. I came down and bought a meal and a drink for him. Then I thought about the soul age pattern – the young souls living in luxury and power in those beautiful buildings on the beach, and the baby or adult souls starving on the street, in the complete indifference of the people around… what a debased society it is still! Hope we will ascend quite soon! Your last reports are just fantastic!!

Un grande abbraccio,
Dear Alberto,

Thank you for this confirmation and I wish you a nice holiday in Brazil. Send may greetings my country woman – your current president. When will she start with the revelations?

The more we advance with the LBP and enter higher vibrations, the more apparent will be the deplorable state of affairs on this palnet and the less we will like what we observe. This discrepancy will widen in the coming days and our stay on this planet will become less and less acceptable each day. That is why the final split of the two timelines must take place quite soon.

With love and light
March 19, 2012

ciao Georgi,

maybe Obama feels that something big is about to happen ..

love and light

“In a stunning move, on March 16, 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the President and his specifically designated Secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water. The EO also states that the President and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The EO also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of national defense.

Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the EO does not only apply to National Emergencies and times of war. It also applies in peacetime.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order exploits the “authority” granted to the President in the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to assert that virtually every means of human survival is now available for confiscation and control by the President via his and his Secretaries’ whim.

The unconstitutionality of the overwhelming majority of Executive Orders is well established, as well as the illegality of denying citizens their basic Constitutional and human rights, even in the event of a legitimate national emergency. Likewise, it should also be pointed out that, like Obama’s recent Libyan adventure and the foregone conclusion of a Syrian intervention, there is no mention of Congress beyond a minor role of keeping the allegedly co-equal branch of government informed on contextually meaningless developments….”
Dear Paolo,

This is indeed a very important information. I have personally expected this kind of undemocratic decisions by the US government shortly before the Big Events will begin to unfold, and this unconstitutional decree of Obama that will give unlimited power to the US-government is the best prove that the cosmic showdown will soon begin.

I personally see this recent development very relaxed  as the US-government will not be in the position to implement this new martial law due to the expected mayhem and collapse of the old world order when the “shift & split” will come. But it clearly indicates how embroiled Obama is in the dark agenda of the Elite, and why all blind experts who expected something positive to come out from this black president must now finally acknowledge how wrong they have been in their assessments in the past.

You do not accept the killing of your own father as not to expose you that you are not an American citizen in order to become a president, and then expect from such a dark person any moral standards whatsoever. How stupid must one become to still believe the fairy tales that the dark US elite are still telling the rest of the world?

With love and light

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