State-of-Ascension-Report-27: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Still Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-27, November 16, 2011

November 14, 2011

Dear Georgi,

Hello after the 11.11.11 event!

Thank you for mentioning my Channelings from the Arcturians. I have read your latest update and thought I should share my “personal 11.11.11 “Ascension” report, as it is perhaps somewhat typical for what happened with us, and which you can read here:

I also add the link of my latest channelings from the Andromedans which may help to clarify our situation further.

After my experience on 11.11.11 I noticed that after 2 days the high energy started to diminish and this is my understanding of it:

Just remember the symbolic 3 days of Jesus ascending to the heavens and then the 3 days in hell.

In my many years of  spiritual experience it always happened that after extreme enlightening times there was a time of integrating darker elements, so that always after a period of very high spiritual experiences there was a coming down even deeper into denser realities than before.

As we are “still here” as servers of Gaia and humanity, if we take this as a normal pattern, we have of course to dig deeper now than ever before to bring all this down there up again into the levels of light where we have been before just now.

I notice that I now have to meditate regularly and more often and longer to lift up to this place again where I have been on 11. 11.11, all what is “deeper down” here in this 3D frequency. This is just the work we have agreed to do! And this will go on for a while, and nobody knows how long! And we knew that this is hard work and that it was no fun, although we are carried by the joy of service for this great ascension process.

Like everybody else I’d like to enjoy this bliss and ecstasy non-stop :) . And I have to admit, that at times there is this little voice starting to complain. But on the other hand there is this love for Gaia and all humanity which I cannot deny which moves me to continue this work. Haven’t we done it already so many times and what else is there to do than work together in this great process of Divine expansion into the worlds of Divine forgetfulness.

Many blessings,
Dear Ute,

first of all let me tell you how happy I am to hear from you again. Indeed, I have been reading your messages in the last several days to find a further explanation about what actually happened at 11.11.11. I expected a full ascension and not the light version of it. But around November 2-3 I knew that Heaven has changed its plan again. I did not however know the scope of the change and hoped that some of us will really ascend in crystalline bodies, given the fact that we are ready for this final transformation. But we had to sacrifice us once again for humanity.

I liked in particular your latest Andromedan message which I will publish  below in full text as it will appear in my next report:


We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest earth humans,

A new beginning has dawned on your earth in a magnificent way!

Your galactic families can see what many of you on earth can see and what most of you earth human cannot yet see. Not seeing it, does not mean it did not or is not happening right now or will not happen and grow exponentially in your future.

For us your future is already here and many of you on earth are already stepping in this awareness by transcending linear time.

Your earth servants, those who have been participating before, during and thereafter this most important 11.11.11 event, whose soul contract required to remain among you on earth, have been empowered greatly on that day. Many of them strenghtened their connections to their galactic homes and families and allowed their light and consciousness to incarnate deeper into their human bodies. These ones who have been so empowered would have been able to leave 3D Earth at this time for good because they were ready, but out of their love for Gaia and humanity they are continuing to stay with you.

With their greatly increased cosmic presence they will be able to magnify and speed up the ascension process for everybody as they anchor now tremendous light of the higher dimensions through the channel of their bodies.

Dearest ones, it is a magnificent cooperative work which is going on now in an intensified way, between your galactic friends and their representatives on your earth.

We can see, in interconnectedness with the crystalline earth grid, currents of Divine light and  flames running in ever more growing intensity between the mighty forces of light, – surrounding your planet, and from the deep of the universe – and Mother Earth and her servants, firing up the whole process of ascension for all involved in a glorious way. More and more of you are starting to participate in this magnificent progression of Divine Ignition and galactic connectedness of your planet. This is a spectacular Play of Joy and Love because the Divine Forces can now move freely into your sphere.

With joy we are describing to you what we see, so that you earth humans, even if you are not yet aware of what is now occurring on your world, can be assured and inspired to continue your life with a different perspective and increased and deeply magnified hope, to help you to already change the basic outlook on your life and daily experience. Even though you might mainly see the old shadows of a 3dimensional world, but which in reality are fading each day more away, you can be assured that the new world is already yours.

Do not hold on therefore to the shadows of the past, as they do not have any real foundation any more but are just relics of a non-existing world. You must understand, that from the perspective of spirit your old world is already gone and what you still see are only phantoms and artificially created godless holograms of what you call your familiar world. Like when you lost a limb and it still seems to hurt!

And so your nervous systems are still programmed to accept your old world as to be true, but in reality it is gone already, dearest ones, this is the truth!

We are standing at the point of origin of this new creation where we can see and testify your new world. Therefore this new world has to be confirmed by you with faith, trust and joy in your heart, visions, thoughts and actions.

What your eyes seem still to see and your senses seem to feel, the shadows of the old, can be viewed now as an illusion. Remember that you see “outside”, what is inside of you. If you change your world inside with your higher will and love of your heart, you will see and feel sooner than later your new world reflected “outside” of you.

We recommend that you study the laws of creation to understand this. This will help you to enter fully into your God-given, creative potential and power.

When you do this you will attract the Divine Light and Fire into your own body and mind,  now running already through all beings and crystalline grids who are devoted to this glorious process of the creation of a new Divine World.

Gaia is joyful as never before and she asks all of you to be too! She needs you to join her in this, dearest humans, to lift her burden, as she feels what you feel. Only together you can complete this most wonderful adventure of your evolution in no time.

With deepest love!
The  Light Beings from the  Andromeda Galaxy
Message received by Ute 

The central most Important statement in this message from my point of view is the following:

“These ones who have been so empowered would have been able to leave 3D Earth at this time for good because they were ready, but out of their love for Gaia and humanity they are continuing to stay with you”.

This is precisely what happened with many of us from the PAT on that day. We decided to stay on earth, although we could have ascended. I was looking for this confirmation as this is what I immediately realized when I learned that the Full Ascension has been cancelled.

Considering the role of all members of the PAT in the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 that enabled the flooding of such powerful energies on earth and in our bodies, this was indeed a full success and even more than that, as the whole burden was shouldered on very few experienced warrior-souls.

But all souls from the higher realms who were responsible for the awakening of their incarnated soul-mates on earth have failed badly so far, so that the light quotient on earth prior to this event was too low for the full Ascension procedure.

Now we have to pay for their failure and stay for some more time on earth. This is my ultimate interpretation of the current events. Although I appreciate the greatness of all brave souls who participated in the opening of 11.11.11. and made it possible in the first place, I, by no means, agree with most channeled messages that it was a masterpiece.

It was the minimal solution because the GF has failed grosso modo to awaken their souls (star seeds) on the ground in the necessary large number as they promised to provide when the masterplan for the End Times of earth and humanity was approved eons of time ago. You must remember this fact as we both we present at this council meetings at the highest levels.

Dear Ute, now let me address the next topic you have raised in your email. You are writing that these powerful energies have now diminished in your body after three days.

I have personally exactly the opposite experience – they augment each minute.  My whole biological body is bursting with these energies –  it is no longer an adequate vessel to contain them. From my personal out-of-body experiences in the past, my energies are such that I could ascend any moment in the now, but they let me stay on earth as to be a powerful conduit of them for some more time and to beam these energies onto the whole still sleeping humanity. I am now glowing and burning like a torch.

After I  gave my consent to  the Arcturians to accept the role of the “captain of the PAT” and succumbed to the fact to  be the last one to leave the ship during the ascension process at 11.11.11, which did not happen, now my first version that I may be the first human being to ascend is gaining momentum again.

There are many good reasons for  this alternative which I have discussed in my German books on Gnosis and there are some more to be added. It has to do in the first place with the abolition of all organised religions and current empirical science. It is part of the divine plan for the End Times, on which I am elaborating since 1995. We will wait and see.

In case you are interested in this probable scenario, why don’t you ask your sources for their comment. I doubt if they will give you any, but  you may gain some private glimpses into the near future. I am now talking about imminent events that will begin to unfold in the course of this year.

I am really very happy to hear from you once again and I hope that you feel well, notwithstanding the incessant energy beaming in these days.

In love and light
November 14, 2011

Dear Georgi,

First I want to let you know, that if you are too exhausted or fatigue to read your mails, I totally understand. Please feel free not to read this one and do not feel obliged to answer it.

Second, I would let you know that I would very much appreciate if you will continue publishing your insights and reports on your website, even if it is just once in a while. This information is very supporting and a welcome confirmation of my own feelings about what is going on.

I was particularly pleased with your last report! At first I thought that it was just me who did not ascend after holding open the portal for others. (I witnessed/felt several going through). After a certain moment it was as if the plug was pulled out of my portal and it suddenly “collapsed” at the moment I thought I was supposed to go through. I was totally confused and felt, like Callista said, “hit by a bus” I could do nothing else than to go to sleep at that moment, not knowing what just happened and why. After a few hours I woke up, feeling as if I slept whole night long, and felt quite refreshed. I was most surprised that I was not feeling disappointed at all, as one would have expected after this experience. I actually felt quite well.

My higher self told me that it was for a higher good that I did not ascend, and that my high vibration/ energy was needed a little longer on this 3D earth. I understood that this was a “sacrifice”  that I made for the highest good of all (also your words).

I didn’t really understand why or how, because I was still thinking I was the only one that did not ascend. Only after reading your latest report it all made sense to me.

I wanted you to know that as far as I’m concerned the glass is certainly half full!  We did a tremendous job and accomplished so much! It is only due to the sleeping state of humanity that this event could not unfold the way we initially expected it to do.

Of course I ‘m also longing to get off this plane. My 3D life is done, and I’m really done with my 3D life, and for that matter with my 3D body!  I’m ready for a total cosmic and heavenly make over.  I long for the light and I long to be free at last, and to get off of this harsh and ugly planet (not all is ugly of course). But the main goal still is to help as much people to ascend as possible in the end, and if this is the way to accomplish this, then it is so. So this is where we are now and from where we will go on with our mission.

I also feel many of us will still ascend in the next couple of days. In that case it was indeed just a temporary delay for most of us, to serve the best outcome for humanity.

I am still confident that I will not be much longer around on this planet, at least not in this 3D vessel.

So I keep spreading my light with the best interest of all in mind, and hope for a soon transition for all of us!

In love and light,

Lieke Geurtse
November 14, 2011

Dear George,

Still here, that is to say in physical form, but boy am I shining! Like I’ve just been hit by a Super Nova!
Expanded big time, and I’ve had the pleasure to integrate higher, multidimensional parts of my true SELF, for good. Definitely feels like 5D and beyond from the inside out. Almost surreal to experience the 3D-world outside, while being 5D from within.

Pep talk:

I firmly feel that it’s to let it all go now. Just to allow ourselves to truly go with the flow. Allowing ourselves to feel the stream of the synergy of creation. Nobody’s to blame, because there have been no mistakes. It went as it did and all went well.

No more puzzling, no more finding out why things happened as they did. Just take a moment now and enjoy the timeless NOW with all of your being. That’s something we must not forget. We are not to leave our hearts now, to get back in our heads. We are still here NOW and we are more experienced and definitely more radiant. WE are still here, because we have to deliver a message.

Did you get the message?

We only have to BE. Just being our true selves, shining the light from within as clear as we possibly can, reaching everyone in our range. Being unconditional love with a smile on our faces. It’s their move now.

See it like the game of chess: the game can only be played properly, when patience is involved. Patience is part of being a master. Are you ready for your mastership?

Allow your soul to be in charge and surrender to it. Personally, that’s all what I’ve been doing since the 11th and it really, I mean, it really makes a difference.

That’s all from mister bright for now, haha.

In love and light,

November 14, 2011

Thank you George for your continued show of transparency in all aspects.  I feel so truly blessed to be on this journey with you and to read and feel the authenticity of all the human emotions you are moving through.

I had felt intuitively that we may be in for the unexpected, so I maintained an openness to all possibilities.  I trust we are exactly where we need to be, and your continued efforts are a huge part of this re-membering that is happening.  In truth I have more faith in you now than I had before this shift in plan. Your warrior spirit inspires me,

Much love and light!!

November 14, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I thought I ought to share a few things in the light of the disappointment expressed by some who were convinced that they would be going home in this window of time/no time.

Personally I have never felt that I would be leaving but that I would be here to assist as many as possible to awaken in the remaining time between 11-11-11 and 12-12-12.The “dark” for their part will continue to strive to keep people in ignorance and confusion in order to maximise their “harvest” too,and we have seen how subtly they infiltrate by deception even the people that they use to influence us.

I did however experience a gift of new energy in this period of time: I was walking on Saturday to my local coffee shop and intended to stop in the bank to check my account on the ATM machine.When I  reached the corner a very strong wind blew me towards the bank,or so I thought. THERE WAS NO WIND!! It was a force that I had never before experienced but it was palpable and undeniable.

Any portal experience at this time I thought of as only gifted to us in order to return with confirmation of our mission,but this event will certainly suffice for me at this point.

Your work in transforming the medical field will be I am sure vital given your background. Others of us will work within our expertise as guided…mine is in sound and vibration:

A World That Works For Everyone – Healing through the use of sound and sacred geometry.

Ultimately we will all see this as a blessing in disguise I am sure.
Blessings  David

Dear David,

Thank you very much for your email. I checked immediately your blog and read among others with great pleasure the Metatron message about light body and ascension. Very good! I did not know this text although I have read similar texts from him. What surprised me is that in the early 90s there was a much better information available on LBP than later and especially in these last days. The other thing that impressed me is the prognosis of Metatron about the future evolution of human society and how optimistic it sounds from the today’s perspective.

We are light years away from the outlined progress by Metatron and the revolutions which I personally expected for this year in the Western countries, especially in the USA and GB, that have not taken place. This was the reason why the full Ascension could  not take place at 11.11.11 because the light quotient is very low on this planet and the  fear level very high. It all makes sense and I am happy that you made me aware of your blog. Thank you.

Your experience with the wind is unique, but in these days miracles are quite normal.

We must now await what will come next. I bet the financial collapse, which is due for some time.

In love and light
November 14, 2011

Dear Georgi,if you have the energy to publish more reports, here is mine. You needn´t reply.

I did feel that I lived up to my “duties” by preparing so much in advance and for taking my weekend meditation to the next level, but I somehow just don´t believe that everything was delayed.  In fact, I have taken this experience and channeled it into a new perspective on the 2012 concept. I think I have lost the enchantment with trying to ascend and leave the Earth and instead want to focus more on changing the world I live in in more tangible ways.  Until now I have done a lot of inner work, which now can progress into something different. I have always thought that people weren´t ready (Berlin is not the most spiritual place!) But perhaps the meaning of being an “ascended master” is just that. We take our wisdom from the one, our compassion, our ability to create our reality because we´ve cleaned out our junk, and now we become leaders in some concrete capacity in our communities to work towards the New Earth NOW. In that sense, I feel I have used the energies from the weekend correctly and even assimilated them. I was waiting for my next mission, and now I´ve got it.

I wrote a very personal blog post on this shift in consciousness if anyone is interested:

Many people are writing comments all over the Internet about being disappointed that “nothing happened”. I wouldn´t say nothing happened. I may not have had any special visions or even feelings of heat or energy vortexes, but when one projects such high expectations onto a timeline (a 3D one at that), it is no surprise some people are disappointed.  It´s what we do with the energies is what´s important. I have definitely shifted, however subtle it feels.

Our idea of what was going to happen might have been distorted because instead of listening to our inner compasses, we shifted our power outside of ourselves to follow an idea that wasn´t really to our frequency. This might not have been an intended effect, but it has really helped align me again with my own inner clock and compass. This process is multi-dimensional and we all have our own journeys.

Thank you, Georgi for that.

Dear Debra,

Thank you very much for your email. I read your essay “Epiphany and Crisis” and I like your blog very much.

Your current perceptions of the recent events is a valid one and it will lead you definitely to a successful end at the latest in December 2012 when many people will ascend.

I see it however a little bit different and I have elaborated on this issue in my next report. The whole Ascension process of earth and humanity is an ongoing process of adjustments and when some changes in the Ascension have been made this does not mean that my or anybody else prognosis has been wrong. There are infinite probability alternatives and realities in which we have ascended long time ago because we wanted it.

I have ascended myself twice in 2009 and 2011 and each time I had to return as there was a lot of work to be done and humanity as a whole is still in a deep slumber. Many of the members of the PAT have de facto ascended but decided to stay on earth to increase the light quotient.

Now this last delay is only limited because at some point in time humanity needs real ascended masters to lead it to mass ascension and help it restructure completely from the old world order. We cannot do this in physical bodies and we must substitute the current corrupt elite at some point in time.

I am personally very confident that very soon many of us will ascend individually as our duties towards Gaia have been accomplished – she has ascended and now we can ascend individually any time. This is my simple interpretation of the current situation, but I cannot prove it of course.

In love and light
November 14, 2011

The 11:11:11 Winds of Change

André Nobels

To say a lot has transpired these past 10 or so years, months, weeks, days and now hours, would be a huge understatement; but I would like to invite a glimpse in from this angle as I am called to share some of the most recent magic of our epic adventure, specifically the tale of our 11:11:11 ceremony.

It was with great joy that we gathered with our closest beloveds for the days and nights surrounding this auspicious date, just as we have been doing for the past few months during the various big dates on the calendar. Our intent being to combine our energy fields and vision with that of the broader collective and to open ourselves to the immensity of the dimensional aspects of our unseen selves… well as much as we can handle in each evolving moment in the “now” anyway! Of course there is another reason to gather and likely the most paramount, to be with each other in unconditional awareness and love, dancing and playing in the creative abundance that is ever more enticing us outward in its expression. I have so much joy and gratitude for the “tribe” that actively surrounds us, participating in this new and yet very old way of being together. If the success of my life can be measured, I trust that this one aspect has added an infinite depth to the wisdom and wealth of the collective unfolding, and through this I will always feel complete.

It is no surprise that the events of 11:11:11 brought collective amazement and third dimensional magic to our reality. We seek to see that which is behind the veil and to live within its expanded dimensionality, bridging where we are with where we are all going. I had been feeling like my mission had come to a natural completion of late and that this time of 11:11:11 demarcated a new role or cosmic shift in purpose for me. I do not have a full grasp on it yet, but it appears to be stampeding towards my heart like a thousand buffalo of light just crossing the horizon.

I am going to begin the story one evening prior on Nov. 10th as we had arranged with one of our dear brothers Running Buffalo, to have a full moon ceremony at one of our power-spots here on Gabriola Island. We arrived at Indian point at around 4:45pm just as dusk was setting in. Our plan was to catch the transition time and tune into the ancient sacred energies that some of us have been working with there for some time, perhaps amplify the new frequencies and share gratitude for the earth and all the subtle realms. The ceremonial experience for us as a group has taken on a beautifully intuitive orchestration over these past couple years and nothing needs to be said other than what is a direct part of the experience. We exchanged hugs as we arrived, placed our crystals and sacred items in a formation facing east with a container of water from a special lake in Montana, lake Titicaca in Peru and I believe, other sweet water from past ceremonies. Part of the intention is to allow the speed of information transfer to take place as the water intelligence infuses within itself and transfers the geometric and energetic patterning that it stores. We proceeded to be in joy, playing a Tibetan bowl and some chimes, and then smudging each other, singing and smiling. It seemed the moment we had all fully arrived the full moon showed herself, directly across from us, cradled in the trees. I must admit that I appreciate perfect timing and this was the beginning of a sequence of powerful signs of communication that we are up to something meaningful, and to keep doing it, even if we have little rationale why.

As we continued to enjoy our time together on the beach we moved into circle and shared some prayer and gratitude and received a sweet laugh from to birds flying directly overhead, reminding us that laughter is the best medicine. Upon completing the circle we added the sacred waters into the current of the narrows and felt it joining again into unity just as we are doing, bringing with it the contentment of moving beyond metaphor.

As we awoke on the morning of 11:11:11, not sure if we were getting ready for a full ascension into the 5th dimension or a deeper embodiment of such awareness here in 3D, it was obvious that electricity was in the air and we were infused with a pre-Christmas excitement. The night before we all decided to wear white, partly in jest of previous cult attempts to beam out of here, but mostly to feel clean and clear for what was ahead. There was some talk of having the kool-aid out on the table as our last friends arrived, but the initial laugh was unto itself joy enough.

The stage had been set for months as we have been gathering here on this sacred land that has been a container for many such gatherings over the years. It was clear that a divine orchestration brought us here and we take this responsibility to heart. A part of this pre-preparation was the crystal grid that Sah’Rah had created months before and had been integral in some deep process and vision prior to our Nov. 11th meeting. This point showed itself to me as a focal point for a spiraling energy vortex that extends down the cliffs in a Fibonacci spiral down to the beach at Sandwell park. My experience of this was quite vivid and profound and yet is perhaps best left to this level of simplicity for the sake of the current story.

Sah’Rah had adjusted the stones and crystals to create a portal or doorway by following her intuitive guidance. We always appreciate the grace and silence in which her tasks are completed perfectly. There is no need to question the details as spirit speaks for herself on this occasion. As she moved out of the completed grid structure she asked for our F# flute invocation, of which we had thought would resonate with the heart frequency meditations occurring at that time around the globe. We happen to have 3 F# native flutes and one of them is a double barrel. As we lifted the flutes the time shifted to 11:11am and the eagles began an intense singing above us to the left, and as we began to play our song, they resounded in joy and a great swirling in the skies began out of nowhere. The clouds were materializing and materializing right above us in this upward moving vortex of energy, we gasped and kept playing, as the eagles were joined by hawks and osprey, dancing in the intense circling winds. Leaves and maple propellers began raining on us from above as if coming out of thin air, due to the fact that we are above all the maples in the area. This spiral continued for a few magical minutes and felt like the sign we were all asking for. None of us had ever seen clouds move in the way they had in those moments, and it truly goes beyond what I can express here in words.

As we continued playing and singing each of us released the old to the earth and stepped through the portal before us, realizing that the metaphoric act may in fact be more significant. It was a sweet release and embrace as we joined again on the other side, in love and joy for the potency of our experience. And then… out of nowhere a huge white jet plane with no markings flew extremely low overhead, right overhead! And having never seen such a plane ever fly over our place, made this strange indeed, the timing made it even more odd and the look of the plane was unanimously seen as almost holographic in nature… our minds had fun creating scenarios to explain this, including a cloaked UFO. Still not sure what that was about but it was definitely right on time!

Our morning continued normally with breakfast and conversation as well as a lot of reflection on our experience. We took our joy back to the point and some beautiful sun rays were heating up the air. We positioned ourselves in them and shared more gratitude, watching the continuously amazing cloud formations out to the east, seemingly morphing into face after face and displaying the most astoundingly real cloud creatures I have ever witnessed. We started to reflect on all the affirmations we were receiving and then a gust lifted a spiral of maple leaves and pods in front of us eliciting a sweet gasp from the crowd! Suddenly a huge roar began off to the north that sounded like a tsunami was coming, it was spine tingling and I believe the time now happened to be right around 1:11pm. After about a 30second roar, the trees in the valley ripped sideways and you could hear cracking limbs everywhere. We took a step back and braced ourselves slightly for the end of the world (hehe) and felt this wall of wind rip across the land. The trees were bending way over and branches were flying all over the place, as we decided to retreat closer to the house in case anything came down. As we were standing beside the house a huge gust came up and right as all seven of us were looking at the same tree, the majestic landmark eagle perch towering 50 feet above the canopy just lifted off at the top and floated away! We staggered and gasped in pain as such a beauty and symbolic tree was damaged. It took a minute or two to realize that it was really happening and I knew then that the significance of this was profound on many levels. The removal of the old as these new energies emerge is a must, and this was a clear communication to all of us that we had crossed a threshold into the unconditional, truth, love and awareness of the 5th dimension.

I haven’t been sure what to expect as all these dates and hype have talked about so many things. But now I feel that we have chosen a smooth ride of unfolding these new aspects of ourselves in a way as to create the most divine integration, joy and wisdom, while disempowering the energy of fear which has been the prevailing wind on this planet for at least the past 12 000 years. If 11:11:11 has showed me anything it is that the winds of change have arrived, and the view from here will never, ever be the same.

Much love,
André Nobels
Chief Medicine Eagle
November 14, 2011

Dear Georgi,

It is with utmost respect that I reach out to you to say hello on this fine day.  It is time to shine forth and be humbled in our collective knowing that Gaia, our resplendent Mother, is risen.  The mystery continues to unveil herself, in her multitude of variations.  If you are reading these words, take heart in knowing that our mission is accomplished.  Gaia is risen!  She is collectively revisioned, and this marks the end of the Kali Yuga.  A new age is born.  The ripples of this portal are reverberating into the infinite  void and the infinitude within all at once!

For now, it appears that our ascension at a collective level, is an inter-dimensional one.  May our outer husks be shed at the exact right moment of metamorphosis for each soul’s journey.  There is much to begin creating in our collective 5D reality.  I attach my post to Suzanne’s blog of my personal account of an ascension experience.

I am sending you the warm glow of living daylight to caress your soul.

Om shanti om,


In order to write about my experience over the last few days, I somehow need to re-embody a point of view, which takes me away from a 360 degree view. I cannot say that I am disappointed, as what occurred for me feels miraculous, even though it is subtle. I spent the day of 11-11-11 lying in my armchair, in a darkened room, watching Suzanne’s youtube videos. Her descriptions allow me to access places that would otherwise not be in my awareness. I realized the night of 11-10 that each of us are a unique emanation of the divine, with our particular experience; I felt that a lot of fear and pain needed to be transmuted through my heart chakra, and I was pinned to that experience for several hours on that day and evening. I took the opportunity to merge with the collective field of the Kogi, a tribe of pre-Columbian Indians who hold the heart of Gaia – Mama – in their collective field. Their heart was a collective heart, and it melded in a very soft and warm liquid way with the planet. I asked them to join me in transmuting the fear and pain of suffering humanity, as it is something that needs to be held by many. This seemed to be my “particular” role, as it depicts my experience throughout this lifetime.

I fell asleep and awoke some hours later, to arise and look at the clock. It was straight up midnight of 11.11.11. I was awake then for hours, going into the Corridor. My mind was in several places at once, and it was difficult to adjust to this kind of splitting of my perceptual field. The field did seem to be more highly charged than it had been prior. The next day of 11/11/11, I spent filling myself with unconditional love, and relaxing into traveling into the void. I would say that I felt I was in the black light of the cosmic void – in a very delicate state. Then, there was a splash out of darkness, at the end of the day when I reacted to my brother. It did illicit in me a very dark and angry response. Where the light doth travel, it reveals the shadow. Each layer of shadow is an opportunity to see the illusion of my hologram, and how the rift in the field rises up before me like a bad dream, revealing a monster. It has become in this one day very surreal for me, and not as believable as before.

The following day was spent in recreating my life, although it’s movement is incremental at the physical level. The most amazing experience occurred last night, as I was going into sleep. Each night as I lie down, I consciously enter the Corridor. Last night, the little me was the most surrendered it has been through this whole transition. My light body ignited with greater velocity, and as I surrendered to each layer, the light body expanded into the crevices and locks within my physical vessel, to keep unlocking the locks to allow the experience to expand into greater dimensions. The energy rose so powerfully through my core – as I was traveling through my Merkaba for a very long while, and my crown chakra bloomed like a lotus flower. I felt my connection to everything, and glimpsed how an avatar being is awake in this multiverse, as the crown chakra was totally open and broadcasting it’s radiation, while receiving messages. It was as though the entire universe was all the same – same – same. It was one big continuous and contiguous field. Many realizations occurred at once. I finally understood the many teachers of this lifetime, and some of their counsel – images of projective geometry prevailed. The moment I began to “think” from my 3D perspective, is the same moment I made a witness and split from the “avatar” mind. I practiced letting go of the “thinking” mind, completely wiping out the hard drive of that mind, and allowing myself to stay open to the multiverse. It is very easy to see from this point of view that either pushing away or clinging create our holographic reality, and it is only from a totally relaxed, surrendered & awake vantage point that one stays in a higher dimensional frequency.

The culmination of this occurred when I experienced the entire lightbody of Gaia rise through my Merkaba field and take her rightful place as an ascended lightbody planet. It is a very beautiful image that captures my 360 degree view. It is like the pineal gland now is opened in a 12-petalled lotus flower and it sees life from this higher perspective. The moment there is an “I” who wishes to hold onto this experience, it is at that moment there is a fall into the 3D hologram. In 5D reality, there is only openness, pure sight, pure awareness, and consciousness. I am not disappointed with this portal, as Gaia is risen, our resplendent Mama, our crystalline child of collective love and light.

November 14, 2011

Hello George,

This is Elna from Arkansas. I am still here in 3-D. I could really feel the energy of power build up several days before the 11th. When I awoke on the 11th and 12th, my high heart was not working at all. Thought I had lost it. Today the 13th, it’s coming backkkk.

Was I ever disappointed, realizing that I was still here in 3d. You know. All of us star seeds and light workers have dealt with disappointment our whole incarnated life.

This was a another test on each of us. We let our own will get in the way. This was not our will, it was Our Divine’s will at work.

We should all be proud that we helped Gaia to Ascend. We just did it in the sleeping state, and not in the physical.

You know what? Thanks to George’s website. Us star seeds and light workers would have never united as One family. We have all been going alone, for so long… To finally find like minded souls. It was a miracle! This really does warm my heart. Felt so good to reach out, and other family from, all.. over… the world… reaching back. Have not experienced this in this lifetime. Guess it was the jump start to give us all courage again.

Yes, I myself was disappointed, that I did not ascend in the physical. Was so— looking forward to this. My excitement was beyond measure.

I know, I will get up in the morning, and put one foot in front of the other. Letting Spirit to continue to lead me to my next work, Of having the Divine use my vessel to spread the light and truth to the unawakened ones. This I quietly do. My business.

It does not matter if we ascend today or tomorrow, or even next year. We Will…..We really Will.
Just remember, all of our lights reached out to each other. We are,  ALL ONE !!!!!

Thank-you family. This has been a real pleasure. It is okay to cry in your beer,(so to speak) for today. Took a lot out of us. Spirit will continue to direct us, each step that we make. Never ending……
This old soul is just reaching out with her light.

Love From The Hills of Arkansas
Dear Elna,

Thank you very much for this great contribution to ignite again the spirit of the PAT and our soul family the world over. Yes, you are absolutely right, we have experienced so many disappointments throughout our lives, one more will not derail us.

Given the fact that the huge energies of 11.11.11 are now flooding our chakras and make real disappointment emotionally no longer possible, this last one is very easy to overcome. This feeling is no longer available in the emotional archive of most of us. The 3d-feeling of disappointment has been for ever deleted from our emotional memory. And this is what true experience in the higher dimensions is all about.

In love and light
November 14, 2011

Dear George,

It is a pleasure to see that you have posted an update about 11.11.11 on your website. I know you must be (as we all are) exhausted by all these changes/challenges etc. I was wondering if you had ascended when I had no response to my email (copied further below), sent on the evening of 11.11.11. Now I know that you did not ascend – at least not in the manner you predicted.

Even after reading your update today I find it hard to have the same faith I had leading up to 11.11.11. I was so bolstered by your conviction and guidance that 11.11.11 was the last possible date that the first wave could be postponed too. To your great credit you did stick your neck out and state 11.11.11 as a very firm date, and I am pleased to see you have posted a new update to let us know that things changed at the last moment, still seems strange this happened though! To quote you…

“But this is, nonetheless, an awkward situation from a human point of view. Although I have the inner conviction this morning that we have done a fabulous job, we have no hard facts in the hand and I suppose that this situation may demoralize some of the people who have read my website and believed in ascension at 11.11.11.”

Yes I feel very demoralized and disillusioned, and although I feel a little lighter, I could not say I found 11.11.11 was any different to any other recent day. I have checked in with my own guidance but find it hard to get any confirmation of what is going on. It is hard to keep faith when we never receive the promised ‘goods’ so to speak. Surely those in charge of Earth’s ascension must see that if we the PAT are so vital to the task of ascending Gaia then we need some promises kept or we will lose faith. Already there are few enough of us and we risk losing PAT members from such hard to fathom delays which erode faith in any messages of imminent ascension again!

I will keep an open mind and hope that one fine day a true ascension (of the type I understood we were to undergo on 11.11.11.) will manifest. I urge you to keep posting on your site as often as you can as there is so little worthwhile information about ascension/portals online.

Love and Blessings


Dear Ishvar,

while I have full understanding for your disappointment which I share theoretically with you (not emotionally, see below), I must correct you on one essential point. The new energies that entered earth and our bodies at 11.11.11. are indeed immense and never experienced before on this planet. In this respect the PAT project is a full success because without it nothing would have ever happened on this planet, make no mistake about this.

I will publish in the next days many reports that confirm this fact. I am sorry that you have not experienced these 5d-energies yet in this form, but you will as soon as you give up your current disappointment, which is a negative feeling and hampers the entrance and manifestation of these energies in your 4th chakra.

These energies prevent for instance my disappointment on pure energetic grounds as I am since then in a state of a bliss and I no longer care how long it will take to finally change my carbon-based body into a crystalline one.

Now you must decide for yourself which way you go – down your disappointment or up in the ecstasy of the new waves. From now on there will be only individual ascensions and it is irrelevant if some readers of my website decide not to ascend. It will not affect those who will soon ascend individually in a conscious manner. Because there is no other way to go, after one has accommodated these powerful energies in his body as most of the members of the PAT have done at 11.11.11.

In love and light

November 14, 2011


I’m delighted to see your posting today. I was beginning to wonder if I personally just hadn’t done enough work on my physical vessel to ascend yet, or what…? However, I have a great sense of peace and inner knowing that we have accomplished a major feat. In fact, even though I expected to leave the planet physically, I do know that I have shifted into another plane of reality. I have a much greater sense of awareness and telepathy–particularly with nature. I sat outdoors near running water during the day on 11-11-11 absorbing the sunshine and downloading all sort of codes and symbols. It was a majestic, euphoric feeling…As I gave gratitude and love to Gaia she caressed my body energetically sending tingling waves of joy throughout my CNS. It moved me to laughter and tears!

I’m glad to read that you are not feeling compromised that things did not “go as planned” per se. Because I truly believe that all is well and, according to plan, we have work yet to be done here as you have indicated. I have always known that I would be here until the final curtain of the last act, but I had somewhat hoped that your predictions were correct and that I would be leaving and returning with my newly acquired multidimentionality and latent talents to take on the world refreshed and renewed. And, for that matter, who is to say that I (we) haven’t! Even though I feel as though I ran a marathon in record time, I also feel fabulous at the accomplishment!

In love and light,
November 15, 2011

If time doesn’t really exist above 3d , than why was anyone expecting to ascend on 11 11 11?

Also, I doubt at the very last moment ascension was cancelled.  Since people here seem to have so much communication here with souls from other dimensions, wouldn’t they have known something had changed before, not until after date and nothing had happened?

thanks personally…I am relieved I didn’t ascend because I wasn’t ready, but really did fear that I would be taken in my sleep (since perhaps when I am asleep I am ready).  I couldn’t sleep that night. I felt manipulated by this information…all to find no one ascended.

I am wondering if this information is coming from other sources than you think.  Like MK Ultra.
Dear Cynthia,

you raise two important questions.

1) Although linear time is indeed an illusion it is part of the equation, which is created and solved in the higher realms. Time is just like colour or space a tool to create a reality. And as such, the higher realms that shape the destiny of mankind and this planet take into consideration our local linear time in terms of numerology, because it is charged with a lot of symbolism and this creates a powerful energetic pattern that materializes easier in this 3d-reality. This is a complex esoteric question that is normally not discussed by most sources and channels. I can only scratch here on the surface. But Seth in Jane Robert’s books explains a lot about energetic symbols and time. You should read these books

2) If you read carefully my last reports you will find many personal accounts that do confirm that some of the members of the PAT were informed in advance that full Ascension was cancelled. I knew it since November 2-3. but you never get the full picture to the very last moment and you never know the scope of the delay. Therefore precognition, no matter how precise, always stays in ambiguity.

In love and light

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