State-of-Ascension-Report-34: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-34, November 27, 2011

November 25, 2011

Dear Georgi, Dear Forum Members,

My name of choice is Shinzhi Rumi. I do not pledge allegiance to any political or religious or intelligence organization, nor to the “New Age” community. I am a human being dedicating my life to the discernment of Truth.

For 10 years I have pursued comparative research into a wide range of subjects: such as alternative history, religion, mysticism, mythology, occultism, fringe science, geopolitics, exopolitics, to name a few.

Having waken up to imminent NWO-takeover in Ameropa, and having suffered frequent psychological and psychical attacks in my native country (Germany), I decided to give my troubled self a soul-revealing retreat in the Amazon. Under the guidance of traditional  shamans, I learnt the ancient art of holistic healing by natural and supernatural means.

I have come to realize how the Universe has guided me all along the way: to the Medicine, the visions, the people, the places. I see how everything is flawlessly connected. I understand to a greater degree how this world is embedded in the universe, and what invaluable opportunity we as human species are being offered right now.

Being a keen analyst of geopolitical and synchromystical events, I was often thunderstruck to learn that many of my visionary and intuitive realizations have been verified by independent researchers. Weighing the pros and cons of disclosing my own “insight stories,” I concluded to go on a traveling and writing spree and publish the results on (my most important thread is “The Vine Revelations”)….

I spent the past months in the Amazon once again with my shaman masters. The Medicine and my soul kept calling me to return there, in order to comprehend my soul’s mission and to complement my apprenticeship. Using Star Wars analogy: I felt like Luke Skywalker returning to Dagobah and Master Yoda.

The most important vision the Medicine showed me was that Earth is approaching a dimensional portal: that one part of mankind resonating with “dark vibrations” will go to a low-vibrating Earth; that the other part of mankind resonating with “light vibrations” will go to a high-vibrating Earth.

I saw one part of mankind going literally “underground” in bunker cities and stay there for a long time, and evolve under inhuman circumstances into a tech-savvy yet spiritually-devoid species: the bug-eyed “Greys.” I saw the part of mankind remaining on the surface of Earth would eventually go to the stars and become an enlightened, time-and-space-faring species: the “Nordics.”

Please keep in mind that I had never been interested in UFOlogy nor in “aliens.” This outlook on a probable future involving an evolutionary split of mankind into — at least — two factions was news to me. I was very surprised to learn subsequently about the “Greys” and “Nordics” and time-line predictions discussed on other forums.

I and many other people foresaw years ago (through visions, intuitions, meditation, research) that the accumulative actions of people all over the world would build up to a “threshold event” in late 2011, determining the evolutionary course of humanity for ages to come. We have been re-confirmed time and again that, as a consequence of the massive global awakening and positive actions by Earthlings and benevolent forces “behind the scenes”,

(a) mankind has embarked on an unforeseen time-line;
(b) the powers-that-be have already lost the battle over Earth and mankind;
(c) cataclysmic events predicted to happen in the past had been prevented;
(d) cataclysmic events predicted to happen in the future may be prevented.

The exponential rise of consciousness, and the application of gnosis derived thereof in form of responsible co-creative behaviour enacted by every single human being, are imperative factors influencing the outcome of points (c) and (d).

I and other people have also repeatedly been shown the likelihood of an impending pole shift. I was beyond Earth when the oceans and landmasses rolled over. Millions, if not billions perished instantly. A voice said matter-of-fact, “They wanted this to happen.”

On a pivotal crossroads in my spiritual journey, I was granted my long-standing wish to die to the physical world — under clear terms that my premature departure would leave my soul’s mission unaccomplished. The alternative was for me to stay, with the promise of a great surprise. I opted for the latter.

Then I died to this world — and was reborn remembering having lived forever.

Being an old soul I volunteered to re-incarnate on Earth, in order to redeem personal karma and to uplift other souls in human moulds. I was born a healer. However, I had to wander the “valley of darkness” and suffer under the “veil of confusion and ignorance” — until my internal Old World Order would break down, for my eternal soul to establish itself.

Upon returning to Germany I was guided to this page, just shortly before whatever 11.11.11 “event.” I resonate with the uplifting information provided by Georgi and the PAT “ground crew.” I never considered myself part of the “New Age” or a “light worker.” Ironically, the kinds of experiences and revelations I and my mom have had, and the kind of work we pursue may be categorized just as such.

The Universe has an uncanny sense of humour.

On 11.11.11 I and my mom (who sees spirits and foresees future events, the majority of which have come true so far) conducted a ceremony in northern Germany. Since then, we have noticed a marked positive change in the energetic quality of our environment. We keep communicating with all kinds of spirits; those who are trapped we send back on their paths; we clear polluted places and heal plagued people.

At the same time, I’m observing with foreboding anticipation how the vermiculated structures of the Old World Order keep collapsing piece by piece, day by day. Most often in a smooth, non-violent manner.

Yet, I won’t conceal my frustration with the slowness of and repeated delays in this deconstruction process. Those of us who have been listening attentively to and acting on the waking call impulses from Gaia and other “higher sources,” have made great personal sacrifices on behalf of the sleeping masses of humanity.

I’m not expecting any kind of gratitude on their part. However, I am at a loss to comprehend how the “dark forces-that-be” are allowed to unleash untold misery on this “gulag planet” and always get away with it. “We” on the other sideline of this dualistic battlefield are being stalled over and over and  over again.

In my darkest moments I ponder whether “God” and “God’s Army” have not only abandoned life-support to us in the front line trenches; but are in fact working in cahoots with the dark side to bail out a shady backdoor agreement. To humanity’s detriment, that is.

I keep asking my higher self,
“Where are the feasts we have been promised?”
Where is the compensation for all this suffering?
Where is the “light”? Where is the “love”?

Then, however I have to laugh at my own duality-based delusion. The “light” and the “dark,” the “good” and the “bad,” “we” and “they” are essentially fluctuating facets on the Face of God.

Mapuche elders told me: there is nothing and nobody to fear in the Universe, for “God” owns and rules everything. Earth might be in the “Devil’s” hands, and it might seem his minions are fit for final takeover. But “God” has His own ways which lower-dimensional beings are incapable to fully fathom.

Once I spilled out aloud to my heart my worries, my lack of patience, of wisdom, maybe even lack of love, for I used to have serious doubts about many things … Then some voice suddenly replied,

“Don’t worry. You’re doing fine. Go ahead.”

But I have not reached Enlightenment, only some stage of it, I have not activated my light body, and I need it to leave this world … I don’t wanna return to Samsara …

Reply: “You have the light body already.”

I saw a vision of me in the future, the matrix down, despite surrounding confusion I knew exactly what to do, I activated my merkavah and left this dimension.

Why then cannot I use it at will?

Reply: “If you could, you would leave this world instantly.”

There you got me …

The bottom line is: Go ahead with your plans, have trust in “God,” you shall be protected. If your time has come you will be called upon. Don’t worry in the meantime. No need to buy the ticket, the ride’s free. Enjoy.

I had these dreams during the night of 22/23-11-11:

(1) Pole Shift

I’m inside the living room, in the middle of the day. Suddenly I feel a powerful ripple through the 3D-time-space fabric. Everything around me vibrates out of balance. I see vibrations in the air, material structures are no longer solidly coherent, they violently twist like rubber bands. The pole shift is taking place. I know I’m not going to die physically; I shall be “pulled out” through a dimensional portal at the last instant.

(2) Rescue Operation New Earth

Part 1: I and my mom are inside a bombing plane. Instead of bombs, it is loaded with war refugees from Germany. It’s shortly after the end of WW2. We are being flown to North America; the US government agreed to take in refugees. Some villages are already crowded with newly arrived people, while other villages hate the Germans and refuse to take in any of them.

Part 2: I, my mom and the group from the bombing plane trek towards a village. The cart, loaded with our belongings is drawn by a donkey, but the donkey disappears in the countryside. We have to draw the cart with our own hands.

Part 3: We enter a village at night. We are still drawing the cart with our hands. A villager shows up. With a knowing grin he says, “Just go down that road … just go ahead …” He seems bit mischievous.

Part 4: I’m inside a house. Daylight. I’m looking outside a window. I’m seeing one run-down concrete house. I knock against a brick in the wall that holds the window frame. The brick cracks without difficulty.

The day after my dreams, I read Georgi’s State-of-Ascension-Report-31..

.One final question to Georgi: do you know of any dimensional portal in northern Germany, specifically between the rivers Weser and Elbe? There are a good number of ancient ceremonial sites and burial grounds in that area, often hidden in swamps, forests and on top of overgrown hills.

I once read in a summary of a New Age conference held in Germany, that some time after the year 2000 a major dimensional portal had been opened in northern Germany. I naturally get attracted to power spots, and I wonder whether I’m living in such an area.

I am aware that you may be lacking energy and/or time to respond to this long rant. At any rate I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you, Georgi and to y’all on this Forum! Shine on, you “crazy diamonds!”

To conclude with Jim Morrison’s words,
“I tell you this: no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.”

— Shinzhi Rumi —
Dear Shinzhi Rumi,

Thank you very much for your email and your essay on the current situation. It was forwarded to me by Ute. When you speak of Germany as your native country, are you a native German or just born in Germany? From your English I gather that you have lived at least for a long time in an English-speaking country, apart from Amazon, and have had thus a turbulent life. On the other hand, you are talking about your mom, so that you cannot be very old, at least not as old as many of us are. These preliminaries are just part of my natural curiosity as a (still) human being.

I am happy to hear that you appreciate this website, which is a forum for such outsiders as star seeds are on this planet. When I opened this website three months ago, I could not imagine that I will attract so many evolved human beings from all corners of the globe, but my work has been hugely rewarded in the meantime and I am thankful to All-That-Is for this late present in my life.

What is most impressive even to me is the inner dynamics that has been unfolding around this website and how all participants contribute in a unique manner to this collective discussion, which is a kind of a living organism, always expanding and discovering new areas of growth.

Now to your last question before I forget to answer it: I am not aware in particular of any big portals in North Germany, but I assume that there must be some. I have here one in the Munich region, and it will be inconceivable if there were none in North Germany.

Altogether I am somewhat perplexed about the role, Germany will play in the coming awakening. Initially I was somewhat more optimistic and hoped that this nation could take the lead due to its past history and vital collective lessons it has learned. But during the last several years. while observing the deep slumber of the German masses and the significant deterioration of the collective intelligence of this nation in the mass media and in personal encounters, I have become much more sceptical to the point, where I  now no longer see any special role for this rapidly degrading country, living in a total denial of its glorious cultural and spiritual tradition.

Being a German speaking person, you may find some pleasure in reading my five German books on Gnosis, which you can find on my website for free download in pdf  format. They comprise my New Gnosis of the Universal Law, where you can find many reflections from  a Middle-European point of view, that is to say, from the geopolitical point of view of Germany. Unfortunately my readers come overwhelmingly from English-speaking countries and these books are not accessible to them. I wished I could find a broader public among the 100 million native German speakers in Middle Europe, but they have to be awaken first from their “Dornröschen Schlaf”. Even now I have more readers in Italy than in Germany and the small country of Holland has 4 times more readers of my website than 80-million-Germany.

Why don’t you write a little bit more about yourself personally, so that I can get a better impression as I am communicating with so many people and I can only rely on the information they give me, apart from the very intensive telepathic communications between us, the members of the PAT, which have intensified after 11.11.11 in a palpable manner.

In love and light
Dear Georgi,

thank you for dedicating your time to send a long reply!  I turned 31 on 21-11-11. I was born to German parents, I grew up in northern Germany, and my native language is German.

Having come to know many people from all corners of the world, I’m in the habit of using other languages than German. I do prefer using German in order to better express scientific, philosophic, metaphysical concepts, as for instance English is rather lacking in precise and profound terminology. For practical reasons, I write in English to reach an international readership.

My knowledge of Russian has deteriorated, yet I feel it is (mindestens) “on par” with German when it comes to exploring and expressing the “ocean of mind” in pin-pointed (sic)terms. No wonder why Germany and Russia have such an outstanding cultural record: they are veritable “Kulturen des Geistes.” The current state of cultural self-esteem in those once-grand nations of “Denker und Dichter” is another story, for sure.

I have had a pretty turbulent life. For 30 years I had been under the spell of “darkness.” I had always known there was something more substantial to life than the rigid pursuit of materialistic fallacies. My “soul-schooling” in density, and the respective emotional extremes I had to endure, has been thorough, to say the least.

Once as a small boy, entering a supermarket I had a vision. I saw a light being hovering over and talking to me: “You are not from Earth. Your home is among the stars.” I never saw that light being again, but that vision and its long-term psychological ramifications left an indelible impression in my consciousness.

When Saturn came back around to conclude its cycle, the life as-I-knew-it up to that point turned helter-skelter. I experienced the “internal apocalypse.” My soul pushed me to the Amazon where I encountered the “divine vine,” ayahuasca (the Medicine). A traditional native shaman took me on as apprentice. The personal insights and cosmic revelations gained during my year-long stay are detailed in “The Vine Revelations” thread on

Eventually the Medicine and my higher self said the time had come to retreat from the Amazon and to work as a healer in Europe. One month has passed since my return to Germany; I and my mom (who stayed and learnt with me in the jungle) have been working on afflicted people almost every day. We don’t need to take the Medicine to conduct healing ceremonies, because we “see” and “feel” spirits and diseases and energetic blockades, which we treat according to the advice of our spirit helpers and higher selves.

My father’s lineage originates from “Ostpreußen” and the “Baltikum.” My mother’s lineage has French Huguenot roots….

In my current incarnation, I worked as a language teacher in Euskadi (Basque languages), oblivious of any of the described events. Being an enthusiastic language autodidact, Euskara surprisingly never caught my interest. My presence there awakened deep-rooted memories; I came to identify with the Basques (Spain) and quickly picked up their isolated language, which whereabouts have not been convincingly accounted for by linguists and ethnologists.

As if to take up my old-time habit, I accumulated and read a huge number of books on a great range of subjects, intended for storage in a “safe location” in anticipation of a future cataclysm. Now however, my take on this serious project is rather humorous: since no information ever gets lost in the universe, there is no need to “save” it from extinction. Energy is an erratic shape-shifter…

In this incarnation I had to work out the “big picture” and my “soul puzzle” without any encouraging support or nurturing influence. My extensive life “on the road” shaped me as a keen observer, cross-cultural analyst, self-reliable and adaptable traveler. Thus your sobering analysis speaks from my heart.

On Germany:

The systematic deconstruction of the cultural self-esteem and degradation of the collective German intelligence, carried out by the victors-that-be has been a huge post-WWII success — is in fact *accelerating/escalating* following the mass-proliferation of high-end technological gadgets (such as mobile phones, online games, “reality” enTRAINment instead of entertainment). The tightening of the digital grid around Earth and the singularisation of humanity are proportional to the increasing expansion of cosmic consciousness, they are *specifically designed* to debilitate the awakening process of the masses…

There is a brooding element in the collective German subconscious — an almost instinctive “Wühltrieb” which has often been carried out with uncompromising determination (“kompromissloser Hingabe”) to noble and abominable ends. The grand irony and the great tragedy is that most Germans are not aware of that inherent drive-to-power and power-to-drive. It is all the more palpable and disconcerting to non-natives.

The literally “underlying” power of the geographical area known as Germany, is its subterranean volcanic activity. Sitting on a train passing the “Fulda Gap” and into Bavaria, I had a vision of tall chimneys in the “Ruhrgebiet” spitting dark clouds in the sky. The chimneys turned into volcanoes; I felt magma flows pulsing, pounding underground. Mars is indeed active in this country — one only has to consider all the wars and imperial agendas having been played out here.

When historic circumstances reach a “boiling point,” Mars forcefully bursts through the German’s pondering forehead: constructively through cutting-edge achievements in arts, science, philosophy; destructively through pogroms, imperialism, delusions of grandeur. Germany is destined to be a “Leitnation,” a leading nation. Unfortunately, instead of self-consciously driving towards a destiny of their own choosing, the German people have too often been slavishly driven by sinister forces towards evil ends.

If Germany’s general character is disciplined, contemplative, reserved, introverted, authoritarian, then its laisser-faire, artistic, outgoing, libertarian counterpart is Italy. In alchemical terms, Germany is the upwards-pointing triangle embodying male polarity, while Italy is the downwards-pointing triangle embodying female polarity. Both constitute the “philosopher stone,” separated and fused together by the ever-growing Alps.

Even the telluric background is telling: Italy’s volcanoes are visibly active, while Germany’s volcanos are hidden from sight.

From a historic perspective, Germany’s and Italy’s destinies are intertwined. The Romans tried to subdue and civilize the Germanic tribes north of the Alps. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the ensuing “Holy Roman Empire of German Nation” took over as spiritual, cultural and political successor. Be it the (French-inspired) Renaissance/Rinascimento, the trading empires based in South Germany and North Italy, the spread of alchemy, the “Romantik,” the political fragmentation (“Flickenteppichstaaten”) and individuation/becoming of modern-day Germany and Italy, the fateful alliances in WWI and WWII ….

Germany and Italy have loathed and admired each other, have devastated each other, have resuscitated each other — compelled by the powers of Vulcan and Mars. Germany’s formidable military-industrial complex and Italy’s refined artistic achievements are bipolar manifestations of this compulsive undercurrent. Like a proud and steamy couple repelling and embracing each other, “den schmalen Alpengrat wandernd” between passionate love and merciless hate. “Sturm und Drang” at its best and worst!

Is it pure coincidence that Athene, Mars and Minerva are the patrons of Berlin? That these avatars of war and wisdom are the ambiguous guardians over Germany’s destiny?

Before leaving for South America in 2009, my view on the German predicament was overwhelmingly negative. After returning to Germany in 2011, I have noticed a “lighter” energetic quality in Hamburg. Positive changes have taken place among friends. People are becoming more aware and more heart-centered, even though the “dark forces” are doing their best to keep a lid on it…

No matter the situation, I haven’t given up hope. I find myself amid favourable circumstances to assist whoever is willing to receive assistance. A friend aptly put it, “Don’t force the truth upon beings who do not wish to receive the truth. That’s a great waste of energy.” Every awakening soul helps alleviate the collective gravity, helps ameliorate the collective suffering, helps enlighten the collective darkness, helps dispel the collective spell of fear.

When the Butterfly claps its fragile wings, a storm breaks loose in Heaven.

Mit lieben Grüßen,
Shinzhi Rumi
November 25, 2011

Hello George ~

fairly new member and with so much change for me these last months I scan everything very fast. I do not know in my head all that you have spoken about though I have filtered it through my heart. With that being said I did want to respond to this email. as I did have difficulty sleeping, though I cannot say that I knew it was you or what the transmission was, as lately there have been many, I did recognize the potency.  as it is cool and damp here in the pacific northwest, I felt hot on and off last night. terrible indigestion/heartburn… ha.

I was on Mount Shasta for the 11-11-11 star gate and much magic occurred while there. I will send you this link  to read about my journey and what showed up there on the mountain as I am sure so many experienced around the planet. there are 4 parts to the post.

Thank you for you insight and all the energy you give to the collective evolution…. this is my path, journey and all that I do now.

infinite love and blessings,
November 25, 2011


Dear Georgi,I am glad I have something to contribute now. I am reading every report you publish and there is much resonating with me. On Nov12, as I realized I am “still there” I even had to cry a lot, and loud.

But when I read about the initiation event for ascension, I was so happy that things proceed, as I felt again, I am loosing patience with the situation on earth and the people still sleeping and the dark ones going on with their mischievous deeds.

Starting to tell you of my experiences related to the initiation event, on the late evening of Nov 21. I went to my former boss to get some money for last month work: it is not much, but the amount was 144 Euro. Then he said “Oh I’m sorry I have only 143,70” and I let it be good as I felt he was actually trying to provoke a quarrel with me, but what I thought is remarkable, that to the complete 144 just little bit is missing. Later I went for a “evening beer” with a colleague, who is a young awakening star seed, aged 22.

When I woke up on the morning of November 22, I felt a severe pain in the muscles that resemble the flying muscles of our angel wings, so to speak. I experienced some more punctual pain in this area before, but not that the whole muscle was affected in this way. I knew at that time already that we the PAT meet on a regular basis in dream state and I thought where we’ve been that night. During the day the pain expanded to a severe headache and increased body temperature, I thought I might get a cold. Still I went to work on that day and when I drove home I stopped at a cafe to have a little meal. They were showing German N24 news channel, mute. I watched something about the “new right terror” which is another dark force invention of course and the bottom of the screen shows the stock market courses I am usually not interested in. But then I saw a few courses go down seriously and my first feeling was: Yes, it’s starting now, it’s going down! I was very happy and exited about that.

At home I opened your site as usual and was overwhelmed about your announcement we took part in the ascension initiation with you. So what I had accumulated and experienced before made totally sense to me. Instead of writing to you right away I made an artwork on my computer to express my inspiration and calm down my emotions, as I felt I wouldn’t find the right words. You can see this “Greeting Card” at:

The elements I collected are not from me, I only combined them and worked with light, additional color and transparency effects. I hope you enjoy it. I could not send it directly to you via the contact form on your site, but you may copy it to upload if you like.

Last week I also made a loud confirmation that I am prepared to ascend and that I ask for the pole shift to commence. When I did this, I was immediately surrounded by a bright light, I felt being in front of a court of an important council of light clearly confirming that my voice was being heard. It lasted for a while and the most important feeling I had was one of very high serenity.

A little note on the moon:  weeks ago I saw some clouds going by BEHIND the moon, the moon was even transparent and you could see the clouds “under” the moon! I showed it to my boyfriend, who sad nothing. He is also a spiritual person and know he is longing too, for things to definitely change, as he is getting a bit tired. I found confirmation on exactly this observation with the moon from youtube users!

Dear Georgi, dear brothers and sisters of the PAT: I am very much looking forward to coming events and our combined work has ignited the flame of hope again, after I was very upset and angry and really wanted it to happen as it seemed to me so unreal that days should pass by “as ever”.

Much love,
Joana from Berlin

Dear Joana,

I am happy to hear from you again. Exactly this morning I was thinking for some weird reason about Berlin and then about you and that I had not heard anything from you for a long time and I asked myself how you may be. I even intended to send you a short message when I saw your email this morning. I have many similar telepathic connections these days with members of the PAT.

It is very important that every one of us makes a vow to ascend and to be released from his service to Gaia as she has already ascended. This decision is respected and considered by the higher self and must be observed.

The energies are indeed extreme these days and they affect the whole body. Your observation of the moon is very interesting as I also made a similar observation. As many other people, I do have the impression that the moon has changed its appearance and I wonder why we do not hear anything from the astronomers and the specialists.

In fact, when I thought about Berlin this morning it was associated with the spontaneous notion that I must visit Merkel in the “Kanzleramt” very soon and negotiate with her her demise and the final Disclosure. The idea was so intense that it definitely came from my higher self: Then I said to myself – when I am in Berlin I must meet with Joana and Debra (A Canadian women and also a member of the PAT, I have published some of her emails on my reports, so that her name may be familiar to you).

It seems that the events are now stipulating to a climax and we can only sit and wait to be called.

In love and light
November 25, 2011


Wow Giorgio,I really agree with the answer you gave to Claudette! I have been feeling since few weeks the urge to do all what I denied myself, could be a nice and expensive dinner, a delicious bottle of wine, a beautiful crystal or anything else! Indeed, it’s not only the last chance… all these suppressed energies are somehow heavy and bring us down. I think and feel that ascension is just not compatible with all these religious negative ideas of self imposed sacrifice and suffering. Once again your words resonate deeply in my heart!

Grande Giorgio! Sei un mito! un abbraccio grande grande, Alberto

November 25, 2011

Hello Georgi,
I have found a sheet of letters describing physics symbols, A-Z , a-z physics and mathematical terms and they are helping me to read your book, which is beautiful and when I decode the letters and the formulas along with the words, I can almost see what I have not been able to see for a very long time. 
I do not intend to go through 12 years of earth math or sciences in a school or university setting, so I am grateful for the symbol glossary and for your “Table 2 Axiomatics of basic physical quantities as derived from the primary term of space-time.” This is a handy glossary of terms, which speeds up my ability to read. 
I can’t explain the reason why, but your textbook, when I read it both formulas and your words, fills my heart and brings me to tears (of joy). Thank you. Have a nice evening.

Dear Marylin,

you are indeed very ambitious. I congratulate you. Why don’t you first read my publication on the axiomatics of the Universal Law and my Wikipedia-essay as an introduction before going into details. The axiomatics gives you the basics for the understanding of my whole book:

In love and light
November 25, 2011

Hi George,

Thanks for the reply. Ah yes the Max Keiser show (on Russian Television, RT)! I’ve been watching it for a couple of years now and also stacking Canadian maple leafs. I like him very much, especially episode 209 where he’s going nuts and episode 210 with “the good the bad the chiving chiving”. Although personally I’m a small player and seem insignificant, Eric Sprott is planning to buy physical silver worth at 1.5billion dollars. Now that’s what I call crash JP Morgan action!
I am very glad that RT is one of my main use of free time on youtube because I stopped paying for TV channels (so much programming). Actually I’m surprised they put so much “conspiracy talk” on their facebook page lately. Edgar Cayce said back in the ’40’s that Russia will bring the peace might starting to ring true! Among my other sources of information are (Bix Weir and his conversations with god about silver),
In love and light,

Dear Dennis,

Thank you very much for your reply. I am glad to hear from you that you like Max Kaiser show. He is quite refreshing in comparison to the other Orion dominated channels as CNBC or Bloomberg. I also checked the links you recommended and I found some interesting articles, which I will read more carefully later on.

Your impression that the Russians have now taken a clear course of collision with the USA and are very critical to its policy has sound grounds. Putin is fully aware of all the clandestine games behind the veil, much more so than Obama who is a puppet on a string, as he was previously a KGB chief. He opposes resolutely the imperialistic destructive agenda of the two Anglo-Saxon factions, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, to destroy Russia which they almost achieved in the early 90s with the help of the drunkard Jelzin, who had to be replaced by Putin in the very last moment. I was in Moscow at that time and I gained a lot of intimate impressions on these events.

I have already written in one of my reports that I am in a close telepathic contact with Putin and have met him in the dream state on many occasions in the last 15 years. The last time we met, was about an year ago when I prevented from the higher realms a coup d’etat against him to kill him, organized by the Anglo-USA factions of the dark ones as he is their adamant enemy. After that I had a long walk with him along the Kremlin streets and we discussed the new strategy after Ascension and Disclosure.

He is now firmly in the camp of the forces of light, although as a politician he has his own agenda. It was not so at the beginning when he started a war against Chechnya and I had to coach him carefully during these years. We talked in Russian and I remember every word from this long conversation with him. He was very thankful to me for saving his life. Although this was in the dream state, the streets we strolled along were very real and I know them from my visits to Moscow.

Why am I telling you this story? To explain why the Russian media are now in a total confrontation with the USA and launch some stories of American conspiracies, which other Orion dominated media and TV channels will not dare do. This is part of Putin’s protection, and Max Kaiser is personally protected by him and can criticize the fraud of the American banks as vehemently as he likes. But he has become somewhat more calm in the last months because he now knows that his predictions will come true very soon…

In love and light
Hi George,

Very nice piece about Putin, I’m honoured to read this! Actually Benjamin Fulford confirms that Putin is on the right track; he kicked out some 200 oligarchs recently.
I understand he still has to maintain a certain perception to outsiders for his political role, but I do hope they really know what they are doing with Lukashenko!
Obama still seems to be merely a puppet, but when I heard about a dream from somebody that Obama actually has little to no power because of his corrupt staff, then I’m continuing my believe that he is a light worker yet to be freed from the tremendous grip of the dark. His/her dream showed Obama was actually one of the greatest light workers on this planet. Well we will see soon!…

In love and light and cheers!

Dear Dennis,…Obama is much more deeply involved with the dark ones than one normally believes. He gave his consent to them to kill his father in a car crash in Africa as to hide the fact that he is not an American citizen, before he decided to become a candidate for presidency of the dark ones. He was instructed before that by Zbignev Brzezinski, the former US-foreign secretary and one of the leading Cabal in the USA. These are all known facts. The link to the killing of his father is from me and my higher self .This was part of the deal. They needed a very weak president who they had firmly in their hands.

What should you expect from a person who gives his consent to the killing of his own father? He knew from the very beginning what he is up to. Then he went to Kenya and wrote a book about his African roots to camouflage this heinous deed.

When Donald  Trump began with his campaign that Obama is not an American citizen and has thus committed a capital crime to US-law, Obama gave green light for the faked killing of Osama bin Laden in that compound in Pakistan to dissuade the public opinion from this campaign and emerge as a hero. The man killed was a clone of Osama, while the real entity lives now under a new identity. With this action he stopped the allegations of Trump, who was in addition warned by the dark ones that he may also lose his life. Several months later Obama gave his consent to kill most of the seals that participated in this faked killing of Osama in a planned helicopter crash in Afghanistan as there was a danger that they may leak. The other seals are now hiding and are afraid of being killed by the US-secret services.

When Obama visited the Queen several months ago, all his body guards were prevented from entering the Buckingham palace and he was then officially initiated as a member of the Dark Cabal Order of the Orion Empire. As you know the Queen is a very high representative of the Orion/Anunnaki Order and is a shape-shifter, just as her husband. This knowledge was also the reason for the death of Diana.

I have been coaching Obama from the higher realms, just as I do with Putin and Merkel and I have given up on him three years ago.

Is this enough of information about Obama?

Now consider all the channeled messages from various dark sources concerning Obama being an old and evolved soul and you know why.

I was attacked myself in the last days after 11.11.11 several times by such dark forces and about 10 times only between November 1 and November 11. and many more times in October. because I am the most dangerous adversary of the Orion Empire on earth, but they can no longer touch me personally as I am energetically beyond their methods of direct beaming from the 4th dimension and Christ protected. They can only use inefficient means as emails an other primitive conspiracy actions.

Remember the case with “Satina” which was a code-name for the FBI secret services to hijack my website and the PAT at the end of October. This woman never existed. The US-secret services were behind it and they acted very swiftly and deliberately as soon as I decided to retire on Nov 1. No woman can react so swiftly and in such a planned manner. And no woman can run 7 websites simultaneously as this alleged Satina (Satan) Scott did at that time. Now these websites are gone.

The situation is much more dire than is generally admitted by most light workers and the masses are completely ignorant on what is going on earth.

In love and light
November 25, 2011

Dear Georgi,I have recently been introduced to your website and I must say it is so fabulous to hear people experiences from all over the world, as you sometimes feel so alone trying to spread the word and awaken people on what is to come. Both me and my mother have known about this time for many years and it has been very hard to keep quiet about it. I have tried to sow a seed of what is to come to my partner, who I love dearly but he says that I am mad and now makes fun of me and my mother with a sarcastic undertone, so I have decided not to say anymore until things start to change, maybe he is a bit scared.

I would be grateful if you could answer this question for me. My mother has a medical condition which is not going to get better and she is concerned on how she is going to cope when all the events take place in 2012. She has to take lots of medication and if she cannot get these anymore, she does not know what she is going to do. Will the people who have an illness and need medication receive any assistance from the higher beings in order to fulfill the contract they have signed up for.

God be with you always
Love and Light

Dear Tanya,

Definitely. After ascension we will all acquire a crystalline body and all diseases that are associated with the current carbon-based bodies will simply vanish. The new bodies will be completely rejuvenated. In the interim time until Dec 2012 the energetic conditions on earth will be such that your mother should begin to heal herself with reiki – or you can do it for her – and should begin stopping with all current medication, which is not effective but detrimental to the patient. You can read about this in my volume III on medicine and bio-science.

In love and light

Thank you ever so much for your response. It will be such a relief to my mother to know that before the ascension in December she will be feeling a lot better, so that she is able to help people awaken  and to accept what is happening. We now have six like minded people in our group and we meet every day to discuss and talk about what we have read on your website, and try to answer any questions that people have.

I have on many occasions, but especially in the last few weeks walked around our local town and looked at people so blinkered and going on with the normal life, doing their normal routine. The urge to shout out to people to wake up is very strong but I know I cannot do this. I often walk round and shake my head and feel for my fellow humans who are still controlled by the dark ones.

Over the past few months i have  visualised a beam of light coming out of my heart chakra of unconditional love which I send to Gaia and my fellow humans, and if I see anyone in the street struggling I have to check to see if they are okay and offer any help.

Georgi, I feel very privileged to be on this planet at this time and I am so looking forward to what is to come, it somehow feels it’s been such a long time coming. You are doing a wonderful job with your website, it is a blessing that I was introduced to it.

Love and light always
God be with you
Dear Tanya,

thank you very much for your moral support. I do agree fully with you that we are privileged to live in these auspicious times and that  it does not matter when we will be victorious at the end. In fact we can now do nothing else, but sit and wait for the powerful energies post 11.11.11 to flood humanity and transmute their collective and individual psyche on a global scale, just as we have done this individually during our tedious LBP.

When the tipping point is reached and the people have to leave their comfort zone of their deep-seated fears, they will have a very painful awakening because leaving the comfort zone of human angst is always painful. At this moment we must step up on the plate and take the leadership.

At present there is a huge emotional tension between us and the sleeping masses as we stride with giant steps towards ascension and the masses are still holding back with their last resistance, before the rope is cut and they will swirl away with the tsunami of the sweeping changes.

When this tipping point is reached, we no longer need to stay on earth and will ascend because we will be much more helpful in our full power as ascended masters who will lead humanity to the 5th-dimension of the New Earth. Nothing has changed in the overall plan for the End Times, but only small modifications have been necessary, such as the postponement of the full ascension at 11.11.11 which is now accomplished step by step, but with giant steps.

What is the disease of your mother and where do you live? If you give me some medical information and the kind of drugs/therapy that your mother is taking I will comment on them and give you my perspective as a professional.

In love and light
November 25, 2011

George, have you seen this one – 17 Quotes About The Coming Global Financial Collapse That Will Make Your Hair Stand Up
Yes, I meant this economic article when I wrote to you. It is nothing new to me as I follow the discussion on TV and Internet. but it is online with my prognosis. Good information for everybody.

November 25, 2011

Dear George,I so thank you for being here for all of us. I check your website many times a day to see if there are any updates. It helps me to stay a little more sane and keeps me moving forward especially during the energy downloads. so far I’ve felt all of them.

I’ve been a Reiki person for a about 15 years. I have voluntarily shared this energy with those who wanted it or were curious about it and even tried to share it with people of the Christian faith who, more than once, accused me of being evil.

I love this energy but see the word REIKI as a limitation for this amazing energy. Two to three years ago, my hands kind of turned off. I stopped doing the healing work except for close family and friends and that was not often. A couple of weeks before the 11 11 11 my hands turned back on with a really intense heat/burn-the energy just pours. Sometimes I have to run them under cold water to try and cool them down. Often my whole body just radiates heat, especially when my hands turn on. I’ve always focused on unconditional love when channeling this awesome energy. I feel a change in this energy that is beyond the word REIKI. I believe it is directly related to the ascension process. Would you have any thoughts on this. Would this be part of the LBP to some degree. It’s just such an amazing beautiful energy and I am so glad to be able to be in tune with it. Thank you so very much.

In love and light
Dear Artie,

Why don’t you subscribe for free the “Breaking Astral News” and you will receive automatically the latest release.

I do agree with you that the word “reiki” is not appropriate for these energies of the LBP. As I am also a healer, I have never used this term as it only confuses. These energies are now so powerful that one can cure any disease with them, but one must first educate his patients and they must be ready to stop believing in the current official medicine.This may be still a problem for a while.

Read my discussion on this subject with a Romanian woman-physician in my last or the last, but one, report, I have forgotten now.

In love and light

November 25, 2011

Dear Georgi,

today, during my meditation, a strong idea has occupied my thoughts, I think we need to bombard the grid of finance and governments at the Earth (Gaia) with love and light to stimulate and accelerate the processes that are scheduled, a total financial collapse and removal of corrupt Orion/Reptilian puppets from their leadership positions. In this light Ihave already started with.

Love & Light
Dear Daniel,

This is exactly what we are doing currently with our bodies which are huge antennae of the 11.11.11 energies of love and discernment on the ground and the events have already begun to unfold in the right direction of collapse. There is no need to do it deliberately in a mental manner in addition, as this additional effect will be at best modest. The ball has already started to roll and we will soon see results.

In love and light
November 25, 2011

Dear George,
I am writing to confirm we met in a recent dream of mine – I think the date was the November 23rd, but sincerely cannot now remember exactly. I only knew today that you were the man in my dream or I would have mentioned it earlier this week. 
I was outside of some sort of complex, a large structure, I keep thinking “castle” but it was too new. I was angry about something and was voicing my complaint to those that could do nothing about it. It was decided that I would go and speak to whomever could rectify my complaint. I was then painting my face blue in a mirror. I remember having to get some of the paint wet again and thin it as it was pulling too hard on my hair and chin. I forgot my shoes and I thought to myself, I have left my shoes how can I go in and eat? I had my blue face and my hair was more uncontrolled than normal as I stood outside this building again. Then you approached me from the building. You had come to meet me and escort me in. You were tall, handsome with a large amount of dark brown hair, longish. You were wearing a tux or a very nice dark suit. You put your arm out for me and I grasped it. This was the most real part of the dream, you were there, it was solid, I remember. We stood very close and had a very real, only way to express it, physical moment.  With our arms hooked, and tight, we walked back towards the building. 
I don’t remember past this. My higher self has allowed me to revisit this dream on my walk today so that I could stop being worried about and questioning whether I should hang out with you any longer. I have been having concerns about you, but after this confirmation I have decided to continue to believe in you and our involvement with the process of ascension.  After my 11.11.11 belief system began to break down I was not sure I could continue to hold space for a place that may not exist, and began to question everything again, from scratch. Knowing this was my dream gives me back my hope, I have been given the message to hang in there. I am so grateful !
I think it is very interesting (maybe not surprising) but a nice image in the dream is that I painted myself blue. There is a scientific reason for a person having a blue glow – something to do with the halo or auric effect of chemicals released by the pineal gland. I’ve often associated this condition to be part of what we will look like in the New World. (Blue auras)  Blue beings, such as Krishna are associated with the blue psilocybin mushroom. Anyways – gave me a chuckle.
George, I don’t know why I went into such a doubtful place – my fear of insanity mainly…hanging onto this current reality as my future made me feel even more insane than believing in ascension so this realization of my dream and your discussion of this very thing is such a needed confirmation for me. My weakness is at last at bay.   
May I lastly ask that you be nice to Sue. She is human like the rest of us and shares our weakness and our strength, she’s my sister and is not deplorable in any way. She did her best.
all my love,

Dear Loren,

I am very happy to hear from you again. I do confirm that we are going through hard times, where our faith is hugely challenged. If you do not believe in what I say this is the least problem, but one should not lose his faith in his own journey in this incarnation. And if it has led you so far and also to me and this website and the other members of the PAT, then it must have a higher purpose.

Your dream is very expressive and concerning the blue colour, here you have my interpretation. The blue colour, precisely the deep blue is the color of very old souls, it is also the colour of transliminal souls, which is equivalent to ascended masters. This is also the colour of the 7th chakra of the ecstatic centre.

Do not worry about Sue. I have already established contact with her as before. This was only a small tempest in a glass of water and she got the message. Now the air is as clear as after a tempest.

In love and light

Dear George,
I must say that I indeed did go through a crisis of faith in my journey. I have let go of all ambition and desire to succeed in this 3D reality.  Carrying on after 11.11, scrambling to re-connect to this world for who knows how much longer, dealt a deep blow to my psyche. It seems now just another test on the road to ascension.
My higher self has confirmed for me twice  now that I am a member of PAT and destined for 5D with you and the others. ( Was it three times? I’m a hard nut to crack I guess) I feel now that I can surely carry on a bit longer as needed. Is it my intention to ascend with PAT, whenever that bell finally rings! This is my family and wow, that in itself is a wonderful thing.
In my dream, when I took your arm to be escorted in, I could not have felt more confident and ready. So George, thank you! Thank you for being solid and real and really who you say you are- Captain my Captain, I salute you! 
all my love and support,

Dear Loren,

This is great news. I have had two confirmations less from my higher self than you that I will ascend. So ascension is triple sure for you now. One cannot expect more confirmation from Heaven. We must go through many challenges before we have won our right to enter Heaven, no doubt about it.

In love and light
November 26, 2011

Hi George,I have been made aware of your web site through Marcel, with whom you are in communication, just a few days prior to the 11-11-11. I have read many of your reports and the comments of P.A.T. members. The “Connecting of the Dots” have brought all of us together in this tremendous endeavour on our way to the 5th dimension.

I went through the Light Body Process and what you write on the subject is exactly what I’m experiencing. On November 11th, 12th, 13th I was bombarded by very strong energy throughout my whole body. Since then I have been receiving very powerful energy which is now a true bliss as it is stabilized in the upper 4th, 5th, 7th chakras.

Those entities in the High Realms (Heaven) that have prepared us step by step in the Ascension process have never mentioned that on the 11-11-11 there would be a departure for the 5th dimension. In the 3 groups of entities mentioned in your Report # 29: those who die, those who stay and ascend later, those who ascend now, we have been prepared to stay.

My question is: “What determines that an entity is ready to ascend now?” “Is it our Higher Self?” I address this question directly to you as you have come to prepare the Ascended Masters who will return to Earth in their Light Body and you took the decision to dissociate from the GF and work on your own.

Finally I wish to add that I vibrate to Ute’s messages beyond words as it resonates with my inner soul. I have written a comment to her that she posted on her Blog, on November 23rd, in your report # 30, if you have time to read it. I want to keep your patience intact so I won’t paste here.

I would appreciate it very much if you could shed some light on my questions. I’m sure your answer will enlighten my path in this tremendous Ascension process.

I will end this message by saying there are two options one can choose from: 1. Hop on the plane now and participate in this gigantic, fascinating process in helping Humanity and Gaia ascend or 2. Watch the plane go by and see what happens. I personally vote or choose the first option for the End Times as I came in this last incarnation for that purpose.

Love! Light! and Joy!

Dear Jocelyne,

thank you very much for your email. Only heaven knows when we will ascend, but it has nothing to do with us being prepared or not for it, as we all were prepared for full ascension at 11.11.11. The decision to postpone our full ascension has nothing to do with us fulfilling our light workers’ duties, including our LBP, but with general considerations concerning humanity.

When you read my first articles, the Arcturian messages and reports on 11.11.11 you will find out that at that time our full ascension was a done deal and was only cancelled around Nov 2-3 because humanity is still not awakened and in great retard. Ascension will now take place very soon to my opinion – as soon as the events on the ground begin to unfold so dramatically that humanity will need us as future leaders dearly. We will substitute the current corrupt politicians. And this we can only accomplish as ascended masters. There is no other option.

In love and light

Dear George,
Thank you for your prompt response. Yes I have read your e-mails just after the 11-11-11. And my feeling at that time was: well here is a group that has everything in hand to ascend now. While at that time I considered myself being in the group of souls prepared to stay on Earth till the very end and ascending ‘God knows when”. You were disappointed with what happened or did not happen. Just imagine how I felt having the similar experience as your PAT members with the LBP, etc. and being “stuck” here for another year. I was lost in transition, so to speak, as I was thinking that maybe I hadn’t linked or connected to my Higher Self properly.
Now you say that it has nothing to do with preparation. From what I have been reading from entities of the 5th Dimension helping us (the Delphinoïd) it is a question of increasing our vibration frequency in order to connect with the Source and other dimensions to enable us to live in Unity with ‘All that is’ and unite with 24 other consciences to form ‘One United Cell’ which is the way of functioning in the 5th Dimension.
When I asked Marcel on the 10th of November why he felt he was ready to ascend the next day, he answered he was guided by his Higher Self and that I ask too many questions that could be answered if I go deep into my inner soul.
I have been guided by Higher Realms through this entire process and I put my faith into the infinite loving hands of the Source, for she knows how much I wish to evolve into the next 5th Dimension and how greatly I wish to participate in the process of helping Humanity and Gaia ascend as there is so much to be done to awaken the mass of those still sleeping without interfering with their own free will and help them go through the ‘shock of Humanity’.
What do you think of these comments I just made?Jocelyne

Dear Jocelyne,I think that the wish to ascend and a progress in the LBP which all my readers can present are a sufficient guarantee for ascension in the coming first wave. You must bear in mind that it is planned that about 2-3 billion human beings should ascend in Dec 2012 and most of them have not even heard of the word “ascension” and have no idea of it. Compare this with your preparation.

Our preparation has never been the problem, but Heaven simply needs us here, on the ground as huge energy multipliers for a while to transmute the energies of darkness on this earth and in the sleeping human majority, so that they can awaken and also go through the veil. Mankind is in a huge retard in this respect and we have to fill in the gap.

Now the only question to be solved is: When our presence as ascended masters in carbon-based bodies on earth will no longer be of help and our presence as ascended masters in crystalline bodies able to transcend space and time will be demanded for the benefit of changing the human society. This decision will be based on the Cosmic Law of Optimization, which is a manifestation of the Universal Law.  I personally think that this point will be reached very soon when the old world order begins to crumble and new leaders will be needed. It is as simple as that. The transformation of our bodies into light bodies is the least difficult problem. It is actually already solved – we have ascended in the Now. It is mankind that is still not ready for this and we have also to wait.

In love and light

Dear George,
How true that it’s mankind that is not ready for this. I fully agree that as long as the old world order (Dark Forces) are in place and the HAARP Project which transmits low frequency electromagnetic waves on this planet, plus the capability of affecting the weather, are being used among those who are kept in fear, we are needed here to anchor the Light. Fear and violence are predominant at the present time among those who are in reaction to the tremendous amount of Light that we are receiving and which will increase in intensity.
For the benefit of your readers, could you give us more precision on what is the “Cosmic Law of Optimization”. I am familiar with the Law of Attraction which is in force now but would like to know more about this other law.
I really appreciate being in communication with someone on the same wave length and with a group that has the same intention of ascending soon into the 5th dimension.
Love, Light and Joy
Dear Jocelyne,I was just pondering over the idea to write an article on the Cosmic Law of Optimization this morning under the shower and your question was the tipping point. I must now find some time between answering all the emails to write this article and streamline somewhat the current views as expressed by various members of the PAT in our discussions.

In love and light
November 26, 2011

Dear GeorgeI would like your opinion on the following video (9mins)

love and light from Callista

Dear Callista,

The approach in this video and text is still too much embedded in the dualistic human thinking and feeling based on old genetic templates as created by the Anunnaki.

For instance, when I spoke of the “wrath of an ascended maser” with respect to this fictive name “Satina”, being the Satan of the US-secret services which wanted very swiftly to hijack this website (no woman can act so swiftly and deliberately destructive), I did not mean human wrath as some of my readers tried to criticize me, but the sublimation of human emotions, their canalization into higher frequency dimensions and sending them back as a powerful transforming energy, wrapped up in unconditional love.

As soon as you use rage, anger, indignation and wrath as pure human feelings in the current energetic spectrum of human duality, you are powerless against the dark forces as you try to combat them on their own playfield, where they have a clear advantage.

As soon as you transcend your ideas and feelings at the higher level and try to change the situation from this fulcrum, you are victorious and the dark forces can no longer attack you as they are capable of attacking you only within their frequency range, that is to say, when you personally attack them, but when your operate from the point of Oneness they are powerless as entities who are separated from the Source.

But the “energy of wrath” of an ascended master does exist and it is a very transforming energy, like the “violet flame” one talks a lot in the channeled messages. There are seven energy qualities in the higher realms and they do correspond to certain emotional human patterns, but our words for these emotional energies are a poor substitute for their actual power. I have discussed the issue of emotions at length in my 5 German books on human Gnosis from a physical point of view and we have not delved yet in more depth into this huge topic in our current discussions.

In love and light
November 26, 2011
Dear Georgi,

I was amazed at the PAT initiation on November 22nd.  I was running on barely no energy since 11.11.11 and received a tremendous boost on 11.22.11. Though I don’t write much, letting the youngsters use your energy and explanations, I communicate telepathically with you several times during the week. You are a unique and talented individual.

Best regards,

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