On Light Workers’ Confusion in the End Times Prior to Ascension

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, September 28, 2011, Copyright 2011


In my previous articles on comet Elenin and the magnetic pole shift, I have introduced the concept of the First Wave of Ascension of Gaia and humanity when the stargate 11.11.11 will be opened in the fall of this year. These events of cosmic proportions will be associated with major changes in the earth’s crust due to the shift of the magnetic and physical poles of our planet. These will be the physical aspects of the upcoming changes that scare you so much and divert you from seeing the more important events behind the veil.

The most important underlying changes are taking place in our bodies in the course of the Light Body Process, LBP. They will determine our individual destiny in the End Times.  I have discussed the energetic background of this process and the associated clinical symptoms in my last article.

From this introduction it becomes succinctly clear that all energetic processes that occur on earth in the current dramatic End Times are closely interlinked and inter-dependent. They can only be understood from the holistic point of view, to which I have dedicated my whole Theory of Science of the Universal Law and many popular articles on this website.

For instance, the LBP is your individual Ascension. Mass Ascension of humanity in December 2012 will be the collective result of each individual LBP. No incarnated entity, who has not fully entered the LBP, will ever ascend. For a substantial part of humanity Ascension in 2012 is not a topic at all, because they are not that much evolved as to begin with the LBP and ascend.

While many entities around them will ascend in the coming months, some people may not even realize that such a process is under way and will continue to live their limited 3d-reality, just as all human beings have done so in complete separation from the multidimensional reality of their souls during the last 10 000 years. This is all part of the illusion of this life on earth, about which the source Saul (John Smallman) is so beautifully channeling in all possible variations. I doubt, if many light workers have internalized this basic truth.

The chief fallacy of the current compartmentalized human thinking is its inability to comprehend these processes in their totality. Instead, humans pick up solitary events, as is currently the case with the comet Elenin, and vest them with unduly importance. From this atomisation of  the human view of the world, most of the current mental disarray on earth arises.

The esoteric discussions in Internet are a mirror image of this profound distortion of human minds. Although this collective mind-set was predicted for the current End Times by the Forces of Light, managing the process of Ascension, this circumstance is rather obstructive to the planned events in the course of this fall. One should do his utmost to introduce some clarity in the many flawed concepts that are now sprouting in the wilderness of the New Age movement.

At present, the vast majority of light workers, which comprise less than 1% of the world population, is impatiently awaiting the “first contact” with benevolent extraterrestrials, such as those from the Galactic Federation. These civilisations have their representatives as incarnated entities already on earth and seem to channel many of them, by giving them quite often rather conflicting information as to how the first contact will take place and, above all, when it will take place.

There were many false alarms in the past, so that the credibility of these sources is now questioned by many people. They have contributed largely to the current confusion among light workers – one prominent victim, I am trying to educate in vain during the last one year, is the entity Steve Beckow. This is already a clear indication that many of these sources do not come from the evolved civilisations of the Galactic Federation, but rather from the lower astral levels, where the dark forces of the Orion/Reptilian Empire have their domicile.

These channels deliberately distribute distorted information in the name of the GF to less critical human entities, who are opened to such intercourse from the astral levels. Their information may correlate to 90% with the clear messages as being given from the higher realms of Cosmic Providence, such as Cosmic Awareness or the sources, with which I communicate, and are only slightly modified in one or two crucial aspects. This is however sufficient to distort the actual reality in the End Times and to stir confusion among light workers.

This has always been the tactic of the dark forces to propagate their heinous plans in a clandestine manner on this planet. They exploit the inability of the incarnated human beings to think logically in an expanded intellectual and critical manner. In this way they hinder the LBP of as many human beings as possible with the aim of preventing mass Ascension in December 2012.

To this end, they exploit the naivety of their channelers, who are happy and proud to channel anything only to become prominent in the current esoteric Vanity Fair. The controllers of  earth easily achieve their target by creating a situation, where medium and readers can no longer discern the truth behind the channelled messages and become an easy pray to disinformation or objects of subliminal fears.

Especially all light workers in the Anglo-Saxon world, who dominate the scene in Internet, are quite easily mired by such insidious propaganda, This kind of propaganda was first developed to perfection in Nazi Germany and then further stipulated in the former Communist Block. The devastating consequences of this “New Speak” propaganda was brilliantly depicted by George Orwell in his famous prophetic book “1984”, which most probably only few light workers have ever read or understood to the full extent, given their current mental disarray and susceptibility to flawed information from dark sources.

Nowhere else on this planet has the human population been so effectively dumbed down by the Powers That Be as in the two citadels of the dark forces – the USA and Great Britain. We, the true dissidents from Eastern Europe, have always been able to discern the lies behind any orchestrated propaganda and cover-up in the manipulated mass media, because this was the only way to survive in opposition to the brutal communist dictatorship during the Cold War.

None of the present-day light workers in the West have lived through similar political repressions and persecutions. For that reason their political, social and intellectual discernment is rather rudimentary.

Besides, few of them have any real understanding of human history and how this civilisation has evolved within the narrow limitations of 3d-reality on earth, while guided by invisible, extremely rational powers from the higher realms.

These powers follow the Logos  – the logic of the Universal Law – as first discovered by the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus. This transcendental logic is indeed accessible to any human mind, which must be first educated in logical, rational, and holistic thinking.

To facilitate this educational effort, which will be in the centre of the new enlightened human society after Ascension in the 5th dimension, I have established the basis of modern logical human thinking by developing the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law. It is nothing more than a further congruent development of Euclid’s axiomatics and Aristotle`s theory of human categories.

However, show me a decent light worker, who is competent in this field of science and knows how to think logically, and I will apologize with great joy in front of humanity for all my present despicable comments on the limited intellectual abilities of its more enlightened representatives. At present, I am not writing at all for the vast sleeping majority.

Before you are indignant about my remarks, let me quote the famous French philosopher, the founder of Modern Science – Descartes. In one of his philosophical essays, he writes rather ironically on the human condition:

“Obviously the most abundant quality on earth is human intelligence. While all human beings want more money, more material goods and  longer life, I have not come upon a single person, who wants more intelligence. From this I conclude that all human beings are endowed with such an abundance of intelligence that they never ask for more, while they incessantly strive to acquire more money and material goods.”


Information is language in the absence of broad telepathic abilities in the human population. Language is a structural information as any specialist in linguistics will confirm. Ask Chomsky, if you do not believe me. For this reason linguistics is also called “structuralism“, since Saussure developed this science more than a century ago.

Channeled information is first and foremost structured linguistic bits of information that should be evaluated by the principles of inner consistency and lack of contradiction, which are the principles of true human logic. Show me a light worker, who has ever come to the idea of making such an effort and to analyse in a structured mode the channelled messages he receives. You will find nobody in the whole esoteric Vanity Fair, who has even considered such an intellectual endeavour as a feasible way of improving his spiritual discernment.

Most light workers obviously rely exclusively upon the vibrations of their lower chakras for a criterion of discernment, if one makes the effort to read their weird comments in Internet. They seldom bother to use their brain. When they vibrate with the channeled lies of the dark ones from the 4th dimension, they seem to be happily lulled in their intellectual complacency.

Dear light workers, please do understand that this is precisely why your lower chakras were developed in the first place by the Anunnaki, your genetic engineers: to dumb you down from the 4th dimension, whenever they want, without you being aware of this manipulation. While you vibrate in happy synchronization with the lower frequencies from these astral levels, do you really believe to be in a position to exert enlightened discernment? This is illusion par excellence. These are the cold facts, and critical self-reflection is the only way to get out of this morass.

I have dedicated five philosophical books on this fundamental linguistic topic in German language for one single reason, which I would like to discuss at this place. The English language has not yet developed a proper vocabulary to describe spiritual topics from a transcendental point of view, as is the case with the German language under the positive influence of its idealistic philosophical school in the past. This school of thought has introduced many spiritual concepts in the everyday language, which are virtually unknown to the neopositivistic, empirically orientated, narrow minded Anglo-Saxon world.

At the same time, this culture has influenced in a deplorable manner, like a spoiled child other children, the vulnerable young souls of its surroundings – that is to say, the rest of mankind. This unfavourable linguistic situation in the English language is in the core of the current human confusion on earth. This situation has improved somewhat in the last several years under the massive influence of numerous channelled messages, which have begun to introduce a similar idealistic vocabulary as used for many centuries in the German language.

A notable exception in this respect is the English mystic poet William Blake with his prodigious prophecies on America and Europe in the End Times (If anybody has read him, please send me an email.). This last statement was necessary as to preserve my scientific impartiality. I wished, my assessment of the Anglo-Saxon culture would not have been so negative, as in this case the whole situation on this planet would have been much more positive. But I am not a great friend of wishful thinking.

Before some of my readers and star seeds decide to resort to old fashioned chauvinism and begin to reject my arguments on false assumptions, let me be clear on two issues:

1) Dear light workers, you are not Americans, and you are not British, just as I am not a German or a Bulgarian citizen. Your are star seeds and sentient beings from the multidimensional reality of All-That-Is. You have adopted for a short period of time the physical vessel of a human being to experience the extreme degree of separation from the Source and to return back to it, as if nothing has ever happened. Because you are always One with the Source.

2) I wished you could read my German books to see that my opinion on the Germans is even worse. Beneath their total Americanisation, the Germans have preserved all their negative habits and past beliefs in one or another disguised form. This mixture is even less tolerable than the spoiled collective character of the Americans. I do not even want to envisage for a moment, how this world would have evolved, if, instead of the USA, Germany would have won WW2 and would have become the number one world power.

When I speak of the German philosophical school in the past, I am presenting you an alternative gnostic point of view of the world, which no longer exists in Germany or anywhere else in continental Europe. This spiritual heritage will enjoy its revival only after Ascension in the 5th dimension, when the ascended entities will realize peu a peu that all historical epochs co-exist simultaneously in the omni-verse, so that any sentient being can choose his preferable plane or historical epoch of existence and further develop its cultural tenets.

This is precisely what I am currently doing with such past philosophical teachings as Neoplatonism, Cartesianism and the early German idealistic philosophical school, not so much because they were able to render durable solutions to the burning eschatological questions of humanity – they did not -, but because of their spiritual optimism to seek the answers beyond the limited human experience in the visible three-dimensional world of human senses. The German idealists always looked to the transcendental infinity of All-That-Is and how it translates into human reality on earth.

While you may now despise philosophy and any philosophical disquisition, be aware of the fact that after Ascension this will be your chief occupation, until you learn to think multidimensionally. You cannot avoid mine or other similar philosophical lectures after Ascension, if you want to progress further to higher dimensions and not fall back to the 4th and 3rd dimensions. This is a valid astral probability alternative after Ascension. Do not believe that you have made it with your Ascension. The initiations of the incarnated soul never end.

Now back to earth. Most of the English-speaking light workers are not even aware of the aforementioned linguistic conditioning from the higher and not so high astral realms. They cannot evaluate the channeled information properly in the context of the history of human ideas. The reason for this intellectual deficiency is that they have no idea of human philosophy at all and use the channelled vocabulary in a rather uncritical and extremely anti-intellectual manner. A typical example of this semantic confusion are the channelled and pretended to be channelled messages, published in lightworkers.org and spiritlibrary.com. I will not mention specific names, but some of them must be known to my readers.

The chief objective of this essay is to discuss the principal sources of the light workers’ confusion in the current End Times and not to criticize specific individuals for their lack of intellectuality and logical discernment, no matter how often they may ask their confused hearts and emotional right brains, whether they vibrate with this written text or not. If your chakras still vibrate with the lower dissonant frequencies of the large majority of slumbering human masses, you cannot vibrate with the high frequency of the texts published on this website. This is beyond any doubt. You will be overwhelmed by their energy and must reject them on false pretexts, because this is, what your self-preservative instincts are whispering in your fearful ears. I have great understanding for your problems and even a remedy – increase your vibrations in the course of your LBP and you will begin to vibrate with my writings.


There is a teleological purpose behind this elaboration. In my next article, I will explain why many of my readers are among the most highly evolved souls on this planet and are subsequently members of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) that will heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions at the stargate 11.11.11 in November this year. These entities will belong to the First Ascension Wave that will transform the current debased human society within the blink of an eye to a more loving civilisation. This is a very important observation, which my readers should comprehend to the full extent in the short period of time prior to this event.

These old souls immediately recognize the inner power and high frequency energy behind my publications, even when I deal with trivial subjects. Many of them have already expressed this vibrational harmony at the soul level in a very emotional and moving manner in their emails to me, for which I am very thankful.

According to the Universal Law of Attraction, which is but an application of the Universal Law of Nature, as discovered by myself in physics and bio-science, each soul feels attracted in an irresistible telepathic manner to akin souls. We have now entered the End Times, when the dots must be connected very quickly, that is to say, all members of the PAT are frenetically establishing contacts through Internet with their soul mates, who are dispersed throughout the globe, as to adjust and synchronize their energetic fields prior to First Ascension in November 2011.

At the stargate 11.11.11, they will accomplish an act of cosmic proportions for the benefit of the whole humanity. In an incredible collective effort, synchronized from the higher realms beyond the imagination of most incarnated human beings, these incarnated star seeds, and my current readers, will build an energetic high frequency network with their human fields around the earth and the evolved part of humanity and will heave them to the 4th and 5th dimensions. This is the actual redemption, which some ill-guided light workers are currently expecting from external aliens. Therefore, read carefully my next article on the role of the PAT in the End Times, if you want to gain a glimpse behind the veil, where the destiny of this planet and its population is currently being shaped with great precision and huge expectations.

Many light workers are still not able to raise above the falsified news of the manipulated channeled information in Internet. In many ways, they are still part of this collective fraud, because they have not yet developed the intellectual and moral sovereignty to distance themselves from the current illusory reality and to develop an unshakable and solid point of view. Too often they succumb to the seductions of the dark ones from the 4th dimension and their human minions on earth, who orchestrate the esoteric Vanity Fair very carefully and effectively behind the curtain. This is a leitmotif in all my articles.

In addition, the dominant arrogance of the mass media and the political elite in the trend-setting Anglo-Saxon countries impregnate the mind-set of the broad population and, unfortunately, that of many light workers, who exhibit in their discussions in blogs and other chat rooms much of the logical and intellectual inconsistencies of the dumbed down masses. The reason for this ongoing indoctrination is that they have not yet cleared away their past prejudices and fear based beliefs, imposed on them by the dark environment, from which they are still not able to disentangle completely. To achieve this, one must be a dissident throughout his whole life and has the stamina to go through all perils. I have not seen personally this kind of devotion to human truth in the West so far.

The current social and political situation is indeed deplorable in these End Times, and there is absolute no need to “rasp sweet, fluffy stuff”, as the Germans use to say, and make the New Age movement better than it is in reality. As my readers may have noticed, I love popular sayings, as they contain much more truth and common sense than all the good-will statements, with which the numerous channelled messages are stacked nowadays.

Let me now explain, where the most deliberate confusion is created  by the sources of the dark forces, which know very well that their time is running out. Nonetheless, they still easily manipulate many uncritical channelers, who have gained unduly popularity in Internet.

At the current low level of human perception, there are two principal approaches to the salvation of humanity, which is obviously on the cusp of self-destruction at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, as I have already written in 2001 in my first book on human Gnosis “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“:

1. In their helplessness, human beings are seeking their redemption in an external Saviour. For the Christians, this saviour was supposed to be Jesus Christ. Since then, they are awaiting impatiently his “Second Coming“. The similarly minded light workers have substituted Jesus Christ with the concept of highly evolved, benevolent extraterrestrial beings. They now eagerly expect their arrival on earth to liberate them from their perennial enslavement and to heave them into Heaven without any personal effort on their part whatsoever. Where is the difference, please, between the Christian believers and the current Steve-Beckow-type of light workers?

2. The few enlightened human beings know for sure that they are immortal, powerful multidimensional personalities, who have incarnated on this toxic planet to help it and its population to ascend to higher dimensions, because there is ample evidence that the vast population of incarnated human souls on earth is not in the position to achieve this goal on their own. They are too much dumbed down by the off-world forces from the Orion/Reptilian Empire as to make it on their own.

As humanity has been enslaved for the last somewhat 10 000 years by off-world dark forces, it can only be liberated by off-world forces of Light. This conclusion should be cogent to everybody. The difficulty arises around the question as to how this salvation should take place. This difficulty is of illusory character as the Cosmic Providence for this planet has a clear divine plan how to proceed. The very assumption that there might be differences in this approach is a symptom of low vibrational human mentality. This is the source of the greatest confusion among all light workers in the current End Times.

This confusion is, as everything on this planet, another human illusion. Most of the star seeds, who have incarnated on this planet to help humanity ascend, have not actually lived up to their soul contracts. They are, so to say,”gasping behind the spiritual curve” of their souls and now exasperate, as they cannot cope with the huge high frequency waves that are flooding earth and changing dramatically their bodies and the energetic constellation of Gaia. Their mentality cannot catch up with these profound changes, and this leads to severe mental and emotional dysfunctions.

The threshold of enlightenment for any incarnate entity is when he stops waiting for redemption by external benevolent forces, which is nothing else, but a prolongation of the ongoing enslavement by the current off-world dark forces from the Orion Empire with an opposite sign, and begins to see himself as a powerful creator of his destiny. When the entity comes to this elementary insight. he automatically recognizes that he is his only Saviour.

I call this insight the “Baron Münchhausen effect”. When Baron Münchausen fell in the morass, and there was no help in sight, he decided simply to grab on his hair and lift himself out of the morass against all laws of gravitation.

This is exactly what all light workers should do in the present moment.  It is the turning point, when the human being leaves the current state of illusion and enters the realm of enlightenment, where all miracles are possible as long as one believes in them. All light workers must become the Baron Münchhausens of the New Age of imagination and fabulous inventions. Unfortunately, there are few light workers that have reached this level of creative imagination. Many of them are staying behind their individual plan for Ascension and, instead of working on their LBP, are producing confusing messages in Internet.

Beyond these two astral probability alternatives as to how humanity can be saved – from the outer space or from within – there are further pitfalls that bias the mentality of most light workers. The proponents of the external Redemption tend to make the next illogical step of depriving themselves from their inborn power and sovereignty. They demand loudly that the current dark governments should make an official announcement of Disclosure and hope that everything will be thereafter “in the butter” (OK), as the Germans use to say. I will not discuss the obvious naivety of this kind of propositions or the imminent dangers that lurk in such a defeatist mind-set. I have done this in my open letter to light workers a month ago.

The very assumption that some representatives of the Forces of Light will be engaged in negotiations with the dark ones in government and secret services is so pervasive that I have begun to deeply doubt the mental abilities of most human beings, especially the ones who consider themselves in an unduly self-esteem as “en-light-ened” light workers.

This means that these people have no idea as to how the incarnation process is organized and managed on this or any other 3d-planet. Aren’t they aware of the fact, that the incarnated star seeds from the 5th and higher dimensions enjoy the full support of their soul families and the angelic forces from the higher realms and can cope with any earthly problem that is created in the 3d-reality of this planet without much effort? Obviously not.


Let me now explain the current situation as simply as possible. We have the human minions of the dark ones in government, finance  and secret services, who run the politics and economy on this planet. Many of them are simple clones of the Greys, and others are reptilian shape-shifters. These are the ones that control humanity and this planet.

Knowing all this, why should the Forces of Light from the Galactic Federation negotiate with these dark puppets, which will disappear from this plane of existence as soon as earth will move to the 4th and 5th dimensions, where such dark entities of low vibrations will no longer be able to exist? This is simple transcendental physics, which you can easily derive from my popular writings on this subject.

The idea that the Forces of Light are embroiled in incessant negotiations with the dark ones in order to arrange for the first contact and disclosure, as some sources from the lower astral levels are reiterating to the point of imbecility, only mires the minds of the many uncritical readers. While reading these weird, inconsistent messages, one must actually hear how the Ahriman, Luciferian and other dark forces from the fourth astral level are laughing at the stupid humans.

If the current society ought to be energetically reshuffled to the point of no recognition, as this will be the case after the stargate 11.11.11. will be opened in November this year, what sense does it make to lead endless discussions  and negotiations with the dark ones on power in the last several years, as we can read in the messages from SaLuSa, Sheldan Nidle and other “Wanderers of the Skies” every two-three days?

If any of the light workers would have made the effort to study human history, but not the faked lessons on human history as channelled by “Kryon“, he would have immediately recognized that the evolution leaps in human history were never achieved through a slow reformation process from the top, but only after the heads of the ruling men were rolling down from the guillotine.

As the American and British people have never experienced a true revolution, they have no historical understanding how human society must be profoundly changed. Please, do not misunderstand me – I am speaking figuratively now. No head will be rolling down in the coming Ascension in the fall of this year, because most of the dark ones in government, secret services and in the financial sector will be simply retrieved from earth. Their souls will cease to incarnate on this planet.

This is the most simple and elegant solution to the current enslavement of humanity. This problem cannot be solved through the elimination or punishment of human minions of the dark forces in power, but by raising the collective human consciousness. The level of spiritual elevation that is necessary to transform the current debased human society cannot be achieved in a slow progressive manner in the current linear time of restricted human evolution. The play field of the incarnation game on earth must be changed profoundly.

Hence the augmentation of the vibrations of all human beings and this planet, the opening of their chakras, the completion of the crystalline 144-grid, the amplification of the LBP in the last several months to the point of no return, associated with severe clinical symptoms, which many of you have already begun to experience, and so on, and so on. The most dramatic energetic changes take place unnoticed by most humans, who still stare at comet Elenin and believe in their exuberant naivety that this small celestial object will determine their destiny.

The Ascension of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions in November this year will change in the blink of an eye the energetic atmosphere, in which humanity has been embedded for so long time. Many of the current negativities that shape life on earth will be eliminated for ever and human beings will be given the chance to make a fresh start. Humanity could have evolved on its own to this level, if it were more enlightened. But it is not. it so dumbed down by the dark off-world forces of the Orion Empire that it needs an off-world help from the Forces of Light to leave its current debased state of existence.

This redemption will not take place in a Hollywood-like manner from outside by the debarkation of huge mother ships of the GF on the earth’s surface, but by rearranging the energetic spectrum of your four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and ethereal – to create the new crystalline light bodies. In this new physical outfit, you will no longer be susceptible to the Ahriman, Liciferian, Demonic or other dark forces from the 4th astral dimension,  which have shaped your mentality and behaviour in the last 10 000 years in a profound and invisible manner. You only have to look at all the wars and atrocities all over the world in order to start believing that such forces do exist, and that many human beings are carriers of them. Send them love and forget them for ever.

The liberation of mankind will not be an act of external intervention by any galactic civilisation, but an act of internal growth to our pristine levels of existence as powerful multidimensional beings, As soon as this Tantalus act of inner recognition is achieved, you will be liberated from the current off-world order of enslavement and no dark power will ever intrude in your lives. After that you can communicate with whatever galactic civilisation you wish. But the idea of first contact will be long forgotten.

Therefore, be cautious whenever you read any channeled message about external redemption, such as first contact, disclosure, Nesara, redistribution of wealth by anonymous councils, landing of mother ships on earth, writing petitions to your governments etc. This flawed information and futile acts are only distractions from making progress in your LBP. The way to Ascension and Redemption is through the individual LBP, and nothing else will save you from your current real or imagined perils. As long as you do not understand this simple truth, there is little chance that you will go alive to Heaven. You have to put up with the standard procedure.


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