By Georgi Stankov, Copyright 2011

The Macroeconomic Theory of Keynes

It is not the objective of the author to present an academic discussion on the macro- and micro-economic factors that will trigger the upcoming financial collapse. This effort has been accomplished many years ago, when he integrated the major economic teachings of modern times, such as Keynes theory on anti-cyclic fiscal regulation and monetarism (initially Austrian school of economics), on the basis of the new Theory of the Universal Law in a simple axiomatic, straight forward manner that can also be understood by non-specialists.

A summary of his economic lectures can be found on this website in German language (see also the 1999-Forecast of the World Economic Collapse in the End Times).

In this discussion he will furnish the proof that all economic theories that have been elaborated in the last 150-200 years, since modern capitalism has begun, have led to the development of world inflation, which undermines the stability of any sound economic activity and promotes the idea of the Powers That Be to establish the New World Order.

Both theories were created in the two countries, from where the major factions of the dark forces on earth operate – the Rothschilds in the UK and the Rockefellers in the USA. They are, however, proxies, human slaves of the Powers That Be, of the Unholy Six from the Orion Empire. Throughout history, these families, which mainly constitute of reptilian shape-shifters, have amassed huge powers that they have misused on virtually every occasion. The history of their crimes should be the topic of many books and revelations.

At this place, it is important to observe that they have been the promoters of the two basic macro-theories that dominate current economics and political decisions – the theory of Keynes of anti-cyclic intervention of national governments during recession and the theory of monetarism of Milton Friedman and the Chicago school that promotes the idea of an independent central bank, which should exclusively regulate the economy with the help of variable interest rates. The political version of monetarism is also known as neo-liberalism.


After the negative experience during the Great Depression, when the banks restricted their lending activities and aggravated the crisis by creating “tight money”, Keynes suggested that the government should take the lead in economic crises, which are regularly occurring in a capitalist type of economy. He suggested that in times of recession it is appropriate for the national government to make debts and increase money supply as to stimulate industrial production and consumption.

When the economy begins to grow, the state will pay back its debt with the higher revenues which it will collect during the years of growth. This is the core of Keynes’ anti-cyclic approach of navigating the national economy through fiscal stimuli along the bumpy capitalist road of bubbles and busts, of booms, dooms, and gloom.

This advice was however carried out much further than Keynes’ recommendation. The Keynes theory was misused by all western governments, who created new fiscal debt also in periods of economic growth. The current catastrophic fiscal situation in the UK and the USA is the result of this unrestricted and uncritical implementation of Keynes antic-cyclic theory of governmental intervention during recession also in times of economic prosperity.

This theory was very popular in the post-war time and was excessively applied by all western governments. As a result of this uncritical implementation the inflation rates in the 60s and 70s were double-digit in most industrialized countries.

The Theory of Monetarism

The difficulties of the governments to contain inflation triggered the counter-movement of monetarism, which was a continuation of the main ideas of the Austrian school of economics as further propagated by London School of Economics, which is totally under the hidden influence of the Rothschild family. The American branch of this economic teaching was the Chicago school of monetarism which was sponsored by the Rockefeller faction. It is not a coincidence that the current US-President comes from this city.

Their chief argument was that the state and the government should not intervene in the regulation of the national economy by creating fiscal debt, but should leave it to the regulatory powers of free capitalism. The era of neo-liberalism was born.

For this purpose the monetarists suggested that an independent central bank should acquire the exclusive right to adjust money supply in times of recession and growth by using variable interest rates. In this way the central bank will be able to create “cheap” or “tight money” and thus regulate money supply.

In a recession, the central bank would lower interest rates and cheap money would be created. Cheap money would increase money supply, as companies would be inclined to borrow more money for investments, and this would stimulate the economy. In times of growth, the interest rates of the central bank would be raised. Tight money would automatically restrict money supply and the economic growth would not lead to inflation and financial bubbles due to overheating the economy. This was precisely what happened when Keynes’ anti-cyclic fiscal intervention was implemented by the governments in times of economic growth.


Both theories were originally designed to promote the hidden agenda of the dark forces and were thus intended to achieve the opposite effect, of what they theoretically preached. The academic make-up of these theories has practically lulled all prominent economists up to the present day with respect to their true function.

The Theory of Keynes was a blank check for the western governments to create new fiscal debt at the expense of the tax payers and thus impoverish them. The taxes reached in the 60s and 70s fifty and more per cent of the income of the working population in the western countries, whereas the corporations were exempted from most taxes.

The theory of monetarism was another blank check for the dark ones in the financial sector to create money out of thin air and thus to increase drastically the inflation, which they had already triggered with the excessive anti-cyclic intervention policy of Keynes in the post-war time by creating huge fiscal debt. This neo-liberal monetary policy dominates the world economy in the last 30 years, since Reagan and Margaret Thatcher came on power in the two native countries of the Dark Forces on this planet.

How these Theories Lead to Economic Enslavement of Humanity?

The Orion monetary system is in the first place an economic system of big corporations, which are ruled through hierarchic structure and can be easily controlled by the Powers That Be from the top. For instance, they can substitute any CEO or manager with a docile clone created through genetic engineering or through a shape-shifter of the Reptilian-type, who will promote their hidden agenda from the top without any checks and balances.

Although the governments are constituted by elected representatives, they in reality also carry out the hidden agenda of the dark ones, however, to a lesser extent. The percentage of clones among politicians is somewhat lower than that of CEO, because politicians operate in the lime light of mass media and such substitutions through clones may not always fulfil the requirements of a proper camouflage that cannot be discerned by the masses.

It is, nonetheless, important to reiterate that the true governments of all western democracies are the hidden governments of the dark ones, such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Affairs in the USA, or the Bilderbergers in Europe, who pull the strings behind the scene and not the officially elected ones. They are the ones who make the final decisions with respect to fiscal or any other national policy.

The financial and social policy of the current puppet of a black president in the White House (observe the symbolism of “Black and White” for the current duality of human experience) is paradigmatic for the kind of hidden political agenda that only serves the interests of the financial Elite, where most of the dark ones are to be found: A Dark president for the Dark Ones – what an irony! “Yes, we can” deceive you anytime!” was their last arrogant cry and a deliberate slap in the face of the ignorant American electorate.

This explains why the theory of Keynes was used as alibi by the hidden governments to indebt all national states even at a time of growth and to transfer this debt onto the tax payers, either through voting higher taxes or austerity programmes. In this manner the people could easily be impoverished in a clandestine manner by putting the blame onto the ruling parties, which of course could be substituted in the next elections. With the help of this political charade, the hidden governments prepared the people of the western nations for their role as future slaves of the New World Order.

To achieve this goal, they made them first fiscal slaves of the national state. In a second step, the dark ones intended to eliminate the national states by triggering a worldwide financial and economic collapse which would lead to a default of the western states. This goal was almost achieved in 2008, but it was then mitigated by the hidden intervention of the Forces of Light.

To this end the dark ones employed the theory of monetarism in a second step to cover up their true intentions. This theory rendered the central banks an unlimited financial and political power that is not sanctioned by any independent authority such as the legislative. The gate for all kinds of fraudulent practices at the highest international level was widely opened. Off-shores companies were founded en masse that operated outside any national laws, where all the monies of the people could be illegally transferred.

Political efforts, being made to control money flaws, were condemned as obstructions to free capitalist economy by the Powers That Be and their minions in the media and had no chance to become national laws. Three years after the crash in 2008 and numerous international meetings of G8 and G20, accompanied by loud announcements to finally control the world wide money speculations of the financial dark ones, nothing has been practically done to stop their global fraud.

Basel III, the new bank accounting system, was for instance wrapped up and postponed for the time after Ascension. Please observe that all important reforms, which the elected governments announced loudly in the last several years as to cope with the current financial and economic crisis, were scheduled after 2012 in the full knowledge of the upcoming Ascension. Only the stupid public and the journalists are not aware of this “time-dependent” fraud.

The Fed, being the chief instrument of the American financial Elite, committed every possible crime to make its proprietors, the Wall Street banks, richer at the expense of the American people. “Enrichez vous!” was the cry of the dark financial ones during the last two decades that reverberated around the globe.

When the financial collapse came in 2008, the strings of the elected puppet governments in the Western World could no longer be hidden to the public, after they announced one huge bailout after the other on behalf of the big banks – be they American or European banks, even at a time when the default of many national states became an imminent danger. The draconian (please observe the semantic identity of the word “draconian” with the economic policy of the Orion Reptilians from the Draco constellation) austerity programmes in England, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and many other western countries announced in 2010 will, however, not save them from falling into the abyss of their gargantuan fiscal debt.

But these Draconian (Reptilian) austerity programmes have already ignited the revolutionary mood of the stricken people in these countries, who have begun to discern more clearly the clandestine methods of their masters to first impoverish them and then enslave them under the banner of the New World Order. This revolutionary mood will explode this year to a true revolution of the masses.

It has always been the plan of the dark ones to eliminate the national states by defaulting them and delegating their sovereign rights to a new international institution, for instance, to the United Nations that has been planned to execute the power of the New World Order at the beginning. The United Nations have always been firmly in the hands of the dark ones, who control them through their New York banks nearby, whose policy has always been to bribe and corrupt most of the representatives of this international institution.

This scenario has already been tested on a smaller scale in the creation of the European Union. The latter received recently a constitution that was bargained by its bribed politicians behind closed doors and has not been approved by the electorate in a free vote. This constitution and the executive EU-institutions that are appointed by the hidden governments of these countries have already water-downed many sovereign rights of the people of the EU-nations, who are not even aware of their losses of basic rights. The New World Order was supposed to come in a similar way, like a “thief in the night” and catch the masses by surprise.

In this context, it is important to observe that the creation of the EU was part of the Rothschild-plan to establish the New World Order and was promoted by the Bilderberger group, which was hastily summoned after the Second World War. This clandestine organisation has its hands in virtually all important political decisions in Western Europe and in many other places around the world. All heads of important European states need the initial confirmation of the Bilderberger group, before they can be nominated for elections.


This information was given to explain how the western governments were used by the dark forces to forge the financial collapse of their countries by implementing Keynes theory of anti-cyclic intervention in an excessive manner. This theory was never intended to establish stable economic growth for the benefit of the masses, as its author might have believed, but to promote the hidden agenda of the Powers That Be. This is the insidious economic policy of the Orion Empire, which it has successfully implemented on many planets in this galaxy in order to subjugate their incarnated populations. These reptilians have huge experience in this.

The application of the theory of monetarism was not less hideous. First and foremost, the Chicago boys, the spiritual fathers of this theory, forgot to tell the public that the central bank, which they wanted to give an unlimited economic power in their theory, was not the central bank of the American people, but the private bank Fed, which is possessed by the banks of the dark ones on Wall Street.

Equally important was the fact that the hidden governments and the financial Elite did not intend to use the variable interest rates of the central bank to promote true economic growth, but to solidify the position of the financial sector in the overall economy by creating monopolistic international bank corporations. Ultimately, this led to the precarious situation of “too big to fail”, with which the dark ones blackmailed the elected governments of the western countries. This Damocles sward is still hanging over the heads of the elected governments and will definitely fall this year to unleash the final crash of the Orion monetary system.

In order to strengthen the position of the financial Elite, Greenspan and his successor Bernanke lowered the interest rates for long periods of time in order to create speculative bubbles, from which the banks profited by creating fraudulent financial products and selling them to the rest of the world. Even when the Fed raised interest rates, as it was the case in the early 80s, the banks were the only institutions that profited from these high interest rates, while the population was further impoverished.

Currently the American banks borrow money from the Fed at zero interest rates and buy bonds at 3-4%. The difference is paid by the American people as docile tax payers. This is the greatest scam, any country could possibly create, and it takes place in front of the very eyes of all American citizens, who should have revolted long time ago against this obvious crime.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the inventor-nation of all fraudulent financial products of the 20th century has, at the same time, dumbed down its citizens to an even greater extent than the communist dictatorships did with their peoples during the Cold War. The major difference is that the peoples in Eastern Europe never trusted their red dictators, while the majority of the American people still believes that they live in the most democratic and advanced country in the world. Their blindness and sheepishness exceed anything mankind has experienced so far. The American people, the citizens of the new Roman Empire of Modern times, have been degraded to spiritual pariah by their dark ones. What a shame!


It is a leitmotif of this essay that the Powers That Be have falsified any intellectual or social effort of mankind in the past to achieve true progress. The most insidious falsifications have been made in the realm of theoretical science, as the author has extensively shown in this discussion. This is particu

larly true for the theory of economics, which is much broadly represented at universities and high schools than all natural sciences put together.

Let us not forget that millions of young people attend universities and high schools and indebt themselves for their whole life by paying huge fees, only to study faked economic theories, the only purpose of which is to deepen the state of enslavement of mankind. The present-day situation on earth prior to Ascension is, indeed, disgusting, and it is most disgusting in the USA – the major citadel of the dark forces on this planet. Therefore, the financial and economic collapse will begin this year in this country and will eliminate it as a world power once and for all.

In the 5th dimension, there will be no countries and no nations. Humanity will perceive its true nature as a galactic civilisation of multidimensional beings. Communication will be through telepathy, and money will only exist in the imagination of some entities, who will still stick to their out-dated pecuniary 3d-beliefs.

These hilarious circumstances should be experienced on earth in advance under the energetic limitations of 3d-reality during the End Times. Therefore, it is not a punishment, but a privilege to be unemployed at this time and to not contribute to the prolongation of the Orion economic system. It is no coincidence that the rate of unemployment has doubled in the Western world during the current depression and will skyrocket this year. This will be in anticipation of the conditions of life in the 5th dimension, where there will be no necessity to work in order to survive, as all entities are immortal powerful creators of their destiny.

The Orion Empire on the other hand has degraded humanity to working mass force. It is therefore not a privilege to work for the Orion Empire and their human proxies – employment, as it is exerted on earth today, is not a basic human right, but the most insidious form of human enslavement.

Economic education of the ascended population will begin immediately after Ascension in small groups that will be taught by highly evolved entities. One can imagine how some of the current politicians such as Obama will awaken in the 5th dimension and find themselves to be students in such educational courses. In their confusion they may begin to ask: “Where is America? Where is Europe, and what happened with the White House?”

The truth will be that all these political constructions and centres of power will no longer exist in the 5th dimension. The ascended entities will find themselves under the loving supervision of highly evolved beings such as the author of this essay and will experience for the first time in their life what true abundance free of fear and effort really means. But this is another story.



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