Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation

It will Trigger the Visible Split of Earth in Ascended Earth (A) and Catastrophic Earth (B) in October 2011.

First Wave of Ascended Human Masters is Expected between October 16 and November 11, 2011.

By Georgi Stankov, September 5, 2011, Copyright 2011.

Comet Elenin in the Public View

Comet Elenin is in the news and the minds of the world community since it was first discovered by the Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, through remote control of the International Scientific Optical Network’s robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico,

This discovery triggered a new wave of doomsday-scenarios, first launched by the paid governmental deceivers in the mass media and in Internet, and then vehemently rejected by NASA and other official scientific institutions. The unaware public was torn between these two alternatives – a wrong thesis, attributed to officially disdained doomsday-prophets, and an equally wrong official dementi as an antithesis to the initially wrong thesis. The confusion is currently total and mind-boggling, as anybody can convince himself by checking on comet Elenin in Internet.

The fake doomsday scenario is that comet Elenin will hit earth and cause havoc. This allows NASA to present its “bella causa” , by proving scientifically that Elenin will pass earth at its nearest distance, which is more than 90 times the distance between earth and moon. Based on this fact, all doomsday scenarios are dismissed outright by NASA.

But what is the truth behind this cosmic event that should not be evaluated with three-dimensional scientific arguments that inevitably miss the point?

The actual truth about Elenin can only come from scientists who have a direct contact with the higher astral realms of pure knowledge – be they the Galactic Federation or other levels of cosmic awareness.

Stankov’s Transcendental Communication with the Causal Worlds

End of August  and the beginning of September, 2011, Dr. Georgi Stankov, a Bulgarian scientist from Munich, Germany received an extremely important information from the highest realms of Cosmic Providence, regarding the coming destiny of earth and mankind in the End Times.

The 60 years old scientist, researcher, and thinker is a conduit of the highest Realms of Cosmic Awareness since 1972, when he experienced a deep mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation, which he describes in his book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy (2004) “as “soul catharsis”. In his books, 15 altogether, he defines these levels of cosmic awareness as “causal worlds” (“Kausalwelten” in German). His transformation lasted for almost an year.

After that he became an open channel for the divine scientific knowledge of the causal worlds on earth. Guided by these high spiritual levels, he completed a thorough and very intensive scientific educational programme in medicine, natural, and social sciences in five European universities in Sofia (2), Münster, Heidelberg and Florence. He is a doctor of medicine at the old Heiderlberg University, Germany.  Stankov has worked for many years as a clinical researcher of new drugs and therapies. He has conducted many large international clinical trials on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and published numerous scientific articles.

In 1991, he established his private institute for Drug Investigation Auditing and Statistics (DIAS Institute) in Munich. In 1992 his contact with the causal worlds intensified. With the help of their divine inspiration, he discovered a novel principle of biological regulation of the human body and organic matter. He called it “the Bioenergetic Principle”. Based on this principle, he was able to outline in only two years the “General Theory of Biological Regulation“. This is the first complete bio-theory in the history of science that explains all known experimental facts in bio-science and medicine. The theory is based on 10 000 pivotal publications, published since 1975 until 1999 in peer scientific journals and is outlined in a comprehensive book published in 1999.

Incessantly inspired by the causal worlds – Stankov describes this astral influence as hovering as a physical entity on an invisible airbag outside space and time for many years, while his mind has been switched onto the highest levels of pure cosmic knowledge  – he came in 1993 to the conclusion  that this principle is the Universal Law of Nature, which many scientists such as Einstein have been searching in vain in the past, and  that it should also hold true in physical matter.

Being also an excellent mathematician and physicist, Stankov turned to physics and could prove within an year that all known physical laws can be derived from the Universal Law, which he had first discovered for organic matter.  Between 1994-1997 he wrote  volume I on Physics and Mathematics  (679 pages) in German, which contains the whole theory of physics and mathematics. In 1998 he wrote volume II as full and concise version in English. This book is a further elaboration of the General Theory of Physics of the Universal Law, but can be read independently of volume I.

As soon as he had finished with his major scientific tasks, imposed on him by the causal worlds, he was informed in 1998 through a telepathic message, sent  from the highest levels of the Inner earth Agartha, that he must enter the light body process and transform his organic body to crystalline body in the following years. He was informed that he will be the first human being to ascend in the End Times and will be able to materialize and dematerialize his physical vessel in the 3d-space-time at his discretion.

This endeavor would be the second part of his mission on earth. He will be the person, who will furnish the irrefutable proof that all human beings are immortal, multidimensional entities, who only incarnate on earth to collect experience in a total separation from Spirit.

Agartha, also known as the Inner Earth, is the future probability version of humanity after Ascension in the 5th dimension. Human civilisation is bound to merge with this version in eons of time. Most of the new astral technologies that are awaiting mankind after Ascension will be delivered by the Agarthans step by step. Agartha is the amalgamation of all past civilisations that have ever existed on earth since millions of years. It also includes all Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood.

Stankov’s Soul Mission on Earth in the End Times

According to Stankov, his soul also belongs to the White Brotherhood. His predecessor’s soul-mate on earth was the famous spiritual teacher Beinsa Douno (Peter Danov), the founder of the Bulgarian White Brotherhood between the two World Wars. Stankov’s mission on earth has been to discover the Universal Law and to eliminate the current disparate empirical science of the Orion/Reptilian Empire that negates the existence of high frequency levels of the souls, who create the 3d-reality on earth and that of all visible solar universes. He defines the new science of the Universal Law as the “Science of Ascension“, because it will really unfold in the 5th dimension when all ascended human entities will acquire an expanded consciousness.

Stankov’s chief mission on earth is to eliminate current failed science and substitute it with the new divine Science of the Universal Law, which is the Law of Oneness. This aspect is extensively discussed by Stankov in his last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapses in 2011”, first published on May 31, 2011.

Being the harbinger of the new Science of Ascension, Stankov has been also vested by the causal worlds with the duty to become the first Ascended Master of the current End Times. In his newly edited website

as of August 25. Stankov writes on this topic as follows:

“We are in the End Times – the most glorious times in the history of earth and mankind. The End Times are the Times of Ascension of this planet and most human beings to the 5th dimension, which is the “Paradise” promised to humans by all religions.

Humans will be able to overcome in the course of this and next year the physical death and transform their biological bodies to crystalline light bodies. Human race will be transmuted in the blink of an eye to a transgalactic multidimensional civilisation with highly expanded consciousness. Humans will again become Gods, as they always are as pure souls in the higher realms. from where they incarnate on earth.

This is the Divine Plan for this planet and human race in the current End Times.

A central piece of this plan is the mission, which the author of this website, Dr. Georgi Stankov, had to accomplish in his last incarnation on earth.

With the help of the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, from where he comes as a soul, he discovered the Universal Law of Nature, which is the physical presentation of the Law of Oneness, also known as Logos in Antiquity.

With the help of the Law, Stankov integrated the whole modern physics by deriving all known physical laws and natural constants from the Universal Equation (see homepage  Table below).

In addition, he developed the new General Theory of Biological  Regulation of the human organism and furnished the scientific basis for the Light Body Process that leads to human Ascension.

He thus developed a complete new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law, which integrates all physical and other natural, and social sciences currently established on earth.

At the same time, the new Theory eliminates all wrong basic concepts of present-day empirical science, which rejects the existence of the soul and the higher realms of Creation. In other words, the author eliminates the ignorance of current human science and substitutes it with the divine knowledge of the Universal Law of All-That-Is.

The new Theory also eliminates all religions on this planet, which have so far failed to furnish an irrefutable proof for the existence of God. They will not enter the new Matrix of ascended humanity, which will be installed on earth in the course of this and next year.

This new website is the scientific ” Proof of God” (“Gottesbeweis“),  which humanity has always endeavoured to find, but has so far failed to render.

It represents a complete library (archive) of the lifetime intellectual achievement of the author as a scientist,  a researcher, and a thinker. This website encompasses  the edition of 15 books in four languages (English, German, Bulgarian, and Russian)  and many publications on 5000 pages in total.

The new Science of the Universal Law also integrates philosophy, theology, and esotericism to a new scientific Transcendental Human Gnosis.

It is the basis of the new Science of Ascension of humanity that will emerge in the fall of this year.

Purely for this reason, the Divine Plan foresees that the author will transform his carbon-based organic body into light body in the fall of 2011 and will officially appear in front of humanity as the first Ascended Master of current End Times.

He will herald the Ascension of earth and mankind in 2012 and will demonstrate to the whole world the immortality of the human soul and the incarnated entity. Other Ascended Masters will soon follow his example.

This demonstration will be the material “Proof of God”, which slumbering, agnostic mankind so desperately needs as to finally awaken to the transcendental reality of All-That-Is.

The spiritual, intellectual “Proof of God” can be already found on this website. One has only to read and comprehend all the books and publications of the author.

The full apprehension of his Theory will be, however, possible only after Ascension in the 5th dimension, when all ascended entities will enjoy a hugely expanded consciousness, This kind of awareness is not possible in the low frequency three-dimensional density of this planet. Hence the necessity of mankind to ascend.”

The Individual Light Body Process of an Ascended Master

Stankov is in the light body process, LBP since 1999. Since then he is receiving, among others, huge downloads of astral information in light language, which he can see with his inner eye as a kind of hieroglyphs. Most of the downloads take place in the night. This enables him to receive immediate knowledge from his higher self on any topic, upon which he concentrates his attention.

This soul-technology will be very common after Ascension in the 5th dimension, In this way, the current low capacity of the human brain of about 8-10% will be significantly augmented to 50 and more percent, so that immediate, spontaneous knowledge will be very common among all ascended human beings. This is an integral part of the expansion of human awareness that will enable humans to become multidimensional beings in a short period of time. Stankov has started with this process already on this earth as to show the way for other incarnated entities.

In October 2010 the frequencies of his crystalline light body reached the critical 144-octave, which is also the universal octave of Creation in All-That-Is. This enabled him to ascend in the 5th dimension on October 13, 2010, three days after the major gate portal 10.10.10 was opened. He had an out-of-body experience in full consciousness in the causal worlds of pure knowledge, which he describes in his last book. Here he became fully aware of the fierce battle that has been waged between the Powers That Be, the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire and the Galactic Federation, which supports humanity to ascend.

Although his soul contract finished on this date, he was asked to return back to earth once again to help humanity overcome the last resistance of the dark forces and lead humanity to Ascension. He was also urged to write his last book on this issue as to enlighten human beings. In the first place, he was urged to inform humanity about the insidious character of the Orion monetary system (see three essays), which determines the economic and social life on earth.

In a special interview on August 17, 2011 with the journalist Alfred Webre, Stankov made a thorough economic analysis of the current financial crisis and predicted a total collapse of the system in the fall of this year. According to him the collapse will begin in the second half of September and will fully unfold in October, 2011 (see also August update). He said:

“The world inflation, the money supply in circulation worldwide, was about 200 times bigger than the actual industrial production measured as GDP in October 2008 when the current depression began. We are still in the same crisis, which will end with the total destruction of the old economic order this year. As this will happen within the next 90 days, there is no point in giving exact dates, because this will be irrelevant. It is sufficient to point out that the old financial structures will be wrapped up by 11.11.11 (November 11, 2011), when the last, but one star portal will be opened and the ascending timeline of earth and humanity will enter irrevocably the 5th dimension.

Some seers expect that the banks will close their doors in August. I expect this event in late September or in early October, but I will not be at all surprised, if this crash happens earlier. One should not give any fixed dates in this respect, but it is wise to expect the total collapse of the system in the fall of this year.

After the shock, the whole economy will be paralysed for a while. This is the just psychological moment for ET-Disclosure and First Contact and changing the course of the events on this planet.

There are essentially two scenarios for the End Times: Either the Galactic Federation will show up first and then some Ascended Masters in a physical vessel will officially transform their bodies and appear as such in front of humanity, or it will be the other way round. I am in support of the second alternative. However, this should not influence our prognosis on the upcoming financial collapse, as one of the two alternatives will definitely take place no later than the opening of the star portal 11.11.11. This is the pivotal date for all major events that are bound to happen this year.

Ultimately, the divine plan for this planet and humanity is to destroy all material structures of the old economic order of the Orion Empire, before a new provisional order can be established prior to Ascension. There are two pivotal dates, which one should always bear in mind – 11.11.11 and 12.12.12. By November 11, 2011, the old economic order must be abolished for ever and human beings deprived of most distractions in the outer world that hinder them on their way to Ascension”.

This same scenario was predicted by Stankov as early as 1998-1999 and was published in Internet in January 2000. In his recent introduction to the 1999-forecast he writes:

“The coming world economic crisis can be very easily perceived, if one considers the astral-energetic conditions on earth in the End Times and puts them in relation to the ongoing financial and economic fraud of the last 70 years since WW2, committed by the human minions of the Powers That Be in the financial sector and in government. This fraud was primarily carried out through the insidious Orion Monetary System.

After the total collapse of the world economic order, the events will hugely accelerate. The First Wave of Ascended Masters will take place shortly thereafter, followed by the official Disclosure and First Contact with the Galactic Federation.

These dramatic events will pave the way for the smooth implementation of a more just provisional economic system for the short period of time prior to Ascension. After that the old linear time and human history will come to an end, and mankind will enter the simultaneous multidimensionality of All-That-Is, where money and the current economic constraints will no longer exist”.

In his Gnositc book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”  he writes in the German preface in 2001:

“The Ascension process will begin with me. I will be the first incarnated entity to transform my biological vessel into light body at the end of my LBP and to appear in front of mankind as “a transliminal soul“, which can overcome all the limits (gravitational and others) of the material 3d-space-time and will dwell both in the higher realms of the souls as an Ascended Master and as a human being on 3d-earth. I will herald the immortality of all human beings and their true nature as multidimensional beings and will trigger a fundamental mental, emotional, and spiritual revolution in the collective weltanschauung”.

These quotations confirm that Stankov has developed throughout the last 15-20 years a congruent prophetic vision of the End Times, based on his theory and personal role in them. His knowledge is constantly updated to the latest developments in the highest realms of Cosmic Providence for this planet. These facts show that Stankov,has always been fully aware about the details of the Ascension scenario 2012.

Stankov`s new website “Stankov’s Universal Law Press” renders all the proofs regarding the correctness of his forecasts and prophecies, as they involve complex scientific and gnostic analysis of as diverse fields as economics, science, religions, technology, and social trends.

This comprehensive introduction builds the indispensable background, upon which the reader should evaluate the present sensational information from Dr. Stankov, which is probably the most important and urgent message to humanity, since modern journalism has evolved on this planet.

The Cosmic Countdown of Ascension in the Fall of 2011

In his August update Stankov predicts that the financial collapse will take place in late September and October, He explicitly stresses that only after this event, the true End Time of Revelations and Jubilation (not Tribulations) of humanity will begin. This will be the final period of preparation for Ascension. All facts must come on the table. He advised his readers to bear in mind the two pivotal dates, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12, which mark the last two star portals, opening the road to Ascension for earth and mankind. The 11.11.11 portal will be the beginning of the official Ascension process for humanity. This process will be triggered by the First Wave of Ascended human Masters.

This article will give a new and more precise information on how these dramatic and breath-taking events will unfold in detail in the course of this fall. This information Stankov is receiving incessantly from the causal worlds, with which he stays in an open telepathic contact since 1992.

Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation

The first brand-new information is the role, which the Comet Elenin will play in the coming crucial events. Contrary to the current confusion in the mass media and Internet, deliberately instigated by the dark ones, Comet Elenin is a mother-ship of the Galactic Federation and is heading towards earth to support the begin of human Ascension. It is tarnished as a hollow planetoid/asteroid of comparatively modest proportions. The more important. bigger 5th-dimensional part of this mother-ship is invisible to human eyes and cannot be detected with material devices.

Before we proceed with the Ascension scenario in the coming two months, let us explain first, how this fraud has been created by NASA and other governmental bodies.

The Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was first discovered by the Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, through remote control of the International Scientific Optical Network’s robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico, U.S.A. At the time of discovery, the comet was about 150,000 times fainter than can be seen with the naked eye. The discoverer, Leonid Elenin, estimated that the comet nucleus is 3–4 km in diameter.

This discovery triggered a wave of wild speculations around the doomsday scenario, which the dark ones fodder for many years in film, television and mass media. As the comet was fairly small, it was postulated that a brown dwarf is hiding behind it that may have a huge gravitational impact on earth and cause massive devastation. These horror scenarios were deliberately launched by the dark Cabal to inflate the collective fears of the people and delude them from the ascension timeline, which they can only enter, if they are free of existential angst. In a second step, NASA entered the scene as a competent interlocutor and rejected all these doomsday-prophecies with seemingly irrevocable scientific arguments. Here is a small sample of the forged scientific dementi of NASA, which will be discussed below from the point of view of the new physical Theory of the Universal Law:

“You may have seen the scary headlines. You may have read those alarming emails. But do you believe it? Just in case, NASA has issued the facts about a comet called Elenin. And no, these aren’t the “facts” doomsayers will tell you.

In short, the 3-5 kilometer-wide comet can’t hurt us. Really, it can’t. It’s too small and its closest approach to Earth will bring it 90 times the Earth-moon distance. 90 times the Earth-moon distance. That’s a whopping 35 million kilometers (22 million miles) away. Could there be any conceivable impact to our everyday lives by this dirty snowball?

I seriously doubt this will calm the overactive imaginations of some conspiracy  theorists, but NASA has felt the need to respond to the crazy theories being flung around and to address some of the more rational questions. (NASA did a similar thing in 2009 when responding to the 2012 doomsday nonsense, issuing a statement that there was no known astronomical reason for the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012.)

Helpfully, two NASA scientists have been hard at work over the past few months responding to questions from the public. Yesterday, NASA compiled some of the most popular questions, creating an “everything you ever needed to know about Comet Elenin” Q&A.

The Elenin answers were provided by Don Yeomans of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., and David Morrison of the NASA Astrobiology Institute at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. Morrison is no stranger to responding to these kinds of questions, having become NASA’s in-house 2012 doomsday debunker.

OPINION: Nibiru – Armageddon Planet or Astronomical Baloney? (by David Morrison)

It seems that doomsday theorists and astrologers alike believe that any celestial object, no matter how small or distant, can have some magical influence on Earth. Fortunately, this isn’t true”.

Please observe that NASA is connecting Elenin with Nibiru without any obvious astronomical reason. This should be weighed upon the information, leaking from NASA that shortly before the last space shuttle was launched in space, the employees of NASA were informed at a special meeting that they will have to be dismissed not because the space shuttle programme has been terminated, but because NASA is expecting very soon an invasion of evil aliens. However, all the dismissed employees could seek refugee in one of the many underground bases of the dark US-Cabal.

This was the usual manipulation of intimidated humans by the dark ones with the aim of dumping down any critical scientists in NASA, who may have asked some specific questions or even leaked secret information on Elenin and the upcoming events. These are of course known to the bosses of this camouflage organisation, operating as a cover-up for the secret joint ventures of the US-Elite with the Orion Empire.

This same tactic was used only several days ago when a helicopter with 20 men from the special secret services that allegedly killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan was deliberately crashed in Afghanistan. The dark US-Cabal around Obama wanted to prevent that some of these men may leak out that it was not the entity Osama, who was killed in the compound in Pakistan but a clone, a double, of him, while the real entity is still alive under a false identity. This cold murder was also meant to scare the other personnel involved in this huge fraud around Osama in order to save the reputation of Obama and to diverge the public attention from his birth certificate fraud and from the fact that he is not an American citizen and thus not a legitimate president of the USA. Some of the other seals have gone in the meantime underground as to avoid being killed by the dark US-Cabal.

These facts will definitely play a major role in the ousting of Obama in the course of this or next year when the times of Revelations will begin on this planet and all current rogue governments will be substituted by enlightened caretaker bodies. This is part of the divine plot for this planet. This information on the crimes of Obama and many other politicians are given to the author by the causal worlds in a telepathic way and will be confirmed very soon.

 Elenin will Trigger the Split of the Ascended Earth A from the Remaining Catastrophic Earth B

Now back to Elenin and the fraudulent dementi of NASA. It is not the purpose of this mother-ship of the Galactic Federation to cause natural catastrophes on earth, but to help the split of the two timelines of earth in the End Times. As the author writes in his last book, earth will ultimately split in an ascended earth (A) and a degraded, catastrophic earth (B) in the three days of stasis around December 21, 2012, when a huge photon tsunami from the central sun of the galaxy will flood upon earth and transport the ascended earth to the 5th dimension (see also the ongoing scenario).

This process will actually begin with a full force on the 16th of October 2011, when Elenin will reach the closest distance to earth. The influence of Elenin can only be understood in conjunction with the energetic transformation of earth that is going on since 01.01.01, when the crystalline 144-grid of earth started to be renewed. After the Fall of Atlantis and the full conquest of this planet by the Dark forces from the Orion Empire, the earth was put under quarantine from the rest of the galaxy as not to intoxicate the other civilisations with its negative energies.

In the first place, the crystalline grid from the Atlantean and Lemurian times was wrapped up. As a result, the earth sunk into greater density and physicality. The veil of forgetfulness became impermeable and the energetic interceptions with the higher realms of cosmic awareness and excarnated souls were practically cut off. This quarantine lasted since 1987, when the first harmonic convergence took place in the summer of that year. After the final decision was taken in the early 90s in the highest realms of Cosmic Providence that earth and humanity will ascend in December 2012, and that earth will not be destroyed, the regeneration of the crystalline 144-grid was initiated on the 1st of January, 2000.

Each year, a new star portal is opened at the specific numerological dates: 2.2.2, 3.3.3… 11.11.11, and 12.12.12. Each portal corresponds to the building of about 8.5% of the earth’s crystalline 144-grid. On 11,11.11, the grid will be completed by about 93%.

The regeneration of the crystalline 144-grid is actively supported by the Planetary Ascending Team of the star seeds, who have incarnated on earth in the End Times. The stars seeds comprise 0.5 -1% of the current world population and constitute essentially of two generations – the older generation of indigo children and the recent generation of crystalline children. The number of the last souls has exponentially grown since 2000, when most of the children born on this planet, at least in the Western world, are crystalline.

These souls have already finished with their incarnation cycle and have no karma to work out. They only come here to be conduits of light and to help establish the planetary light network of all star seeds, also known as “light workers” for this job, which will encompass the whole planet and will heave it in the 5th dimension. This is only possible because of the long, tedious and often lonely effort of numerous indigo children since the end of WW2. They are dispersed throughout the globe and have lived through the most darkest period in the history of humanity. They cleansed much of the darkness on this planet and prepared the energetic ground for the crystalline children to incarnate on earth. Many of them have already left earth and are awaiting humanity in the 5th dimension.

None of the crystalline children will stay on Earth after Ascension. They will return to their original, highly evolved civilisations in the 6th and higher dimensions, such as Arcturians, Plejadians, Sirians etc., all of them belonging to the Galactic Federation. Many indigo children, being also star seeds, belong to these civilisations too. There are, however, many old human souls, who come from the highest realms of cosmic awareness, such as the White Brotherhood. They will support the ascended humanity in the first years in the lower levels of the 5th dimension from their higher dimensions. After this transitional period is successfully completed, they will dedicate themselves to other transgalactic duties.

These are the hard cosmic facts, which NASA deliberately hides from the public, although the dark Cabal know very well what is ongoing on earth in the End Times. Instead they are playing insidious games with the incompetent and ignorant public by averting the attention of the people from the real facts.

The impact of the Mother-ship of the Galactic Federation, known as Elenin, will not be at the gravitational level, as it has been intentionally disseminated by NASA specialists, but at the high frequency levels, which currently cannot be measured with material instruments. In this respect all astronomical data that have been given by NASA are irrelevant.

Stankov has proved in his scientific books that there is an upper limit of discrimination, which material devices cannot overcome. This is the famous Planck’s constant h, which is the smallest quant of energy that can be currently measured. This fact is in the centre of present-day failed quantum mechanics and is known as the Heisenberg  Uncertainty Principle or the Copenhagener Interpretation of rhe breaking of the wave function. This information counter-balances the pseudo-scientific fraud of NASA with sound scientific arguments.

The Planck’s constant is the basic action potential of the electromagnetic spectrum. All the information, which humans acquire from the universe, is limited to the electromagnetic spectrum. This is illustrated by the constant speed of light c, which is the carrier of all information at the micro- and macro-level. However, the high frequency realms are not limited by the speed of light. Their simultaneity and synchronicity is the proof that all energetic interactions in these realms occur immediately without any speed limitation.

The limited speed of light is the basic camouflage for the hallucinatory perception of 3d-space-time by the narrow human senses. In this respect NASA only reiterates the global human illusion as to stir confusion and create new fear with respect to the End Times. It is very important to understand this fear-mongering strategy of the dark Cabal, as it will be the greatest hindrance to Ascension in the coming days.

Before we proceed with our elaboration on the positive effects of Elenin, one last proof for NASA’s policy of fraud. Several days ago, the Orion Empire launched a massive nuclear strike against Elenin, as the author was informed by the causal worlds. The missile exploded in the stealth shield of this mother-ship of the Galactic Federation, but had no effect on its orbit. There was a huge explosion that was observed by many astronomers. To cover-up this attack, the Cabal propaganda of the paid deceivers in NASA announced in advance that Elenin will intercept with the coronal mass ejections from the sun and this will cause an explosion three days later.

How did they know it in advance, except that they were informed about this assault, is not explained. And how such a singular explosion could physically occur with sun flares that are incessantly emitted from the sun remains a great mystery. NASA has given no explanation to it. This is the greatest nonsense that has ever been distributed in the mass media, and it defies any reasonable scientific mind. But this latest awkward fraud also shows in what a precarious situation NASA currently is.

Now back to our sound scientific explanation of Elenin’s impact. As already said above, all our information comes from the electromagnetic spectrum, Humans are essentially “eye-animals”, as the author calls them. This holds true for all astronomic information. This information is systemically flawed. What all humans still do not truly understand, is that there is no difference between electromagnetism and gravitation.

This has been proven for the first time, after the author discovered the Universal Law. The proof can be found in volume I and volume II on physics. But the unity of electromagnetism and gravitation can be easily explained with a simple example.

The Germans developed the magnetic train in the 70s, but never realized it in this country. The company that developed this technology comes from Munich, where the author currently lives. However, they built the first and only magnetic train in China, Shanghai. This train is based on the following energetic principle: Huge magnets establish alternating electromagnetic fields between the rails and the body of the train, which are opposite in direction to the gravitation and offset its force. The train is elevated and slides like a hovercraft without any resistance upon this electromagnetic field.

This is a simple practical example which shows that the two forces are interlinked  – precisely, they are manifestations of one primordial energy, which is All-That-Is. This is the basic statement of the new physical theory of the Universal Law.

At this place the reader should be made aware of the fact that according to the standard model, which is the most advanced theoretical model of present-day failed physics, gravitation cannot be integrated with electromagnetism and the other two fundamental forces. This ignorance of conventional physics brings into a focus all the bogus argumentation of NASA with respect to the effects of Elenin. This ignorance can also be seen in Wikipedia, which does not mention in its essay on gravitation that this force cannot be integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model. No matter where one looks upon a topic more closely, one only finds ignorance. This is the deplorable situation on earth prior to Ascension. Hence the necessity for the new Theory of Ascension of the Universal Law to reach finally humanity.

The actual effect of Elenin will be in the high frequency astral levels, beyond the detection of material instruments, which are limited to the electromagnetic spectrum. In the first place, it will augment the wobbling of the earth, which is in a process of mitosis, to use this term from biology, describing the division of growing cells from the original one. The same phenomenon is also observed with earth in the End Times. This wobbling of the earth has begun after the last portal 10.10.10 was opened and is now gaining momentum. The earth wobbling causes the split of the two earth versions – the ascended earth A and the catastrophic earth B. This wobbling will reach a preliminary peak after October 16, when Elenin is nearest to the earth and will subside in the following months. This peak will lead to significant consequences for mankind and earth that will be discussed below,

The First Wave of Ascended Human Masters Will Take Place in the Fall of 2011

During the time between October 16 and November 11, the veil between 3d-space-time of earth and the high frequency realms of the souls, defined as 5th and higher dimensions, will become very thin for a short period of time. During this time, Elenin and the other cosmic forces that manage the Ascension of our planet will establish numerous interdimensional portals on many places on earth. These portals will remain throughout the next year, when mass Ascension of humanity is scheduled to take place in December 2012. Some of these portals will stay after that and will link the catastrophic earth B with the ascended earth A for some time, so that some laggards will still have the possibility to ascend after mass Ascension. They will be like a driver on a highway, who has missed the right exit and takes the next one, but still arrives at his final destination with a minor delay.

Purely for this reason, the period between October 16 and November 11, 2011 is the ideal time for the First Wave of Ascended human Masters to take place. This is will be the most dramatic event in the history of mankind. It will be the actual “First Contact” with us – we will encounter us for the first time as immortal, multidimensional beings. This insight will profoundly change human perception of mankind as a transgalactic civilisation. The subsequent appearance of representatives from the Galactic Federation, the Inner Earth Agartha, etc. will be of secondary importance, contrary to the current aspirations and expectations of many light workers.

With the First Wave of Ascended Masters, the Time of Revelations will begin. Mankind must be informed about the insidious role of the Powers That Be from the Orion Empire that have controlled this planet and humanity for more than 10 000 years. The collapse of the financial system, the stronghold of these dark forces, will precede this event and will contribute to their demise and expose.

In this respect Elenin will be also a relay station for some ascended human entities, before they establish themselves firmly in the 5th dimension and help prepare the already existing blueprint of the new humanity for the arrival of billions of ascended human beings at the end of 2012. From this mothers-ship, the members of the Galactic Federation will be also able to lower their frequencies and to acquire a human-like light body that will enable them to communicate with the earth people. Since most of these galactic civilizations dwell in the 8th and higher dimensions, it is very difficult for them to lower directly their energy as to appear in a physical vessel on earth. They need such relay stations as Elenin to perform their energetic transformation in a stepwise manner. This is the second function of Elenin in the public manifestation of the End Times on earth.

Good Comet versus Bad Comet. What is the role of Nibiru in the End Times?

The third reason, why Elenin has appeared on our skies, is associated with Nibiru. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that all false-flag announcements of NASA and the dark Cabal regarding Elenin are deliberately associated with Nibiru. At the end of 2010, Stankov received much detailed information from the causal worlds about this celestial body and wrote in his last book (see letter to Kahu Fred, in my book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..“) the following about Nibiru:

“I have no strong opinion on the Planet X, also known as the 12th Planet or Nibiru, which is on the way to earth with Reptilians on board from the Draco Planet in the Orion constellation, as it will not affect Ascension, but I can give you some detailed information on it. It is an artificial planetoid now approaching earth that cannot be observed with a telescope because it is cloaked like a stealth bomber. There are some videos about this planet in Internet, however according to my opinion, these are presenting optical artifacts.

Until now the existence of this planetoid has been kept secret by the scientific establishment for reasons, I will disclose below, although the author Sitchen wrote some books about this planetoid in the 70s and 80s, and this was a popular theme in the New Age movement in the USA at that time.

However, very soon the astronomers can no longer hide its existence and will be compelled to announce it, as it will affect earth’s orbit sometimes next year. What I cannot tell you at present with certainty, is whether this announcement will precede the announcement of the existence of the Galactic Federation of Light Forces which are preparing earth’s Ascension or will be done thereafter. Anyway, the people must be prepared for some spectacular revelations, beginning next year, as there is very little time left prior to Ascension.

As you may know, there was an assessment on the energy conditions on earth in July 2010 in the higher realms – the so called second harmonic convergence (the first one was in 1987 when the actual process of earth’s Ascension truly unfolded) – and it was concluded that the threshold (light quotient) of awakened souls on earth had not been reached, because many light workers were seduced by the dark forces and have been distracted from their initial soul contracts of enlightenment.

As the Forces of Light have to respect the free will of the incarnated entities on earth and have to be asked by a sufficiently large number of human beings to officially intervene, they have postponed many times the “First Contact”, which they have extensively announced during the last three years through numerous channels.

I was personally involved in the July decision in the dream state, in which I am most of the time in full consciousness. This will be the normal state after Ascension in the 5th dimension. It was actually decided that the first very small wave of light workers, who have already ascended in the 5th dimension by augmenting the frequencies of their physical vessels during the individual light body process (LBP) in the last 10-15 years, had to stay on earth for a while and help other light workers to progress in their LBP. This was a huge sacrifice on the part of these highly evolved entities, which they, including myself, made on behalf of their soul brothers and sisters, who have difficulties with the current energetic changes on earth and have not progressed sufficiently enough in accordance with their pre-conceived soul contracts.

This help is energetically accomplished by augmenting the energies of the ascended light workers in the higher realms, while they are repeating the LBP in a short version once again and by projecting these harmonious energies onto the laggards. This is a very complex energetic phenomenon based on the laws of constructive and destructive interference that can be hardly explained in verbal terms.

It is essentially the same job, which many light workers are performing nowadays on earth by augmenting the frequencies of this planet with their astral fields at the quantum level. They are, so to say, conduits of Light that flows from the higher realms through the human bodies of the light workers into the earth body and has the function to delete the low frequencies of Darkness that have reigned for eons of time on this rather toxic planet. For this reason, the first and second waves of human Ascension were merged and will most probably occur around 11.11.11., when the last, but one, star gate is opened. The third wave will be mass Ascension of humanity as announced for the end of 2012.

Now, all these events are associated with the coming of the Planet X (Nibiru) in many ways, as everything is interconnected in the universe. Most of the plots of science-fiction films from Hollywood were given by proxies of the dark forces to prepare the masses for the inevitable revelations that will begin next year. This practice began in the early 50s, after the transmission of the famous play of H.G. Well about the invasion of Mars aliens before WW2 triggered a panic in the USA. Since then, the Elite and the hidden government decided to keep their contacts with the dark forces secret and eliminated anybody who tried to reveal the truth.

The ultra-secret dark forces know about the upcoming Ascension since many years, as they have been informed by the Greys and the Reptilians, who have some technologies (remote viewing) that enable them to see future timelines. The human Elite is building huge underground bases with the help of these aliens in the hope to survive the Rapture and proceed with their enslavement of incarnated human beings on the descended planet.

For this reason, the Elite and the hidden Government of the New World Order are now trapped in a dilemma: Should they go with the dark forces or with the Forces of Light of the Galactic Federation, which has contacted the US- and other governments on many occasions in the last years, but the latter have so far declined to co-operate with them? This is due to the fact that most of the responsible politicians nowadays are reptilian shape-shifters who have their own agenda and do not care at all about mankind. The Reptilians are in much smaller numbers on earth at present than the Greys, but they control most of the Elite and the Khazars in the financial sector.

From this, one can conclude that the history of mankind is much more complex and dark than most people and light workers currently assume. There is a kind of refreshing naivety among most light workers that is overwhelming and breath-taking, and this attitude has hindered an earlier Revelation of the true situation on earth – the expose of the Powers That Be and the Disclosure of the Forces of Light.

The Dracos, although military more powerful than the Greys, have conceded that the Greys from the Orion Empire control earth and humanity, because they are more experienced in the management of planets. Their number is much smaller than that of the Greys and for that reason Planet X is currently approaching earth with a large number of Reptilians. They want to establish supremacy on the remaining catastrophic earth after the shift will occur on December 21, 2012.

This is part of the agreement between the Forces of Light and the dark forces at the highest level of Cosmic Providence. It provides that these evil aliens will not expand any further in this part of the universe after earth’s shift and Ascension, as the catastrophic earth, on which they will continue to exhibit their unlimited control, will not be able to render the necessary resources to expand in this part of the galaxy. But these dark ones always break their contracts.

However, this should not bother us, who will ascend in the 5th dimension. After Ascension, when half of mankind will be in the 5th dimension, the situation will change in the blink of an eye. The technological basis of the new ascended humanity will be much more advanced than that of the current controllers of earth, Soon, human beings will have access to soul-technologies, which do not need external devices, but work on the basis of immediate imagination and realisation. Some of these technologies may be introduced by the Galactic Federation after Disclosure on this earth prior to Mass Ascension as to prepare humanity for the new life in the 5th dimension.

The Reptilians on Nibiru are coming to earth at this point in time because they consider themselves to be the legitimate owners of this planet. Their original planet is now dying and they are in search of a new planet.

Since earth is for more than 500 000 years under the control of the Draco/Reptilian faction from the Orion Empire (notwithstanding the fact that there have been local enlightened civilisations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis), their intention is to debark on the catastrophic earth shortly after Ascension. This earth version will degrade into greater 3d-density and separation from the Source, after the shift has taken place and the 5th–dimensional earth has already ascended with a substantial part of the enlightened human population.

The 3d-earth, which will remain under the control of the current Powers That Be, will evolve into greater density and separation from the higher realms – from God. This is the experience that some incarnated entities have chosen to have on earth at this time. Purely for this reason, there is a huge battle between the dark and light forces on earth for the souls of the sleeping majority. Its outcome is not predictable with respect to the number of harvested souls on both sides.

The alternative is – paradise or hell. The final date of Ascension is however a done deal and independent of the actual outcome of this battle for human souls. By the way, this battle was depicted allegorically by John in his Revelations as the battle between Gog and Magog at the time of the appearance of the Antichrist, respectively the Beast. This was an allegory for the dark forces, constituting of Greys and Reptilians, and their human proxies on earth.

However, there is one additional unknown variable in this cosmic drama. Some small Greys (zeta reticuli) are not very happy with the arrival of the Reptilians on Planet X, because they know that they will have to become sooner or later their slaves, as these Reptilians are more powerful than them. Some Greys are inclined to help the humans get liberated from the Reptilian influence. In this respect the landing of the Reptilians from Planet X on earth B is not yet certain. However, it will pass near the earth’s orbit and this will have a huge devastating effect on the remaining 3d-earth, where life will become intolerable very soon after the Shift. This planetoid will not affect the ascended 5th dimensional earth.”

This quotation on Nibiru from 2010 is given at some length in order to explain the true role of this planetoid in the End Times. Currently, there is much confusion about this celestial object. This information is almost an year old, but it is now brilliantly confirmed by the latest news obtained by Stankov from the causal worlds. Of course, the ultimate proof will be given in the next several months.

Stankov is working with astral probability alternatives since the year 2000 and have established in the meantime a fairly robust method of assessing the probability range. The events discussed here will certainly happen, because such is the divine plan for this planet. They will happen in this fall, as the portal 11.11.11 is the deadline for these events. At this date planet earth will enter fully the photon belt, coming from the central sun of the galaxy; it will cause the Ascension of earth in the 5th dimension.

That is why Elenin will approach earth in this time. However, it is not possible to tell at this point in time the exact sequence of events with a 100% certainty. Except from that, everything fits into the scenario, as predicted by Stankov for this fall more than an year ago – actually as early as 1998, when he was first informed by the causal worlds that he will be the first Ascended Master in the End Times.

And now let us discuss the causal relationship between Elenin and Nibiru. Elenin is the good comet, the harbinger of Light and Ascension. Nibiru is the bad comet – the comet of Darkness and further enslavement of the remaining mankind on the catastrophic earth B. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It does not make any sense only to those, such as the channel Matthew and his followers, who do not assume the further existence of a debased earth B. Mathew is omitting this fact from a psychological point of view, as he does not want to scare the many light workers, who are reading his messages. However, he is doing a disservice to their enlightenment, as they do not have the full picture and cannot interpret the current events in a correct manner. Hence the importance of this article as it puts all the pieces together and completes the final cosmic mosaic of earth in the End Times.

By the way, the arrival of two comets in the End Time is a recurrent motif in many old prophecies, such as those of the Hopi,

The Galactic Federation knows very well the intentions of the Reptilian faction on Nibiru for the End Times and for that reason it has sent Elenin, so that it can arrive before Nibiru and create a “fait accomplis” on earth, before this planetoid nears our planet and harvests those souls that will remain on planet B. By launching Elenin, the Galactic Federation will hinder these reptilians to influence the outcome of the Ascension process that will begin to unfold on a global and visible scale during this fall and will soon encompass the whole humanity.

This will lead to an enormous spiritual boost that is currently circumscribed as the “Quickening”, although this process has begun in the year 2000. Those few incarnated souls, who have decided in their soul contracts to stay on the catastrophic earth B, will most probably reject or neglect the occurrence of such dramatic events as the coming of Elenin, the splitting of the two earth versions, the first wave of ascended human masters, etc. Instead, they will experience in their fear driven timeline the collapse of the old economic order, with which they identify themselves, and the many natural catastrophes that will peak in the remaining 15 months prior to mass Ascension as part of the final cleansing of mother earth from the rest dark energies. These devastating events will determine their future life on earth B. The split of humanity in these two timelines will officially begin with Elenin in October 2011.

Around September 9-11, 2011, a new, very powerful high frequency cosmic wave will sweep over earth and humanity. It will merge with the already existing high frequency energies that flooded this planet in July and August. Their combined effect will be felt after September 20. The new energetic situation will no longer support the old world order, so that all its financial, political, and social structures will crumble within a very short period of time.

As the reader may already perceive, this prognostic publication gives an all-round picture of the Ascension scenario in the coming several months.

Different Levels of Ascension

Now let us discuss one central question, around which a lot of confusion has arisen among all light workers in the last several years. The term “Ascended Master” is not really understood by most people.

Essentially, there are two different forms of Ascension – individual and mass Ascension. The individual Ascension is independent of the planets’  alignment of the 11 ascended civilisations from the Galactic federation with earth and the central sun of the galaxy by the end of 2012. This celestial constellation will trigger Mass Ascension on December 21, 2012. Humanity and Gaia will become the 12th member of this organisation some time after Ascension.

The individual Ascension presupposes that the person has gone through all stages of the light body process and has augmented the frequencies of his physical, biological body to that of the crystalline 144-grid of earth. In this case, his body is also of crystalline nature. When this level is reached, the individual can transform his physical vessel into light body and leave the material 3d-plane. He will no longer be visible to the other people that remain on this planet and will soon move to the new template of the ascended earth that already exists in the 5th dimension. (Important novel information for advanced physicists: The 144-octave of universal Creation vibrates with a time period, which is equivalent to the Planck’s time of the big bang. This fundamental natural constant is explained in volume I and volume II on physics.).

Now, according to the information from the causal worlds, it is not even necessary for the individual to have augmented the frequencies of his physical vessel to the 144-octave of universal Creation in order to ascend, as the new blueprint of the ascended earth vibrates in the lower second level of the 5th dimension, which still contains some form of physicality. The vibrational octaves of these levels are below the 144-octave. In this case, the ascended entities will permanently move to the 5th dimension and will not be able to show up in the still existing 3d space-time of earth.

There will be other individuals, who have elevated the frequencies of their physical bodies beyond the 144-octave, as is the case with this author. He has reached this octave on October 13, 2010, when he temporarily ascended in the higher realms. Because of that he was able to return once again on earth and to continue with the augmentation of his body frequencies in the 3d-space-time. By the end of February, his soul informed him that he has reached the 190-octave, which is equivalent to the 6th dimension of pure ideas. This level is associated with the causal worlds, from where the author gets all his information.

There are other classifications of astral strata in the esoteric literature, but they essentially relay the same knowledge: The higher the frequencies of the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal) are – the more evolved the soul is, until the entity reaches a level, where the soul is dissolved into the bigger soul family or monad and merges with the Source. At this level, there is no longer any separation between individual souls. This ought to be basic esoteric knowledge.

Now, the following is a completely new information, which one cannot found in any channeled or other message so far. The paradoxical situation is that the higher the frequencies of the physical vessel are, the more easily the entity can manifest his body in the 3d-density on earth. This is the actual difference between various ascended masters.

Generally, all souls, who have finished with their incarnation cycle, enter a new dimensional level, which can be described as the 6th dimension. These souls are generally defined as Ascended Masters in the popular channeled literature. One should observe precise definitions as to avoid any misunderstanding in this respect. This is the core of the new Theory of Science of the Universal Law.

These Ascended Masters cannot return on earth, as it is very difficult for them to create a light body that will be visible to normal human beings. This does not mean that this is energetically impossible, as it is definitely not the case. This act of materialisation of high frequency energies simply affords an enormous amount of energy. However, in All-That-Is reigns the basic “mini-max-principle of Creation“, which is also defined as the “principle of cosmic optimisation”. It says that it is the duty of any sentient, creative cosmic being to achieve the maximal, the most beneficial result with a minimum of energy input.

No responsible Ascended Master will ever show himself on earth by creating a visible light body through the exhaustion of huge amount of pure energy, unless there is an absolute necessity to do so. In addition, if a society, like the current human civilisation, is living under the veil of total forgetfulness, such an appearance with only infringe upon the rules of incarnation on this planet. This is the only reason, why the Forces of Light do not usually show themselves on earth, although there are no principle hurdles that prevent them from doing it.

Only in the special case, when the incarnated entity has transformed his physical vessel during his last incarnation under the usual material conditions of 3d-space-time on earth, can this entity materialize and dematerialize his body anytime at his discretion. Such an incarnated soul is defined as “transliminal soul”. This is a unique achievement that goes beyond the popular term “Ascended Master”. The reason for this is that the ethereal and astral fields of such an entity have incorporated so much high frequency energies from the 6th and higher dimensions that his body fields are mere prolongations of these dimensions in the dense 3d-space-time on earth. In order to be a transliminal soul, one must have reached at least the 144-octave of earth’s crystalline grid.

The author reached this level a year ago and now he is beyond the 200-octave. The spectrum for individual souls goes up to the 288-octave, but it is only very rarely reached in physical form, and most definitely not on this planet. This would say, that when this author will ascend in this fall, he will be able to appear on earth whenever he wants, while dwelling simultaneously as his higher self in the 5th and 6th dimensions. The other ascended human masters will remain in the 5th dimension for ever and will not be able to return on earth.

Now the reader may eventually ask, whether there are some other entities that are as advanced as the author and will also become transliminal souls. This question cannot be answered definitely. As far as the author’s information reaches, he has not heard or read of any other incarnated human entity currently on earth that is as advanced as himself in his light body process as to become a transliminal soul in the fall of this year, but this does not exclude the possibility that there may be several other entities, who are as advanced as himself and are only waiting for the final countdown.

However, the author was told by the causal worlds 12 years ago that he will be the first one to transgress this energetic limit. It is a cosmic rule that on a 3d-planet like earth, it is not the norm to have more than one transliminal soul at once. The last transliminal soul was Jesus Christ, although his story is a little bit more complicated than his, as this religious figure is actually a myth, a composite of two Ascended Masters – Apollonius of Tyana and Jeshua. However, the current End Times are not normal times, so that one cannot wholly exclude the existence of other potential candidates on earth to become soon transliminal souls.

Now, below the level of Ascended Masters, as described above, there are several distinct levels of Ascension. For instance, one can ascend in spirit to the 144-octave, but still dwell in his physical vessel, until the final mass Ascension in December 2012 takes place. After that this entity will no longer exist in the lower 5th dimension, but will automatically ascend to the highest 5d-levels, where he can exist as pure energy. This entity, or soul, can create anytime a light body and appear in the second level of the 5th dimension, where most of the incarnated human beings will find themselves after Ascension.

These entities are the current star seeds, who will be the new spiritual leaders of the ascended humanity. The energetic differences in the higher dimensions between individual souls are much more pronounced than on earth, where an old, high frequency soul cannot be easily discerned from a young or baby soul of low vibration at first glance. This is the chief reason, why old souls find it so difficult to stay on this toxic planet – it defies any spiritual hierarchy. Quite on the contrary – the less evolved the soul on earth is, the higher its social status and greater its power abuse. This is the trademark of the old order of the Orion Empire – the dominance of the Cabal – that will collapse this fall. As you see, all pieces fit ideally into the grand cosmic puzzle and find an easy explanation.

There are good reasons, why this author will be the only transliminal soul in the current End Times. The sweeping effect of his appearance in front of humanity will not be augmented by the appearance of several more transliminal souls at the same time, but will only be diluted. Since he is the discoverer of the Universal Law and the author of the General Theory of Science, being the future Science of Ascension that will soon substitute current ignorant science and all religions, it is logical that all this power of transformation will be focused in one single person. Otherwise, this discovery would not have been accomplished by a single individual with the intensive support of the causal worlds in such a sweeping manner, but by a scientific group of narrow specialists. This would have, however, defied the unity of All-That-Is as currently manifested through the incarnated personality of the author.

Humanity tends to be distracted from the vital issues – the more prophets, the greater the confusion will be. Look at the current esoteric Vanity Fair. This confusion will not be allowed in the coming few months prior to final ascension. There is very little time left, and it must be effectively used to enlighten humanity in a crash course. Remember the cosmic principle of optimization, mentioned above.

By the way, the appearance of this author as a transliminal soul was very precisely predicted some 45 years ago by the entity Seth channeled by Jane Roberts. One only has to read her books diligently and with a deep insight. There is nothing new on earth, as everything occurs in the “Now”. Linear time is the greatest illusion of mankind.

Now let us approach one final question. How many light workers (star seeds) will ascend in the first wave? First of all, let us be clear on one issue. Not all candidates for Ascension will ascend simultaneously at the same time. There will be this period between October 16 and November 11, when many individual Ascensions will take place. Many star seeds will ascend after physical death at this time. The total number of ascended human entities during this period cannot be specified at this time. The original divine plan of the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters was to have about 20 million in the first ascension wave. This number is half of all star seeds, living on this planet, who have also reached the biological age to ascend individually.

According to the author’s estimation, the number of first Ascended human Masters in this fall will be much lower – somewhere between 2 and 5 million. But again – these are guess numbers. Even in the highest realms, there is no certainty about these numbers as any candidate must give his firm consent to ascend when the call for ascension comes. Many may retreat out of fear from disintegrating their physical bodies and expanding their energetic fields in the very last moment.


Based on this scenario, humanity must expect many dramatic events in the coming months and weeks. But this is nothing new – there is a general feeling of impatient, heightened awareness among all light workers that something big is in the making on this planet. All channeled messages in the last several weeks are full of such predictions. One must be blind not to see the signs of imminent change. This prognosis, though maybe the most daring, precise, and detailed one in the current times, is thus not a unique manifestation of personal intellectual courage – the author is simply seeing the inevitable.


“Dark Star” Elenin Removes Her Mask, Breath Taking!!


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