The Winds of Change

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, December 21, 2011, Copyright 2011

We are approaching the end of an auspicious year of huge expectations and failed promises. But while Heaven’s gifts are still awaiting to enter our dire reality of earthly 3d-space-time, we are labouring hard on our cosmic compensation by doing the job, which many other light workers and star seeds failed to accomplish according to their soul contracts in the current End Times. We are like Alexander Dumas’ three musketeers who live up to the principle: “One for all and all for the One”.

Next year, we will witness the greatest social upheavals and changes in the history of this mankind and planet. We have discussed on various occasions vital aspects of this inevitable human development. Now is the time to make a short overview on the inner logic and dynamics behind these long foretold events of cosmic proportions.

The year 2011 was initially defined by many sources as the year of rebellious energies. Unfortunately humanity did not wake up to this expectation. We saw some pockets of social unrest in Western countries and some bloody upheavals in the Arab world and other Third World countries. But none of them reached the critical mass to turn the tide of social unrest and unleash a true world revolution, which will lead to the liberation of humanity from the shackles of the Orion/reptilian empire and their dark human minions on power.

None of these particular revolts reached so far the explosive transformation power, which the anti-communist movements unleashed in Eastern Europe within few weeks in the remarkable fall of 1989, when the “winds of change” swept away the oligarchic red “Nomenclature” from the power. I still remember vividly how the Party cadre of the East German communist party dissolved and vanished from the surface within several days under the tsunami of demonstrating masses in Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and throughout the whole East German Republic.

Had the East Germans not thrown themselves in a state of complete political ignorance and collective powerlessness, born under a perennial dictatorship historically tainted by the colours of Prussian military grey, Nazi brown and communist red, around the neck of their West German brothers, who swallowed them with the expedience and inherent pecuniary appetite of old capitalist sharks, much of the negative effects, which followed the fall of the Iron Curtain, could have been evaded in this important part of the world.

The basic conclusion from this conspicuous history of failed anti-communist revolution of greatest proportion was that the masses delegated their power to unethical Western capitalists and corrupt politicians, who immediately began to eliminate their liberties and human civil rights under the banner of Western type of democracy. The latter has always been a camouflage for an inhuman, brutal oligarchic Orion-reptilian type of dictatorship, as the US citizens are now beginning slowly to realize for the first time in their life.

The new constitution of “United Germany”, as promised solemnly in the old one, was suspended unanimously by all Orion minded West German parties and the new “Fall from Grace” of this nation began its infamous march. The collective and rather outspoken discontent of the “Ossis” (East Germans) after their hostile take-over by their greedy Western compatriots should serve as a historic red flag for all Western nations, which are now on the cusp of their home-grown revolution.

This perennial “Winter of Our Discontent” (John Steinbeck), as cherished in a paradigmatic way by the Ossis during the last twenty years, will very quickly erupt into a powerful “Ants’ Wrath” (Steinbeck) next year that will sweep away all rotten Orion regimes in the Western world. The wrath of the masses is too great to be appeased one more time by fake reforms or legal reprisals by the sleek reptilian shape-shifters on power – be they in Washington, in the White House and on the Capitol, in Versailles, in Downing street 10, in Berlin Regierungsviertel, in Quirinal and Vatican, Rome or in the worn out centres of power in Athene, Madrid, Lisbon and Dublin. And not to forget the centre of Satanic rituals of the European Cabal, Brussels, the corrupt capital of the EU and the home place of the “Beast-666” – the first huge computer of the Cabal, designed to supervise mankind under the New World Order, as embodied by George Orwell’s Big Brother in his famous prophetic book “1984” and foretold in John’s Revelations in the New Testament.

The winds of change in 2012 will be of cosmic proportions and no political power will withhold them. You are all these “wind makers” now.  Whether you plan it or not in your personal lives, you will be the spearhead of this galactic tornado that will sweep away the old world order for ever. And there is very little left for you to prepare for this event.

After the delayed 11.11.11 scenario, the magnetic pole reversal and the shift of Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions will now take place in early 2012 and will be more magnificent and all encompassing than initially planned. The reason for this is that we all have stayed on earth longer than planned and have contributed with our powerful energetic fields to the establishment of the new cosmic 11.11.11 energies of love and compassion, streaming from the central Arcturus sun throughout our sun. The latter is now in a birthing process and a new fifth-dimensional sun will soon be born, which will heave Gaia and part of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions in 2012.

Currently, there is a huge confusion in the alternative media about the upcoming world revolution, because most Western citizens, especially in the USA; Canada and GB, have no historical experience and knowledge of the inner dynamics and logic of all human revolutions. This is their Achilles’ heel.

In particular, the New Age movement in North America is without a clue as to what is bound to occur very soon on the historical stage. They believe that they will continue to live in their comfortable esoteric niche for ever, no matter whether Ascension is knocking on the door or Gaia will move to a higher dimension. Such are the self-preservation instincts of most people, whose attitude towards life is underpinned by their strive for conservation of old behaviour patterns, illusory social stability and mental immobility, no matter how profound their enslavement may be, with which they pay for this treacherous security. We recognize here the classical dark Orion-Reptilian mentality as paradigmatically represented by all present-day politicians and the vast majority of humanity.

Of course, the people in the West could have learned a lot from the negative past experience of the anti-communist East European movements in 1989/1990 as to avoid their strategic blunders, but the few enlightened individuals in the West are either too lazy or too ignorant as to broaden their limited historical expertise. They will be most probably deluged by the upcoming social tsunami and vanish from the scene. This will be no waste. The vast majority of humanity is in a deep slumber and does not have the faintest idea about the many tribulations they will have to go through in 2012.

The members of the PAT will be the new leaders of humanity when the world revolution will erupt in the first half of 2012. The greatest conundrum of this historic event will be that we shall take over the leadership without being directly involved in street clashes and other more or less violent upheavals or even in the organisation of such dramatic events. The reason for this is that we are the chosen wayshowers by virtue of our soul origin from the highest realms of All-That-Is.

Our actual role will be to ensure a peaceful transition, where past revolutions have bitterly failed, by projecting our loving thoughts, feelings, and perceptions onto the revolting masses when anger, disappointment, frustration and simple existential angst will drive them to commit uncontrollable and violent acts. The difference will be this time that the upcoming world revolution will be embedded in the new higher frequencies of the collective astral atmosphere and crystalline grid around the earth and will be carried forward by the new loving energies which we all have enabled by opening our personal portals at 11.11.11.

This energetic impact of our peaceful collective visions, as extensively discussed on this website, will prevent the occurrence of many erratic and brutal actions and even possible massacres. This has been the fundamental failure of all past revolutions, which were otherwise a necessary response of the incarnated human beings to their perennial enslavement by the Orion/reptilian order and the human puppets they had installed on power.

It is vital for each one of us to establish in these last days of 2011 a clear vision of our future role in the world revolution and to begin projecting our vision onto the current reality in the Now as to achieve the most desirable result. Please start envisaging how you will behave as ascended masters on earth and what contribution on your part to the betterment of the living conditions of humanity will render you the greatest pleasure, and you may be sure that this will be an essential part of your mission on this planet as a boundless creative being – a transliminal soul – after your cosmic ascension. It may be politics, science, arts, establishing new forms of collective life, new planetary organisations and councils, and new agricultural methods or simply teaching humanity and preparing it for ascension.

During the last several weeks or months prior to the magnetic pole reversal and the shift of Gaia to higher dimensions, you must completely detach from this reality, which will visibly deteriorate after January 1, 2012. Human civilisation, as we know it, will very soon cease to exist as it is based on entirely wrong beliefs, prejudices and angst patterns of self preservation and instinctive aggressive behaviour. The latter is determining the deeds of the dark Cabal that will be ousted from power in the first half of 2012.

In fact, we must now accomplish step by step the letting go of all our earthly experiences and ideas associated with our three lower chakras, as this was intended to happen during our planned ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 before this event was postponed for the coming year. This singular event was now substituted with a step-wise ascension, where the disentanglement from all low-frequency aspects of our identity will go further than initially anticipated and will catapult us to higher dimensions than we have first envisaged when we planned in every detail our current incarnations as pure souls in the higher realms.

The shift of Gaia to higher dimensions and the split of the two timelines during and after the magnetic pole reversal will be more radical and pronounced than originally planned for 11.11.11 for two reasons:

1, Mankind is  in a huge retard with respect to its process of awakening and preparation for mass ascension in Dec 2012. In order to achieve this goal, some major events have to occur on earth and transform both, the old Orion/reptilian world order and the collective human mentality, which is entrapped like Gulliver in a huge network of invisible cords of basic fears and inadequate patterns of social behaviour. Only when all material and ideal structures of the current human civilisation are more or less completely destroyed, can the masses begin to shed their current deleterious modes of thinking and social reactions and enter the road of spiritual evolution, which will be crowned with their ascension by the end of 2012. Hence, there is very little time left to carry out this enormous education and transformation programme. We will be the ones, who will lead mankind through this adventure of cosmic proportions, and only later on can other highly evolved civilisations enter the scene and help us.

2. Due to the fact that the planned ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 was postponed, the soul contracts of all incarnated human entities have been automatically prolonged. The proportion of their final karmic experience was subsequently extended and its intensity was hugely augmented due to the higher frequency energies flooding earth after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. This circumstance renders the unique possibility for many human beings to finish completely with their rest karmic obligations in an accelerated mode, so that when the shift will come in early 2012, they can irreversibly move to a higher dimension. This would say that  the split of the two timelines and the human fractions will be definite when the shift will come.

All ascension candidates for Dec 2012 will be separated interdimensionally from the population of juvenile human souls who are representative of all dark aspects in the current human condition. These souls will remain on the catastrophic earth B and will have to go through all natural catastrophes, economic, social and technological disasters that are planned for this timeline after the split of the dimensions.

From this we must conclude that we should not expect big financial, economic and political collapses before the magnetic pole reversal occurs, but only their visible initiation. This experience will be sufficient for the ascending human fraction to finish with its rest karma. When the actual crash will come, they will have moved to a higher dimension and will begin to create the new 5-dimensional earth.

We as first ascended human masters will appear soon after the shift on this earth and will take over the leadership, as most of the current politicians will remain on the catastrophic earth B after the split.

For those human beings that will remain on planet B the calamities will continue and it is not so sure, whether they will be able to oust the current dark human minions of the Orion/reptilian empire from power. It is this particular timeline that these dark ones are now striving to occupy in a firm manner, knowing that they will have no influence on the ascending fraction of humanity after the split.

Knowing this probable dark scenario, the members of the PAT should completely detach from the current depressive news and pictures shown in the manipulated mass media, because they are aiming at dumbing down the juvenile human souls and putting them in a state of an even deeper frustration than in the recent past as to prevent the alternative timeline, leading to their mass upheaval and overthrowing the dark Cabal shortly after the split.

In this way the Orion/reptilian empire wants to secure its timeline based on further unrestricted enslavement of the rest of humanity. However, this dimensional timeline should no longer bother us as this division is part of the divine plan for Gaia in the End Times and any unreflected compassion for these juvenile souls, who have freely chosen this dreadful destiny, will be completely inappropriate and will only demonstrate a deficient gnostic understanding.

As ascended masters, we will immediately begin with the introduction of new higher dimensional technologies, such a mini portals for immediate transportation of humans and other goods around the globe that will eliminate the current outdated transport system, based on combustion of organic fossil fuels that pollute the environment very badly.

The Orion monetary system will be abolished and a new  transparent numerical system of payments (TNSP)  will be implemented for the short period of time till mass ascension. In some places, simple barter systems will be introduced. The income of each individual will be based on such numerical units and will be evenly distributed among all human entities. The coordination and functioning of this system will be accomplished with the help of new advanced means of communication. All banks and intermediary pecuniary institutions such as stock and commodities exchange that determine the current make-up of the old world economy will be abolished for ever. The profession of the current banksters will find its deserved place in the new virtual museums of the enlightened human civilisation, which will inform the younger generations of ascended human beings about the horror-picture shows of the past Orion/Reptilian order. I have discussed these new, revolutionary technological reforms in more detail in my last gnostic book “Thoughts” (2008).

The GF will show up only to the ascending part of the human population, as the entities that will remain on the catastrophic earth B will continue to reject the idea that there are infinite forms of intelligent life in All-That-Is. Precisely this rejection and narrow mindedness that is now prevailing in the current human population and is insidiously promoted by the manipulated mass media of the Orion system will qualify these juvenile human souls to stay on earth B and to continue being slaves of this debased system. This is the experience which these souls need and which they have desired at their current rudimentary level of spiritual evolution.

The split of the two timelines has already begun as many of us have already felt after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. This process will accelerate after Christmas. It is very probable that we, the star seeds and First Ascension candidates, will ultimately not participate in the world revolution, but will at best witness its initial outburst. The large fraction of ascension candidates in Dec 2012 will be much more deeply involved in the erupting social events, leading to world revolution. Depending on their ability to envisage the new 5-dimensional reality, they will more or less suffer under the terrible consequences of the magnetic pole reversal and the total collapse of the old world order.

After the shift, not all of them will automatically move to the higher dimension. Many of them will be caught in numerous residual events pertaining to the old reality. This negative experience will facilitate their spiritual evolution and determination to move forward to a higher dimension and to leave their familiar 3d-reality behind. At this point, the individual timelines of the incarnated entities will begin to diverge completely, so that it will be impossible to make any forecasts with respect to individual destinies.

Based on this probable scenario, it is wise to assume that the world revolution that will unfold in the first half of 2012 may ultimately fail to achieve its goals on the catastrophic earth B, so that the current dark Cabal will retain their dominance over the remaining human masses. However, this will no longer be our timeline and we should not bother to waste a single thought on it.

The neat separation of the two human fractions will allow for a much rapid implementation of new advanced technologies in the ascending timeline of Gaia and humanity, so that in the second half of 2012 a broad modest prosperity will be achieved worldwide. This state of abundance will be further expanded after the final mass ascension will take place in December 2012 to the lower second level of the 5th dimension, where the blueprint of the New 5d-Earth already exists.

After the magnetic pole reversal and the split of the two timelines, there will be many portals between the two earth versions that will stay open until December 2012 and even some time after that. Many human entities, who have not been able to awaken in due time and have not made a conscious choice to ascend, will be given a second chance when they begin to experience the terrible living conditions on planet B. Some of them will go through an accelerated programme of karmic tribulations and may eventually manage to change the course of their destiny for the better.

These portals will be held open by the ascended human masters and other forces of light, and the late ascension candidates will be coached by some of us on planet B. Being transliminal souls, we will be able to move between the dimensions and appear both on the ascending Gaia and the descending earth B. Some of the members of the PAT have already written to me that they envisage such a mission for themselves after their ascension.

Humanity will experience the most chaotic times between the magnetic pole reversal and late summer of 2012 when the GF will show up. Together with us as ascended human masters, we will implement most of the necessary reforms and new technologies that will transform the present-day human civilisation beyond recognition in the blink of an eye. I will leave this future development to the creative imagination of my readers and members of the PAT, who will be the first ascended masters on earth in the End Times. This first ascension wave is generally acknowledged in Christianity as the “The Second Coming of Christ”, however without any understanding of its true energetic nature.

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