New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 13

Psycho-Energetic Foundations of Human Intransigence

Essay –

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July, 2019

Translated from the German book “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“, 2001 into English by the author

This essay was written in 2004 and added to this book as an attachment.


Due to the essence of the new pantheory of the Universal Law, all my writings are connected in content and logical-causal terms and are mutually interdependent. This essay on the psycho-energetic foundations of human intransigence is no exception: Its message can only reach readers who have already studied my other works on science and Gnosis intensively and have understood them both intellectually and in a spiritually inspiring way.

In practice, the new theory of science replaces all previous scientific, philosophical and trivial categorical systems that humanity has produced in its written history because they have proved fundamentally wrong and inadequate. Consequently, it unreservedly rejects all current institutions, social forms and norms based on such false ideas and principles.

The inherent tendency of human beings to cling to absurd spiritual and material structures solely because of their mere existence and to refuse any new knowledge is what I call “human intransigence”. This quality characterizes the archetypal personality structure of the vast majority of the souls currently incarnated; it is a result of their actual spiritual unfolding in earthly 3D.

From a psychological point of view, the new theory of the Universal Law is thus a decisive rejection of human intransigence – of the inherent tendency of human beings to refuse any confrontation with new demanding spiritual contents that question the accustomed way of thinking, feeling and action and to constantly insist on allowing only comfortable, chewed-up opinions, statements and positions that do not touch deep-seated fears and seem to make everyday and political life conflict-free and manageable. This has given rise to many restrictive, intellectually extremely hostile rules of human behavior both at the individual and at the collective level such as the “political correctness” that I frequently quote; the latter has recently spread in politics, mainstream media and science and exercises the function of a rigid and very efficient self-censorship in today’s Western society, which is only superficially regarded as permissive.

Human intransigence, at both the mental and emotional levels, is an expression of the excessive expression of the unreflected ego in today’s population of incarnated Young Souls, which is essentially characterized by mental inertia and convulsive adherence to existing material and mental structures. By denying the guiding power of the soul and thus reinforcing the amnesia of the incarnated personality, the ego strives to maintain constant control over events.

For this reason, the ego evaluates every external change that is provided for in the soul plan of the individual – and from the perspective of the soul (there is no other relevant view of things) always represents a necessary gnostic pedagogical task for the incarnated personality – as an unpleasant or threatening event that questions its sphere of action. Hence, the proverbial mistrust of the ego towards the soul and any kind of change that it interprets and fears as being an unjust blow of fate in the vast majority of cases. This intransigent behavior, which reaches a climax, especially in the Young Soul cycle, fails to recognize the potential for creative unfolding inherent in every human being. The latter can only be expressed when the individual, in the exercise of his “God-given” free will, mentally plays through the manifold probability alternatives of human existence, which the soul communicates to him in the form of inspirations, dreams and inner impulses, as concrete possibilities of life and realizes the best alternatives in the three-dimensionality of space-time.

This diversity of life forms that flow from the inner-soul dimension and manifest on the historical stage as social change, insofar as it is not blocked by deep-seated fears, inevitably leads to rejection of the prevailing norms, dogmas and laws of human behavior adopted by previous generations, as these stand in the way of the evolution of man to a transgalactic species.

Whether in the law book, “political correctness” or as a simple statement in everyday life: “That’s not the right thing to do”, such rules of conduct and commandments have an extremely restrictive and inhibiting effect on the thinking and creative power of the individual in a universal way and strongly restrict the spectrum of life alternatives. The life version, which is realized out of such a limited worldview and spiritual stifling, must inevitably remain one-dimensional, sterile, inhuman, joyless and unimaginative. This should accurately describe the current social and private life that people lead on this earth.

The opposite of human intransigence is thus the consequent and persistent rejection of all currently existing beliefs, opinions, rules and patterns of behavior that can be found in today’s society. They determine all interpersonal relationships in a very fatal, inescapable way and transform the ideal divine image of Man that should be realized on this earth into a caricature. Only from this Faustian negation can the inherent creative potential of human beings really unfold and establish a new loving and joyful humanity.

The starting point of such a spiritual rebellion can only be the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law. Its axiomatic foundations prohibit the usual convulsive, dogmatic adherence to dubious intellectual and spiritual contents observed in the teaching of contemporary conventional pseudo-scientific theories throughout universities and schools. The new theory presupposes first and foremost logical-axiomatic thinking and knowledge. This intellectual achievement is not only unusual at the moment, but is virtually impossible due to the prevailing living conditions and social constraints because it would inevitably lead to an all-encompassing confrontation with the entire social environment, which is almost exclusively constructed according to illogical thoughts and ideas and would decisively endanger the existential foundations of the individual’s life.

Only very few, if any, courageous Old Souls can consciously and confidently expose themselves to such a confrontation at the end of their incarnation cycle. They know and feel in an unmistakable way that in the near future, they will forever leave behind all the limitations and emotional strains of the incarnation experience on planet Earth and for this reason no longer need to subordinate themselves to the current illusory living conditions. Thus advanced soul age of the incarnated personality and profound knowledge of the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law are indispensable prerequisites for the successful overcoming of human intransigence in the individual and collective realm.

This overcoming is at the same time the most important precondition for the initiation of the Light Body Process (LBP) by the soul. This extremely dynamic energetic process at the soul and psycho-mental level initiates the evolution of the currently mentally and physically very limited species “Man” to an immortal transgalactic, multidimensional entity of immense knowledge and unimaginable energetic abilities. This also greatly limits the circle of people who will benefit from this scripture in the first place and who will be able to follow my example. After all, a master is not judged by the number of his disciples, but by the number of masters he has trained.

The persons who go this way of perfection and finish their incarnation cycle as “Ascended Masters” are chosen to become the new spiritual leaders of mankind. They will replace those Young Souls who have decided in their present incarnation to collect earthly experience in the manipulation of humans and matter as politicians and economic bosses at the levers of power, as they will no longer be able to cope with the high spiritual demands of the new enlightened humanity of love and gnostic knowledge that will emerge from this evolutionary process.

This process was prepared a long time ago and is the subject of various statements in the Bible, such as Jesus Christ’s prediction that when the “Son of Man” comes, the land will be taken away from the wicked vintners (vineyard tenants) and given to the good vintners (Matthew, 21,33-41).

To the extent to which the present “power and mass man” will overcome his intransigence and is willing to renounce any kind of manipulation and dedicate himself to new spiritual goals, the forthcoming radical social transformation will proceed more or less smoothly and without violence. At this point it should be emphasized unequivocally that almost all atrocities and violence that humanity has suffered and constantly sustains, be it at the socio-political level or in interpersonal relationships, have their cause in the proverbial psycho-mental intransigence of the species “man” – in his refusal to think about his own motives, impulses, feelings and thoughts and eventually change them.

Instead, all spiritual contradictions and inner-soul tensions, which man forcibly perceives in this state of denial, are not resolved at the spiritual level – i.e. where they arise – but are projected onto the outside world and processed as violent conflicts. This mental attitude is an expression of the prevailing warmongering mind of incarnated Young Souls, who currently represent the majority of souls on this planet, as can be seen in an exemplary manner in the US Congress and government in Washington D.C. and in other capitals in the Western world.

With the onset of the Evolutionary Leap, such polarizations and tensions in the emotional and mental bodies of the incarnated personalities will increase extremely and will temporarily lead to an escalation of violence on earth (which is exactly what happened in the following 15 years since 2004 when I wrote this essay). The depiction of these cruelties will dominate the mass media on the eve of the Evolutionary Leap and will not leave any space for constructive spiritual reflections that could prepare the ground for a universal resolution to mankind’s problem of violence. Thus, the phenomenon of sterile, insincere mass media coverage is also the result of widespread human intransigence – its refusal to set the bare facts in the right perspective. This denial will peak in the coming months and years (This is another brilliant prophecy for the current End Time of exposed hysterical, fake MSM in the West.).

This intransigence and the resulting propensity for violence are decisively related to the present agnostic nature of Young Souls: These negative traits stem from the exclusive mental focus on the three-dimensional external world, which these souls are currently manipulating with enthusiasm in the form of matter and people. In this way, they believe that they can resolve their inner-soul problems. At the same time, they are so ridden by numerous fears and behavioral compulsions that they perceive the exploration of the inner-soul dimension as a threat to the supposedly secure foundations of their existence and stubbornly deny the spiritual causes of their conflicts from this limited mental point of view.

This attitude of mind implies both the present ego-centering of the incarnated personality, which results in the encapsulation and accumulation of psychic and spiritual energy due to numerous blockages, and the subsequent orientation of social life, which is currently characterized by mental paralysis and spiritual sterility.

In the following, I will therefore deal with various current typical psycho-social aspects and phenomena of human refusal to change and develop in order to sharpen the reader’s perception of this central psychological problem in the coming decades.

Human intransigence as a fairy tale myth

Each soul fragment begins its cycle of incarnation in a state of full-fledged amnesia with respect to its astral origin that is maintained by strong existential and basic fears. Such fears have a very restrictive effect on the thinking and behavior of the newly incarnated personality, who at this stage of her earthly experience is not yet able to reflect upon and distance herself from her fear-based structure. Rather, the structure of fear dominates the psyche, the world of thought, and the behavior of the Immature Soul in such a perfect manner that it leaves no room for an independent development of the personality. Ergo:

The personality structure of the newly incarnated soul is her fear structure.

She now has to learn the ability of self-reflection step by step in the course of her long incarnation cycle. She feels in a deep, quasi-mystical way that she was irrevocably expelled from the paradisaical conditions of her astral existence into the cruel material world of the earth – hence the biblical myth of the expulsion from paradise – and perceives this new frightening state of total separation from the original homeland of the disembodied souls, which she now has to explore in a long ”series” of individual incarnations in various ways, as crying injustice.

Fall of Mankind and Expulsion from Paradise Michelangelo

The Expulsion from Paradise painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1654)

This intuitive sensation forms the basic mood of the earthly personality. Since the incarnated soul has forgotten that it has voluntarily given her consent to this energetic phase leap into the material three-dimensionality of being human, she now seeks the cause of her cruel and unjust fate exclusively in the outside world, which according to her limited perception she regards as an objective hostile reality independent of humans existence. In fact, the three-dimensional reality is merely a deliberate disguise, a camouflage that only arises through the limited, fear-based sensory perception of the incarnated personality.

Human sensory perception is a deliberate construction of the soul which ensures that human consciousness is focused on a very narrow spectrum of energetic data. The energetic separation and inadequate development of the body chakras in the majority of the currently incarnated souls narrows, in a fine-tuned interplay with the basic fears built into the psychic structure of the incarnated personality by the soul, additionally the human perception. Since these “constructional errors” of the species “man” manifest as an integral part of his biological being, the mind of most humans is currently not able to recognize the superimposed nature of these bio-energetic phenomena, let alone consciously overcome them, as is intended in the LBP.

The three-dimensional space-time, which man perceives, is thus a prefabricated, carefully planned decoration of the soul for her incarnation experiment on earth, the aim of which is to train the incarnated personality in dealing with a narrow spectrum of extremely polarizing psychic and mental energies.

Space-time, as the Primary Term of human consciousness and at the same time as experienced environment, is thus an entirely subjective reality that is based on the unconscious “arresting of time in the head” – a fundamental psycho-mental process, which was first recognized and described by myself with the discovery of the Universal Law. At the same time, it forms the basis of human languages and all sciences – the ability of human beings to communicate verbally through expressions and to acquire knowledge about the environment and themselves under these limited energetic conditions.

It is a central finding of the new Gnosis and Theory of the Universal Law, which I have dealt with in detail in my books. It explains the inherent tendency of most incarnated souls to regard themselves as separate bio-organisms and therefore to interpret all things and events of the visible material world as separate phenomena from themselves and not as products of their limited perception.

This has led to the emergence of the currently predominant materialistic and empirical worldview. On the one hand, it is based on the principle of separation and regards the world as a battlefield of biological organisms and humans; on the other hand, it pays homage to the principle of empiricism and seeks all knowledge and secrets of Nature in the seemingly separate outer world, instead of finding them in the platonic world of ideas of the human psyche and Spirit, as the ancient Greek philosophers taught us.

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Unfortunately, more than two thousand years had to pass in vain before I had the idea of choosing this approach again. Starting from the Platonic Primary Term of All-THAT-Is, I developed a flawless Axiomatics of human thought, with which I could unify not only physics but also all the natural sciences and humanities:


At the same time, I expanded ancient Platonic and Neoplatonic Gnosis by bringing it into line with the latest scientific findings of the 20th century:


This achievement represents the greatest intellectual revolution in the history of mankind and has the function of initiating and theoretically substantiating its imminent radical evolution.

By forgetting its causal astral identity, its immortality as a soul, and vehemently rejecting any thought of it, the currently incarnated personality must evaluate all interpersonal relationships and interactions in Nature and society exclusively according to the cause-effect principle. For this reason, the incarnated personality sees herself either as a “victim” of cruel circumstances and coincidences or a victor by fortunate fate over the iniquity of a cruel Nature and likewise cruel social environment. In both cases, the principle of external causality is never questioned.

The realization that the incarnated soul continuously shapes her own life circumstances from a higher vantage point of awareness by designing innumerable probability alternatives of her earthly existence in the astral realms during the sleep phases and realizes them with the help of other souls in the three-dimensional space-time of the earth, has no place in such a narrow deterministic view. Out of this inner psychological predicament, the freshly incarnated soul can only imagine one way that could lead her out of her present hated state: She firmly believes that her liberation from the earthly dreariness could only be the result of external extraordinary events, which are threaded by well-meaning miraculous forces. The young incarnated soul does not know that her liberation can only be a natural consequence of a conscious and continuous unfolding of her inner-soul potential, which is unreservedly available to every incarnated personality that she has to rediscover under the difficult conditions on earth.

Many religious and secular myths have sprung from this prevailing erroneous view: They are inadequate attempts to interpret the eschatology of human existence from the viewpoint of narrow earthly experience. In Christianity, God should appear as the “Redeemer”, as the “Son of Man”, in order to free the people from the strains of the incarnation cycle and to lift them up to heaven. The same End Time scenario is also played out in Islam. Man can only imagine an external miraculous salvation from the hardship of earthly life and does not take into account that this can only be the result of an individual spiritual perfection, which is the actual goal of the incarnation process.

This erroneous psycho-mental attitude of the currently incarnated souls explains the popularity of many fairy tales not only among children but also among adults because they address the deep-seated need of human beings to interpret their earthly existence without triggering the underlying fears too high. The film industry, especially Hollywood, makes extensive use of such archetypal fairy tales by translating their original actions into modern scripts, while largely maintaining the underlying gnostic message. Such collective myths have a tremendous psychological effect on all people and are capable of founding or destroying entire civilizations. The same function is fulfilled by many religious myths, which hardly differ intellectually from the well-known fairy tales.

The world-famous myth “Cinderella” represents this psychologically cognitive misinterpretation of the immature incarnated soul regarding the circumstances of her earthly existence in the form of an easily digestible fairy tale in a perfect archetypal manner.

Cinderella is of noble origin, but she has forgotten it in her arduous everyday life and secretly longs for a new existence that seems appropriate to her intuitively guessed descent. Consequently, liberation from her dreary existence can only be achieved by an unexpected external event, the invitation to a ball in the Royal Palace. This fateful turn, however, requires the additional magical powers of a fairy before all the adversities and hurdles of domestic and maternal life are overcome.

Under the given socio-cultural conditions people’s attention is focused exclusively on the outside world and they cannot imagine that a lasting change in living conditions for the better can only take place within the personality structure of the individual. Since this inner change takes place without any external action, it cannot, of course, be the subject of a fairy tale or a plot for a fantasy movie. Therefore, in his myths and fairy tales, man looks for supernatural powers that bring about this transformation from the outside, be it by divine providence or lucky coincidences, which amounts to the same thing, because there are always various magic powers at play that arrange the coincidence of happy circumstances in secret. The latest world success of Harry Potter books proves how widespread this existential view is in today’s mankind.

Fairytale world and social reality

This is the spiritual origin not only of all fairy tales, but also of all common views and beliefs that are currently shaping social life. This circumstance explains the increasing popularity of the fantasy genre in films, soaps (modern witches) or pseudo-scientific animations of extinct species such as the dinosaurs, the sole purpose of which is to maintain the fairy tale of the random evolution of organic matter from “material chaos”, even if such naive pictorial representations must inevitably override the laws of this same evolution.

But also all TV broadcasts about or with prominent personalities, who comparable to the term “dinos” for dinosaurs are called “Promis” for celebrities in German, which comes from the word “Prominenz (prominence)”, whereby there are reasonable grounds to suspect whether this term has, in fact, its origin rather in the promiscuity of the physical relationships and thinking habits of these people, are tainted by the Fabulous of the Cinderella psychology.

Although most celebrities and those, who have chosen them to be such, have a vague premonition that, being immature Young Souls, they will still have to play the soul role of Cinderella bravely on earth for quite a while until they transform from their present frog-like state into spiritual princes and princesses at the end of their incarnation cycle, that is to say, in a few thousand years’ time from now on in order to leave the earth as ascended masters. Yet they are already today intoxicated by their short-lived ascension to the Olympus of dubious social fame.

From this point of view, the medial drama around Diana and Prince Charles was a lived variant of Cinderella with exchanged roles, which was suitable to reveal the hidden psychological background of this fairy tale myth and thus lastingly question it. As Diana was able to free herself from her stale, meaningless role of a socially celebrated princess and embodied more and more convincingly the emotional and humanitarian aspects of her pristine individuality of an old soul, she visibly left the psychological world of the “Cinderella Souls”, which is embodied in an exemplary way by the English royal family (footnote 1), and transformed herself into an “Aristocratic Soul” in front of the astonished public. From a married princess, she became the princess of the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

This circumstance explains the enormous popularity of Diana, after her murder, of which she had a premonition as an old soul, and the general indignation at the heartless behavior of Prince Charles and his family in the face of her sudden death. In a reversal of the fairy tale dramaturgy, the Frog Prince Charles, who is a very immature Young Soul, could not help but turn into a frog under Diana’s kiss of death. In this drama, as many elements of fairy tale mythology as possible were intermingled, resulting in an emotionally charged plot that pulled the global public into its orbit. I leave it up to the reader to interpret this drama with the methodology of a deep psychological analysis from the point of view of the soul as presented here, in order to visualize the broad psycho-energetic effect of this royal tragicomedy, which would have been worthy of Shakespeare.

The social success, which the Young Soul constantly strives for and from which she lets herself be blinded with enthusiasm, is nothing other than a cheap premature substitute for the fruits of the aspired soul evolution, which she can only reap after long experience and overcoming countless social and personal failures and challenges at the end of the incarnation cycle. In other words, social fame does not lead to the Light Body Process and Ascension of the incarnated personality, with which the performance of the soul throughout the entire incarnation cycle is ennobled at the end, but proves to be an existential impasse: a life lie, which the Young Soul, according to her inadequate unfolding, certainly likes to live out in excess in the society of equally immature souls.

The only criterion for being a celebrity currently is the individual level of popularity in the mass media and not the spiritual achievement actually accomplished, as in the opinion of the majority of immature souls it is completely irrelevant how this popularity has been achieved. Here, the notoriously short memory of the Young Souls serves well.

Some particularly “lazy” Young Souls, for example, prefer to incarnate in noble families in order to attain a prominent status from birth without doing anything for it. Such biographies, however, can only be realized to a very limited extent in a few parts of the world, for example in “enlightened” Western Europe, where society, regardless of its democratization and increasing leveling, continues to adhere to this atavistic social hierarchy. In such cases the following rule of thumb can be applied: The higher the nobility, the more “Cinderella-like” are the souls who incarnate in such clans.

In order to successfully fulfill the role of Cinderella, sometimes the biographies of the aristocrats have to be considerably manipulated, as in the biography book of the well-known Princess Gloria von Thurn and Taxis in Germany (who happened to be a schoolmate of my wife, so that we could easily reveal all the lies and fabulations she had wistfully put into this book as to beautify her dull and uneventful childhood), as to do justice to the fairy tale myth. Such fables thrive very well on the ground of the extremely short memories of the Young Souls, who currently dominantly populate the earth and identify themselves with such social fairy tales with great enthusiasm, without taking a close look at their actual content.

Due to the supremacy of the mass media, the prominence of today’s television nobility, which has long since pushed the blue-blooded nobility to the brink of its due historical insignificance, is measured by the number of appearances, viewer ratings and mentions in television and other media, not least as a citation index in the scientific press, which is “seriously” used to evaluate the qualification of a researcher.

Social fame thus acquires the qualities of an exquisite personal fluid that is emanated, so to speak, by celebrities and can flow into various lucrative activities without any loss of energy. If one achieves fame, for whatever reason, in a certain area, then this personal award can now be implemented very successfully in other areas from a pecuniary point of view.

If, for example, a person becomes famous as a politician or sportsman, then it is taken for granted that, after leaving politics or active sports life, he or she is hired as a show master on television and is allowed to sunbathe for a while in the light of his or her real stardom, or rather in the stardom borrowed from the invited guests to the show. A famous tennis player, who has become even more famous after several botched relationships, financial, and court affairs, is generally considered to be well qualified to ask other dubious celebrities about their existential ups and downs as a moderator.

The same applies to the Jewish politician, who was allowed to instrumentalize the Holocaust as a trampoline to promote his own fame until he himself stumbled over his high moral claims. Afterward, it was sufficient to stage a phony “mea culpa” in order to recommend himself as a moderator of other “fallen” greats. The prominent Young Soul loves to denude herself in public as a “fallen angel” and, free from existential worries, to use her exhibitionistic fall from grace as a vehicle to catapult her fame into new dizzying heights.

A retired federal minister, who as an active politician already showed a pronounced ability to embody the closeness of politics to the clownish in an exemplary manner and played a decisive role in the bankruptcy of the pension system in Germany, is apparently ideally suited to ask questions about “What am I” (a popular German show) with public appeal after having failed to answer this question throughout his entire life. And so on, and so forth.

The degree of popularity, which is only an abstract intellectual criterion and does not represent added value in itself, is now “metabolized” into lucrative advertising contracts, which in turn “liquefy” into lucrative fees. Such a person is then ennobled as a social “emperor” (“Kaiser” in German, which is the nickname of the famous soccer player Franz Beckenbauer), who can even be publicly envied by the German Chancellor for his jester-free, prominent status – the same chancellor who soon transfigured from an ethically doctored politician into the emperor of political and economic wangle.

The concept of prominence, which profoundly shapes and deforms modern society and economy, obviously parodies the characteristics of the Primary Term – the energy from which everything arises. As I have shown in the new economic theory, the invention of money was originally intended to reflect the essence of energy, or space-time, in the field of economic activity of mankind.

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From this perspective, it is appropriate to define the currently highly acclaimed personal celebrity as a kind of virtual “money derivative” with a very high return. This coveted socio-cultural award seems to transform effortlessly from any professional or social form into another without losing financial strength. The “penetrance of prominence” is converted by the banks into financial creditworthiness and leads to the granting of generous loans for senseless economic activities, which only have the task of increasing the fame of the celebrities, as demonstrated by the recent legal case of a well-known, dubious couple in Germany (which nobody remembers anymore, not even myself).

In order to guarantee “the law of the preservation of prominence“, the illustrious circle of beneficiaries must, of course, be kept small. For this reason, the “law of social entropy” – that is, the “law of dissipation of individual prominence” – is meticulously taken into account and always comes into force when fame has to be distributed among a larger circle of people.

It is therefore no coincidence that all celebrities show a remarkable resistance to sharing their fame with ordinary mortals. For this reason, a new form of medial incest is spreading rapidly: “Famous” presenters invite other “famous” presenters to their talk shows because they instinctively assume that according to the “law of addition of celebrity prominence“, which is a practical application of the famous saying “one hand washes the other”, their fame can only grow.

The aggregation behavior of celebrities can be observed very well in boxing fights, which are enjoying growing popularity in Germany. On the eve of the Evolutionary Leap and the greatest world economic crisis, they perform the same function as the gladiatorial battles did in Rome at the time of its downfall.

It is significant that the official state television broadcasters (ARD and ZDF), which originally had to fulfill an educational mission, mimic the Roman emperors and completely succumb to this medial hype at the lowest level. Before every boxing match, for example, a number of celebrities who owe their fame exclusively to these state institutions are extensively interviewed, and it is almost embarrassing to observe the enthusiasm with which they contribute with their prattle to this socially accepted form of primitive punch-up. Media incest and violence as the epitome of today’s celebrities! These are the living conditions, in which the young Cinderella souls really feel at home. This herd instinct of celebrities offers two decisive advantages for those involved:

1) The number of external celebrities is reduced at the expense of internal medial celebrities, which leads to a significant increase in moderators’ fame;

2) One remains among equals: This medial incest results from the typical tendency of Young Souls to reject otherness because they fear other competing alternatives, for these will inevitably question their own advantageous view of their alleged merits.

Since prominent Young Souls are not savvy in the inner-soul dimension and can only define themselves in comparison to their environment, their surroundings consist exclusively of similarly “successful”, spiritually mediocre persons. This social behaviour is very effective in preventing the risk of an unfavorable social comparison from the outset. For this reason, traditional celebrities that are celebrated in the media never compare themselves with spiritually highly evolved personalities, who are a real rarity in today’s society anyway, and thus, by definition, are most likely to claim the right to be true celebrities. Instead, such spiritual personalities are usually ridiculed, disqualified, and pushed to the margins of society.

The intellectual nobility should actually be the most valuable part of the society, not only according to the Western tradition of Enlightenment but also according to the well-known economic “law of diminishing marginal utilities“. According to this law, a commodity is all the more valuable, the rarer it is. Diamonds are so expensive because they’re so rare. Water is generally very cheap or has no value as long as it is available in abundance. In the desert, however, a glass of water would be infinitely more valuable to a thirsty dying person than a glass full of high-carat diamonds. The law of marginal value is therefore not a genuine law, as economic theory mistakenly claims, but merely an observation of the relativity of material values in society.

The usual intellectual refusal of the Young Soul-masses to understand and accept progressive ideas that go beyond their limited perceptual horizon always begins with the social stigmatization and suppression of such leaders of thought and often ends with the exercise of brute force and their physical annihilation. This dismissive hostile attitude of the Young Souls toward spiritually superior persons is not only paradigmatic for the bloodthirsty history of mankind, but it is also predominant in contemporary society. It is a manifestation of their limited, selfish way of thinking distorted by fear that they might miss out in life if they allowed a comparison with spiritually superior Old Souls.

And they are actually right about that. Young Souls intuitively feel that they still have to endure a long grueling experience on earth in many incarnations full of hardships, until they are ready to leave the earth as ascended masters. But they don’t want to be reminded of this bitter truth. Therefore, Young Souls love to gang up and mercilessly exterminate all thinkers who make them aware of this bitter truth.

This psycho-mental tendency of the prevailing Young Souls to aspire to the median, i.e. the mediocre value and to replace quality with quantity, explains why in the last decades we have observed a clear decline of the spiritual and intellectual level in all Western mass media and in society. This development, which began at the end of the 19th century, was presented by Ortega y Gasset in his book “The Revolt of the Masses” from the position of an enlightened Old Soul in an ingenious and brilliant way.

The socio-cultural phenomena described above shed light on how human intransigence, of which there are infinitely many behavioral facets, is currently articulated and what inner-soul constraints it entails.

The urge for prominence is an expression of typical basic fears, such as “arrogance” and “craving for recognition” (narcissism), which many Young Souls have chosen in their current incarnation, because the current social conditions allow them to live out these basic fears to the full, to enjoy them or, depending on their individual goals, to fail because of them. Strictly speaking, many forms of contemporary social life have been established by the majority of Young Souls solely for the sake of their arrogance and their desire for recognition.

The basic human fears are purposefully incorporated by the soul into the personality structure of her incarnation in order to effectively maintain the veil of forgetfulness (the amnesia) about its astral-energetic origin during earthly life. People with such basic fears must then constantly live them out in their interpersonal relationships. In many ways, they behave like strictly programmed bio-robots, attuned only to a particular behavior and experience and unable to grow beyond it.

For this reason, the immature Young Souls tinker preferably with values and social conditions that they enjoy in the form of pseudo-virtues or desirable biographies of life, only to ennoble and justify their dubious fear-related achievements in everyday life. The life philosophies that are formed around such inferior ideas are the psychological Cinderella ball dress of the Young Soul: At present, she measures her unfolding in the earthly three-dimensionality only according to materialistic and pecuniary criteria and can only quantify it with surrogate standards, such as social fame as discussed above.

Just as the Cinderella ball dress transforms into the original shabby dress at midnight and her golden carriage into a pumpkin, the currently solemnized celebrities will very soon turn into Cinderellas of the new enlightened society in the course of the forthcoming Evolutionary Leap (Let’s see what will happen this year and in the next few years.).

Since the inner-soul evolution of the incarnated personality currently does not represent a generally accepted life goal in society – one does not even have the faintest idea what such an inner-soul evolution should look like, even the most famous gurus in esotericism and religion are no exception to that – modern extremely one-dimensional social life offers no adequate framework for such a spiritual evolution of the individual to occur.

The few people who aspire to spiritual perfection are currently forced to live in a state of total social isolation. However, the lifestyle of a social “Robinson Crusoe” places enormous challenges on the will and self-discipline of the individual, since every single existence strives for a social expression. Only Old Souls who have a stable psychic condition and enormous earthly experience can successfully master this challenge. But even an Old Soul is permanently dependent on social contacts in order to unfold on earth. Every kind of social quarantine that an Old Soul undergoes freely and willingly in the face of the current adverse conditions is associated with a tremendous renunciation of joie de vivre (zest for life) that she would have liked to enjoy to the full under other circumstances.

Considering at the same time that the Old Soul is permeated by an almost unbearable longing for the astral homeland, it is all too understandable that there is very little incentive for such a personality to stay on earth, even if her soul has taken on a transpersonal mission. Since she cannot identify herself with the present society of Young Souls, she has no ambition to advance socially and is not willing to put on the short-lived Cinderella dress in order to emulate the appearance of a deceptive social success. She knows in an unmistakable way that the clock will soon strike twelve and the self-deception on this earth will come to an end.

As already mentioned, the Cinderella syndrome of the Young Soul has many facets. Even though Cinderella’s soul may shine for a short time in the splendor of a beautiful princess to fully satisfy her craving for prestige, she cannot entirely suppress her deep-seated doubts about the illusory character of this short-lived social success. For even the most immature soul knows at the level of her Higher Self that after every socially successful incarnation, several arduous lives must follow as compensation.

This ratio statistically results from the small number of wealthy and successful individuals and positions in today’s society. In the past, their share was even smaller. Statistically speaking, very few incarnated souls on earth can enjoy the privilege of playing the role of a rich, successful, or famous personality. Since such existences are usually quite stale and offer few challenges for soul unfolding, it is cogent why such unripe souls do not approach the final goal, the completion of the incarnation cycle and the transition into the fearless energetic state of the causal worlds, even an iota.

In order to suppress her knowledge of the bitter inner truth, the Cinderella Young Soul resorts to various deceptive maneuvers, all of which are manifestations of her intransigence. A popular deceptive tactic of the Young Soul is to buy several ball dresses as a precaution, in the hope that if the one that makes her a princess turns into a Cinderella dress, she will have more ball dresses in her closet to prolong the appearance of being a princess.

This approach is particularly popular with many business bosses. In order to ensure social success, these Young Souls gather as many leading positions as possible. For example, a dozen people in Germany hold a quarter of the executive and supervisory board positions of all DAX-listed companies. Some individuals occupy more than ten leading positions at the same time and decide on the fate of millions of working people, without the question of “conflict of interests” having been loudly raised.

But even with a benevolent evaluation of their activity, it remains a mystery how they can perform their functions meaningfully unless they are geniuses and have unimaginable practical efficiency and social competence. However, this assumption is not supported by the miserable image that such bosses display as soon as they get into trouble, as the appearance of the CEO of the largest German bank (Deutsche Bank) currently shows all too clearly.

The many positions that such “morons in pinstripes” (“Nieten in Nadelstreifen“, a German bestseller on the proven stupidity of German business bosses) collect, serve only to satisfy their fear that they could not fully live out their craving for recognition in the present incarnation. In order to remain in their linguistic usage, such Immature Souls need more than just one “ripcord” in order to cushion somewhat their fear of plummeting socially. This case concretely reveals the recursive psycho-mental predicament in which such souls find themselves, so that one can well imagine their drama when they suffer a total shipwreck in the coming world economic crisis and are faced with an empty wardrobe: The Cinderella dresses that they have hoarded will suddenly be “bust”, and there will be no more weddings, on which they can dance at the same time.

Nowhere, however, will human intransigence occur so massively as in dealing with people who are in the Light Body Process and will leave the earth as ascended masters in the coming years. The interpersonal relationships between normal mortals and luminaries (light gestalts), that is, between Cinderella souls and noble souls, will fatefully divide society and produce wholly new forms of spiritual and behavioral aberrations in the first phase of the Evolutionary Leap. The mere thought of it already fills me with horror, so I must really overcome myself to write some prophetic words about it.

With my ascension as the first multidimensional personality, the carpet will be literally pulled away from under the feet of humanity. Men will temporarily lose their hold and, as they are unable to seek the cause for this change in their wrong beliefs, they will blame the few people who are in or are striving for the light body process and make life hell for them (This is what actually happened in the fifteen years since I wrote this essay in 2004. To this I count, among many other atrocities, the countless vicious attacks by insidious, disgusting Internet trolls, paid by the dark secret services in the USA and Europe, to harass the few ascended masters in the light workers’ community, who like me after their ascension helped Gaia to ascend to 5D in December 2012 and then returned back to this earth as avatars in great personal sacrifice to also help humanity ascend.)

The inability of the majority of Young Souls to self-reflect and their refusal to take into account the new transcendental facts will, in this transitional phase, provoke new forms of human intransigence – of cruelty and violence – that will eclipse anything previously known unless an unusually large number of massive strokes of fate occur so that the people will be busy with their bare survival and thus unable to unload their inherent hatred onto these Old Souls (This latter alternative will most probably happen this year of 2019 and will deepen in the coming years.).

This determines not only the necessity for a world economic crisis to occur, which I have dealt with in detail in my other writings but also the occurrence of several natural disasters, which will rapidly transform the majority of Young Souls into the cycle of Mature Souls with new spiritual demands. While dealing with their mere survival, these souls will have no opportunity to live out their aggression, which will arise in this psychologically vulnerable phase at the expense of the few Old Souls. Rather, the Young Souls must recognize in the emergency that they are dependent on their knowledge and their mediality in order to overcome their existential challenges.

They will have to accept the Ascended Masters and the Old Souls who are in the LBP as their natural “God-given” leaders and follow their recommendations and advice if they are to survive. Otherwise, they will leave the earth prematurely.

Given the eternal existence of the soul and its personal multidimensionality, the premature termination of an incarnation is not relevant and does not change the final result of the incarnation cycle. Even though this statement may sound heartless to many readers, it is merely a loving invitation to let go of their intransigence and to unconditionally love and accept their fellow human beings, especially if they are more advanced in their spiritual evolution than themselves.

This recommendation will become increasingly important over the next few years as the living conditions on Earth will change fundamentally. In the course of the Evolutionary Leap, the old social order will irrevocably collapse; in parallel, the current celebrities in politics, culture and the mass media will lose their leading positions and transform themselves into what they have always been – into spiritual Cinderellas.

This mental degradation, which they will experience as a social loss of their celebrity status, will be very painful for them and accompanied by many inner resistances and schizophrenic behavior patterns. The company of such persons will be anything but recommendable at this time.


This treatise impressively shows how the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law is evolving from a pure system of cognition into an ethical teaching of prophetic character – a process that can be observed only in the best philosophical works. Philosophy and Gnosis must be lived practically. They cannot be separated from interpersonal relationships, as is currently being practiced from the position of a short-sighted, materialistic, bourgeois, carnal agnosticism in the hope of surviving the imminent revolutionary change without damage.

As the coming events will show, this hope is as illusory as the camouflage structure of the three-dimensional reality that the souls have devised for their incarnation experience on earth. Only when the causal reality of the 7F-creationary realms is fully accepted and internalized, will one be also able to creatively and joyfully organize one’s earthly existence with a portion of cosmic humor. Until then, homo intransingens still has a long, arduous and laborious way to go.


1. The term “Cinderella soul” applies equally well to young immature warmongering human souls and to incarnated Reptilian and other alien non-human souls from the Orion/Reptilian empire of the former PTB, who display the same spiritually unripe mentality of humans, which they decisively shape from the astral plane, and are in addition very evil. This applies in particular to the British royal family, which represents some of the evilest Reptilian masterminds of the dark cabal. In other words, Princess Diana was a most courageous old soul to decide, prior to incarnation, to choose a prominent destiny that brought her into “the lion’s den”, which ultimately killed her.


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