The Multidimensional Character of Human History

By Georgi Stankov, August  27, 2011, Copyright 2011


This essay is a commentary to the latest article of Alfred Webre on the existence of clandestine human bases on Mars:

It furnishes the historical background for the existence of such bases on Mars and highlights at the same time the astral dimension of all pivotal historical events in the last century, such as communism, fascism, WW1and WW2which have shaped the destiny of humanity in the End Times prior to Ascension in the 5th dimension.

The History of Genesis: Jehovah Creates the Jewish Race on Mars

Let me give you some transcendental background information that rounds and confirms your articles on the Mars bases. This information I have not shared with anybody else until now, because it sounds weird and may seem absurd to many people. But it allows you to gain a glimpse into the convoluted, dark history of mankind that has been buried under infinite false religious and political ideas.

Mars was the first colony of Jehovaha small renegade ET-civilisation from the Galactic Federation, when they first settled in our solar system. These ETs created the Jewish race through genetic engineering on Mars as a slave race independently of the Greys and the Reptilians and only later disseminated this hybrid race on earth. This is depicted in the Genesis in a mythological form.

As they did not want that the Jewish race intermingle genetically with the other human races from the Anunnaki’s genetic experiments and that of the Sirians on earth, who improved the Neanderthal man by creating Homo Sapiens some 13000 -10000 years ago, they introduced the Mosaic laws  to keep the Jewish race intact.

This also explains, why these laws are so contradictory, and why Jehovah are presented in the Old Testament as an irrational, jealous, and punishing deity: Just to keep the Jews in a permanent state of fear and uncertainty, as to what is right or wrong, so that they do not dare to intermingle with other races. Jehovah intended to harvest their genetically created race at a later date and implant them on another planet as slaves.

One of the reasons, why Jesus appeared 2000 years ago in Judea, was to undermine the Mosaic laws and help the Jewish race intermingle with the other races. Otherwise they could not ascend in the current End Times, because the Jehovah had inserted numerous genetic and other energetic blockades and deficiencies in their bodies that prohibited the Jewish race from undergoing the Light Body Process (LBP) and transforming their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies in the current End Times (for further information read the publication “LBP in the End Times“).

High-esteem and the contempt of the Jews for other races was a powerful fear driven pattern of low vibration, inserted in the genetic make-up of this race by the Jehovah, which could have effectively hindered their future Ascension. However, the Divine plan for this planet foresaw that this race should also be given the possibility to ascend, even at the price of breaching with the Covenant between them and their petty Creator-Deity, called Jehovah.

While the Jews, as they were told, were waiting for Jehovah to come and take them home (and thus make them slaves once again as they were once on Mars; of course this part of the prophecy does not appear in the Old Testament), Jesus, being a representative of the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, just as the author of this article is, incarnated among them and bestowed them with the perspective of Ascension. This is the actual astral background of the Jewish and Christian religions. It is the missing link between the Old and the New Testament, which one cannot find either in the Christian theological literature or in the Tora.

The chief reason for The Halocaust from the soul’s perspective was to eradicate this basic Jewish fear by letting them experience the destiny of an inferior race, while being persecuted by the Nazi Germans. This was a massive cleansing of collective karma, helping the Jewish people to evolve through suffering, as is the case with all incarnated human beings on this rather toxic planet.

Therefore, the Holocaust was part of the Divine plan for Ascension in this and next year, just as the many wars in the Middle East or in former Yugoslavia are currently helping to cleanse collective karma on earth in an accelerated fashion prior to this dramatic cosmic event. This is the astral history of mankind beyond the current human duality.

This is, indeed, a long story (history) – I am just giving you the basic facts in a telegraphic style. I usually do not speak about these things, as they may sound quite scary and most of the people tend to recoil, when they hear about them. However, this information must be given to the people in the course of this and next year as to understand their past history and that of religions, including the reasons for the ongoing dramas in the Middle East and the world over that torment humanity in the End Times.

The information, I am presenting in this essay, is coming from the Highest Realms of Cosmic Awareness in form of inspiration and telepathic exchange, and is carefully evaluated with respect to known historical facts, as I am always doing this in a diligent manner in all my scientific disquisitions. It also confirms and explains your information on the existence of Mars bases, about which you are publishing for many years.

Jehovah was actually a fallen angel (civilisation), and they were ordered to return back to the Source in the early 70s at the height of the transgalactic war between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light for this planet, as predicted in John’s Revelations. Jehovah was thus part of the Beast, the Antichrist, that had to surrender in the End Times.

The other part of the Beast – the Orion Empire – has practically surrendered in the last several months, and its final demise will be marked by my appearance as an Ascended Master before the whole world in the fall of this year.

This is the succinct version of the scenario for the End Times with respect to past prophecies of the two world religions – Judaism and Christianity. For further information see also the chapter on religions in my book “The evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and the book “Neoplatonism and Christianity“.

At the time (in the late 60s and early 70s), when Jehovah have already given up their plans for earth and the Jewish race, the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire took over their bases on Mars and needed new personnel to run them.

This explains their intensive recruitment of human labour power as described by Mrs. Eisenhower in the 70s and 80s in your articles. The humans were only used as working force, but they did not have any say on the Mars bases. This also explains why the Jews, via their super secret Mossad, were so deeply involved in these projects within the CIA.

They were also the ones, who later, in cahoot with the Americans, planned and executed the 9/11 attack with the aim of throwing humanity in a perennial state of angst against Islamic terrorism, which the secret services of CIA and Mossad carefully orchestrated on a global scale. This also includes the entity Osama Bin-Laden, who was a close friend and a business partner of the Bush family, the chief dark ones in the USA, and became later an agent provocateur. Contrary to what Obama and the US-government have announced, this man is still alive and lives under false identity. But this is another huge topic, which I may discuss at a later date. The crimes of the dark ones on this planet are indeed endless.

The History of the Jewish Race and the Khazars After the Appearance of Jesus

In fact, this whole story goes back to the Khazarswhich were product of genetic engineering of the Reptilians and the Anunnaki in their huge underground bases in Central Asia since eons of time and were disseminated throughout Europe in the last somewhat 1000 years.

Initially, they lived in the Volga region and imposed fees on all travellers on this main transport water route. Their history is closely linked with that of many European nations, such as the Bulgarians. The Khazars were one of the reasons for the late migration of people (late völkerwanderung) from Eastern Europe to the West.

It is, however, very important to observe that when I speak of Khazars as genetic products of the Orion Empire, I mean only the aristocracy of this nation and not the broad population, which constituted of normal incarnated human entities, just as the British people on the Island have nothing to do with the Reptilians of their royal family. It is very important to discern these two populations as to avoid any misunderstanding.

By robbing the passengers along the Volga river, the Khazars’ aristocracy became rich and founded the future Orion Monetary System of usury and taxation. This same aristocracy officially accepted the Jewish religion about 1100 – 1200 years ago. Since then they are erroneously considered to be original Jehovah Jews in Russia and later on throughout Europe, where they rapidly disseminated in the following centuries.

Most of the Khazars instead converted to Islam and stayed in the Volga region. The rich aristocratic Khazars, who emigrated to Western Europe in the late Middle Ages, should be thus distinguished from the Spanish Jews, the Sephardi, who were persecuted by the Inquisition and later on emigrated to the former Byzantine Empire and to some other European countries, or from the few original Jews, who remained in Palestine.

The Khazars occupied and further developed, respectively corrupted, the whole financial system in Europe as early as the 15 century, when the famous Fugger established their financial empire of usury in Augsburg, Bavaria, not far from where I live now. This family substituted the enlightened family of the Medici in Florence as the major European financier of the aristocratic class and introduced the modern bank system of despicable loans and high interest rates.

This system was set forward by other Khazar families, such as the Welser. The Fugger family established close contacts with the Vatican and subsidized many European kings in their devastating wars since Renaissance.

The role of these banker families in the establishment of the Orion Monetary System is elucidated in my collection on economic lectures. It suffices to say at this place that these greedy, ruthless families successfully eroded the pristine Christian concept of “just price” as favoured by many famous theologians, such as Thomas Aquinas and N. Oresme in the late Middle Ages.

The Rothschilds, who initially came from Frankfurt in the 18th century, were genetically associated with these Khazars’ families of banksters, as I call them now. They continued the job of the Fuggers by sponsoring, in the first place, Napoleon’s wars to destroy and then unite Europe as the first act of establishing the New World Order on the Old Continent. To this end he secularized the Catholic church from the State and expropriated much of its property throughout Europe.

The New World Order of the Orion Empire, as planned for humanity in the End Times, was supposed to be installed by eliminating in the first place all religions, which might still preach the idea that humans are inextinguishable sparks from God. This transcendental knowledge ought to be completely eliminated in the enslaved humanity under the future New World Order. Napoleon was a high-ranking Reptilian, a shape-shifter from the Orion Empire, and, as reported, he must have had a rudimentary sixth finger, which is typical for this alien race.

This is one of the reasons, why I had to live in Germany, Bavaria for so long time. Much of the dark dross in this world has come from this part of Europe.

The Modern History of Mankind From the Astral Dimension

The other reason to spend much of my life in Bavaria is Adam Weisshauptwho came from the same region, Holledau (Ingolstadt), where I live now. He was also a reptilian, a shape-shifter, and established the modern society of the Illuminati in Europe, first in Munich, Bavaria and later on in the USA, after he was expelled from Bavaria for this activity.

In the USA, he was the double of George Washington during the last 8 months of his presidency, after he was killed by the US-Illuminati, so that they could run the US government undisturbed. At that time, the Rockefeller faction was established in the USA, and the scam with the Washington D.C., which does not belong to the US-state, but unofficially is still a part of the British crown, was laid down.

You are a man of law and you know, what this legal construction means. It means that all US-laws, voted in Washington D.C., are ex-territorial, so that the politicians on the Capitol are not subjected to their own laws and cannot be sanctioned juridically (legaly). The same holds true for all your colleagues, the US-attorneys (barristers), who are officially still subjugated to the British crown and not to the people of the USA. This is a scam, created by pathological minds, but that is how this planet has been reigned by the Powers That Be for the last 10 000 years.

There are many articles on this issue that highlight this legal scam. It was meant to protect the rogue US-politicians, which are, in their vast majority, proxies of the Orion Elite, in their effort to eliminate the US-constitution and establish the New World Order in this powerful country. However, this scam has also another dialectical aspect.

After First Ascension and Disclosure in the fall of this year, this legal crime will be exposed to the American people. It will be easily proven that all current US-laws are anti-constitutional and against the people. They will be eliminated in total and quickly substituted by a new, just political order. This is what NESARA originally was all about. It was not about bringing abundance from Heaven, as many light workers and channelers believe in their naivety.

The same holds true for Fed, which is another rogue organisation and an instrument in the hands of the Wall Street banksters to impoverish the US-population and enslave it in the End Times (see my three lectures on the Orion Monetary System).

As I have already written on many occasions in my other publications, this nefarious plan has totally failed, so that the dark US-banksters will be replaced from power in the course of this year by the heavenly intervention of the Higher Realms of Cosmic Providence – be they Agarthans from the Inner Earth, Ascended Masters from the White Brotherhood or representatives of the Galactic Federation.

All these far-fetched plans of the dark ones were forged with respect to the current End Times. I am destined for instance to cleanse, among others, all these negative energies created by Adam Weisshaupt, the Rothschilds, the Fuggers, the Welsers, and whom else in Germany, which was the cradle of the worldwide complot of the Orion Empire for the End Times of earth and humanity in the last several centuries, before it was substituted by the USA and Britain.

Form here, this plague, this pestilence, spread throughout the whole world. This is also the reason why Munich is nowadays the centre of the esoteric (New Age) movement in Europe and many old souls live in this city or move in the last years to it. There must be a compensation for the dark heritage of this region, by deleting this old negative karma with the help of the new harbingers of light – the star seeds -, coming from all over Europe in the final days of this civilisation. It started with me 36 years ago.

Now back to the Jews. Since the Middle Ages, the original Jewish people of Jehovah have been wrongly identified with the Khazars, who moved to Europe from the Volga region after their conversion to Judaism in the 8th and 9th century. These genetic products of the Orion Empire are considered since then to be the financial master-minds of the World economy.

This mixing up of the Khazars with the original Jews was a central piece in the nefarious plans of the dark ones for the End Times to confuse humanity, by establishing such fake concepts as Zionism and Antisemitism. This trick furnished the dark ones with the pretext to condemn all people as followers of one of these two teachings, whenever they tried to expose the historical truth objectively, and thus could divide and dumb down humanity very effectively.

This trend was especially pronounced in the last six decades when the Holocaust has been used as a false rectification to discredit any effort to expose the clandestine inhuman plans of the dark proxies of the Orion Empire, hiding behind the Zionist movement and the foundation of Israel. The plan of these dark ones was to stir a perennial conflict with the Arab world in the End Times and to hinder the evolution of the people in the Middle East towards Ascension.

These nefarious plans of the Orion Empire for this part of the world were announced years ago by many channels, in particular by the Plejadians and Cosmic Awareness, so that all light workers should not say, they did not know it. Ignorance is no excuse for the lack of true enlightened spirituality.


The same scam-pattern was also used by Adam Weisshaupt when he returned from the USA to Europe. He commissioned Karl Marx in Trier and another, less famous historian in Berlin to develop  communism  and fascism, which were very similar political doctrines in essence, but all exclusive, and thus had the inherent propensity to stir conflict.

The original German version of fascism is less known to the specialists as it merged with the Italian fascism after WW1. However, the clandestine Illuminati society, established by Weisshaupt in Munich, was seminal in the creation of the Nazi movement in this city in the early 30s, from where it swept over Germany and eliminated the weak Weimar Republic.

For this purpose Karl Marx was financially supported by the Rothschild family, with whom Adam Weisshaupt, being a reptile himself, was in a close contact. to write his famous book “The Capital” in England. None of this background information is known to conventional historians, although the clues are more than evident, when one scrutinizes the biography of this or many other men, embroiled in the dark plans against humanity in the End Times.

Weisshaupt lived much longer than it is known to historians, and his official grave in Bavaria, where he is supposed to have been buried side by side with his son, is faked. He is one of the most highly revered entities in the insidious Orion Empire, who has brought more calamities and disaster to humanity than any other Reptilian so far. He is worshipped in the secret Cabal meetings of the dark ones, which they regularly hold, as was recently the case with Obama, when he visited the British Queen several months ago.

As reported by the press, his body guards were not allowed to enter the Buckingham Palace during his visit. At this secret meeting, Obama was initiated as a new Cabala member of the Dark Human Elite and a servant of the Orion Empire. At that time, I was in close telepathic contact with the British Elite families and had to cleanse a lot of the mental and emotional dross, emanated from these dark entities. It was a hard job indeed. But I learned a lot about what is going on behind the political scene in these last days of present-day humanity.

The two political movements, communism and fascism, paved the way for WW1 and WW2. I had to live for instance under communism for 24 years and to experience its brutal aspects as a dissident, just as I had to live through the negative consequences of Nazis’ fascism in Germany as an emigrant in the 70s, at a time when the Nazi mentality of the post-war generation of my father-in-law was still very influential in the German society.

This is my crash-course in human history from a new astral perspective. This information will be part of the Revelations, which will come upon humanity in the coming months.


To believe that the Khazars are Jews, was also the chief mistake of Hitler. Hitler’s movement also started from this part of  Germany – from Munich. This is the third reason, why I live here.

He made a mistake by considering the German Jews to be his chief enemies. In fact, it were the Khazars, such as the Rothschilds, who wanted to destroy him after they helped him come to power by subsidizing, through their Schroeder bank, his brown movement in Munich in the early 30s, just as they financially supported the Bolsheviks to oust the Russian Tsar, whom they deeply despised because he opposed their dark plans for Russia before WW1.

Hitler revolted against his British financiers and, as he knew very well that they intended to eliminate him, he decided to punish all German Jews instead, thus mixing them up with his actual enemies –  the financial Elite of the Reptilian Khazars. His famous rhetoric condemnation of the British financial Elite around Rothschilds in his numerous speeches at that time was summarized in his beloved term “the Anglo-Saxon Plutocracy“, against which he intended to wage a worldwide war. Only later on, did this war transmuted to Holocaust of the German Jews, after he failed to invade the British Island.

In addition, he was approached at that time by some Greys in the Alps, where he had his stronghold, who urged him to persecute the Jews and to declare a war to the Soviet Union. These meetings were described in his memoirs, but most of it is deleted afterwards.

These encounters explain his obsession with the glorious past of the hypothetical Arier nation, which only existed in his perverted imagination and had to be accomplished in  the “One-Thousand-Year-Reich” at the expense of his people.

The term “Arier” was created by the German pseudo-science in the first half of the 20th century, just as many other deplorable terms, who later served the Nazi ideology as an excuse for the extermination of  “unwertes Leben”  (human live of no value) in their numerous euthanasy experiments (for further details see also my book “Thoughts“).

It is important to reiterate at this place that this darkest episode in the history of mankind was part of the plan of the Orion Empire to exterminate as many human entities as possible in the End Times. This genocide is currently going on worldwide in the health care sector, as I have proved beyond any doubt in my book “The General Theory of Biological Regulation” (see also my article on psychedelic drugs and the book “Thoughts“).

The excessive use of chemtrails, HAARP, and the artificial creation of new viruses to enhance epidemics in the last decades is also part of the plan of the dark ones to annihilate many human beings. The reasons for this is that the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire are stretched thin because of their small numbers on earth and can no longer control the rapidly growing human population in the last several decades prior to Ascension.

At the time when Hitler decided to start a war against Russia, the politburo of the Russian communist party, ruling this country from Kremlin, was firmly in the hands of the Khazars, officially known to be Jews, as was the case with Leo TrotzkyOnly Stalin, being also a Khazar and raised by a Jewish Khazar family, converted later to Orthodox Christianity, as to cover-up his true intentions – the Khazars’ complot to establish the New World Order on this planet.

As you see, I am backing my thesis with sound historical facts, which anybody can check in any standard textbook on history.

The Greys (zeta reticuli), who urged Hitler to open the East Front against the Soviets, simply wanted mayhem on earth. They wanted to prevent at any price that the Reptilians become too powerful on earth in the End Times, because they will then also enslave them. This is the chief reason why they help humans develop some crude 4d-technologies in Dulce and area 51 in the USA, but also in many other countries as in the former Soviet Union. This is another huge and highly convoluted theme that I will not discuss for now. It is closely related with the Mars bases.

The German secret services were engaged in the late 30s and early 40s in joint ventures with the zeta reticuli and developed some advanced technologies, which the USA adopted from them after WW2, when they occupied Germany. They were shocked to find out how advanced the Germans were in their alien technology. The Germans even had some small flying UFOs in the experimental phase at that time. It is also important to note that Hitler did not committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin, but lived on a German-USA-Grey base on the Antarctis till 1962.

Therefore, the idea that has been launched in the 50s and the early 60s that CIA is infiltrated by Nazis is correct. The Americans needed them to expand their secret joint ventures with the Unholy Six in Dulce, area 51, DACRA, as you are writing, and on many other secret places.

Human Wars are the Cleansing of Old Karma

This whole scam on earth has, however, another multidimensional aspect that is part of the Divine Plan of the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence for the End Times.

The Second World War, which the Orion Empire actually unleashed by manipulating Hitler, was the final version of the last devastating Atlantean war between the Forces of Darkness (I forgot their actual name at that time, I think they called themselves “Bayee”), which were already corrupted by the Anunnaki from the Orion Empire, and the Forces of Light, the Aryans, the priest sect and the keepers of the secrets of the crystalline temples, which were in a way like ascended masters and could travel interdimensionally.

The Aryans lost the war, and Atlantis was destroyed. During WW2, many Atlantean souls from this epoch incarnated again on earth and fought the same war in reversed roles as to finish with their old karma. The Nazis were this time the Forces of Darkness and they called themselves “the Arier race“, which is not a coincidence, but an important sign of Heaven, telling us that the Atlantean Aryan souls were now the Nazis and had to lose once again, this time as dark forces, as to learn their karmic lesson for ever.

The Second World War was thus a repetition of the last devastating Atlantean war, and the subsequent Cold War, which determined my life, was part of it. The End Times of humanity since WW2 are under the auspices of this old Atlantean karma that has to be fully released before earth and humanity can ascend to the 5th dimension.

The representatives of the Atlantean dark forces took the role of the Western Alliance in WW2 and saved the world from Hitler, although they were backed by the Rothschilds in England  – Churchill was, for instance, a protege of them – and the Rockefellers in the USA, where Eisenhower was their man. This time, the Atlantean dark souls created positive karma for themselves, which at the same time offset the insidious intentions of the dark Orion forces, which backed both the Western Alliance and the Axis in WW2, as they always do in any war on earth as to promote mayhem and destruction.

This historical aspect has not been understood by anybody so far on earth to the full extent from the astral perspective, although there are some channeling messages on this issue.

The dialectical background of this cosmic battle was that the dark ones in England and the USA had a different plan from that of the Forces of Light, who supported the Allied Forces to defeat Hitler.

This same tactic is used by the Forces of Light up to the present day by transmuting all nefarious plans of the dark ones into positive outcomes, as was the case with the financial crash in 2008. It will happen now in the fall of this year and will lead to Disclosure and First Contact after the First Wave of Ascended Human Masters, beginning with me, has taken place.

Human minds are still trapped in earthly duality and cannot discern this intrinsic dialectical aspect of All-That-Is, as it manifests itself as karma on earth, and interpret the events in terms of black and white – in terms of duality.

This is the main reason, why I am talking so much about dialectics in my gnostic books, which is unknown as a weltanschauung in the Anglo-American world, as anybody can check it for himself by reading the wrong definition of this term in wikipedia and then compare it with my definition in my five German books on Human Gnosis.

This is altogether the broader transcendental picture, upon which one should interpret the current events.

Ascension can only take place, after humanity is fully informed about who has pulled the strings behind the curtain on this planet in the past 10 000 years. We are now entering the Times of Revelations and Celebrations (not Tribulations) of humanity, which will lead us to a new, blissful way of life in the 5th dimension.

This is the Paradise, which religions have always promised to their believers in the past. The good news is that all religions on earth will not make it to the 5th dimension. This article is a partial explanation, why all religions, just as all past political ideas, must be discarded in the End Times, beginning this autumn.

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